Meeting with a Consultant

Current faculty, staff, and student researchers can meet with a statistical consultant to discuss software questions, research methods, and statistical analysis.

All consulting appointments are held in Room 812 of University Library.

Location University Library Room 812
Hours By appointment only - Make an appointment now
Cost Free to all current Kent State faculty, staff, and students
Phone 330-672-8548

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What kinds of clients do you help?

Our services are available for free to all current KSU faculty, staff, and students from any department and from any campus. We see many researchers who are designing an experiment or survey; analyzing data for a research article, thesis, or dissertation; writing result sections of papers; or responding to reviewers.

What software packages do you support?

Currently, the software packages we officially support are:

  • SAS
  • SPSS Statistics and SPSS Amos
  • JMP and JMP Pro
  • R and RStudio
  • NVivo 12 Pro for Windows and NVivo 12 for Mac
  • Qualtrics
  • Google Forms
  • GPower

Depending on the nature of your question, we may also be able to provide limited support for Stata.

I can't make it to the Kent campus. Can I meet with a consultant using video conferencing software?

Yes! If you can't make it to the Kent campus, we can do long-distance consulting appointments over Skype or Google Hangouts. You can request distance consulting during any of our regular time slots in the Scheduler. Just let us know in your signup form that you'd like what video conferencing software program you would like to use.

What topics do you offer consultation on?

We help clients at any stage of the research process. However, our primary focus is on helping clients learn to use statistical and qualitative software. For example, we can work with you on:

  • How to get started with SPSS, SAS, JMP, NVivo, Qualtrics, or R
  • How to set up, enter, and clean your data files in your software package of choice
  • How to approach methodology, choice of statistical analysis, or interpretation of statistical results
  • How to transfer results and graphs from the software into a paper or poster

We can provide advice and feedback to researchers about statistical analysis and methodology, but we cannot execute any part of the researcher's study on their behalf, nor can we act as principal statisticians or co-authors on a study.

What sort of services do you NOT provide?

Statistical Consulting does not provide any of the following:

  • Software installation or renewal of software licenses
  • Statistics tutoring or help with homework (including "checking the work" of statistical content within course assignments)
  • Data entry or performing data collection on behalf of the client
  • Execution of data analysis for the client

When registering for an appointment, all clients are reminded that:

Statistical Consulting provides training and advice on the use of statistical and qualitative software. Researchers are responsible for their own methodology, data analysis, and data manipulation. Any guidance on methodology, data analysis, or data manipulation is only advice and does not supplant researcher judgment. The researcher is responsible for all decisions regarding the researcher's project.