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Bea McPherson, KSU Museum and Fashion School papers

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Bea McPherson, KSU Museum and Fashion School papers

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Special Collections and Archives

Bea McPherson, KSU Museum and Fashion School papers

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Bea McPherson, KSU Museum and Fashion School Papers, 1978-1988

Finding Aid

Prepared by Edith Serkownek, October 19, 2005
2 document cases, .66 cubic feet, 11th floor

Biographical Note

An alumna of KSU, Bea S. McPherson (1943), has been involved in the development and support of the Kent State Museum and the School of Fashion Design and Merchandising. She has served on the Foundation Board (1980-1996) and on the Board of the Fashion Museum and Design School as a Friend's member. McPherson was also a charter member and past president of the Chestnut Society. In these capacities, McPherson collected materials related to the development of the school and museum.

Scope and Content

This collection is divided into five series. Series 1 consists of correspondence relating to Bea McPherson's involvement in the KSU Rodgers-Silverman project and includes letters from Shannon Rodgers to the McPhersons. Series 2 includes exhibit and event material relating to the KSU Museum. Series 3 includes press releases, speeches, biographies and other KSU-produced documents relating to the Silverman-Rodgers project. Series 4 consists of Silverman-Rodgers project photographs and includes KSU Museum publictity images and a photograph of the KSU Museum ribbon cutting. Series 5 consists of articles from KSU publications relating to Jerry Silverman, Shannon Rodgers and the KSU Museum. Series 6 consists of newsclippings relating to Jerrry Silverman, Shannon Rodgers and the KSU Museum. Series 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 are organized by date and where no date exists, by document type and title. Series 5 is organized by publication title and within each title, by date.


Box 1

Folder -- Contents

Series 1: Correspondence

  1. Correspondence: Brage Golding, KSU President, to Bea McPherson, May 16, 1981
  2. Correspondence: Jerry Silverman to Bea McPherson, October 18, 1982
  3. Correspondence: Dr. Mohammad Adwan, Office of Her Majesty, to Ben [sic] McPherson. May 9, 1984
  4. Correspondence [photocopy]: Anita Herrington, KSU Alumni Association, to James and Bea McPherson, November 21, 1984
  5. Correspondence: Shannon Rodgers to William and Bea McPherson. December 5, 1984
  6. Correspondence: Shannon Rodgers to James and Bea McPherson. March 12, 1985
  7. Correspondence: Anita Herrington, KSU Alumni Association, to James and Bea McPherson. June 26, 1985
  8. Correspondence: Michael Schwartz, KSU President, to James and Bea McPherson. November 22, 1985
  9. Correspondence: N. Wyman Balfour, KSU Director of Development, to James and Bea McPherson. January 6, 1987
  10. Correspondence: Robert R. Broadbent, Chairman of the Board, The Higbee Company, to Bea McPherson with enclosed reprinted articles from Stores Magazine, "Kent State Treasure" by Lewis A. Spalding. July 9, 1987

Series 2: Fashion Shows, KSU Museum Exhibits and Events

  1. Ticket: "Designer to the stars: Shannon Rodgers in retrospect/Jerry Silverman: Fall collection first showing." June 25 [1979] [2 copies]
  2. Ticket, flyer and advertisement: "Shannon Rodgers: Highlights from his collection/Jerry Silverman: Fall collection first showing." June 23 [1980] [2 tickets, 1 flyer, 1 advertisement (photocopy)]
  3. Ticket, flyer, advertisement and program: "Masterpieces in design: Shannon Rodgers and friends: Jerry Silverman: His fall collection first showing." June 22, 1981 [2 tickets, 2 programs, 1 program mock-up, 1 flyer, 1 advertisement ]
  4. Exhibit material: Nightingales and dragons: The robes of China. January 29 to February 26, 1984. [1 program, 2 invitations, "The Canton Art Institute Annual Report 1983-1984," 1 page notes]. 1984
  5. Program: Fashion and Broadway: An exhibition celebrating 100 years of Playbill Magazine. [KSU Museum material loaned]. September 21, 1984.
  6. Program: "Dazzle "Opening in Style."" September 27, 1985.
  7. Tickets: "Reflections I" and "Reflections II" [Opening of KSU Museum]. September 28 and September 29, 1985 [2 copies each]
  8. Flyer: "The KSU Museum ribbon cutting/The Alumni Gallery dedication" [2 copies, 1 signed by Shannon Rodgers, 1 signed by Linda Allard]. October 12, 1985
  9. Brochure: "Going in style." Brunch and tour of KSU museum. June 8, 1986
  10. Flyer: "The Fashion Group of Cleveland, Inc. invites you to an evening with Sal Cesarani" KSU Museum and Rodgers and Silverman School of Fashion. October 20, 1987

Series 3: Papers, press releases, programs and resumes

  1. News releases: 5 KSU news releases relating to the Silverman-Rodgers project. Misc. dates 1980-1984
  2. Paper: "Jerry Silverman biography." May 1981
  3. Paper: Dr. Brage Golding's remarks to the faculty-staff-student convocation. May 20, 1981
  4. Program: "Memorial service: Jerry Silverman 1911-1984, Kent State University Museum." November 15, 1984 [2 copies]
  5. Newsletter: Update of Silverman-Rodgers project. June 1985
  6. Note [photocopied]: "Suggestions for a title for the Kent State Museum" by Bea McPherson. July 27, 1985
  7. Paper: "Kent State University Silverman-Rodgers project, leadership awareness program narrative." [no date]
  8. Paper: "Shannon Rodgers bio release." [no date]
  9. Resume: Brage Golding. [no date]

Series 4: Photographs

  1. Photograph: Shannon Rodgers at ribbon cutting. 3.5x5, color. [October 12, 1985]
  2. Photographs: Models in historic costumes [used for promotional KSU Museum material]. 4 images, 8x10, black and white. [no date]
  3. Photographs: Rockwell Hall and Rockwell Hall Annex. 4 images, 8x10, black and white. [no date]
  4. Photographs: Brage Golding. 3x4, black and white; Shannon Rodgers. 3x4, black and white. [no dates]
  5. Photographs [photocopies]: "P.R. Photos" Includes images of Jerry Silverman and Shannon Rodgers. 4 images. [no date]

Series 5: Articles from KSU publications concerning Jerry Silverman, Shannon Rodgers and KSU Museum

  1. Newsletters: Advance. 6 issues. Misc. dates 1986-1988
  2. Newsletters, brochures and flyers: The Chestnut Society. Misc. dates 1980-1988
  3. Newsletter: For the Record. vol. 2 no. 2. October 21, 1985
  4. Newsclippings: Inside Kent State. 30 clippings. Misc. dates, 1980-1988
  5. Newsclippings: Kent: KSU Alumni Assocation. 10 clippings. Misc. dates, 1981-1986
  6. Newsletters: Kent State University Weekly and Kent State University Bi-Weekly. 4 issues. Misc. dates 1981-1984
  7. Newsletters: PC Newsletter: Presidents Club. 9 issues. Misc. dates 1984-1987
  8. Newsclippings: Profile. 4 clippings. Misc. dates 1985-1988
  9. Report: Portfolio of Progress: 1982-1985.
  10. Newsclippings: Summer Kent Stater. 4 clippings. June 16, 18 and 25, 1981

Box 2

Folder -- Contents

Series 6: Newspaper clippings of articles concerning Jerry Silverman, Shannon Rodgers and KSU Museum

  1. Newsclippings: 1978-1979
  2. Newsclippings: 1980
  3. Newsclippings: 1981
  4. Newsclippings: 1982
  5. Newsclippings: 1983
  6. Newsclippings: 1984
  7. Newspaper insert: "Queen Victoria's underdrawers and other mentionables: Kent has grand designs on Stella Blum," The Plain Dealer Magazine. September 23, 1984
  8. Newsclippings: 1985
  9. Newsclippings: 1986
  10. Newsclippings: 1987
  11. Newsclippings: 1988
  12. Newsclippings: [no date]