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Chuck Ayers photographs

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Chuck Ayers photographs

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Chuck Ayers photographs, May 1-4, 1970


Finding Aid

Prepared by Dyani Scheuerman, January 17, 2003; Updated November 2012
1 slim document case, .16 cubic feet, 12th floor

Biographical Note

Chuck Ayers (1947 - ) graduated from Kent State University with a degree in graphic design. While studying there, he drew cartoons for the Daily Kent Stater and the Akron Beacon Journal, where he later became editorial cartoonist. Ayers created the popular comic strip "Crankshaft" with Tom Batiuk. In 2000, Ayers and Batiuk created a "Crankshaft" Comic Strip Thirtieth Anniversary Story Arc about the KSU shootings, the originals of which are now part of the May 4 Collection. He has taught cartooning for Kent State University and the University of Akron. In 1986, Ayers received a first place award for editorial cartoons from the Ohio Associated Press.

Scope and Content

This collection contains photographs taken on the Kent State University campus on May 1-4, 1970, as well as a book of cartoons related to KSU that were originally published in the Daily Kent Stater and Akron Beacon Journal. The photos include images of student speakers, student protestors, national guard personnel and vehicles, various campus locations, and some episodes of confrontation between students and guardsmen. The captions below were provided by Ayers. The book contains both satirical representations of everyday campus life and more serious interpretations of the events occuring on May 4, as well as a cartoon which was nominated for the Pulitzer and appeared in numerous papers nationwide.

Ayers has kindly donated to the Kent State University Archives whatever property and literary rights he possesses in this collection of photographs.

Processing Information

The captions and photograph descriptions below were provided by Chuck Ayers.

May 4 Collection -- Box 189
Folder -- Contents

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  1. Photograph: Speakers at Victory Bell, 5/1, ~ noon
  2. Photograph: View of crowd at Victory Bell, 5/1, ~ 12:15 PM
  3. Photograph: Speakers, 5/1, ~12:15-1:00 PM
  4. Photograph: Speakers, 5/1, ~12:15-1:00 PM
  5. Photograph: Speakers, 5/1, ~12:15-1:00 PM
  6. Photograph: Trucks and jeeps in old stadium parking lot, 5/3, ~10:00 AM
  7. Photograph: Ohio National Guard vehicles at University School, 5/3, ~10:00 AM
  8. Photograph: Roadblock at Satterfield Hall, looking west on Summit St., 5/3, ~10:00 AM
  9. Photograph: Roadblock at Satterfield Hall, looking west on Summit St., 5/3, ~10:00 AM
  10. Photograph: My first view of ROTC remains, 5/3, ~10:30 AM
  11. Photograph: On Commons near ROTC, old art building at right, 5/3, ~10:30 AM
  12. Photograph: Sign for Campus Day, 5/3, 10:30 AM
  13. Photograph: Guard near old art building, 5/3, ~10:30 AM
  14. Photograph: Front of ROTC remains, 5/3, ~11:00 AM
  15. Photograph: Front of ROTC remains, 5/3, ~11:00 AM
  16. Photograph: Crowd gathers near ROTC remains, 5/3, ~11:30-noon
  17. Photograph: Hilltop Drive, Administration Building, 5/3, ~12:30-1:00 PM
  18. Photograph: ONG vehicle in front of Administration Building, 5/3, ~12:30-1:00 PM
  19. Photograph: Students and guardsmen, Hilltop Dr., looking toward front campus, 5/3, ~12:30-1:00 PM
  20. Photograph: ONG vehicles in lot behind Wills Gym, 5/4, ~8:30 AM
  21. Photograph: ONG vehicles in lot behind Wills Gym, 5/4, ~8:30 AM
  22. Photograph: ONG vehicles in lot behind Wills Gym, 5/4, ~8:30 AM
  23. Photograph: Guardsmen reading Plain Dealer in lot behind Wills Gym, 5/4, ~8:30 AM
  24. Photograph: ONG vehicles in lot behind Wills Gym, 5/4, ~8:30 AM
  25. Photograph: Jeep parked across street from Heating Plant, 5/4, ~9:00 AM
  26. Photograph: ROTC remains, "chilly morning," 5/4, ~9:00 AM
  27. Photograph: On my way to a midterm in Nixson Hall, remains of shed on campus, 5/4, ~9:45 AM
  28. Photograph: Remains of shed on campus, 5/4, ~9:45 AM
  29. Photograph: 1st photo after hearing Victory Bell, 5/4, noon
  30. Photograph: My 1st photo of gathering on Commons, 5/4, noon
  31. Photograph: ONG gathering at ROTC, 5/4, noon
  32. Photograph: Students viewing rally on Student Activities Building roof, 5/4, noon
  33. Photograph: Jeep crosses Commons with announcement, 5/4, ~12:05 PM
  34. Photograph: Crowd at Victory Bell, 5/4, ~12:05 PM
  35. Photograph: Jeep on Commons making announcement, 5/4, ~12:05 PM
  36. Photograph: First teargas canisters fired, 5/4, ~12:10 PM
  37. Photograph: Throwing back a teargas canister, 5/4, ~12:10 PM
  38. Photograph: Lull in teargas, crowd on hill, 5/4, ~12:15 PM
  39. Photograph: My 1st photo as guardsmen begin to don gas masks, 5/4, 12:15 PM
  40. Photograph: Guardsmen with gas masks, 5/4, 12:15 PM
  41. Photograph: I moved near the guardsmen as they prepared to advance, 5/4, 12:15 PM
  42. Photograph: ONG begins advance across Commons, 5/4, 12:15 PM
  43. Photograph: Confrontation between student and three guardsmen in SAB parking lot, 5/4, 12:15 PM
  44. Photograph: Guardsmen at extreme left same as in #43, 5/4, 12:15 PM
  45. Photograph: ONG continues its advance, students now across hill top, 5/4, 12:15-12:20 PM
  46. Photograph: My 1st photo after following guard over hilltop, practice football field, 5/4, 12:20 PM
  47. Photograph: Guardsmen kneel and aim into Prentice parking lot, 5/4, 12:20 PM
  48. Photograph: Students in Prentice lot, 5/4, 12:20 PM
  49. Photograph: Guardsmen leaving practice field on way to Pagoda, 5/4, 12:25 PM
  50. Photograph: Jeff Miller in street, Dean Kahler on grass beyond street to right of Miller, 5/4, ~12:30-12:35 PM
  51. Photograph: Outside Stater office, 5/4, 12:45 PM
  52. Photograph: Outside Taylor Hall, looking toward Johnson Hall, Stopher Hall, and Student Activities Building, 5/4, 12:45 PM
  53. Photograph: Red Cross banner hung on small tower of Student Activities Building, 5/4, 1:00 PM
  54. Photograph: Outside Taylor Hall, 5/4, 1:00 PM
  55. Photographs: Photocopies of #47 and #48, which when placed together create a rough panoramic view, with note from Ayers
  56. Negatives: May 1-4, 1970
  57. Book: Chuck Takes a Look at KSU, 1971