East Liverpool Trades and Labor Council records

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East Liverpool Trades and Labor Council records

Special Collections and Archives

East Liverpool Trades and Labor Council records

East Liverpool Trades and Labor Council, Records, 1908-1971

Finding Aid

Prepared by Lucinda Kay Arnold, January 8, 1979; Prepared for the Web by Joanna Hart, September 4, 1996
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Scope and Content

On June 2, 1978, with the efforts and assistance of the Ohio Historical Society and Mr. Kenneth J. Thrasher, President of the East Liverpool Trades and Labor Council, this collection of papers arrived in the Kent State University Archives.

The materials in this collection date from as early as 1908 to as recently as 1971 and are quite diverse in nature. Types of materials included are: constitution and by-laws, correspondence, minutes, miscellaneous agreements, resolutions, reports, speeches, membership lists, statements, and applications from local unions. Most of the materials were arranged chronologically within type. However, in some instances, the bulk of the material warranted a further subdivision. Much of the correspondence was arranged chronologically according to originating agency; and most of the newsletters were ordered by title. In addition, any special committees or projects about which there was a substantial amount of material also warranted the creation of their own folders.

As a coordinating body for various local unions throughout eastern Ohio, the East Liverpool Trades and Labor Council has played a considerable role in the labor movement in this state. This collection of papers reflects that role in the labor movement in this state. Further, it offers some interesting insights into the structure, function, and activities of local unions. However, the value of these materials goes beyond merely aiding the researcher in local history. This collection also is a very valuable source for information on this history of the national labor movement. If examined carefully, the papers may offer the researcher an idea of significant changes and trends in philosophy and theory that have occurred in U.S. labor history. For additional information on unions, one might check under the subject headings labor history and labor unions.

Historical Note

Founded on February 28, 1894 in East Liverpool, Ohio, the Trades and Labor Council's purpose, as stated in its charter, was "to freely discuss carefully and examine all questions that will benefit all men and women who toil." Generally, the Council was to advance the interest of working peoples, to promote unionism, and to increase the public understanding of the labor movement. Specifically, it was to give moral and financial support when needed, to arbitrate in disputes, and to secure fair and just wages. Serving as an umbrella organization for many local unions, the Council's jurisdiction was for all of lower Columbiana County, south of the northern borders of Franklin, Wayne, Madison, and St. Clair Township.

Box 1

  1. Constitution and by-laws
  2. Correspondence, general: 1909-1920
  3. Correspondence, general: 1946-1950
  4. Correspondence, general: 1951
  5. Correspondence, general: 1952
  6. Correspondence, general: January 1953-July 1953
  7. Correspondence, general: August 1953-December 1953
  8. Correspondence, general: January 1954-June 1954
  9. Correspondence, general: July 1954-December 1954
  10. Correspondence, general: 1955
  11. Correspondence, general: 1959-1960
  12. Correspondence, National Brotherhood of Operative Potters (N.B.O.P.): 1908-1910
  13. Correspondence, N.B.O.P.: 1911-1912
  14. Correspondence, N.B.O.P.: 1913-1920
  15. Correspondence, N.B.O.P.: 1950-1954
  16. Correspondence, International Brotherhood of Operative Potters (I.B.O.P.): 1953-1954
  17. Correspondence, American Federation of Labor (A.F.L.): 1908-1909
  18. Correspondence, A.F.L.: 1949-1950
  19. Correspondence, A.F.L.: 1951
  20. Correspondence, A.F.L.: 1953
  21. Correspondence, A.F.L.: 1954
  22. Correspondence, A.F.L.: 1955
  23. Correspondence, A.F.L.-C.I.O.: 1959-1960
  24. Correspondence, Ohio Federation of Labor, and Ohio A.F.L.-C.I.O.: 1908-1959
  25. Correspondence, Labor's League for Political Eduction (L.L.P.E.) of A.F.L.: 1949-1951, 1953
  26. Correspondence, L.L.P.E. of A.F.L. and Congressional District: 1954
  27. Correspondence, L.L.P.E. of A.F.L.: 1955
  28. Correspondence, Educational and Political League of the Ohio Estate Federation of Labor: 1950, 1954-1955
  29. Correspondence, A.F.L. National Non-Partisan Political Campaign Committee: 1920
  30. Correspondence, Miscellaneous: undated
  31. Minutes of Trades and Labor Council: (Notebook)
  32. Minutes of Trades and Labor Council: 1951
  33. Minutes of Trades and Labor Council: 1952
  34. Minutes of Trades and Labor Council: 1953
  35. Minutes of Trades and Labor Council: 1954
  36. Minutes of Trades and Labor Council: 1955
  37. Miscellaneous agreements, resolutions, statements, reports, and speeches
  38. Membership lists of Locals Nine and Twenty-Two, membership statements, and membership applications

Box 2

  1. Receipts: 1908-1912
  2. Receipts: 1913-1955; undated
  3. Cancelled checks and bank statements: 1949
  4. Cancelled checks and bank statements: December 20, 1950-December 27, 1951
  5. Cancelled checks and bank statements: December 27, 1951-December 30, 1952
  6. Cancelled checks and bank statements: December 20, 1952-December 29, 1953
  7. Cancelled checks and bank statements: December 31, 1953-December 22, 1954
  8. Citizens Narcotics Advisory Committee Information Newsletter: 1954
  9. Labor Day Celebration Materials: September 5, 1955
  10. Labor Day Celebration; newspapter clippings: September 5, 1955
  11. Annual Banquet and Dance Materials: 1951-1953, 1969
  12. Ceramic Hobby Room Project; Correspondence 1960-1970
  13. Ceramic Hobby Room Project; receipts expense reports; plans; and miscellaneous materials: 1969-1971
  14. Research Report, newsletter of A.F.L.: April 1951-April 1955
  15. Information Digest, newsletter of Ohio State Federation of Labor: November 14, 1951, December 1952
  16. Legislative Letter, newsletter of Ohio State Federation of Labor: 1949-June 9, 1955
  17. News and Views, newsletter of Ohio A.F.L.-C.I.O.: April 15, 1960-May 6, 1960
  18. L.L.P.E. Reports, newsletter of Labor's League for Political Education of A.F.L.: 1953-1955
  19. Political Memo, newsletter of L.L.P.E. of A.F.L.: November 1953-May 1955
  20. Political Memo from C.O.P.E., newsletter of Committee on Political Education, A.F.L.-C.I.O.: 1959-1960; C.O.P.E. Report:September 1959; Notes from COPE(A.F.L.-C.I.O.): April 1, 1960
  21. Labor Market Information, newsletter of Ohio State Employment Service: October 1950-October 1955
  22. Newsletter; from the Desk of Senator Hubert H. Humphrey:March 1953-August 3, 1954
  23. Labor in Israel Newsletter, newsletter of Histadrut, General Federation of Labor in Israel: January 1955-April 1955
  24. Miscellaneous newsletters and bulletins
  25. News, publicitiy, and information releases
  26. Labor Directory and Union Buyers' Guide:1950-1951, 1953, 1955; Directory expense statements and receipts
  27. Buyers' guides to kilns and ceramic materials
  28. Buyers' guides
  29. Buyers' guides
  30. Instruction sheets and manual for kiln operation
  31. Miscellaneous newspaper clippings
  32. Health insurance literature
  33. Miscellaneous printed materials
  34. Miscellaneous printed materials
  35. Miscellaneous printed materials
  36. Miscellaneous printed materials
  37. Miscellaneous printed materials
  38. Poster (filed in map case)
  39. Artifact - Test gauge