R. Thomas Myers papers (faculty-Chemistry)

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R. Thomas Myers papers (faculty-Chemistry)

Special Collections and Archives

R. Thomas Myers papers (faculty-Chemistry)

R. Thomas Myers, Papers

Prepared by Eric Linderman
January 2, 1998 11th floor, 1 box, .33 cubic ft.
R. Thomas Myers

Biographical Note

R. Thomas Myers is Emeritus Professor of Chemistry at K.S.U. His accomplishments indicate a strong interest in public and environmental concerns. His community involvement includes membership of the Kent Board of Education, and an expressed concern fo r equal funding of public schools. His writings and teachings have involved environmental threats such as nuclear weapons and the greenhouse effect. His contributions to the University are also significant; notably, his role in helping K.S.U. through the tragedy of May 4, 1970, when he served as Vice Chair of the Faculty Senate.

Scope and Content

Folders 1-4 consist of four slide presentations from a course he taught in the Experimental College, titled, "Nuclear Weapons and Nuclear War." These presentations are titled, "The False Frontier", "The Dream of an Impenetrable Shield: Ballistic Missle De fence in the Nuclear Age", "The Threat of Nuclear War", and "Weapons Bazaar." Topics include the history of nuclear weapons and the Star Wars defense project.

Folder 5 includes the typescript of a statement Myers made regarding his work as Vice Chair of the K.S.U. Faculty Senate in 1970.

  1. Center for Defense Information, "Weapons Bazaar: A Tour of the Sales Displays of the Army, Navy, and Air Force Trade Associations";
    160 slides, two audio cassettes, script; 1985;
    Includes instruction manual for the slide presentation, pamphlets and newsletter from the Center for Defense Information. Missing slide # 160.

  2. Union of Concerned Scientists. "The Threat of Nuclear War";
    61 slides, one audio cassette, script; 1983.
    Missing slides # 18, 21, 30, 37, 39, 50, 52, 56-7.

  3. Union of Concerned Scientists. "The False Frontier";
    78 slides, one audio cassette; 1986.
    Missing slides # 2, 18, 40, 41, 44, 69, 77.

  4. Casper, Barry M., and Robert K. Goldman, Nuclear War Graphics Project. "The Dream of an
    Impenetrable Shield: Ballistic Missile Defense in the Nuclear Age";
    122 slides, one audio cassette; [198-?]
    Missing slides # 29, 46, 68, 70, 103, 108,

  5. "Statement by R. Thomas Myers, 1 May 1995";
    Typescript, 3p; 1995;
    Includes a statement passed by the Faculty Senate in a May 14, 1970 meeting.