Effective 8/29/16

University Libraries fines will be charged for items that have been recalled for another user, overdue Course Reserves, overdue high-demand equipment, such as Chromebooks, audio visual equipment and resources that are lost, stolen or damaged.

Items that are 30 days overdue are considered lost and will be billed for replacement. This excludes reserve items and high-demand equipment which will be billed after much shorter time based on their loan periods.

Accumulated library charges of $10.00 or more will result in a loss of borrowing privileges.


Library Fines
Multi-day Reserves $5.00/day per item
Multi-hour reserves $2.00/hour per item
Reference/Non-circulating Items $5.00/day per item
Recalled Materials $5.00/day per item
Billing & Processing Fee - Returned Billed OhioLINK Items Only $50.00/item
Billing & Processing Fee - Returned Billed SearchOhio Items Only $25.00/item
Interlibrary Loan Fines $5.00/day per item
Camcorders $25.00/day per item
High-priced electronics/equipmment $5.00/day per item
PC Laptops (Regionals) $10.00/hour per item
Chromebook Laptops $5.00/day per item
Periodicals $2.00/day per item
Presentation Room Key $2.00/hour per item
Replacement Items (based on average replacement cost)
Low-priced electronics/equipment $10.00
SearchOhio books and media $25.00
High-priced electronics/equipment $75.00
Kent books and media $75.00
OhioLINK Items $75.00 (plus $50 processing fee = $125)
Keys (metal-cut and swipe card) $75.00
Specialty Books and Interlibrary Loan items* $115.00
May 4th Tour iPods $250.00
Camcorders $300.00
Chromebook laptops $450.00
Mobility Scooter $1,200.00
PC Laptops (Regionals) $2,500.00


Lost or Damaged Items

Patrons will not be charged for normal wear and tear of library items. Underlining and highlighting of text is NOT considered normal wear and tear. Patrons will be charged the replacement fee for extensive damage to library items.


Patrons may provide a replacement copy for lost or damaged items, instead of paying a replacement charge. A replacement copy must be the same title and edition of the lost or damaged item, and must be in new or like-new condition.

  • Library staff reserve the right to determine if a replacement is in acceptable condition.
  • Replacement may not be possible for some items, and the replacement charge will have to be paid.
  • Replacements will not be accepted for charges that have been transferred to the Bursar’s Office.

See the Replacement Copy Submission Form for detailed information and instructions.

Payment Options

  • Current library charges: Pay your fine online using a credit or debit card, or by check or money order, payable to Kent State University. (Money orders may be obtained at banks; some retail stores; and the U.S. Post Office, including the branch office in the basement of the Kent Student Center.) Please mail checks or money orders to:  Attention: Business Services | Kent State University LibrariesPO Box 5190Kent, OH 44242.
  • Library charges that have been charged to the student account can be paid online at https://payonline.kent.edu/


Library charges may be appealed prior to the issuance of the fourth Statement of Charge and must be appealed by completing the Fine Appeal Form.

Please expect a response to your online appeal within five business days.

In-person appeals will not be accepted.

University Libraries is obligated to levy and collect library charges in a consistent, clearly defined manner. However, there are cases in which library charges may be appealed:

  • Claims returned.
  • Documented patron emergency:
    • Patron's personal or family illness, injury or hospitalization. (Physician’s excuse is required).
    • Death of patron or immediate family member. (Printed copy of the obituary is required).
    • Weather-related or lock-down emergencies that prevent travel.

Statement of Charges are sent out monthly on the 15th of each month.

After the fourth Statement of Charge, fines $10 and greater are transferred to the Bursar’s Office and cannot be appealed.  Once transferred to the Bursar, library charges are subject to Bursar’s Office policy.