Kristin Yeager

Kristin Yeager

Statistical Consulting
Manager, Statistical & Qualitative Software Consulting
Contact Information

Job Responsibilities:

  • Manages University Library's Statistical Consulting program
  • Provides one-on-one consultations for Kent State University faculty, staff, and students on the use of statistical and qualitative software, including SAS, SPSS Statistics, JMP, Stata, NVivo, Qualtrics, and R
  • Creates and provides instruction sessions and workshops for statistical and qualitative software
  • Develops online tutorials for the university's supported statistical software packages (SPSS Tutorials, SAS Tutorials, Qualtrics Tutorials)
  • Supervises the Resident Librarian for User Experience and plays an active role in user experience assessment and evaluation
  • Co-chairs the University Libraries Web Committee


  • Dressler, V. A., Yeager, K., & Richardson, E. (2019). Developing a data management consultation service for faculty researchers: A case study from a large Midwestern public university. International Journal of Digital Curation, 14(1), 1-23.
  • Clark, J. C., & Yeager, K. (2018). Seek and You Shall Find? An Observational Study of Music Students’ Library Catalog Search Behavior. The Journal of Academic Librarianship, 44(1), 105–112.