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Criminal Broadsides of 19th-Century England

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Criminal Broadsides of 19th-Century England

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Execution of William ShawBorowitz Crime Ephemera: Criminal Broadsides of 19th-Century England

Finding Aid

Prepared by Eric Linderman, 17 March 1997; Updated May 13, 2004
2 volumes, 1 slim document case, 2 oversize boxes, 4.5 cubic feet, 11th floor

A Brief History of Criminal Broadsides

In the early nineteenth century, much of the news of England's murders and executions was brought to the masses through penny and half-penny broadsides. These papers were published by a number of printers in the Seven Dials neighborhood of London (presently Cambridge Circus). One of the most productive of these printers was James (Jemmy) Catnach, who produced broadsheets on Monmouth Street. Works of Catnach's shop are well represented in this collection.

Much of the style and content of this literature echoed the available collections of malefactors' biographies, which detailed the trials and executions of criminals. The most popular of these collections was the Newgate Calendar, which was first issued in 1773 and discussed the crimes and executions of Newgate Prison convicts.

This literature was intended for the masses, probably more to arouse sympathy and shock rather to inform. Therefore, the reliability of details presented in these papers is often questionable. Seven Dials literature typically popularized murders and executions, but sometimes took on other, often fantastic topics and stories (in this collection, for example--The Wild and Hairy Man, of English Hermit, and Catskin; the Wandering Lady). The execution broadsides, which comprise most of this collection, usually describe the crime, trial, and hanging, and often provide verses emphasizing the sorrow and remorse of the convicted killer.

Scope and Content

These criminal broadsides, donated by Albert I. and Helen O. Borowitz, are part of the Borowitz True Crime Collection which includes books, pamphlets and ephemera documenting the history of British, American, and French crime, as well as its impact on art, literature and social attitudes.

The broadsides have been arranged alphabetically by the most prominent title. A subtitle or excerpt from the text has been used to provide the following information if it is available:

  • a date of the crime, execution, or both.
  • the criminal
  • the victim, and
  • the printer of the document as indicated usually at the base of the document

Also indicated is whether the broadside is composed partially or completely of poetic verse.

Please note that there is a supplemental box containing clippings related to the crimes described in these broadsides.

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1. Account of a monstrously-cruel murder!!!, An (See oversize box)

On the body of an unfortunate lady, named Miss Elms. of 17. Wellesley Str. near the New Church, Chelsea, on Thursday night, or Friday Morning last [May 3, 1833]. --Smeeton, 74, Tooley Street, London.

2. Account of the conduct and execution of James Winter, An (See vol.1)

who underwent the awful sentence of the law at Chelmsford, on Monday, the 10th of December, 1827, for the murder of Mr. Thomas Patrick, at the Yorkshire Grey Public-House, Colchester.

3. Account of the crime, trial, and behaviour of Thomas Simmons, (See vol.1)

Who was executed at Hertford, on Monday, March 7, 1808, for the murder of Mrs. Sarah Hummerstone and Mrs. Warner.--Marshall, Gateshead.

4. Account of the coroner's inquest, An. (See vol.1)

held on the body of Mr. John Davidson Pow, late of Newcastle, who met a violent death at London, on Wednesday, July 11, 1838, in consequence of which a verdict of "wilful Murder" has been returned against Henry Myers, and Angelina Pow, the wife of the deceased, as accessory before the fact.--Stephenson, Gateshead.

5. Account of the Dying Words and Execution of John, Peter, and Willam Stevens, a father and two sons, An, (See vol.1)

Who underwent the awful sentence of the law, at Derby, on Saturday, April 6, 1835, for a highway robbery, and barbarously and inhumanely treating their unfortunate victims.--Johnson, Cambridge.

6. Account of the evidence taken before the inquest, held at Mr. Freeman's, the Grey Horse, Gateshead, (See vol.1)

on the body of a male child, of Hannah Wardroper, of Gateshead, single-woman, on Monday, Aug. 4, and adjourned to this day, Wednesday, Aug. 6, 1834.--W.Boag-Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

7. Account of the execution of Jane Jamieson, (See vol.2)

Who was convicted of the wilful murder of her mother, Margaret Jamieson, at the Assizes for Newcastle, on Thursday, March 5th, 1829, and suffered on the scaffold, on Saturday, March 7.--W. Boag, Newcastle.

8. Account of the execution of Margaret Harvey, An (See oversize box)

"a young woman of only 18 years of age, who was executed at the New Drop, London, on Monday the 8th of January, 1821, for the murder of her male bastard child."[poetry]

9. Account of the extraordinary elopement of Mr. Isaac Robson, with one of his pupils, a lady of respectability, (See vol.1)

On Thursday, Nov 24th, 1825; by which shameful act, two families have been plunged into the deepest distress, that of Robson, in particular, the creditors having seized every thing in the house. (from the Durham Chronicle)--Boag, Newcastle.

10. Account of the inquest and particulars of the murder, of Mary Ann Melton, An (See oversize box)

At Nocton, near Lincoln. "On Monday the 22nd of January last, Mr, Hitchens held an inquest at Nocton Heath on the body of Mary Ann Melton...deceased confessed to Miss Mills that she had taken white mercury.

11. Account of the last moments and execution of William Probert, William Sargent, alias Baker, and Harper, An (See vol.1)

for horse stealing, and Smith, for burglary, at Newgate, on Monday, June 20, 1825.--W. Stephenson, Gateshead.

12. Account of the life, trial, condemnation, confession, and execution of John Ward, aged 26, An (See oversize box)

who was executed on the New Drop, at Lincoln, on the 27th of July, 1849, for the murder of his mother, at Thorpe, near Wainfleet.[poetry]--R.E. Leary, 19, Strait, Lincoln.

13. Account of the murder of Luke McDurment, An (See vol.1)

In the old custom house entry quay-side, Newcastle, on Saturday evening, March 19, 1836, by Patrick Collins and Michael Doerty, with an account of the coroner's inquest, held on Monday--Stephenson, Gateshead.

14. Account of the wilful murder of William Holmes, (See vol.1)

on Friday, August 24, 1832, near the moor called Stanhope Hope, Weardale, in the county of Durham, by John Price a poacher--Douglas and Kent, Newcastle.

15. Account of Thomas Steel, of South Middleton, (See vol.1)

who was lodged in Alnwick House of Correction, charged on suspicion of murdering his own bastard child, and burying it 'n a garden behind his cottage..."2nd. June inst."--for Ann Hannah by J. Marshall, Newcastle.

16. Another case of unnatural cruelty (See vol.1)

Being an account of the sufferings of ------- a girl ten years of age who was barbarously treated and fastened with iron hoops to the wall of a damp and dark cellar in which state she was found by some persons who searched the house, [poetry]--J. Pitts Andrew Street 7 Dials.

17. Apprehension, examination & confession of Allen Kalmer, (See oversize box)

With the convict, Thos. Hocker, prisoner at Newgate... As an accomplice in the murder of Mr. De La Rue.--Paul, 18, Great St. Andrew Street, Seven Dials.

18. Atrocious Conspiracy!!! (See vol.2)

Trial of Vaughn, Brown, &Mackay, for conspiring to take away mens' lives in order to obtain BLOOD MONEY!!!--No. 34, High-Street, St. Giles's, opposite Oxford-Road.

19. Barbarous and awful murder, committed upon the body of Mrs. Elizabeth Wood, (See vol.1)

near the city of Chester, by her own son, John Wood who cut her throat from ear to ear. How the murder was found out, for which he was tried, executed, on Friday last, and hung in chains near the spot,[poetry]--Keys.

20. Bateman's Tragedy (See vol.2)

For where soever she did go, her fancy did suprise, young Bateman's pale and ghastly ghost, appear'd before her eyes." [A tale of a man who commits suicide and after the fact, his ghost takes back his faithless lover][all poetry]

21. Blind man's speech., A (See vol.2)

Full and true account of the life of James Brodie, a blind man, who was executed at Nottingham, on the 15th day of July, 1799, and his body given to the Surgeons, for the murder of Robert Housel, his guide, a poor boy.--Likewise his last dying speech.

22. Catskin: or the wandering lady. (See vol.2)

"He said brave Catskin, I find it is thee. These nights together hath so charmed me. Thou art the sweetest creature my eyes e'er beheld, with joy and content my heart now is fill'd."[A tale about a woman who wears catskin and charms a young squire from a wealthy family.]--Turner, Coventry.

22A. Confession of a most Horrid and Dreadful Murder. (See oversize box 2)

Committed by one Woods, on the Body of a young Woman, in Leicestershire--Printed and sold by J. P[??]ts, 6 Great st Andrew street, Seven Dials.

22B. Confession of Wm. Fordham. (See oversize box 2)

of the murders of Marr's and Williamson's Families, in December, 1811, in Ratcliffe Highway, and New Gravel-Lane--Printed by T. Birt, No. 10, Great St. Andrew-Street, Seven Dials.

23. Copy of verses of the unfortunate Mary Wright, (See vol.1)

Now under sentence of death! In Norwich Castle for the murder of her husband and the father, [poetry]--W. Upcroft, Magdalen Street, Norwich.

24. Correct account, of the trial, condemnation and execution of James Thomson, and David Dobie, A (See vol.1)

for the rape, robery and murder of Margaret Paterson, at Edinburg; on Wednesday last Aug 18th 1830.--Kay.

25. correct and true account of the trial and execution of Job John Ward., A (See oversize box)

For the wilful murder of Timothy Easthead, aged 1 year and 9 months. "Thursday, December 2nd, 1841, having been appointed for the trial of Job John Ward... [poetry]--56 Leman Street Whitechapel.

26. Cries of innocent blood; of murder discovered by the hand of God!, The (See vol.1)

Being the remarkable account of Rebecca Watt, and two other women, barbarously and inhumanely murdering and robbing one Christopher Mulldon,[poetry]--J. Catnach, Monmouth-Court, 7 Dials.

27. Curious, diverting, and entertaining account of a comical wedding, A (See vol.1)

Which lately took place in the neighborhood of this town, between Jonathan W--d, aged 65 and Elizabeth S--h, aged 17.--For J. Collins, by Fordyce, Newcastle.

28. Death and the Lady; (See vol.2)

or the great messenger of mortality. [dialog between a woman and death; a lesson that life is short and death unpredictable.]--J. Turner, Coventry.

29. Dreadful murder of Mr. Burdon, by a man named Blakesley (See oversize box)

"Tuesday night at 10 o'clock, a most horrible murder was committed at the King's Head Public House, as well as an attempt at the lives of two other persons, the sister of Mr. Bourden and his wife."H. Paul 22, Brick Lane, Spitalfields.

30. Dreadful outrage and murder, (See vol.1)

committed by 350 convicts on the ship's crew, 40 in number, 100 of the female convicts, and 7 passengers and their children, who were bound for Ban Dieman's Land, in the Mary Ann, commanded by captain Webster.--J. Appleton, Stockton.

31. Dreadful Warning to Parents, A (See vol.1)

Being an account of the courtship of James Thomson of Northamptonshire, and Eliza Stewart, daughter of a rich frarmer, near Retford, England. Also an account of how her sweetheart saved her life, and nearly lost his own.--J.K. Pollock, North Shields.

32. Dying speech and confession Life, character, and behaviour, of the unfortunate malefactor, executed this day before the debtors door, Newgate., The (See vol.2)

"John Dyer, cast the last sessions, at Justice Hall, in the Old Bailey, and now under the sentence of death in Newgate...[convicted for] an intent to defraud Mr. Norman."

33. Execution [Account of the execution of Elizabeth Robinson] (See oversize box)

A full and particular account of the confession and dying words upon the scaffold, of Elizabeth Robinson. Midwife, aged 50, who was executed at Essex, on Tuesday, the 28th November, 1820, for the murder of Margaret Thomson and her child in her delivery."

34. Execution and confession of [Henry] Wainwright (See vol.2)

who was executed at the Old Bailey for the Murder of Harriet Lane.[poetry]

35. Execution, letter from Probert to his wife, with prison thoughts addressed to him, and his intended address to the multitude. With three others. (See vol.1)

His majesty was pleased to respite during pleasure, all the capital convicts, excepting Wm. Probert, aged 36, Wl Sargeant , 30, Jas. Harper, 30, and John Smith, 28, who were executed on Monday last.--all for horse stealing. [poetry]--Walkek [sic.] Norwich.

36. Execution of Frederick Bracknell, (See oversize box)

At the Old Bailey, on Monday, August 1st, 1864, for the wilful murder of Jane Geary, on the 8th of June, at the Lion Tavern, Cattle Market Islington. [poetry]--London, printed for the vendors.

37. Execution of H. March, the Wymondham Murderer. (See vol.2 and supplemental box)

Henry March was executed for the murder of Thomas Mayers, and Henry Bidewell, at Wymondham, by beating them to death with a bar of iron.[poetry]

38. Execution of John Jones, (See vol.2)

At Aylesbury, for the wilful murder of Mr. Marshall and the whole family, 7 persons, in May last.--Disley, 57. High-Street, St. Giles.

39. Execution of Joseph Garcia (See vol.2)

this morning Joseph Garcia underwent the extreme penalty fo the law, by being suspended in the air with a rope round his neck untill he was dead [for the murder of Mr. Watkins and his wife.]

39A. Execution of Mary M'Kinnon (See oversize box 2)

16th April, 1823: with her own account of her Life--Mayne & Co. Printers, Glasgow.

40. Execution of the Mutineers, this morning, at lthe Old Bailey, for the Murder of the Captain, and the two mates, on board the "Lennie." (See oversize box)

"This morning, Matteo Cargelles, Pascales Caladis, George Kaida, and Giovanni Carcaris underwnt the extreme penalty of the law at the Old Bailey, for the wilful murder of Captain hatfield, Joseph Wortley, first mate, and Richard Macdonald, second mate..."[poetry]

41. Execution of the Rev. Peter Vine;, The (See vol.1)

Being an imperial account of the life, character, behaviour, and last dying words of the Rev. Peter Vine, Vicar of Heartland, who was executed at Heavy-Tree Gallows, in the county of Devon, on Monday, August 8th, for a rape and murder. The first committed on the body of a child 11 years of age, belonging to Mrs. Dark, in the aforesaid county; and the second on the body of Robert Ashton..."[poetry]--J. Evans, London.

42. Execution of William Shaw, (See oversize box)

For the murder of Rachael Crossley, at Kirkburton. "Early in the morning of Monday, the 5th of April, 1830, the city of York began to be of a bustle, particularly about the castle yard in order ot witness the execution..."[poetry]

43. Exeter child murder (See oversize box)

Mrs. Tooke, the nurse, charged with 'wilful murder." Discharge of Miss Hosking.[all poetry]

44. Fatal courtship or an account of the trial and execution of John Watson, cotton spinner, at Lancaster, on Saturday, April 22, 1826, (See vol.1)

For the murder of Mary Johnson, (a servent girl with Mr. John Robson, of Blackburn) 18 years of age, whom he had seduced, under a promise of marriage, and who was pregnant at the time of the murder.[poetry]--Boag, Newcastle.

45. Fatal occurence, of Jonathan Wells, aged 17. (See vol.1)

"It happened in the meadows on the Marketshall Hall Farm, in Calster, on Sunday, about 11 o'clock." [the drowning of Jonathan Wells.]--Walker, Norwich.

46. Frightful Murder of a Woman and Her Paramour. (See vol.2)

"On Tuesday last, Mr. Humphreys, coroner, held an inquest at the Ranelagh Arms, Wood Green, relative to the death of Mr. william D. Boye, aged 35, and Maria Death aged 26."[poetry]--Disley, 57 High Street St. Giles, London.

47. Full account of that most horrible murder, committed on the body of Caroline Warmes, only 13 years of age, A (See vol.1)

by George Burley, who beat her skull in with a blacksmith's hammer.--Forster, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.

48. Full account of the execution of Eliza Ross alias Cook, on Monday, Jan. 9, 1832, for burking Catherine Walsh, an old woman, aged 84, and disposing of her body to the surgeons. (See vol.1)

"It will be remembered that Edward Cook and Eliza Ross alias Cook, on Friday, the 19th of August, 1831, in the minories, London, committed a most apalling murder on the body of Catherine Walsh, aged 84."--Douglas and Kent, Newcastle.

49. Full and particular account of the reasons for the alteration of the sentence of Mary Wright, A (See vol.1)

who was condemned for the murder of her husband and father and left for execution;--Walker, St. Lawrence, Norwich.

50. Full particular of this dreadful murder. (See oversize box)

Copy of the verses on T. Drory and Joel Denny

"According to the Scripture 'He that sheddeth man's blood, by man shall his blood [be] shed.'" [2 pages] [all poetry]--E. hodges, No. 31, Dudley Street, Seven Dials.

51. Full particulars of a most horrible and cruel murder, The. (See oversize box)

committed on the body of Thos. Hawe, by Geo. Clutterbuck at the Northampton Arms, Cambridge-Heath Road--Carpus, Old Montague, Str. White.

52. Full particulars of the life, trial, sentence , and execution S. Wright (See oversize box)

for the murder of Maria Green [handwritten- Tuesday, January 12th, 1864]--Taylor, 92 Brick Lane, Spitalfields.

53. Full Particulars of the life, trial, sentence, confession and execution of John Richard Jefferey for the murder of his son by hanging.

"On Thursday, September 30th, John Richard Jefferey, tailor, aged 31, was tried at the Central Criminal Court for the wilful murder of his son, Arthur Richard Jefferey, aged six." [ink-"9, 1866" and "October 9, 1866"][poetry]

54. Full, true and particular account of Jaremiah Brandreth, Issac Ludlam, and William Turner, A (See oversize box)

The three unfortunate men who were executed and beheaded at Derby, on Friday last, the 7th of November 1817, for high treason; together with their behaviour since their conviction, and at the place of execution.--Edinburgh-Printed and sold by the stationers.

54A. full, true, and particular Account of the Birth, Parentage and Education, Life, Character and Behaviour Of that most notoriously notified Malefactor Willy Pitto, A (See oversize box 2)

Who is to be Executed in Effigy for his most horrid Crimes On the 5th of November next being the Anniversary of the Acquittal of Thomas Hardy; [also includes "Directions for hanging a Heaven Born Minister in Effigy"]--Sold by J. Burks, Bookseller, 74 Sun Street, Bishopsgate Street.

55. Full, true, and particular account of the life, trial, confession, and execution of Eliza Joyce,

aged 31, late of boston, who was executed on the drop at Lincoln on Friday, August 2nd, 1844, for poisoning her two children, Emma and Ann Joyce,[poetry]--R.E. Leary, 19, Strait, Lincoln.

56. Heart rending execution of Kitty Shorewood (See vol.1)

A grazier's daughter, at Liverpool, who was seduced from home, by a naval officer, who brought her to disgrace, and then deserted her...She was brought to trial and executed on Monday last at Lancaster." [poetry]--Forster, York.

57. Horrible case of starvation of a child, (See vol.1)

who was starved by its parents, till it actually eat its finger-ends as well as the skin off its feet: A few days ago, in Jackson's Row, Deansgate, Manchester. Copied from the Manchester Times of Saturday 13, 1833.--J. Lister, Halifax.

58. Horrible massacre of the commander and officers of the Saladin, and subsequent murder of the chief mutineer (See vol.1)

"I saw Johnson then strike the mate with an axe. I think Anderson also struck him...(signed) Halifax Gaol June 8, 1844."--BIRT, 39 Great St. Andrew Street Seven Dials.

59. Horrible murder at Brisley. (See vol.1)

"The neighborhood of Brisely, in the county, was on Monday last, thrown into a state of consternation by a report of the body of a boy named Wm Moore, about 13 years of age, having been shockingly mangled..."--Walker, St. Lawrence, Norwich.

60. Horrible mutiny and murders, on board the Swansea Barque Caswell, (See oversize box)

committed by foreign sailors, on the bodies of the English officers of the ship, at sea, on the fourth of January, 1876.[all poetry]

61. Horrid cruelty to a female (See vol.1)

The following is an account of the mysterious case of Eliza Davis, who was discovered on Monday, nearly starved to death.[poetry]--Whittinghan, Lynn.

62. Horrid Murder and Mutilation of a Woman, (See vol.2)

And recovery of different parts of the body from various places on the banks of the River Thames.[all poetry]--Disley, London.

63. Inhuman, barbarous, & horrible cruelty to a poor orphan girl. (See vol.1)

"on Friday, a female named Pasco, was brought to this office, charged with acts of the most unheard of barbarity towards a fine little girl, about nine years of age."[poetry]--J. Catnach, 2, Monmouth-Court. 7 Dials.

63A. Jack Sheppard! or, The Progress of Crime! (See oversize box 2)

Never Acted!! With the Express Sanction and Approbation of the Original Author Mr. Ainsworth, aided by Cruikshank's inimitable designs. Moncrieff's Jack Sheppard; Monday, October 21st, 1839, and During the Week [playbill]--W. Peel, Printer, 9, New Cut, Lambeth.

64. Jane Rogers, aged 19, who was executed on Wednesday last, at Worcester, for the wilful murder of her own mother. (See vol.1)

Giving a particular account of her applying to her mother to give her consent to marry a young man with whom she was deeply in love; and on her refusal she formed the horrid resolution of murdering her.--Walker, near the Duke's Palace, Norwich.

65. Just received a full and particular account of a dreadful riot, in London and 25 of the rioters taken. (See vol.1)

"on Thursday, about two hnndred [sic] persons, calling themselve sailors, marched from the city to the admirality."--T. Kay, Newcastle.

66. Lamentable Lines on the Murder of Mary Sweeney. (See oversize box)

One Mary Sweeney as we hear in comfort she did well
Near to the town of Bray at a place called Ravenswell?
For Forty years a Servant, she was respected by high and low
Untill by a villians hand she met her overthrow.[all poetry]

67. Lamentation & Confession of Constance Kent, (See vol.2)

who now lies under sentence of death, for the murder of her brother at Road-Hill house, on the 29th June, 1860. [all poetry]--W.S. Fortey, Monmouth Court.

67A. Lamentation of Jonathan Taylor, The (See oversize box 2)

Who suffered death at York Castle, for the Murder of his Wife at Escrick near York, on the 9th of April 1842. [poetry]

67B. Lamentation of Ursela Lofthouse, The (See oversize box 2)

Who suffered Death at York Castle, for the poisoning of her Husband. [poetry]--R. Taylor Printer, Bedale

67C. Lamentation of W. Warner T. Ward & T. Williams, The (See oversize box 2)

who were executed at Warwick, August 14, 1818, for highway robbery [poetry]--T. Bloomer, Printer, Birmingham

68. Last dying speech and confession of John Price, (See vol.1)

who was executed at the New Drop, Newgate, on the 1st. instant, 1816, for the murder of his wife, aged 19 years, and two children, 9 months old. [ink at top."520 June 24the 1876.]--J. Marshall, Newcastle.

69. Last dying-speech and confession, of the two malefactors, who were executed at Northampton, on Saturday, March 4, 1780, viz. (See oversize box)

Thomas Pool, for the Murder of William Luck, by giving him two wounds with a knife. And Catherine Parker, for the murder of Thomas Cottingham, her apprentice, by beating, ill treating, and starving him.

70. Last dying speech and confession of William Ray (See vol.1)

who was executed at Exeter on Monday, Sept, 23d. 1815. for the murder of his wife [ink-"2 reams October 10th, 1815]--J. Marshall, Newcastle.

71. Letters from Whiskey Jack to his wife. (See vol.1)

We have been favored with two letters recently written by "Whiskey Jack," from the Durham County Prison, where he now awaits his trial as an accomplice in the murder of Mr. Sterling. [date in ink-3rd March 1856]--John Jones, Newcastle.

72. Life &execution of Thomas Wicks, for the murder of Mr. Bostock, Drury Lane. (See oversize box)

"Many hours before daylight the space before the prison was very much crowded by persons anxious to witness the execution of the unhappy youth Thomas Wicks, for the murder of his master."[poetry]--Paul, 7 Dials.


73. Life, conduct, and execution, of Samuel Wright, (See vol.1)

Who suffered this day, at Ipswich, Saturday, April 17, 1830, for a crime, the infamy of which wants a name! [poetry]

verso: the New-Fashioned farmer, Moonlight.

73A. Life of the Mannings (See oversize box 2)

Executed at Horsemonger Lane Goal on Tuesday 13th Nov 1849 [poetry]--Hodges, Printer, (from Pitt's) Wholesale, Marbie Warehouse, 31, Dudley Street, 7 Dials.

74. Life, trial and execution of Daniel Good, the Murderer. (See oversize box)

"This morning (Friday) being appointed for the trial of Daniel Good, who stands charged with the wilful murder of Jane Jones at the Roehampton, Putney."[poetry]--H. Paul, 22, Brick Lane, Spitalfields, London.

75. Life, trial, and execution of Jane Robinson (See vol.1)

who was executed at the New Drop, London, on Saturday, June 9, 1821, for being concerned in robbing and murdering Mrs. Lascells, a widow lady, and her two servent maids, Elizabeth Green and Ann Ford.--for D.M. Mullen, by J. Marshall, Newcastle.

76. Life, trial, and execution of Mary White, The (See vol.1)

Aged 19, who was executed at Exeter, on Saturday last, for the murder of her master and mistress; giving an account of her innocence being proved, and the real murderer discovered. [poetry]--J. Catnach, 2, Monmouth-court, 7 Dials.

77. Life, trial and execution of Thomas Hocker, for the Murder of James De La Rue. (See oversize box)

"At an early hour this morning crowds of people were assembled in front of the Goal of Newgate to view the unhappy man, Thomas Henry Hocker, who was convicted at the last sessions, at the Old Baily, for the wilful murder of James De la Rue, near Hampstead."[poetry]--Paul, 18, Great St. Andrew Street, 7 Dials.

78. Life. trial, confession and execution of Emanuel Barthelemy (See oversize box)

For the double murder of Mr. Moore & Mr. Collard in Warren-Street, Fitzroy-Sqr....Execution Old Bailey January 22nd, 1855. [poetry]--John Marks, 206, Brick Lane, Whitechapel.

79. Life, trial, and execution of William Palmer, (See oversize box)

For the wilful murder of John Parsons Cook, by poisoning at Rugeley Staffordshire Executed in front of Stafford Gaol, on Saturday June 14th 1856.[poetry]--John Chapman, 10 Lamb-Street, Saint Judes' Bristol.

80. Life, trial, confession and execution of Joseph Brooks for the murder of Mr. Davey, at Acton, in Middlesex (See oversize box)

"Joseph Brooks, 26, laborer, and Isaac Brooks, baker, were charged with the wilful murder of William Davey, a police constable." [poetry]--Powell, 89, Milton-Street.

81. Life, trial, confession and execution of R.T. Davis, for the murder of his wife at Ball's Pond. (See oversize box)

[contains verses, copy of a letter, and details of the execution, farewell, judges address, confession , trial, and petition to the Queen][poetry]--10 Old Montague Street, Osborne St. White Chapel.

82. Life, trial, confession, and execution of W. Bousfield for the murder of his wife and three children (See oversize box and supplemental box)

[contains verses, copy of a letter, judge's address, and details of the trial, verdict, execution, and conduct of the prisoner. --Powell, Old Montague-Street, Whitechapel.

82A. Lines on the Dreadful Murder of Mr Glass (See oversize box 2)

Which took place in Newton-Stewart in June, 1871. [poetry]--Saturday, August 19, 1871 [includes "Catalogue of Newest Songs" at bottom]

82B. London Murder Mystery (See oversize box 2)

Doctor H. H. Crippen Committed for Trial for the Alleged Murder of Belle Elmore (Mrs. Crippen), Whose Mutilated Body was Found in a Cellar in London. Crippen & Le Neve's Statements. The Naughty Doctor [song by James Lauri] [includes several songs]

83. Manner of the escape from Newgate of Henry Williams alias Whitehead (See vol.2)

With a description of the Cell wherein he was confined, and Instruments used to effect his escape; to which is added an account of the many robberies he committed and schemes he adopted to escape from the officers.--Quick, Bowling Green Lane, Clerkenwell.

84. Merry Broom Fields:, The (See vol.2)

or the West County wager. [a verse of love and frivolity, in which a squire loses a bet with his ladyfriend][all poetry]--J. Turner, High Street, Coventry.

85. Most horrid murder (See vol.2)

Committed by Mr. Charled Lewis, on the bodies of his Wife and two lovely children--Paul, 18, Great St. Andrew Street, 7 Dials.

85A. Murder in Dorsetshire (See oversize box 2)

[description of the murder of Sarah Ann Guppy by James Seale] [includes poetry]--W. Pratt, Printer, 82, Digbeth, Birmingham.

86. Murder in Park Lane (See vol.2)

Trial & committal of the prisoner...Margaret Dixblane is her sad name. [all poetry]

87. Murder of a new policeman, by a gang of burglars. (See vol.1)

"at 11 o'clock this morning, John Smith and Lawrence Summers were placed at the bar, charged with the wilful murder of the above unfortunate man [Police Constable Long, No 43].[poetry]--T. Birt, No. 10, Great St. Andrew Street, Seven Dials.

87A. Murder of Maria Marten.(See oversize box 2)

by William Corder. In Sheffield Park. [poetry]--Jackson and son (late J. Russell) Printers, 21, Moor-street, Birmingham.

88. Murder of Walter Carwardine, on the night of Thursday, the 24th of march, 1831. (See oversize box)

A particular account of the trial and execution of William Williams, John Mathews, and Joseph Pugh, who suffered this day, Monday, March 26th, 1832, on the drop in fromt of the County gaol, in the City of Hereford

88A. Murder Sheet, The (See oversize box 2)

[Includes descriptions of the following: "Thurtell shooting Mr. Weare"; "Corder murdering Maria Martin"; "William Cannicott, executed for the murder of his Wife"; "The murder of Mr. Chennel"; "Nicholson murdering Mr. and Mrs. Bonar"; "The murder of Mr. Steele"; "The murd[e]r of Marrs and Williamsons"; "Patch shooting Mr. Bligh"; "Hussey murdering Mr. Bird"; "Matthew Clarke murdering his Sweatheart"; "Murder by a Woman of the Town. Maria Theresa Phipoe, Known also by the name of Mary Benson"; "The Murder of a Marine"; "The Murder of Mr. Hayes"; "The Murder of Mr. Bland"; Samuel Mitchell murdering his Child"; "John Swan murdering Mr. Jefferies"; "Captain Smythe murdering the Farmer's Daughter"; "Wilford murdering his Wife"; "W. Johnson shooting Mr. Spurling"; "Peters cutting his fellow-servant's Throat"; "Herman Shodtman murdering his Fellow-Apprentice"; "John Maycock murdering Anne Pooley"; "The Murder of Mrs. Jeffs"; "The Murder of Three Children by Their Father"; "A Man Murdered by His Wife and Children"; poem by John Smith, executed for the Murder of a Woamn with whom he had cohabited]--Printed and Published by G. Johnson, 49, Holywell-street, Strand.

89. Murdered sister, The. Shewing the inhuman brutality of a brother towards his sister, who basely and most cruelly murdered her in his father's park; (See oversize box)

"Robert Williams is the son of Richard Williams Esq....his unforunate daughter had barely reached her seventeenth year when she fell a victim to her brother's cruel knife." [poetry]

90. Northumberland County Meeting, the high sheriff, S. Ilderton, Esq., in the chair. (See vol.1)

Mr Collingwood, of Lilburn, begged leave to propose a petition, embracing the objects fo the meeting. He deplored the great and overwhelming distress which pervaded all parts of the country-he deprecated the returning to a metallic currency, and the abolition of the small notes;--W. Fordyce, Newcastle.

90A. Only Correct Account of the Wonderful Escape from Newgate, Re-Capture, and Confession of Henry Williams alias Whitehead, The (See oversize box 2)

A noted Burglar, who escaped from the Condemned Cell, and after being absent nearly Five Weeks, was Re-Captured for another Burglary in Hampshire. To which is added a Copy of his Petition to the King to Spare his Life. Newgate, Aug. 22, 1836.--Quick, Printer, Bowling Green Lane, Clerkenweil

91. Particular account of the cruel murder, of Mrs. Thompson, A (See vol.1)

Only 19 years of age, in the city of Liverpool, at mid-day, by a woman with a red-hot poker, who afterwards robbed the house of property of great value, on Wednesday, the 5th of February, 1825.--W. Stephenson, Gateshead.

92. Particulars of the trial of John Rodda, for the murder of his daughter, at Skipton, in April last. (See vol.1)

"on Friday,, June 17th, John Rodda, was placed at the bar charged with the murder of Mary Rodda, his daughter." [ink writing- indesciperable]--T. Weightman, York.

93. Ranter's love-feast spoiled!, A (See vol.1)

An account of the examination of a Ranter priest, for taking indecent liberties with 2 young women and his attempt to commit a rape.--Fordyce, Newcastle.

94. Remarkable narative, A; or, the punishment of transportation explained. (See vol.1)

Through the return of a merchant's son to London, after suffering fourteen years extreme cruelty, being an affecting, interesting, and impartial account of the inhuman treatment, and barberous punishments, generally inflicted on transports in New South Wales.[poetry]--Pitts, Andrew Street, 7 Dials.

94A. Ruford & Ollerton Association(See oversize box 2)

List of Subscribers; The following Rewards will be paid for the conviction of offenders, viz. [lists various crimes and reward amounts]; East Retford, Dec. 12, 1845--Hodson, Printer, Bookseller, Stationer, and Paper-Hanger, Market Place, Retford.

95. Rules for the criminal wards of Ayr Jail (See oversize box)

"I. On the first reception of a prisoner into the jail, his person shall be searched..."(Ayr, Council Chambers, July 1826).

95A. Sarah Chesham's Lament (See oversize box 2)

For the murder of Richard Chesham, her Husband, by [poisoning]--Hodges, Printer, Wholesale Toy Warehouse, 31, Dudley Street, 7 Dials.

96. Sentences of the prisoners, who were tried at Thetford Assizes, March 20th, 1824, (See vol.1)

[listing]--R. Lane, St. George's Bridge Street, Norwich.

97. Shocking Child Murder, (See vol.2)

Boiling of the body and giving it to the pigs to eat.[poetry]--Disley, London.

98. Shocking Murder of a Young Woman. (See vol.2)

"A dreadful murder of a young woman named Sarah Anne Wright, occurred on Sunday last, at 7, Little Suffolk Street, Borough, by a Spaniard named Carlos Martini."--Disley, 57, High Street, St. Giles, London.

99. Shocking Tragedy at Penge! (See vol.2)

A fearful crime was committed at Melbourne Terrace, Dulwich Road, near London, on the 28th of March, by an Accountant named Frederick Hunt, who murdered his WIFE and CHILD and attempted to poison his other children, and tried to take his own life!

100. Singular discovery of a murder by a dream. See vol. 1

Taken from the Newcastle Chronicle, June 4, 1831. An account of the apprehension of Wm. & J. Pearson, for the murder of a constable in Norfolk.--Douglas and kent, 50 Quayside, Newcastle.

101. Sorrowful lamentation of Rachel Edwards, and her servant maid, The (See oversize box)

Who are committed to Monmouth Gaol for poisoning her husband, in Pontypool, Monmouthshire, on Saturday, June 20th, 1822. Composed by Sarah Bushnel, the blind woman.[poetry]

102. Stanfield Hall Tragedy A full, true and particular account of the trial, conviction, and execution of J.B. Rush, (See oversize box)

"who was executed on Norwich Castle Bridge on Saturday, April 21st 1849, for the murder of Mr. Isaac Jermy, of Stanfield Hall, near Wymondham, in the county of Norfolk, on the 28th day of November 1848."[poetry]

103. Strange occurrence took place at no. shields, last week, A. See vol. 1

A woman, named Mary Robson, marries a second husband while her first is at sea.--The singular manner in which they meet each other--the horrid particulars that thake place at their meeting, and an account how the whole was foretold by the celebrated fortune-teller Johnny Johnson.--for F. Cooper, by W. Fordyce, Newcastle.

103A. Suffolk Tragedy!, The (See oversize box 2)

The Trial, Confession and Execution of John and Eliz. Smith, for the Murder of their Daughter. Mary Ann Smith, Hung up by her cruel Father and Mother, to a Beam in a Shed, in the Depth of Winter, and there barbarously beat and starved to Death! [includes poetry] -- Smeeton, Printer, 74, Tooley Street.

104. [Thurtell/Hunt Case]. [4 broadsides related to the case; all are photocopies]. (See oversize box 2)

-- Account of the Trial and Sentence of John Thurtell and Joseph Hunt
for the the murder of Mr. Wear [sic], also and account of the execution of John Thurtell, on Friday the 9th January 1824, [photocopy].

-- Full and particular account of the Trial of Thurtell & Hunt
for the Murder of Mr. Weare, at Hertford, in Oct. last. -- W. Stephenson, Printer, Gateshead, [1824], [photocopy].

-- Hertfordshire Tragedy; or, the Fatal Effects of Gambling
Exemplified in the Murder of Mr. Weare, and the Execution of John Thurtell -- J. Catnach, 2, Monmouth-court, 7 Dials, [photocopy].

-- Life, Trials, and Execution of John Thurtell
Executed at Hertford, on Friday, Jan. 9th, 1824, for the Murder of Mr Weare -- Printed and sold by J. Catnach, [photocopy; portion of original was damaged and is missing from copy].

105. Trial and Condemnation of James Rutterford, for the murder of John Hight, at Eriswell, Suffolk. See vol. 2

106. Trial and Conviction of John Francis for High Treason See vol. 2

"The trial of John Frances, whose attempt on the life of her Majesty excited such universal indignation throughout the country came on this day; the grand jury having found a trne bill for high treason against him on the previous wednesday."[1842-in pencil]


The Clare Massacre

Coroner's Inquest of Wilful Murder against 38 policemen.

at bottom:

Terrible Earthquake in the Island of St. Domingo. 10,000 Lives Lost

"Yesterday afternoon an earthquake was felt in this city, which was so violent that most of the houses in it were thrown down."

[Signed,Gonaives, 8th May]--T. Dodds No. 43, Head of the Side, Newcastle.

"on March 25th, at Ipswich, J. Rutterford, aged 27, was charged with the wilful murder of John Hight, at Eriswell, on December 31st, 1869." [poetry]--Disley, 57, High Street, St. Giles.

107. Trial and Execution at the Old Bailey of Franz Muller, for the murder of Mr. Briggs on the North London Railway (See oversize box)

Trial of Muller at the Old Bailey Thursday, Oct 27, 1864 [poetry][Monday November-handwritten]

108. Trial & Execution of F. Hinson, (See vol. 2)

who suffered the extreme penalty of the law at the Old Bailey, this morning, Monday, December 13th, 1869, for the wilful murder of Maria Death.[1869 in pencil at top][poetry]--Disley, 57, High Street, St. Giles, London.

109. Trial &Execution of Geo. Henry Lamson, for the murder of Percy M. John. (See oversize box)

"The trial of George Henry Lawson, surgeon, for the murder of his brother-in-law, Percy Malcolm John, at Blenheim House School, Wimbledon, was resumed before Mr. Justice Hawkins at the Old Bailey."[poetry]

110. Trial and execution of John Pearson, (See vol. 1)

A native of Northumberland, aged 47. he was executed at Carlisle, on Friday last, March 13, 1835, for the wilful murder of his wife.--Fordyce, 48, Dean Street, Newcastle.

111. Trial & execution of Thomas Chamberlain. (See vol. 2)

At Northhampton, for the wilful murder of John Cox Newitt, farmer, aged 73, at Woodbrcoute.[Poetry]--Disley, 57 High St., St. Giles.

112. Trial and horrid confession of Alexander Pierce, a convict. (See vol. 1)

"I was born in the county of Fermanagh, in the north of Ireland. Inthe 26th year of my age I was convicted of stealing six pair of shoes, and receivid sentence to be transported for 7 years;" --G. Garbutt.

113. Trial and Sentence of Henry and Thomas Wainwright. (See vol. 2)

"the prisoners were found guilty and sentenced by the Lord Chief Justice Cockburd on Wednesday eveninhg, the prisoner Henry Wainwright is condemned to death, for the wilful murder of Harriet Lane,..."[the slang term, "Harriet Lane" for tinned meat owes its origin to this murder.][poetry]

114. Trial and Sentence of John Smith, William Smith, John Gloucester, and T. Ganner, four railway labourers for rapes at Searside Moor. Westmoorland Assizes Aug. 8, 1846. (See vol. 1)

"The prisoners pleaded not guilty in a firm tone, & throughout the trial...and even when the witnesses were examined on the most disgusting part of the affair, they remained unmoved."--John Johnson.

115. Trial and Sentence of Lefroy. (See oversize box)

Percy Mapleton Lefroy was tried at the Maidstone Assizes for the murder of Mr. Gold on the Brighton Line. he was found guilty and sentenced to death.[handwritten at bottom Lefroy was hung last Tuesday week he w--- but twenty years of age.][all poetry]

115A. Trial and Sentence [T]homas Fuller Bacon at Lincoln (See oversize box 2)

who was cast for death Saturday July the twenty one thousand eighteen hundred fi[f]ty seven for poising [sic] his mother, giving account of the Murder of his two dear infant children and the Particulars of p[o]or afflicted [?] wife

116. Trial, confession and execution of John Driver, 26, (See oversize box)

for the wilful murder of Mrs. Ann Hancock, of Caunton, underwent the awful sentence of the law, in front of the County-Hall, Nottingham, on Wednesday, July 31, 1839.

117. Trial, confession and execution of T. Drory & S. Chesham. (See oversize box)

"At an early hour this morning crowds of people were assembled in fromt of Chelmsford Jail, to view the execution of Thomas Drory, for the murder of J. Denny; Sarah Chesham for poisoning her husband;"[poetry]

118. Trial and Sentence of Stephens (See vol. 1)

At nine o'clock this morning Mr. Justice Patterson took his seat on the bench.Chester, Thursday, Aug. 15.--M. Benson, No. 3. Dean St., Newcastle.

119. Trial of Bacon, The (See vol. 2)

for the murder of his father mother and two children.[all poetry]

120. Trial of John Pybus and Martin Lennox (See vol. 1)

Before the Right Hon. Lord Lyndhurst, at Durham Summer Assizes, 1834, for an assault and stealing from the person of William Masterson, a silver watch and other articles, and £ 2.5s.1d. in monies on the King's Highway, in March last.--W. Kent.

121. Trial of Lazarus, Renwick, and Cleghorn for the manslaughter of Mich Reilly, at Blyth Links in a prize fight on the 10th of March, 1846. (See vol. 1 and supplemental box)

Friday, July 31, 1846...this day at noon, William Cleghorn, James Renwick, and Israel Lasarus were placed at the bar charged with the manslaughter of Michael Reilly.--for Wh. Jones. Newcastle.

122. Trial of Smith O'Brien at Clonmel. (See vol. 1)

"on Friday, Sep. 29, W.S. O'Brien was placed on trial charged with high treason."--Crow.

123. Trial of Wm Willis, (See vol. 1)

A pitman, for the wilful murder of Thomas Lee, a sailor, belonging to Ipswich.--Fordyce, Newcastle.

124. Trial, Sentence, Confession, and Execution of John Doidge, for the Murder of Rojer Drew (See oversize box)

"on Wednesday morning, August 6th, 1862, John Doidge, aged 28, was placed at the bar"[poetry]

125. Triple Execution at Gloucester, (See vol. 2)

Charles E. Butt, for the murder of Selina Phipps, Edwin Baisley and Anne Barry, for the wilful murder of Sarah Jenkins.[poetry]

126. True copy of the paper, A (See vol. 2)

Which Mrs. Catherine Hayes deliver'd to a particular friend, on Sunday last, the 8th day of May, which was the day before her execution. Dated at Newgate, on Sunday May 8,1726 the day before her execution.--T. Read, behind Sun-Tavern in Fleet-Street, London

127. True and particular account of the four unfortunate men, who suffered death upon Lincoln Gallows in August last.,A (See oversize box)

William Marshall, Henry Sawyer, and Charles Wakelin, for burglary; and John Wilson, alias Thomas Culey, alias John Atkinson, for forgery.

128. True and faithful narrative of Elizabeth Trelford, of Crossdale, in the Parish of St. Bees, aged 4 years, (See vol. 1)

Being exposed to the inclemency of the weather on the mountains, for five days and five nights, without any other sustenance than a little water out of a hole, she was found alive on Monday, Aug. 25th, 1823.

129. Unfortunate death of Major Andre, The

(adjunct general to the English Army) at Headquarters in New York, Oct. 2, 1780, Engraved for Barnard's. New complete authentic history of England

130. Unhappy transport, The (See vol. 1)

Being a remarkable and succinct history of the life of James Revel [ink traces, signed- William Buncher] [all poetry]--T. Bloomer, Birmingham-Walworth-Disley 57, High Street St. Gile[s]

131. Vices of the gin shop, public house, and tavern dissected, The (See vol. 2)

Or, the folly of dram drinking clearly exhibited. The drunkard's coat of arms.[poetry] --J. Quick, Bowling Green Lane, Clerkenwell, and W. Kennedy, 21, Thomas-Street, Manchester.

132. Walworth Tragedy, The (See vol. 2)

On Tuesday morning, a most frightful murder was perpetrated at no. 16, Manor Place, Walworth Road, on the bodies of four persons, viz: Mary, Youngman, mother of the prisoner, about 50 years of age; Thomas, her son, about 11; Charles, hos brother, aged 6, and Mary Wells Streeter, a young woman about 27, to whom the prisoner was about to be married this day (Tuesday). [poetry]

133. Weekly Chronicle, The (See oversize box)

The Edgewood Road Murder. [Includes the examination of James Greenacre and Sarah Hale for the murder of Hannah Brown].[newspaper pp. 3-8].

134. Whole family to be executed! father, mother, son, and daughter., A (See vol. 1)

"Edward Revill aged 60; Sarah Revill, his wife, aged 57, Peter Greasley, aged 21; and Ann the wife of Thomas Sporton, aged 41, were indicted for felonously shooting at William Middap, on the 2d of July last, in the Parish of St. Mary."[poetry]--J. Catnach, 2, Monmouth Court, 7 Dials.

135. Wild and hairy man or English Hermit, The (See vol. 1)

Being an account of John Barnstable, esq., the English Hermit, now residing in a cave in a rock, on Blsckstone Moor Ledge, near Rochdale, Lancashire. He was discovered on the 5th January, 1832.--Douglas and Kent, Newcastle.

136. Wild and hairy man; or the English Hermit, The (See vol. 1)

Being an account of John Harris, esq, the English Hermit, now residing in a cave in a rock, known by the name of Allenscomb's Cave, near the town of Harthill, in the county of Chester. He was discovered on the 5th of Nov. 1819.--W. Orange, North Shields.

137. William Morgan's confession, (See vol. 1)

"on Thursday last William Morgan, aged 28, was executed at Penenden Heath, pursuant to the sentence passed on him at the late Kent Assizes. The crime for which Morgan suffered was that of robbery, attended with cruelty."--Walker, near the Duke's Palace, Norwich,

138. Wonderful Discovery. (See vol. 1)

A full and particular account of five men who pretended to be ghosts, who entered the house of a lady, for the purpose of robbery and murder, at Winlee, Jan. 23, 1831.--T. Kay, Newcastle.

139. Yarmouth Tragedy; The (See vol. 2)

or, the constant lovers [A tale of a lady who goes against her father's wishes to marry a man of a lower class. The lady throws herself into the sea when she learns of her lover's murder]--J. Turner, Coventry.

139. Young Johnson (See oversize box 2)

[poetry regarding a forger convicted and executed for his crime]--Evans, Printer, Long lane, London

Supplemental Box: Newspaper clippings and notes related to cases covered in broadsides

Folder -- Contents

  1. Bousfield, William. Newspaper clippings and court diary entry [photocopies] from 1856 regarding Bousfield murders and execution. (See broadside #82)
  2. March, Henry. Newspaper clipping [photocopy] from November 21, 1877 newspaper account of March's murder of Thomas Mays and Henry Bidewell. (See broadside #37)
  3. Reilly manslaughter trial. Article by Tony Gee on fistic broadsides, 2003, and photocopied clippings from The Times covering the case, 1846. (See broadside #121)