Food and Drink Policy for Kent Campus Library

Food and Drink Policy for Kent Campus Library

Food and Drink Policy for the Library

The University community is encouraged to use the Library as a place for research, study, reflection, and leisure. To promote a welcoming environment, University Libraries permits the consumption of food and drink on the premises.

The University Libraries' food and drink policy endeavors to accommodate our users and to encourage the use of library resources while protecting the University's substantial investment in the collections and technology. Some restrictions on the consumption of food are necessary because the presence of food and drink in the Library introduces the potential for damage. Also, food and drink not discarded appropriately invite pest infestation that can lead to widespread damage to the print collections.


  1. Food and drinks are permitted in all areas of the Library, except:
    • Electronic Classrooms,
    • May 4 Resource Room,
    • Special Collections Reading Room,
    • Student Multimedia Studio.
  2. Food and drinks should not be:
    • stored in the library overnight.
    • carried into the book and periodical stacks.
  3. Drinks are permitted in covered containers only.
  4. Food and drink refuse is to be discarded in trash receptacles.
  5. Spilled food or drink should be cleaned immediately with paper towels available in all restrooms.

Amended by University Libraries Council, November 2006