On-Site Storage

Items in Main On-Site Storage must be requested online at least one day in advance.

VHS tapes, DVDs, spoken word CDs, CDs from some books, Pre-1900s books, Specialty Art books, and all microforms, including microfilm, microfiche, microcards, and ERIC documents, are located in on-site (basement) storage.  To request them, locate the item on KentLINK and select the Request button, or search for ERIC Documents in the ERIC Database.

To order from on-site storage specific microfilms, microfiche, microcards, or ERIC Documents not in the regular KentLINK system, or the ERIC Database, complete this online form.

We reserve the right to cancel any items ordered via this form which can be requested through the KentLINK system or the ERIC Database. Please ask for assistance or call Circulation at 330-672-7905.