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Armed Services Editions collection

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Armed Services Editions collection

Finding Aid

Prepared by Rhonda Rinehart, April 5, 2004; Last Updated: January 2020

Inclusive Dates: 1943-1947
Extent: 5 cubic feet (11 archival shoeboxes)
Physical Location: 11th floor

Historical Note: In 1943, the Council on Books in Wartime, comprised of publishers, librarians, and booksellers, established the Armed Services Editions, Incorporated. The council, which believed the ideas that come from reading were perhaps the best way to fight the war, joined in cooperation with the United States Army and Navy, several printing firms and large publishing houses including Penguin Books; Doubleday; Crowell-Collier; Harcourt, Brace & Co.; MacMillan; Farrar and Rinehart; and Charles Scribner's Sons to get books to American soldiers during World War II. This joint effort allowed for the distribution of nearly 123 million copies of the trademark pocket-sized paperback books in 1,322 titles throughout this five-year period. In most cases, these distributed books were copies of the complete original works, but some were condensed through editing to conform to both weight constraints and content acceptability. Both fiction and non-fiction were represented, and the genres included adventure, mystery, humor, poetry, biographies, historical novels, science/mathematics, farm and rural life, and pioneer and western stories. Distribution decisions were largely based on selections made by an appointed advisory committee, and tended to be current and forthcoming titles submitted by publishers.* However, many noted authors from earlier time periods were included as well, such as Ernest Hemingway, O. Henry, Walt Whitman, Mary Shelley, and Rudyard Kipling.

*Books in Action: The Armed Services Editions, edited by John Y. Cole.

Scope and Content: The collection comprises 349 separate books including six hard copy editions. Some noted authors appearing here include William Wordsworth, Jack London, Herman Melville, Carl Sandburg, Thomas Mann, Zane Grey, Edna St. Vincent Millay, Ellery Queen, James Thurber, and Mary and Percy Shelley. Also contained in the collection is E. B. White's One Man's Meat, which was temporarily banned by the selection committee in 1944. Compilations from The New Yorker and Yank, a popular Army weekly magazine during World War II, are incorporated as well. All editions in this collection were published by Editions for the Armed Services, Inc. unless otherwise noted. Arrangement is alphabetical by author, or by title if no author is given.

Acquisition Information: This collection was acquired by the department of Special Collections and Archives around the year 1967.

Related Materials: In addition to this collection, Special Collections and Archives also holds separately acquired Armed Services Editions that have been cataloged in our book collection. You may view records for these publications in the KentLINK catalog.

Arrangement: This collection is organized alphabetically by author name, or title, if no author is identified.

Box 1
Folder -- Contents

  1. Aiken, Major William A., [editor], A Wartime Whitman, copyright 1926
  2. "At Ease," volume 13, Time Out: Soldier Shows, [prepared and distributed by the Special Services Division, A.S.F.], copyright 1944
  3. "At Ease," volume 14, G.I. Gag Book: A Guide for the Master Of Ceremonies, [prepared and distributed by the Special Services Division, A.S.F.], 1944
  4. Beauchamp, D.D., The Full Life and Other Stories, copyright 1944
  5. Beverly-Giddings, A.R., Larrish Hundred, a novel by A.R. Beverly-Giddings, copyright 1942
  6. Bruce, Eva, Call Her Rosie, a novel by Eva Bruce, copyright 1942
  7. Buckmaster, Henrietta, Deep River, a historical novel by Henrietta Buckmaster, [condensed edition] copyright 1944
  8. Chamberlin, George Agnew, The Phantom Filly, a novel by George Agnew Chamberlain, copyright 1942
  9. Crane, Aimee; editor, G.I. Sketchbook: Infantry Journal, [Fighting Forces edition, published by Penguin Books; with illustrations by various artists throughout, some color], 1944
  10. Crane, Frances, The Amethyst Spectacles, a mystery novel by Frances Crane, copyright 1944
  11. Eaton, Evelyn, The Sea is so Wide, a historical novel by Evelyn Eaton, copyright 1943
  12. Eisenberg, Frances, There's One in Every Family, a humorous novel by Frances Eisenberg, copyright 1941
  13. Ferber, Edna, Great Son, a novel by Edna Ferber, copyright 1945
  1. Forbes, Esther
  • The General's Lady, a historical novel by Esther Forbes, copyright 1938
  • Paradise, a historical novel by Esther Forbes, copyright 1937
  • Paul Revere, a biography by Esther Forbes, copyright 1942
  1. Gallico, Paul
  • Farewell to Sport, copyright 1938
  • Selected Stories of Paul Gallico, copyright 1940
  1. Gamow, George, Biography of the Earth: Its Past, Present, and Future, copyright 1941
  2. Gaither, Frances, The Red Cock Crows, a historical novel by Frances Gaither, copyright 1944
  3. Gardner, Mac, Mom Counted Six, a novel by Mac Gardner, copyright 1944
  4. Garnett, David, Lady into Fox, a fantasy by David Garnett, copyright 1923
  5. Garth, David, Bermuda Calling, a novel by David Garth, copyright 1944
  6. Gibran, Kahlil, The Prophet, copyright 1923
  1. Gilligan, Edmund
  • The Gaunt Woman, copyright 1943
  • The Ringed Horizon: A Story of the Sea, copyright 1943
  • White Sails Crowding, copyright 1939
  1. Gilpatric, Guy, Mr. Glencannon Ignores the War, [loose cover, missing title page], no date
  2. Glasgow, Ellen, Barren Ground, copyright 1933
  3. Goodman, Benny and Irving Kolodin, The Kingdom of Swing, copyright 1939
  4. Goodman, Jack and Alan Green, How to do Practically Anything, copyright 1942
  5. Goodrich, Marcus, Delilah, a novel by Marcus Goodrich, [2 copies], copyright 1941
  6. Goudge, Elizabeth, Green Dolphin Street, a historical novel by Elizabeth Goudge, [condensed edition], copyright 1944

Box 2
Folder -- Contents

  1. Graham, Frank
  • Lou Gehrig, a biography by Frank Graham, copyright 1942
  • The New York Yankees, an informal history of Frank Graham, copyright 1943
  1. Graham, Gwethalyn, Earth and High Heaven, a novel by Gwethalyn Graham, copyright 1944
  2. Gramling, Oliver, AP: The Story of News, copyright 1940
  3. Graves, Robert, I., Claudius, a historical novel by Robert I. Graves, copyright 1934
  4. Gray, George W., Science at War, copyright 1943
  5. Gray, Hugh and Lillian R. Lieber, The Education of T.C. Mits: What Modern Mathematics Means to You, [includes mathematics problems and puzzles, with illustrations], copyright 1944
  6. Grayson, Capt. Charles, editor, [condensed edition], New Stories for Men, copyright 1941
  7. Greene, Graham, The Ministry of Fear, copyright 1943
  8. Grey, Zane, Western Union, a western novel by Zane Grey, copyright 1939
  9. Guedalla, Philip, Wellington, a biography by Philip Guedalla, [book missing back cover], copyright 1931
  10. Hackett, Francis, Henry the Eighth, a biography by Francis Hackett, [condensed edition], copyright 1929
  1. Haggard, H. Rider
  • King Solomon's Mines, an African adventure by H. Rider Haggard, no copyright date
  • She: An African Adventure, copyright 1943
  1. Harriman, Margaret Case, Take them up Tenderly: A Collection of Profiles, copyright 1944
  2. Hatch, Eric, Unexpected Uncle, a novel by Eric Hatch, copyright 1941
  3. Hatcher, Harlan, The Great Lakes, [1 hardback copy and 1 paperback copy], copyright 1944
  4. Hawkins, John and Ward Hawkins, Devil on his Trail, a novel by John & Ward Hawkins, copyright 1944
  5. Hawthorne, Nathaniel, The Gray Champion and Other Tales, [pages very brittle and crumbling], no copyright date
  1. Haycox, Ernest
  • Starlight Rider, a western novel by Ernest Haycox, copyright 1933
  • Trail Smoke, a western by Ernest Haycox, copyright 1936
  • Trail Town, a western novel by Ernest Haycox, copyright 1941
  1. Haynes, William, This Chemical Age, copyright 1942
  2. Heiden, Conrad, Der Fuehrer: Hitler's Rise to Power, [condensed edition],copyright 1944
  3. Helmericks, Constance, We Live in Alaska, copyright 1944
  4. Hemingway, Ernest, Selected Short Stories of Ernest Hemingway, copyright 1927
  5. Henry, O., The Ransom of Red Chief and Other Stories, copyright 1909
  1. Hergesheimer, Joseph
  • Java Head, copyright 1918
  • The Three Black Pennys, a historical novel by Joseph Hergesheimer, copyright 1930
  1. Herrick, Robert, The Love Poems of Robert Herrick, [edited with an introduction by Louis Untermeyer], copyright 1946

Box 3
Folder -- Contents

  1. Herring, Hubert, Good Neighbors: Argentina, Brazil, Chile and seventeen other countries, copyright 1941
  2. Hertzler, Arthur E., M.D., The Horse and Buggy Doctor, a biography by Arthur E. Hertzler, M.D., copyright 1938
  3. Heym, Stefan, Of Smiling Peace, a novel by Stefan Heym, copyright 1944
  4. Heyward, Du Bose, Porgy, a novel by Du Bose Heyward, copyright 1925
  5. Holbrook, Stewart H., Ethan Allen, a biography by Stewart Holbrook, copyright 1940
  6. Homer, The Odyssey, [translated by T.E. Shaw (Lawrence of Arabia); loose cover], copyright 1932
  1. Hough, Donald
  • Captain Retread, a novel by Donald Hough, copyright 1944
  • Snow Above Town: A Story of Wyoming, copyright 1943
  1. Hough, Henry Beetle, Country Editor: A Yankee editor's story of his work, his town its people, copyright 1940
  2. Houseman, A.E., Selected Poems, copyright 1940
  3. Howells, William, Mankind so Far: Man's History, Past, Present, and Probable Future, [includes map and illustrations], copyright 1944
  1. Hudson, W.H.
  • A Crystal Age, a fantasy of the future by W.H. Hudson, no copyright date
  • The Purple Land, no copyright date
  • Tales of the Pampas, copyright 1916
  1. Hughes, Dorothy
  • The Fallen Sparrow, a murder mystery by Dorothy Hughes, copyright 1942
  • The So Blue Marble, a novel of terror by Dorothy Hughes, copyright 1940
  1. Hughes, Richard, A High Wind in Jamaica, a novel by Richard Hughes, copyright 1929
  2. Hulbert, Archer Butler, Forty-Niners: Chronicles of the California Trail, [includes maps], copyright 1931
  3. Huxley, Aldous, The Gioconda Smile, and other stories by Aldous Huxley, copyright 1930
  4. Isherwood, Christopher, Prater Violet, a novel by Christopher Isherwood, copyright 1945
  5. Jackson, Charles, The Lost Weekend, a novel by Charles Jackson, copyright 1944
  6. Jaffe, Bernard, Men of Science in America: The Role of Science in the Growth of Our Country, [condensed edition, includes figures and tables], copyright 1944
  7. James, Marquis, Andrew Jackson: The Border Captain, a biography by Marquis James, copyright 1933
  8. Jarrett, Cora, Night Over Fitch's Pond, a mystery novel by Cora Jarrett, copyright 1933
  9. Jennings, John, The Shadow and the Glory, a historical novel by John Jennings, copyright 1943
  10. Johnston, Alexander, Ten .. and Out!: The Story of the Prize Ring in America, copyright 1943
  11. Kains, M.G., Five Acres and Independence: Selecting and Managing the Small Farm, [with 82 figures], copyright 1935
  12. Kane, Harnett T., The Bayous of Louisiana, copyright 1943
  13. Kantor, Mackinlay, Arouse and Beware, a historical novel by Mackinlay Kantor, copyright 1936
  14. Karig, Commander Walter and Lieutenant Welbourne Kelley, Battle Report: Pearl Harbor to Coral Sea, copyright 1944
  15. Karig, Walter, Lower than Angels, a novel by Walter Karig, copyright 1945
  16. Kasner, Edward and James Newman, Mathematics and the Imagination, [with figures and illustrations], copyright 1940
  17. Keats, John, Selected Poems of John Keats, [edited by Louis Untermeyer], copyright 1945

Box 4
Folder -- Contents

  1. Keith, Agnes Newton, Land Below the Wind: Adventures in Borneo, copyright 1939
  2. Kimbrough, Emily, We Followed our Hearts to Hollywood, copyright 1943
  3. Kipling, Rudyard, Kim: A Story of India, copyright 1901
  1. Knight, Kathleen Moore
  • The Blue Horse of Taxco, [unusual dimensions, 16mm x 10mm], copyright 1947
  • Port of Seven Strangers, a mystery by Kathleen Moore Knight, copyright 1945
  1. Kober, Arthur,
  • My Dear Bella, humorous sketches by Arthur Kober, copyright 1941
  • Thunder over the Bronx, humorous sketches by Arthur Kober, copyright 1935
  1. Komroff, Manuel, [editor], The Travels of Marco Polo, copyright 1930
  2. Kossak, Zofia, Blessed are the Meek: a novel about St. Francis of Assisi, copyright 1944
  3. Krasna, Norman, Dear Ruth, a comedy by Norman Krasna, copyright 1945
  1. Laing, Alexander
  • Clipper Ship Men, [includes illustrations], copyright 1944
  • The Sea Witch, a historical novel by Alexander Laing, copyright 1933
  1. Lamond, Henry G.
  • Dingo: The Story of an Outlaw, copyright 1945
  • Kilgour's Mare: The Story of a Horse, copyright 1943
  1. Landon, Margaret, Anna and the King of Siam, a biographical novel, copyright 1944
  2. Lane, Carl D., The Fleet in the Forest, a historical novel by Carl D. Lane, copyright 1943
  3. Lasswell, Mary, high time, a novel by Mary Lasswell, copyright 1944
  4. Lawrence, Hilda, Blood upon the Snow, a mystery by Hilda Lawrence, copyright 1944
  1. Leacock, Stephen
  • Stories, Just to Laugh at, copyright 1943
  • Laugh witHappy Sth Leacock: Wit and Humor by Stephen Leacock, copyright 1930
  • My Remarkable Uncle, and other sketches, [selected sketches], copyright 1942
  1. Leech, Margaret, Reveille in Washington 1860-1865: Washington during the Civil War, [condensed edition], copyright 1941
  2. Levant, Oscar, A Smattering of Ignorance, copyright 1940
  3. Lewis, Lloyd, Myths after Lincoln, [with an introduction by Carl Sandburg], copyright 1929
  4. Lincoln, Abraham, The Selected Writings of Abraham Lincoln, [letters, speeches, and documents series of the Armed Services Editions, no publication or copyright date]
  5. Lincoln, Victoria, February Hill, a novel by Victoria Lincoln, copyright 1934
  6. Linklater, Eric, Magnus Merryman, a novel by Eric Linklater, copyright 1934
  7. Lippman, Walter, U.S. Foreign Policy: Shield of the Republic, copyright 1943
  1. London, Jack
  • Martin Eden, a novel by Jack London, copyright 1908
  • White Fang: A Dog Story of the North Country, copyright 1934
  1. Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth, Paul Revere's Ride and Other Poems, [selected, with an introduction by Louis Untermeyer], copyright 1945
  2. Loveridge, Arthur, Many Happy Days I've Squandered: Reminisces of a Naturalist, copyright 1944
  3. MacDonald, Betty, The Egg and I: Life on a Wilderness Chicken Ranch, copyright 1945
  4. MacDougall, Michael, Danger in the Cards, or How to Spot a Crooked Gambler, copyright 1943

Box 5
Folder -- Contents

  1. Machen, Arthur, The Great God Pan, and other weird stories, copyright 1923
  2. MacInnes, Helen, While Still We Live, a novel by Helen MacInees, copyright 1944
  3. Maisel, Robert Q., Miracles of Military Science: The story of weapons that SAVE lives, [title page missing], no date
  4. Mann, Thomas, Selected Short Stories, [translated from German by H.T. Lowe-Porter], copyright 1936
  5. Mansfield, Katherine, Stories by Katherine Mansfield, a selection by J. Middleton Murray, [two copies], copyright 1930
  6. Mantle, Burns, [editor], The Best Plays of 1943-1944, copyright 1944
  7. Marmur, Jacland, Sea Duty: Stories of Naval Action, copyright 1942-1944
  1. Marquand, John P.
  • H.M. Pulham Esquire, a novel by John P. Marquand, copyright 1941
  • Wickford Point, a novel by John P. Marquand, copyright 1939
  1. Marshall, Bruce, The World, The Flesh and Father Smith, a novel by Bruce Marshall, copyright 1945
  2. Marshall, Edison, Great Smith, a historical novel by Edison Marshall, copyright 1943
  3. Masefield, John, Selected Poems of John Masefield, [with an introduction by Louis Untermeyer], copyright 1945
  4. Mason, F. Van Wyck, Stars on the Sea, a historical novel by F. Van Wyck Mason, [condensed edition], copyright 1940
  5. Mauldin, Bill, Up Front, [military life/humor, includes illustrations], copyright 1945
  6. Maurois, Andre, Ariel: The Life of Shelley, copyright 1924
  7. Maxwell, William, The Folded Leaf, a psychological novel by William Maxwell, copyright 1945
  1. McMeekin, Clark
  • Reckon with the River, a historical novel by Clark McMeekin, copyright 1941
  • Show Me a Land, a historical novel by Clark McMeekin, copyright 1940
  1. McNichols, Charles L., Crazy Weather, a novel by Charles L. McNichols, copyright 1944
  1. Melville, Herman
  • Moby Dick: A novel of the sea, no copyright date
  • Omoo: A novel of adventure in the South Seas, [condensed edition], no copyright date
  • Typee: A romance of the South Seas, [missing part of first page], no copyright date
  1. Millay, Edna St. Vincent, Lyrics and Sonnets, [selected, with an introduction by Louis Untermeyer], copyright 1941
  2. Miller, Margery, Joe Louis: American, a biography by Margery Miller, copyright 1945
  3. Mills, John, Electronics Today and Tomorrow, [includes illustrations], copyright 1944
  4. Mitchell, Joseph, McSorley's Wonderful Saloon, copyright 1943
  5. Modley, Rudolf, A History of the War in Maps in Pictographs in Words, [2 copies - 1 hardbound edition, with illustrations and maps, some color; an Infantry Journal by Penguin Books], copyright 1943
  1. Mulford, Clarence E.
  • Bar 20 Days, a western by Clarence E. Mulford, copyright 1911
  • Buck Peters, Ranchman, a western by Clarence E. Mulford, copyright 1912
  • Corson of the JC, a western novel by Clarence E. Mulford, copyright 1927

Box 6
Folder -- Contents

  1. Mulholland, John, The Art of Illusion: Magic for Men to do, [includes illustrations], copyright 1944
  2. Munro, H.H., Selected Short Stories of Saki, [selected by Christopher Morley], copyright 1930
  1. Nathan, Robert
  • The Bishop's Wife, and two other novels, [three short novels with an introduction by Stephen Vincent Benet], copyright 1938
  • The Enchanted Voyage, a fantasy by Robert Nathan, copyright 1936
  • One More Spring, a novel by Robert Nathan, copyright 1933
  1. New Yorker, The
  • The New Yorker's Baedeker, [selections from The New Yorker], copyright 1945
  • The New Yorker Profiles, [selections from The New Yorker], copyright 1945
  1. Niles, mox nix: Cartoons about your tour in Europe, [by Jack Niles with stories by Jim Dye, includes illustrations], copyright 1952
  1. Nordhoff, Charles and James Norman Hall
  • Botany Bay, a historical novel by Charles Nordhoff & James Norman Hall, copyright 1941
  • Men Against the Sea, a historical novel by Charles Nordhoff & James Norman Hall, copyright 1934
  1. O'Hara, Mary
  • My Friend Flicka, a novel by Mary O'Hara, copyright 1941
  • Thunderhead, a novel by Mary O'Hara, copyright 1943
  1. O'Neill, John J., Prodigal Genius: The Life of Nikola Tesla, copyright 1944
  2. Paden, Irene D., The Wake of the Prairie Schooner: The Story of the Pioneer Trails, copyright 1943
  3. Papashvily, George and Helen, anything can happen: humorous sketches, copyright 1945
  4. Partridge, Bellamy, Country Lawyer, a biography by Bellamy Partridge, copyright 1939
  1. Peattie, Roderick
  • An Almanac for Moderns, copyright 1935
  • Journey into America, copyright 1943
  1. Peattie, Robert Culross
  • Geography in Human Destiny, [includes tables and illustrations], copyright 1940
  • Look to the Frontiers: A Geography for the Peace Table, [includes illustrations], copyright 1944
  1. Pennell, Joseph Stanley, The History of Rome Hanks, a historical novel by Joseph Stanley Pennell, copyright 1944
  2. Perdue, Virginia, Alarum and Excursion, a mystery by Virginia Perdue, copyright 1944
  3. Perelman, S.J., Crazy like a Fox, humorous sketches by S.J. Perelman, copyright 1944
  4. Perry, George Sessions and Isabel Leighton, Where Away: The Story of the U.S.S. Marblehead, copyright 1944
  5. Pernikoff, Alexandre, "Bushido": The Anatomy of Terror, copyright 1943
  6. Pierson, Louise Randall, Roughly Speaking, an autobiography by Louise Randall Pierson, copyright 1943
  7. Porter, Katherine Anne, Selected Short Stories of Katherine Anne Porter, copyright 1944
  8. Pratt, Theodore, Thunder Mountain, a novel by Theodore Pratt, copyright 1944
  9. Price, George, Is it Anyone we Know?, cartoons by George Price, [includes illustrations], copyright 1944
  10. Prochnow, Herbert V., editor, [condensed edition], Great Stories from Great Lives, copyright 1944
  1. Pyle, Ernie
  • Brave Men, [condensed edition], copyright 1944
  • Here is Your War, [some water damage; pages brittle], copyright 1943
  1. Queen, Ellery, Calamity Town, a mystery by Ellery Queen, [hardbound edition] copyright 1942

Box 7
Folder -- Contents

  1. Quentin, Patrick, Puzzle for the Puppets, a mystery by Patrick Quentin, copyright 1944
  1. Raine, William MacLeod
  • Border Breed, a western novel by William MacLeod Raine, copyright 1935
  • Guns for the Frontier, [worn cover], copyright 1940
  1. Rame, David, Tunnel from Calais, a novel by David Rame, copyright 1943
  2. Ratcliff, John D., [editor], Science Year Book of 1944: New Victories in the World of Science, copyright 1944
  3. Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan, The Yearling, a novel by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, copyright 1938
  4. Reisner, Mary, The House of Cobwebs, a novel of suspense by Mary Reisner, copyright 1944
  5. Repplier, Agnes, Pere Marquette, a biography by Agnes Repplier, copyright 1929
  1. Rhodes, Eugene Manlove
  • Stepsons of Light, a western novel by Eugene Manlove Rhodes, copyright 1921
  • The Trusty Knaves, a western novel by Eugene Manlove Rhodes, copyright 1933
  1. Richter, Conrad, Tacey Cromwell, a novel by Conrad Richter, copyright 1942
  2. Rieseberg, Lt. H.E., I Dive for Treasure, [includes list of 463 treasure wrecks], copyright 1942
  3. Riesenberg, Felix, The Pacific Ocean, copyright 1940
  4. Rigby, Douglas and Elizabeth, Lock, Stock and Barrel: The Story of Collecting, [condensed edition], copyright 1944
  1. Roberts, Kenneth
  • Arundel, a historical novel by Kenneth Roberts, [condensed edition], copyright 1933
  • The Lively Lady, a historical novel by Kenneth Roberts, copyright 1931
  1. Roberts, William H., Psychology You can Use, [includes illustrations and tables], copyright 1943
  2. Robertson, Constance, Fire Bell in the Night, a historical novel by Constance Robertson, [condensed edition], copyright 1944
  3. Rorick, Isabel Scott, Mr. & Mrs. Cugat: The Record of a Happy Marriage, copyright 1940
  4. Rourke, Constance, Davy Crockett, a biography by Constance Rourke, copyright 1934
  5. Runyon, Damon, Runyon a la Carte, short stories by Damon Runyon, copyright 1944
  6. Russell, John, Selected Short Stories of Adventure, copyright 1929
  1. Sabatini, Rafael
  • Captain Blood, an adventure novel by Rafael Sabatini, copyright 1922
  • The Sea Hawk, a historical novel by Rafael Sabatini, copyright 1924
  1. de Saint Exupery, Antoine, Night Flight, copyright 1942
  2. Sale, Richard, Not too narrow ...not too deep, a fantasy adventure Story by Richard Sale, copyright 1936
  3. Sandburg, Carl, Selected Poems of Carl Sandburg, copyright 1943
  4. Sanders, George, Crime on my Hands, a mystery by George Sanders, [hardbound edition] copyright 1944
  5. Sandoz, Mari, Slogum House, a novel by Mari Sandoz
  6. Saroyan, William, My Name is Aram, copyright 1940
  7. Sayre, Joel, Rackety Rax, a short novel by Joel Sayre, copyright 1932
  8. Schuster, M. Lincoln, [editor], A Treasury of the World's Greatest Letters, [condensed edition], copyright 1940
  9. Sears, Paul B., This is our World: Man's Place in Nature, [includes illustrations], copyright 1937

Box 8
Folder -- Contents

  1. Seghers, Anna, the seventh cross, a novel by Anna Seghers, [translated from German by James A. Galston]. copyright 1942
  2. Seton, Anya, Dragonwyck, a historical novel by Anya Seton, copyright 1944
  3. Shapley, Harlow, [editor], A Treasury of Science, [condensed edition], copyright 1943
  1. Sharpe, Margaret
  • Cluny Brown, a novel by Margaret Sharpe, copyright 1944
  • The Stone of Chastity, a humorous novel by Margaret Sharpe, copyright 1940
  1. Shearing, Joseph
  • Aunt Beardie, a mystery novel by Joseph Shearing, copyright 1940
  • The Lady and the Arsenic, a true murder story by Joseph Shearing, copyright 1944
  1. Shelley, Mary, Frankenstein, a horror story by Mary Shelley, [no publication or copyright date]
  2. Shelley, Percy Bysshe, Selected Poems of Percy Bysshe Shelley, [edited with an introduction by Louis Untermeyer], copyright 1944
  3. Shriber, Ione Sandberg, Pattern for Murder, a mystery by Ione Sandberg Shriber, copyright 1944
  4. Shulman, Max, The Feather Merchants, [includes note about the meaning of the term 'feather merchants'], copyright 1944
  5. Simenon, Georges, On the Danger Line, two mysteries by Georges Simenon, [translated from French by Stuart Gilbert], copyright 1944
  6. Siodmak, Curt, Donovan's Brain, a mystery-thriller by Curt Siodmak, copyright 1942
  7. Skidmore, Hobert, D., Valley of the Sky, a novel by Hobert D. Skidmore, copyright 1944
  1. Skinner, Cornelia Otis
  • Dithers and Jitters, humorous sketches by Cornelia Otis Skinner, [includes illustrations], copyright 1938
  • Excuse it, Please!, humorous sketches by Cornelia Otis Kinner, copyright 1936
  1. Skinner, Cornelia Otis and Emily Kimbrough, Our Hearts were Young and Gay, copyright 1942
  2. Smart, Charles Allen, RFD: A Story of Farm Life, copyright 1938
  3. Smith, Betty, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, a novel by Betty Smith, [loose cover], copyright 1943
  1. Smith, H. Allen
  • Life in a Putty Knife Factory, copyright 1943
  • Lost in the Horse Latitudes, humorous sketches by H. Allen Smith, copyright 1944
  • Low Man on a Totem Pole, witty memoirs by H. Allen Smith, copyright 1941
  1. Smith, Homer, Kamongo, copyright 1932
  2. Smith, Lillian, Strange Fruit, a novel by Lillian Smith, copyright 1944
  1. Smith, Thorne
  • The Glorious Pool, a novel by Thorne Smith, copyright 1934
  • The Passionate Witch, a humorous novel by Thorne Smith, copyright 1941
  1. Smith, Thorne
  • Rain in the Doorway a humorous novel by Thorne Smith, copyright 1933
  • The Stray Lamb, a humorous novel by Thorne Smith, copyright 1929
  1. Snow, Edgar, People on our Side, [completed by Norman Matson], copyright 1944
  2. Sousa, John Phillip, My Family Right or Wrong, [includes some illustrations],copyright 1943
  3. Spalding, Albert, Rise to Follow, an autobiography by Albert Spalding, copyright 1943
  4. Spearman, Frank, Carmen of the Rancho, a western novel by Frank Spearman, copyright 1937

Box 9
Folder -- Contents

  1. Spence, Hartzell, Get Thee Behind Me..: My Life as a Preacher's Son, copyright 1942
  2. Stafford, Jean, Boston Adventure, a novel by Jean Stafford, [condensed edition], copyright 1944
  3. Standish, Robert, Bonin, a novel by Robert Standish, copyright 1944
  4. Steinman, D.B., The Builders of the Bridge: The Story of John Roebling and his Son, copyright 1945
  5. Stephens, James, Etched in Moonlight, short stories by James Stephens, copyright 1928
  6. Stern, G.B., The Ugly Dachshund: A Dog Story by G.B. Stern, copyright 1938
  7. Sterne, Laurence, Tristram Shandy, a novel by Laurence Sterne, [condensed edition], no publication or copyright date
  8. Stevens, James, Paul Bunyan, copyright 1925
  9. Stevenson, Robert Louis, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and other stories, no publication or copyright date
  10. Stewart, George R., East of the Giants, a historical novel by George R. Stewart, no publication or copyright date
  11. Stokley, James, Science Remakes our World, copyright 1942
  12. Stone, Ezra and Weldon Melick, Coming, Major, copyright 1944
  13. Stone, Grace Zaring, The Cold Journey, a historical novel by Grace Zaring, [pseudonym of Ethel Vance], copyright 1934
  1. Stone, Irving
  • Immortal Wife: the biographical novel of Jessie Benton Fremont, [condensed edition], copyright 1944
  • Lust for Life: the novel of Vincent Van Gogh, [cover separated], copyright 1934
  1. Strachey, Lytton, Eminent Victorians, four biographies by Lytton Strachey, copyright 1918
  2. Stribling, T.S., Red Sand, a novel by T.S. Stribling, copyright 1924
  3. Stuart, Jesse, Taps for Private Tussie, a novel by Jesse Stuart, copyright 1943
  4. Sturgis, Robert, Men Like Gods: A Novel of Men and Oil by Robert Sturgis, copyright 1944
  5. Sublette, C.M. and Harry Harrison Kroll, Perilous Journey, a historical novel by C.M. Sublette and Harry Harrison Kroll, copyright 1943
  6. Sullivan, Frank, A Pearl in every Oyster, humorous sketches by Frank Sullivan, copyright 1938
  7. Targ, William, [editor], Western Story Omnibus, [hardback edition], copyright 1945
  1. Taylor, Deems
  • Of Men and Music, copyright 1937
  • The Well-Tempered Listener, copyright 1940
  1. Taylor, Rosemary, Ridin' the Rainbow: Father's Life in Tucson, copyright 1944
  2. Taylor, Ross McLaury, The Saddle and the Plow, an historical novel by Ross McLaury Taylor, copyright 1942
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