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Ione K. Wiechel bookplate collection

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Ione K. Wiechel bookplate collection

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Special Collections and Archives

Ione K. Wiechel bookplate collection

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Ione K. Wiechel bookplate collection

Finding Aid

Prepared by Dyani Scheuerman, August 2003; Revised June 2013; Last Updated: October 2020

Inclusive Dates: 1820-1980
Bulk Dates: bulk 1940-1960
Extent: 6 cubic feet
Physical Location: 11th Floor

Abstract: This collection is the creation of Ione K. Wiechel, a bookplate collector, and includes over 2000 bookplates from various book owners.

Biography of Ione K. Wiechel: Ione K. Wiechel, of Van Wert, Ohio, was an avid bookplate collector for over fifty years. From 1930 to 1980, Wiechel built up her collection of bookplates to its present size of over 2000 examples, with her most active years of collecting between the 1940s to 1960s. Wiechel kept most of these bookplates in spiral notebooks and adhered them to paper, often including her own personal notes of each piece's provenance. Wiechel died in 1982.

Scope and Content: This collection contains six cubic feet of bookplates collected by Ione K. Wiechel, along with a few pieces of correspondence relating to these bookplates.

Statement of Arrangement: The bookplates are arranged alphabetically by owner's last name. Notes in brackets are basic descriptions made by Ione K. Wiechel as to the provenance of each item. The plates were mounted and displayed by the creator in roughly alphabetical order.

Preferred Citation: Ione K. Wiechel bookplate collection. Department of Special Collections and Archives. Kent State University Libraries.

Acquisition Information: Ione K. Wiechel's bookplate collection was donated to Kent State University Special Collections by her daughter, Ellen Amstutz, in 1985.

Box 1
Folder -- Contents


  1. A.K. Smiley Public Library. Redlands, California.
  2. L.A.A. "Deo juvante." [Modern Portuguese]
  3. T.A.
  4. Abbas, Bonanventura. "Libris monasterii montis angelo rum inseruit."
  5. Abbott, Elizabeth.
  6. Miss Abbott's School Alumnae Association. [Design by Sidney L. Smith]
  7. Abbott, William Lindley. "Haurit aquam cribis qui vult sine descere libris." [Etching by Dorothy Payne, San Francisco]
  8. Abendroth, Inge. [Prof. Ziehe, Leipzig]
  9. Academy of St. Scholastica. "The Benedictine Sisters."
  10. Ackerman, Etta. [Hempstead, LI, NY. Assigned by her husband.]
  11. Acton, John Emerich Dalberg.
  12. Adams, Helen G.
  13. Adams, Arthur. [Image of crest and tree]; "Veritas liberabit." [Engraved by A.N. McDonald]; [Engraved by Fritz Botel]
  14. Addington, Mary
  15. Adler, Whistleriana and Elmer. [Claude Bragdon]
  16. Adler, Hermine and Ija. "The Epicurean Library"
  17. Adomeit, Ruth. "To have and to hold."
  18. Adr. Theatre.
  19. Aemilii, Baronis. "Perrier massiliensis." [Artist, E. de Robert]
  20. Aero-Medical Library. [Wright Field. Dayton, OH.]
  21. Agar, Eunice. [Design by Norman Kent]
  22. Ahrend, J. "Nil desperandum."
  23. Akkermans, Jot. [Ipse fecit, 1941]
  24. Alabama State Department of Archives and History. "Founded 1901 by Thomas M. Owen."
  25. Albert, George Frederick Ernest. "Prince of Wales."
  26. Albert, H. Greenway. "Virtus nil timet. Casa de Suenos, Tombstone, Arizona."
  27. Alcott, John Sewall Pratt. [Louisa M. Alcott's nephew]
  28. Alderman, Muriel. "Her book." [Design by Margaret Ely Webb, engraved by James Webb.]
  29. Alexander, Charles. "Per mare per terras." [Engraved by E.D. French]
  30. Alexander, Francis Levis. [Design by Mrs. John Malone]
  31. Alexandria Library. "Established 1794."
  32. Allen, Caroline Belknap.
  33. Allen, Charles Dexter. Hartford, Conn. "Spaientiam non suam simulationem quaero." [Author of American Bookplates]
  34. Allen, Edward W. "From the collection of ... " [Designed by Hewitt R. Jackson]
  35. Allen, Elizabeth Powell.
  36. Allen, Paul. "His book."
  37. Allen, Susan Janney. [Etched by W.F. Hopson]
  38. Almquist, John Arthur.
  39. Alpha Eta Beta Theta Pi. [Design by David Sarvis]
  40. Alsop, James Willcox. "Imparo ancora." [Engraved by A.J. Downey]
  41. Altonion Society.
  42. American Academy of Arts and Letters. "Opportunity, inspiration, achievement." [Engraved on wood by Timothy Cole]
  43. American Association of University Women. "Presented by the Junior Section of San Diego."
  44. American Chemical Society.
  45. American Commission to Negotiate Peace. Paris, 1918-1919. [Design by Donald B. Gilchrist.]
  46. American Legion Auxiliary. "Commodore Denig. Unit No. 83. Sandusky, Ohio."
  47. American Merchant Marine Library Association. " ... the owner of this book, is supported entirely by ... "
  48. American Philosophical Society Held at Philadelphia. "Nullo discrimine. Founded 1743."
  49. Amherst College. "Sold."; ""Athenae Library."
  50. Amman, Emma. [Color woodcut by Alfred Peter, Switzerland]
  51. Ammann, Marguerite. "Marguerite Ammann's Buch." [Anton Blocklinger, Switzerland]
  52. Amory, Harcourt. "Life, what is it but a dream. Lewis Carroll."
  53. Amstutz, James Carl. "Civil War books."
  54. Amuru, S.G.
  55. Andersen, Kaj. [Denmark]
  56. Anderson.
  57. Anderson, D. "Her book. O for a Booke and a shadie Nooke ... "
  58. Anderson, Helen and Carl. "Helen's Nancy."
  59. Andores, Karl-Martin. [Engraving by Gerhardt-Tag, Leipzig.]
  60. Andres, K. [Modern Australian]
  61. Andrews, E. Wyllys IV. [Engraved by J.W. Jameson]
  62. Andrews, Irene D. "Bookfelloviensis."; "Love well the hour and let it go." [Original Bewick wood block]
  63. Andrews, Irene and Edmund.
    • "From among the books of ... " [J.W. Jameson. Image of trailer.]
    • [Image of Andrews home in Los Angeles. Woodcut by F. Geritz.]
    • [Engraved by J.W. Jameson. Image of crest.]
    • "Na neirau vola." [J.W. Jameson]
    • "No maua iho tele puta. Maru, A horoa oe ia maua mai vave." [J.W. Jameson]
    • "Thou fool! to seek companions ... "
    • "Vahine and Tane."
    • "From among the books of ... " [By Wm. A. Turner of Chester, England. Image of two men.]
  64. Andrews, Irene Greene Owen. [By Ralph Fletcher Seymour. Image of village.]; [Design by Jack Yeats of London, brother of William Butler Yeats. For Mrs. Andrews' collection of Yeats. Image of two men.]
  65. Andrus, Olive E. "Tongues in trees, books in the running brooks."
  66. Anercino.
  67. Angas, Fay. [Linocut by G.D. Perrottet.]
  68. Angas, Sara Georgine Fife.
  69. Angeline, Catherine. [Normand Press. Chicago, IL. Normand Forque, owner.]
  70. Angie Williams Cox Library. Pardeeville, Wisconsin. "Do the truth you know, and you shall learn the truth you need to know. Macdonald."
  71. Antal, Fery.
  72. Anthoensen, F. [Designed by Clares K. Capon from Bewick]
  73. Anthony, Cornelia Eames. [Image of the location of the Lincoln/Douglas debate]; [Image of spinning wheel]; "Love rukles the court the camp the grove and men below and saints above." [For Anthony's collection of great love stories.]
  74. Anthony, Cornelia Eames and Frank Dell. "Grove Place." [Engraved on wood by John W. Evans.]
  75. Antioch College.
    • "In memory of Noel Morris ... "
    • "In memory of Edward Cameron Kirk ... "
    • "In memory of Miss Rebecca S. Rice ... "
    • "Yellow Springs, Ohio." [Design by Louis Grandgent]
    • "A Carnegie Corporation gift." [Design by Isobel Sarvis]
  76. Antonio, Jose. "Ex libris infantiles."
  77. Antunes, Josefina Helena and Castilho. "Studio meo ascendam invante Deo."
  78. April, Margaret. [Design by Wm. Fleming.]
  79. Archer, John. [Design by Joseph Low]
  80. Arese, Margherita de Renzis. [Italy]
  81. Ariel. "Casa D'Arte."
  82. Arms, John Taylor. [1920]
  83. Arnold Arboretum Library. "The gift of Sarah C. Sears."; "Presented by Charles Sprague Sargent ... " [Designed by George Wharton Edwards]; " ... of Harvard University" [Designed by George Wharton Edwards]; "Purchased from the income of the Mary Robeson Sargent Fund."; "From the fund bequeathed by Charles Sprague Sargent ... "
  84. Art Institute of Chicago. Ryerson Library. "In memory of Helen Hyde."
  85. Art Study Club, Santa Barbara. [By Margaret Ely Webb]
  86. Asselbergs, Annemieke. "Boek van ... "
  87. Asselbergs, C.J.
    • "Ex bibliotheca."
    • "Ex libris" [Suzanne Heyneman]
    • "Uit de boekerij." [Typo, W.J. Rosendaal]
    • [Monograms]
    • [Wood engraving, John Buckland Wright. Image of woman.]
    • [Wood engraving, A. Schellart. Image of vehicle.]
  88. Asselbergs, Joost. "Geboren ... Breda, 3 April 1941."
  89. Asselbergs, L. En. K. "Nieuw jaar 1948." [Wood engraving by Bramanti, Italy]
  90. Asselbergus, Henri. "Eyes are on beauties until thou settest." [H.I.J. Schelling]
  91. Association of the Bar of the City of New York. "The library of Charles H. Woodbury ... "; "Gift of:"
  92. Astor, Karl M. and Frau. "Ochsenfurt am Main. Wuenschen herzlick Glueck fuer 1949."
  93. Athenian. "Presented by H.B. Woods."
  94. Atkinson, Buddle. [England]
  95. Atkinson, T.B. Darlington.
  96. Atlantic City Free Public Library.
  97. Atlas Ladies Library. "A fine will be imposed for keeping this book longer than four weeks."
  98. Auburncrest Library. "Candles they are that on a wayside bare regather what the human heart forgets. Lloyd Emerson Siberell."
  99. Aulsbrook, Knight G. "Probitas veritas honos."
  100. Authors Club. [Engraved by E.D. French. Designed by George Wharton Edwards.]
  101. Averitt, Beverly Jean. "Although this book is lent to a friend by .... this does not imply that she no longer owns it."
  102. Averitt, Douglas. "Collector of sports memorabilia and rare autographs." [Image of man]; [Image of bird]
  103. Avon Free Library. [Design by James Havens]


  1. C.B., di. "S'io non androp sempre fuggendo." [Wood engraving, Bruno da Osima]
  2. E.B.
  3. H.B. [H. Woyty-Wimmer]
  4. I.H.B.
  5. N.B. [Etching by Fritz Botel]
  6. N.R.B. "His book." [Woodcut by Paul McPharlin]
  7. M.B. [Marjorie Batchelder. By Paul McPharlin. Hand marbled paper. Cockerell, Letchworth, England. 1946]
  8. Babb, J.
  9. Babler, Otto F.
  10. Babnik, Karel. "Gospod mazili in posveti te roke potem maziljenju in nasem blagoslovu."
  11. Backhuys, Lizetta. [Holland, 1933]
  12. Bacon, H.B.
  13. Bader, Robert Augustus.
  14. Baer, Carlyle S.
    • [Border by Carle Junge. Image of "Major Delmar, from the painting by Alexander Pope, 1903."]
    • [Etched by Berthe Gorst. A.R.E. Image of man with pack.]
    • "His liber pertinet ad meam Bibliothecam Dauteanum."
    • [G.D. Perrottet, Australia. Image of dog.]
    • [Woodcut by Adrian Feint. Image of book.]
    • [Image of man on horse]
    • [Image of horse with baby]
  15. Bagge, B. "Aus Buechersaminlung der ... "
  16. Baggerman, J.F.H. "Verzen."
  17. Bailey, Francis W. [Design by A. Spence]
  18. Bailey, Jouis J. [Image of cottage]; [Etching by Fritz Botel. Image of book stack.]; [Image of ship]
  19. Bailey, Lula Barber.
  20. Bailey, Merton G.L. "Conrad, Twain, Hawthorn, Poe, Kipling, Fiske, Lowell, Isaac Walton."
  21. Baima, John. [Design by Dan Burne Jones. Image of man and stars.]; "Praestat opes sapienta." [Design by Dan Burne Jones]
  22. Baker, Gertrude J. "Her book."
  23. Baker, G.E.
  24. Baker, Hettie Gray. [Image of Baker's home in Westport, CT. Design by Drusilla Albert of Seattle, WA.]; "... Presents this book." [Etching by Stanley Harrod of Toronto]; " ... Owns this book." [Color sketch by Verna Faber]
  25. Baker, Laura.
  26. Baker, Newton D. Jr. "Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, 1876."
  27. Baker Street Journal. "Volume 1. New York, 1946." [Designed by Paul McPharlin]
  28. Baker, Ray Stannard. "David Grayson at the kind of country work that suited him best." [Grayson is a pseudonym for Baker]
  29. Balbi, Giorgio.
    • "Amore, scienza, arte."
    • "Per collezione 'I romanzi della palma.'"
    • "Herz mein herz."
    • "Serene memorie del passato." [Etching by Luigi Angelini, 1944]
    • "Dai libri de ... Salve commenda di croxae."
    • "Evadere Dalla citta. S. Febraio, 1943."
    • "Szep magyardaszag." [By I Zetti]
    • "Mooi Nederland." [Wood engravings by I Zetti]
    • "Vivere gaudiose" [By I. Zetti]
    • "Viag gareecontinva giovinezza exlibris." [By I. Zetti]
  30. Ball, Katharine F. "K.B." [Woodcut by Margarel Ely Webb]; "From the library of Frank H. Ball."
  31. Baltimore Museum of Art. "Gift of Mrs. Robert Coleman Taylor ... "
  32. Banar, Jan. [Image of man holding globe]; [Image of man riding broom]
  33. Bangor Public Library.
    • "Given to ... by:"
    • "Stodder Fund" [Engraved by Elisha Brown Bird]
    • "From the Col. Luther H. Peirce Fund" [Engraved by Sidney L. Smith]
    • "From the Edward Ellison Fund" [Engraved by Elisha Brown Bird]
    • "From the John F. Patten Fund" [Engraved by Sidney L. Smith]
    • "Frederick W. Hill and Marianne Hill Fund" [Engraved by Sidney L. Smith]
    • "From the Mechanic Association Fund" [Engraved by Sidney L. Smith]
    • "From the State Fund" [Engraved by Sidney L. Smith]
    • "From the Hersey Fund" [Engraved by Sidney L. Smith]
  34. Bar, Mathilde. [Etching by Fritz Botel]
  35. Barnes, William.
  36. Barnett, Percy Neville. "Spes mea in deo."; "Ex libris"; "The book of"
  37. Barnett, Philip Neville.
  38. Barnhart, Helen Rawson Bryce. [Design by Sara B. Hill, engraved by Spencley]; [Image of bird]
  39. Baron, Robert Russell Needham. "Fortuna juvat audaces."
  40. Baronet, Sr. John Percivale. Burton, Cork, Ireland.
  41. Bartlett, Bertha. [Woodcut by J.J. Lankes]
  42. Barton, S.M.
  43. Barrows, Marjorie. [Designed by Carl S. Junge]
  44. Barta Press. "From the library of ... " [Designed by Charles Capon]
  45. Bartram-Jensen, H. [Spain]
  46. Batchelder, Marjorie Hope.
  47. Bates, Albert C. and Alice C. [Engraved by W.F. Hopson]
  48. Battistella, Marianna.
  49. Bauer, E.
  50. Bay City Public Library. "Established 1869."
  51. von Bayros.
  52. Beale, Charles Currier.
  53. Beckwith, Kenneth Daggett.
  54. Becaka, Lubomira.
  55. Becaka, Jana R. [Image of person with candle]; [Image of flowers]
  56. Becker, Lanier Morris.
  57. Bedford Square Book Bang 1971.
  58. Beeman, Allen Everett. "Certamine summo."
  59. Beger, Margarete. [Typographic, Leipzig]
  60. Belane, Vajda. [F. Buday]
  61. Belknap, Harry. [J.H. Elwell - artist]
  62. Bell, Charles H. "Quaerere honorem nec spernere."
  63. Bell, Portia and Sam Hume. "Imago erasmi roteroda mi ab alberto dvrero ad vivam effigiem deliniata." [After a wood engraving by Albrecht Durer, of Erasmus]
  64. Bart, Sir William Bellingham. "Amicus amico."
  65. Bebringer, George F. "Truth!" New York, 1866.
  66. Benhow, Ellen Mary.
  67. Benuenuta. [I. Zetti - Milan, Italy]
  68. Bennet, R.H. Alexan. [Bartolazzi]
  69. Berasategui, I. Rodriguez.
  70. Berckelman, Colin B. [Woodcut by Philip Litchfield]
  71. de Bere, Prof. Is. Dr. R. Soo. "Ex libris geobotanicis."
  72. Berg, Harald. [Norway]
  73. Berg, Lars. "Mi bok."
  74. Berggren, E.W.
  75. Bergmann, Arthur. "Aus der buecherei." [Leipzig]
  76. Bergman, Hanna och Emanuel.
  77. Berks County Teachers Professional Library. Reading, Pennsylvania. "Rules and regulations: ... "
  78. Bernheim, A.C. [Engraved by E.D. French, 1895]
  79. Bertarelli, A.C.M. "Mediolanensis."
  80. Bertie, Charles B.
  81. Bethmann, Geins.
  82. Bevis, Leura Dorothy. [Designed by Ward Ritchie]
  83. Berkeley Press. "We repeat ... "
  84. Bewick, Thomas. "His mark."
  85. Bewick School. [Printed by Mrs. Diamond]
    • John
    • S.J.C.
    • E.W.D.
    • C.S.B.
    • Emma
    • D.
    • Sally
    • S.E.B.
    • W.E. Daignault
    • Flora Neil Davidson
    • Libby L. Margo
  86. Bianca. [Wood - W.J. Rozendaal]; [Design by Eugene Strens, 1947.]
  87. Bibliotheek Unicum.
  88. Bibliophile Society. "Eximium opus eimie ornetur. This edition is limited to 500 copies. Printed for members only. Year 3rd book."
  89. Bigelow, Abbie A.
  90. Bilderbeek, G.J.
  91. Bienholz, Familie. "Frohe Weihnacht und ein gluecklickes Jahr wuenscht." [Colored etching by V. Fleissig]
  92. Billington, Raya. "From the books of ... "
  93. Biltmore. "Library of ... "
  94. Birmingham Public Library. [Image of building]; "The gift of ... "
  95. Bishop, Rev. Cha. "Bis qui cito."
  96. Bishop, Raymond Holmes.
  97. Bispham, E.J.
  98. Bitner, Helen Creeley. "Owneth this book."
  99. Blackburn, Oscar Taylor. [Engraved by Blackburn]
  100. Blackwell, Henry.
  101. Blackwood, Mary Wilson. [Woodcut by Adrien Feint]
  102. Blake, Sara Eugenia. [From original woodblock by Thomas Bewick]; "Ex libris aquarius."; "Her book" [Engraved on copper by Sara Blake's brother]; [Image of woman reading book]; [Image of hand]
  103. Blake, Sally.
  104. Blake, S.S.
  105. Bliss, Daniel.
  106. Bloemen, Van Mir. J.F. J.M. [Woods by Karl Hasselbach]
  107. Blomfield, Charles James.
  108. Blumenthal, Elaine and Oscar Bessie. "Their book."
  109. Bobby. "Bobby's book."
  110. Bock, Karl. "Ex libris."; "Aus den Buechern des ... "; [Image of woman and owl]; "Aus den Buechern der Kriegsjahre" [Richard Teschner]; "Buecherei" [Linocut. Ipse fecit, 1938]
  111. Bock, Karl and Marein. "Ex musicis. Was entsanden ist das muss vergehen. Was vergangen auferstehen. G.M."; "Fenden die herzlichsten Glueckwuensche."; "Wir sind uebersiedest ... "; "Bucher und noten" [Vienna, 1930]
  112. Bock, Marein. "Fleucht'ge Gedanken, Samen im Winde cleich, machen im Buche rehend, den Leser reich." [Karl Bock, Vienna, 1936. "Fleeting thoughts, like seeds in the wind, coming to rest in books, make the reader rich."]
  113. Bock, Mitzi. "Mein buch." [Franz Lehrer, 1933]
  114. Boekhandel, N.V. Standaard. "Salichen geluckich niue jaer, 1938."
  115. Bohne, Pall W. [Image of bells]; [Image of castle]
  116. Bolaffio, L.F. [Etching by V. Fleissig. Image of woman with bow and arrow.]; [Etching by V. Fleissig. Image of woman.]; "In memoriam Michel Fingesten, 1883-1943." [Etching by V. Fleissig for Fingesten, who died in a concentration camp.]
  117. Boleyn, Jane. [Australia - wood by Allan Jordan]
  118. Bologna, Archiginnasio. "Biblioteca comunale dell ... "
  119. Bonda, Cyril. [Czechoslovakia]
  120. Bonney, Jack. [Name of second owner written in]
  121. The Book Shop. "Books, antiques."
  122. Books. [Image of Christmas tree]; "Are we not driven to the conclusion ... "
  123. The Booklovers Library. "Library of current literature ... "
  124. Boonacker-Loman, E.M. [Wood engraving Miavan Regteren Altena]
  125. Boreham, E.G. [Woodcut by Adrian Feint, Australia]
  126. Borre, Henri van den.
  127. Borrell, Ana.
  128. Borrell, Ramon.
  129. Bos, Bart. "You, O Books, are the golden vessels of the temple ... "
  130. Bosanko, Paul. "From the books of ... "
  131. Bostedo, Gardner E.
  132. Boston Public Library.
    • "Bought with the income of the Scholfield bequests."
    • "Presented ... by George M. Mason ... "
    • "This book belongs to School No. 3 ... "
    • "Thomas Prince Library ... "
    • "Purchased from the Josiah Dwight Witney, Senior Memorial Fund ... "
    • "Purchased from the fund established by James Lyman Whitney, bibliographer and sometime librarian."
    • "The gift of the Boston Authors Club"
    • "The Bowditch Collection"
    • "Given by Bigelow Fund"
    • "Given by the Boston Browning Society ... "
    • "Presented ... by George Ticknor, Esq."
    • "The William P. Trent Collection ... "
    • " ... Josiah Henry Benton ... "
    • "Longfellow Memorial Collection ... "
    • "John Boyle O'Reilly ... "
    • "The Virginia and Richard Ehrlich Autograph Collection"
    • "From the Bowditch Fund"
    • "From the Memorial Fund of the 20th Regiment, Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry ... "
    • "Barton Library ... "
    • "The Walter Updike Lewisson Collection ... "
    • "From the Ticknor Fund"
    • "Bought with the Green Fund"
    • "The Allen A. Brown Dramatic Collection"
  133. Boston Athenaeum.
    • "From the income of the bequest of Albert Matthews ... " [Anthoensen Press]
    • " ... John Bromfield ... " [Anthoensen Press]
    • " ... George Francis Parkman ... " [Anthoensen Press]
    • " ... Lee Max Friedman ... " [Designed by Rudolph Ruzicka]
    • " ... Stanley and Margaret King Fund ... " [Designed by Rudolph Ruzicka]
    • " ... Mary Lowell Stone ... " [Designed by Rudolph Ruzicka]
    • "T.S. Eliot collection ... "
    • " ... Henry Harris ... " [Designed by Rudolph Ruzicka]
    • " ... Samuel Appleton ... " [Design by Rudolph Ruzicka]
    • "Gift of Donald McKay Frost ... "
    • " ... Charles Amos Cummings ... "
  134. Botel, Anne Marie.
  135. Botta, Gionanni.
  136. Botta, Perito G. "Costruire."
  137. Botta, Elda. [Wood engraving by Ilalo Zetti]
  138. Bottega Di Poesia. "Alquid amplius invenies in silvis quam in libris. G.D. Annunzio."
  139. Bourbon, Louis de.
  140. Bourcy, Joannis. "Ex biblioteca"; "Sint tibi mille oculi sit tibi nulla manus."; [Color image of crest]
  141. v. Bourcy u. Paulusch. "In Wien"; "Aus der Handbuecherei des antiquariates ... " [Engraved by H. Woyty Wimmer]
  142. Boussery, Georges. [Belgium]
  143. Bouvenne, Aglaus.
  144. Boven, Jef van. "Semper idem." [Belgium]
  145. Bovig, Eigil. [Typographic, Denmark]
  146. Bowdoin College Library. "Thomas Hubbard Fund."; "The Anthoensen Collection ... "; "Anthoensen-Christian Typographical Collection ... "
  147. Bowdoin, W. G.
  148. Bowles, Edgar.
  149. Boylan, Malcolm Stuard. "It is even more important that this book ... "
  150. Bragdon, Claude. "Theosophical Library." [Designed by Claude Bragdon]
  151. Bragdon, May. [Designed by Claude Bragdon]
  152. Brandenburg, Edgar T. "Private library ... Handle with care and return"
  153. Brandsness, Margaret. "Cum principibus." [Hale Arms. Design by David Sarvis.]
  154. Brandeis University Library. "Alfred Whital Stern Collection ... "
  155. Brannan, Robert H. [Philip Reed]
  156. Branner, Ethel Cecilia.
  157. Brauer, Arthur.
  158. Bressensdorf, Maria von. [Leipzig]
  159. van Brill. "Uit de boekenkast." [Wood J.C. Maas.]
  160. Brown, Ann Elih. "Given to ... as a reward for attention and diligence ... "
  161. Bruenner, Ernestinegrafin Coudenhove.
  162. Brewer, Augusta La. M. [18th century wood engraving. Lettering by Ward Ritchie.]
  163. Brewer, Samuel.
  164. Brewster, Samuel. "Varite sovez ma garde."
  165. Brewster, William. [Design by Mrs. J.H. Bartholemew]
  166. Bright, Marian.
  167. Brinkman, A.L. "Marble Hall."
  168. British Dental Association.
  169. Broccitus, Louis. [Wood. L. Jaegher.]
  170. Broekhoven, J.A. van.
  171. Broekstra, Th. [Woodcut. Nico Bulder, 1945.]
  172. Broese v. Groenou, Cock.
  173. Bronson, Christine Fredrika.
  174. Brooklyn Public Library. "Presented by ... "; "Gift of the friends of ... " [Process plate from copper etching by Ernest Roth, as well as plate.]; "Raymond Vail Ingersoll Fund ... " [Design by Bruce Rogers]; "The Ingersoll Room ... " [Design by Bruce Rogers]; "Presented by Teja S. Mittell, Sybilla Mittell Weber ... "
  175. Brothers of the Book. "Gouverneur New York"; [Image of men]
  176. Brown, Lloyd Arnold.
  177. Brown, Frederick Lane.
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Box 2
Folder -- Contents

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Box 3
Folder -- Contents


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Box 4
Folder -- Contents


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Box 5
Folder -- Contents


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Box 6
Folder -- Contents

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