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LMS Records. Artifacts

Special Collections and Archives

LMS Records. Artifacts

Libraries and Media Services, Records. Artifacts, 1927-2002 [bulk undated]

Finding Aid

Prepared by Barbara Bass, October 27, 2006
4 record storage boxes, 1 textile box, 1 media box, 1 slim document box, 1 record album box, 6 cubic feet, 11th floor

Scope and Content

This collection includes library-related artifacts as well as selected examples of old or "dead" media formats collected or used by Libraries and Media Services at one time.

Box 1

  • Polaroid camera: used to photograph catalog copy from National Union Catalog, [no date]
  • Wooden sign: "Librarian," [no date]
  • Electric eraser, [no date]
  • Typewriter platin: used for typing catalog cards, [no date]
  • Sensor removed from security exit gate in new library, July 2002
  • Software demonstration disks:
    • Bibliophile, [no date]
    • Compact Library, aids,1989
    • Dialog on Disk, special preview (3 copies), 1988
    • Medline demo diskette, [no date]
    • Overhead Express, 1984
    • Pro-Cite, 1986
    • Sidekick: the desktop organizer, 1988
    • Science Citation Index (2 disks), 1988
    • Zenith Data Systems: for Z-100 PC, [no date]

    Box 2

    • Early portable database, [no date]
    • Nursing Literature, [no date]
    • Computer tape, [no date]
    • VHS tape from AV Services, [no date]

    Box 3

    • Tail: S-1 "D.N.A. - Blueprint for Life", John Wiley & Sons
    • Tape splice

    Box 4

    • Shelflist drawer from card catalog, [no date]
    • Book label iron, [no date]

    Box 5

    • Book measuring device from A.V. Bailey, book binder, [no date]

    Box 6

    • Marble removed from main lobby escalator screen, July 2002
    • UMI plaque (Early English Books Project), 1988
    • OCLC Marc tape, 1970-1988
    • Carpet sample, [1970?]
    • Bar coding project t-shirt, August, 1988

    Box 7

    Tray 1

    • Nylon typewriter ribbon, [no date]
    • Counter from library turnstiles, removed in 2002
    • Turnstile key, removed in 2002
    • Copy card , [no date]
    • Pack of Kent cigarettes, [no date]
    • Rubber erasers for electric eraser, [no date]
    • Metal tabs used on Serial Record check-in cards for new titles, [no date]

    Tray 2

    • Kent State ash tray, [no date]
    • Last catalog card filed in KSU catalog, [no date]
    • Card stock cutter, [no date]
    • "Book Dog," [no date]
    • Electric pencil, [no date]

    Items in the bottom of the box

    • Plastic model of printing press, [no date]
    • 3 audio cassette tapes, [no date]
    • Binding tools, [no date]
    • Microfilm reel, [no date]

    Box 8
    Folder -- Contents

  1. Billing statements from Circulation,1988
  2. Book pocket; due-date cards; memo stating end of use, 2001
  3. Catalog card stock, [no date]
  4. KentLINK balloons, 1994
  5. Letterhead and envelope samples, [1970?]-2000
  6. Old dust jackets, 1927, [no date]
  7. Overdue notices, 1980's
  8. Phone number change for AVS
  9. Photograph: James Geary, Bishop James W. Malone and Vice-Chancellor James A. Clarke sign original agreement for the deposit of the Youngstown Diocese records, April 9, 1976
  10. Photographs and negatives: "Dead"Media/Old Technology Exhibit, [no date]
  11. Polaroid photographs of N.U.C. listings: attached to card stock and filed in the card catalog, [no date]
  12. Prints of OCLC records on silver paper used until 1980's