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World Publishing Company records

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World Publishing Company records

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World Publishing Company records

Finding Aid

Prepared by Nancy Birk, January, 1996; Revised by Elizabeth Traina, April 2012; Updated May 2016; Last Updated: August 2020

Inclusive Dates: 1908-1975
Extent: 11 cubic feet (8 record storage boxes, 1 half record storage box, 1 slim document case, 4 flat oversized boxes)
Physical Location:  11th floor and Storage

Storage Note: Part of this collection is housed in a climate-controlled environment off site and requires at least up to three weeks for retrieval. Please call or email the department with requests for this material prior to planning your visit. Oversized items and some photographic materials remain onsite in Special Collections and Archives.

Historical Outline: World Publishing Company

  • 1898: Alfred Cahen arrived in London after walking across Europe from Poland, learning the printing business in Poland, Russia, Germany, and Holland. In London he worked for a company that did phamplets, library bindings, and repaired manuscripts for museums and private collectors.
  • 1902: Mr. Cahen left London and came to Ohio where he worked for the Saalfield Publishing Company in Akron.
  • 1905: Mr. Cahen opened his own bindery in Cleveland, the beginning of the Commercial Bookbinding Company.
  • 1912: Cylinder presses were added, giving the company printing as well as binding facilities.
  • 1916: The company built its own plant at West 110th street and Western Avenue.
  • 1920: Fire destroyed the whole plant.
  • 1921: The plant was again in production.
  • 1923: A second building was erected.
  • 1928: A third building was added. Automatic machinery, unique in the industry, was designed and built by Mr. Cahen and later adopted by most large book manufacturers as well as the Government Printing establishment. Mr. Cahen's two sons, Herman and Julius, both engineers and graduates of Case Institute of Technology, helped build the various machines. The World Syndicate Publishing Company was acquired along with their office in New York City. The company began publishing Bibles, dictionaries, and children's books.
  • 1929: The company went public with a stock issue. LINDBERG, THE LONE EAGLE, was written, printed and bound in only one week, becoming the first book on that historic flight and launching World into trade publishing.
  • 1930: The company set up an office in Chicago.
  • 1933: Lillian, daughter of Alfred Cahen, marries Ben D. Zevin. Lillian had worked in the company starting as a teenager in the mid-1920s. She eventually became editor-in-chief and helped to lead the company during its most successful years.
  • 1935: Ben D. Zevin joins the company.
  • 1936: Another building was put up to house the growing plant.
  • 1939: The Tower Books series, each title sold at $.49, was launched.
  • 1940: The company had become the largest publisher of Bibles and dictionaries in the United States.
  • 1941: Work was started on Webster's New World Dictionary of the American Language.
  • 1942: Forum Books, a $1.00 reprint line, was started, and the children's book line was growing much larger. During World War II, 17 million government-issued Bibles were distributed to the armed forces, and four out of every ten were made by World.
  • 1945: Ben Zevin became president of the company.
  • 1949: The Bruce Rogers World Bible was published in an edition limited to 975 copies.
  • 1953: The College Edition of the New World Dictionary was published and quickly became the leading college dictionary in the country.
  • 1963: The company was sold to Times Mirror, who eventually sold it to William Collins Sons, Ltd. When that company was disbanded in 1980, the dictionary division was sold to Simon & Schuster, who still publish Webster's New World Dictionary. The Bibles, children's and trade books were sold to various other companies, and some of these are still in print.

Scope and Content: The records of the World Publishing Company include correspondence, financial records, photographs, slides, and various publications. Lillian Zevin's father was Alfred H. Cahen, the founder of the World Publishing Company as well as the Commercial Bookbinding Company of Cleveland, Ohio. The collection includes records from the time period of Commercial as well as World. But because this collection of records was a personal collection from an individual and not the company's official archive, there are some gaps in the record. However, this collection is still rich in documenting the history of the company and particularly significant are the financial records which are complete, as well as files on the high spots of World's publishing focus: Bibles and dictionaries.

Arrangement: The collection is organized into the following series and sub-series.

Series 1: Publications: Annual Reports
Series 2: Publications: Books
Series 3: Publications: Catalogs
Series 4: Publications: Dummy (Proof) Copies
Series 5: Publications: Bible Slipcases
Series 6: Publications: Our World
Series 7: Slides
Series 8: Record Books
Series 9: Oversized files
Series 10: Correspondence
Series 11: Commemorations
Series 12: Miscellaneous Historical Records
Series 13: Photographs
Sub-series 1: World Publishing Company Facilities and Plant Operations
Sub-series 2: World Publishing Company Events and Personnel
Sub-series 3: Photographs of World Authors
Series 14: License agreements, Book jacket requests
Series 15: Subject files
Series 16: Artwork
Series 17: Negative Microfilm

Related Materials: Books printed by World Publishing have been cataloged in KentLINK and can be found by performing a SUBJECT search on "World Publishing Company Collection."

Acquisition Information: Most of the materials are from the personal collection of the late Lillian Zevin, the ex-wife of Ben Zevin, former President of the World Publishing Company. They were given to the Department of Special Collections and Archives in 1986 along with a substantial collection of books printed by World Publishing.

Restrictions on Use: Kent State University does not own copyright to World Publishing Company publications. The staff of Special Collections and Archives cannot perform this research for you and suggest you work with a copyright clearance firm.

Box 1
Folder -- Contents

Series 1 -- Publications: Annual Reports

  1. Annual Report: 1940
  2. Annual Report: 1941
  3. Annual Report: 1943
  4. Annual Report: 1944
  5. Annual Report: 1945
  6. Annual Report: 1946
  7. Annual Report: 1947
  8. Annual Report: 1948
  9. Annual Report: 1949
  10. Annual Report: 1950
  11. Annual Report: 1951
  12. Annual Report: 1952
  13. Annual Report: 1953
  14. Annual Report: 1954
  15. Annual Report: 1955
  16. Annual Report: 1958
  17. Annual Report: 1960
  18. Annual Report: 1962
  19. Notice of Special Meeting of Shareholders, 1963

Series 2 -- Publications: Books

  1. Publications: Bookbinding Magazine: Aug. 1929
  2. Publications: Book Jacket, "Rulers of Darkness"
  3. Publications, Books: "Beyond the High Hills," 1961
  4. Publications, Books: "The Wardrobe Book," 1952
  5. Publications, Books: "World's Road Atlas," 1966
  6. Publications, Books: "World's Road Atlas," 1967

Series 3 -- Publications: Catalogs

  1. Catalogs: 1945
  2. Catalogs: 1954
  3. Catalogs: 1955
  4. Catalogs: 1958
  5. Catalogs: 1959
  6. Catalogs: 1960
  7. Catalogs: 1961
  8. Catalogs: 1962
  9. Catalogs: 1963
  10. Catalogs: 1964
  11. Catalogs: 1965
  12. Catalogs: 1966
  13. Catalogs: 1967
  14. Catalogs: 1968
  15. Catalogs: 1969
  16. Catalogs: 1970

Box 2
Folder -- Contents

  1. Catalogs: Spring 1971
  2. Catalogs: Fall 1971
  3. Catalogs: Miscellaneous: Fall 1971
  4. Catalogs: 1972
  5. Catalogs: 1973
  6. Catalogs, undated

Series 4 -- Publications: Dummy (Proof) Copies

  1. Dummy Copy: New Testament, Protestant Version, Presented by the Army of the U.S.
  2. Dummy Copy: Holy Bible

Series 5 -- Publications: Bible Slipcases (Bibles are cataloged in KentLINK and shelved in the LC-classed book collection)

  1. Bible Slipcase: Bible removed and catalogued, BS 185 1900. C53b
  2. Bible Slipcase: Bible removed and catalogued, BS 186 1900 .C53q, first example of gilding applied mechanically
  3. Bible Slipcase: Bible removed and catalogued, BS 198 .F811
  4. Bible Slipcase: Bible removed and catalogued, BS 185 .C53a
  5. Bible Slipcase: Bible removed and catalogued, BS 185 .C53c

Series 6 -- Publications: Our World

  1. Our World, 1944
  2. Our World, 1945
  3. Our World, 1946
  4. Our World, 1947
  5. Our World, 1948
  6. Our World, 1958
  7. Our World, 1959
  8. Our World, 1960
  9. Our World, 1961
  10. Negatives: Illustrations for Newsletter

Series 7 -- Photographic Slides

  1. Slides: Arcaddi, Outtakes
  2. Slides: Bedford outtakes
  3. Slides: Bindery #2, 1970
  4. Slides: Casing In
  5. Slides: Gilding
  6. Slides: Misc., 1970
  7. Slides: Misc., undated
  8. Slides: Printing
  9. Slides: Werker, Duplicate Titles
  10. Slides: Werker, outtakes, Times-Mirror
  11. Slides: Werner/Rebsen 1969, Outtakes
  12. Slides: World, Times-Mirror, Duplicate Benefit

Box 3
Folder -- Contents

Series 8 -- Record Books

  1. Record Books: Commercial Bookbinding, 1908-1928
  2. Record Books: Commercial Bookbinding, Appraisement, 1924 & 1929
  3. Record Books: Cahen Manufacturing Company, Stock Certificate Repayments, 1911
  4. Record Books: Noonday Press, Stock Certificates, 1952
  5. Record Books: World Publishing Company, Profits and Losses, 1953-1958
  6. Record Books: World Publishing Company, Financial Statements, 1926-1930
  7. Record Books: World Publishing Company, Financial Statements, 1929-1949
  8. Record Books: World Publishing Company, Financial Statements, 1931-1940

Box 3A
Folder -- Contents

  1. Record Books: World Publishing Company, Financial Satements, 1941-1950
  2. Record Books: World Publishing Company, Financial Statements, 1951-1961

Series 9 -- Oversized Files

  1. Oversized Files: Certificate, Alfred Cahen, 1953
  2. Oversized Files: Certificate, Western Reserve Historical Society, 1967
  3. Oversized FIles: Dummy Copy: Webster's New World Dictionary
  4. Oversized Files: Revised Standard Version of the Bible, Announcement: 1962

Box 3B
Folder -- Contents

This box contains the contents of a scrapbook dedicated to Alfred Cahen by employees of the Commercial Bookbinding Co. (later, the World Publishing Company). The scrapbook, dated 1934, was created in honor of the 30th anniversary of Cahen's founding of the company. The folders are arranged in the order in which the scrapbook pages were created.

Box 4
Folder -- Contents

Series 10 -- Correspondence

  1. Cahen Correspondence: Misc.
  2. Pritzer Correspondence: Misc.
  3. Zevin Correspondence: Bates, Kenneth
  4. Zevin Correspondence: Crockett, James Underwood
  5. Zevin Correspondence: Izant, Grace Goulder
  6. Zevin Correspondence: Lantz, Robert
  7. Zevin Correspondence: Lipp, Fred
  8. Zevin Correspondence: The Plain Dealer
  9. Zevin Correspondence: Sayre, Francis
  10. Zevin Correspondence: Selby, John
  11. Zevin Correspondence: Silver, Daniel (Rabbi)
  12. Zevin Correspondence: Wakeman, Fred
  13. Zevin Correspondence: Condolence letters sent out on the death of Alfred Cahen, 1963
  14. Zevin Correspondence: Holiday Cards, sent out either by World or Lillian and Ben Zevin
  15. Zevin Correspondence: Misc.

Series 11 -- Commemorations (see also: Series 13: Photographs)

  1. Commemorations: 30th Anniversary, The Commercial Bookbinding Co., April 7, 1934, Program
  2. Commemorations:Testimonial Dinner Honoring Paul A, LInkert, Hotel Statler, July 18, 1942, Program
  3. Commemorations: World Publishing Company Jubilee Celebration, Hotel Statler, Cleveland, Ohio: Dec. 17, 1954, Attendees
  4. Commemorations: World Publishing Company Jubilee Celebration, Hotel Statler, Cleveland, Ohio: Dec. 17, 1954, Invitation
  5. Commemorations: World Publishing Company Jubilee Celebration, Hotel Statler, Cleveland, Ohio: Dec. 17, 1954, Letters of Congratulations
  6. Commemorations: World Publishing Company Jubilee Celebration, Hotel Statler, Cleveland, Ohio: Dec. 17, 1954, Letters of Response to Invitation
  7. Commemorations: World Publishing Company Jubilee Celebration, Hotel Statler, Cleveland, Ohio: Dec. 17, 1954, Letters of Response to Invitation
  8. Commemorations: World Publishing Company Jubilee Celebration, Hotel Statler, Cleveland, Ohio: Dec. 17, 1954, Newsclippings
  9. Commemorations: World Publishing Company Jubilee Celebration, Hotel Statler, Cleveland, Ohio: Dec. 17, 1954, Photographs
  10. Commemorations: World Publishing Company Jubilee Celebration, Hotel Statler, Cleveland, Ohio: Dec. 17, 1954, Program
  11. Commemorations: World Publishing Company Jubilee Celebration, Hotel Statler, Cleveland, Ohio: Dec. 17, 1954, Speeches
  12. Commemorations: World Publishing Company Jubilee Celebration, Hotel Statler, Cleveland, Ohio: Dec. 17, 1954, Telegrams
  13. Commemorations: 25th Anniversary Celebration in Honor of Ben D. Zevin, Ohio Room, Hotel Statler-Hilton, Cleveland, Ohio: April 29, 1960, Binder
  14. Commemorations: 25th Anniversary Celebration in Honor of Ben D. Zevin, Ohio Room, Hotel Statler-Hilton, Cleveland, Ohio: April 29, 1960, Newsclippings
  15. Commemorations: 25th Anniversary Celebration in Honor of Ben D. Zevin, Ohio Room, Hotel Statler-Hilton, Cleveland, Ohio: April 29, 1960, Photographs
  16. Commemorations: 25th Anniversary Celebration in Honor of Ben D. Zevin, Ohio Room, Hotel Statler-Hilton, Cleveland, Ohio: April 29, 1960, Program
  17. Commemorations: 25th Anniversary Celebration in Honor of Ben D. Zevin, Ohio Room, Hotel Statler-Hilton, Cleveland, Ohio: April 29, 1960, Telegrams

Series 12 -- Miscellaneous Historical Records

  1. Alfred H. Cahen Obituaries
  2. Employee Manual
  3. "A Few of Lillian's Favorite Recipes" Booklet from Lillian Zevin's Memorial Service
  4. Histories of Commercial and World
  5. Newsclippings
  6. "Problems of Connotation in Dictionary Definition," an address by David B. Guralnik to the National Council of Teachers of English, Minneapolis, MN: November 29, 1957
  7. Bookbinding Magazine (includes an article by Alfred Cahen): August 1929 
  8. World Publishing Company Pension Plan (includes "First Amendment to...the Plan"): Undated, but likely 1965 (Donated by Alfred B. Cahen)
  9. World Publishing Company Retirement Plan (as Amended December 29, 1955): 1956 (Donated by Alfred B. Cahen)
  10. World Publishing Company Promotional Book of Matches: Undated (Donated by Alfred B. Cahen)

Box 5
Folder -- Contents

Series 13 -- Photographs
Sub-series 1: World Publishing Company Facilities and Plant Operations

  1. Photograph: Book sewing machine: 1958
  2. Photograph: Case making machine: 1958
  3. Photograph: Case in machines for putting books in covers
  4. Photograph: Corrugated cartons stored in warehouse: 1958
  5. Photograph: Cover making: 1958
  6. Photograph: Cover stamping; Joe Hipps: 1958
  7. Photographs: Exterior Facilities (multiple photos)
  8. Photograph: Folding
  9. Photograph: Folding machine:1958
  10. Photograph: Forwarding machine moving sewn books to gluing: 1958
  11. Photograph: Gathering machine, section by section: 1958
  12. Photograph: Gluing the backs of books before hanging-in: 1958
  13. Photographs: Applying gold-leaf to the edges of books; John McLeod, William Welsh: 1958 (multiple photos)
  14. Photographs: Imitated gold-leaf stamped on flexible covers; Joe Hipps: 1958 (multiple photos)
  15. Photograph: Inspection: 1958
  16. Photographs: Inspection and packing line: 1958 (multiple photos)
  17. Photograph: Line of sewing machines: 1958
  18. Photographs: Rotary Press: 1958 (multiple photos)
  19. Feeder end of high speed rotary press
  20. Photographs: Rounded backs and super liner machine: 1958 (multiple photos)
  21. Photograph: Skids of guilded books: 1958
  22. Photograph: Plant cafeteria: 1958
  23. Photograph: Picking orders: 1958
  24. Photographs: Printing: 1958 (multiple photos)
  25. Photographs: Printing plates cleaning and inspection; Ben Ogden: 1958
  26. Photograph: Shipping cartons in warehouse
  27. Photograph: Tipping; Polly Monrose: 1958

Box 5A
Folder -- Contents

Sub-series 2: World Publishing Company Events and Personnel (see also: Series 11: Commemorations)

  1. Photograph: Cahen, Alfred (and others): 1955
  2. Photograph: Charpie, Leonard
  3. Photograph: Zevin, Ben; Lillian Zevin, and others
  4. Photograph: Zevin, Ben; Leonard Charpie, William Buckley
  5. Photograph: Zevin, Ben; Henry Luce, and others
  6. Photograph: Miscellaneous Personnel (?)
  7. Photographs: Miscellaneous (multiple photos)
  8. Photograph: Office Staff, Commercial Bookbinding Company: May 6, 1929
  9. Photograph: World Publishing Company Retirement Plan Dinner, Hotel Statler, Cleveland, Ohio: December 28, 1943
  10. Photograph: Presidential Banquet, Hotel Statler, Cleveland, Ohio: May 19, 1945
  11. Photograph: Golden Jubilee Anniversary Banquet, Hotel Statler, Cleveland, Ohio: December 17, 1954 (with caption)
  12. Photograph: Golden Jubilee Anniversary Banquet, Grand Ballroom, Cleveland, Ohio: December 17, 1954 (with caption)
  13. Photograph: Sales Conference, Hotel Statler, Cleveland, Ohio: December 16-18, 1959
  14. Photograph: Sales Conference, Hotel Statler, Cleveland, Ohio: December 12-15, 1960
  15. Photograph: Sales Conference, Hotel Statler, Cleveland, Ohio: January 4-7, 1965
  16. Photograph: Sales Conference, Sheraton-Cleveland, Ohio: December 13-17, 1965

Sub-series 3: Photographs of World Authors (many are inscribed)

  1. Photograph: Anderson, William R.
  2. Photograph: Bassett, Jim
  3. Photograph: Bennett, Paul: January, 1952
  4. Photograph: Blacker, Irwin
  5. Photograph: Blair, Clay , Jr.
  6. Photograph: Bowra, C. Maurice
  7. Photograph: Breit, Harvey
  8. Photograph: Brock, Ray (with Turkish Foreign Minister Fuad Koprulu and US Ambassador George W. Wadsworth)
  9. Photograph: Buck, Pearl S.
  10. Photograph: Cain, James M.
  11. Photograph: Cantor, Eddie
  12. Photograph: Churchill, Randolph
  13. Photograph: Chute, Marchette
  14. Photograph: Craven, Thomas

Box 5B
Folder -- Contents

  1. Photograph: de Valois, Nanette
  2. Photograph: Dreiser, Theodore
  3. Photograph: Elath, Eliahu
  4. Photograph: Ellis, William Donahue
  5. Photograph: Fadiman, Clifton
  6. Photograph: Feibelman, Peter S.: April 19, 1958
  7. Photograph: Ferber, Edna
  8. Photograph: Freeman, Lucy: October, 1956
  9. Photograph: Harriman, Margaret Case
  10. Photograph: Haygood, William Converse
  11. Photograph: Hibbert, Christopher
  12. Photograph: Hurst, Fannie
  13. Photograph: Jessel, George: 1944
  14. Photograph: Kantor, MacKinlay
  15. Photograph: Kennedy, Jay
  16. Photograph: Mason, Richard
  17. Photograph: Meyer, Jerome
  18. Photograph: Montague, Ashley: September, 1951 (?)
  19. Photograph: Montgomery, Viscount: 1958
  20. Photograph: Muriac, François

Box 5C
Folder -- Contents

  1. Photograph: Nathan, George Jean
  2. Photograph: Newman, Joe: September, 1948
  3. Photograph: Peattie, Donald Culross
  4. Photograph: Rice, Craig
  5. Photograph: Seltzer, Louis: October 1956
  6. Photograph: Skira, Albert: December, 1959
  7. Photograph: Slaughter, Frank
  8. Photograph: Smith, Lillian
  9. Photograph: Targ, Bill (William): September, 1957
  10. Photograph: Tunis, Edwin
  11. Original Print: Tunis, Edwin
  12. Photograph: Ullman, James Ramsey
  13. Photograph: Van Doren, Carl
  14. Photograph: Van Loon, Hendrick Willem
  15. Photograph: Warde, Beatrice
  16. Photograph: Wittenberg, Phil: December, 1956
  17. Photograph: Unidentified: 1

Box 6
Folder -- Contents

Series 14 -- License agreements, Book jacket requests

  1. Imperialism, Social Classes (M4) by Joseph Schumpeter
  2. Creative Invitation in Art and Poetry (M8) by Jacques Maritain
  3. Outlines of the History of Greek Philosophy (M9) by Eduard Zeiler
  4. The Language and Though of the Child (M10) by Jean Piaget
  5. Sex and Repression in Primitive Society (M15) by Bronislav Malinowski
  6. Pragmatism (M16) by William James
  7. Hero With a Thousand Faces (M22) by Joseph Campbell
  8. Byzantine Civilization (M23)by Steven Runciman
  9. Two Essays on Analytical Psychology (M28) by C.G. Jung
  10. Selected Writings of Martin Buber (M29) edited by Will Herberg
  11. The Making of Europe: an introduction to the history of European unity (M35) by Christopher Dawson
  12. Existentialism From Dostoevsky to Sartre (M39) by Walter Kaufmann
  13. Italian Painters of the Renaissance (M40) by Bernard Berenson
  14. Gothic Architecture and Scholasticism (M44) by Erwin Panofsky
  15. Freud and the Twentieth Century (M45) by Benjamin Nelson
  16. The Renaissance of the Twelfth Century (M49) by Charles Homer Haskins
  17. New Poets of England and America (M50) edited and selected by Donald Hall, Robert Pack, and Louis Simpson
  18. Civilization on Trial and The World and the West(M52) by Arnold Toynbee
  19. Debates with Historians (M57) by Pieter Geyl
  20. Politics: Who Gets What, When, How (M58) by Harold Lasswell
  21. Gods and Heroes of the Greeks: an Introduction to Greek Mythology (M59) by H.J. Rose
  22. Witchcraft (M62) by Charles Williams
  23. The Disinherited Mind (M66) by Erich Heller
  24. The Logic of the Sciences and the Humanities (M71) by F. S. C. Northrop
  25. On Love: Aspects of a Single Theme (M84) by Jose Ortega y Gasset
  26. The Answer to Job (M86) by C.G. Jung
  27. The Philosophy of Science (M90) by Arthur Danto
  28. American Foreign Policy (M91) by Robert A. Divine
  29. God and the Ways of Knowing (M96) by J. Danielou
  30. Senator Joe McCarthy (M98) by Richard H. Rovere
  31. The American Pragmatists (M105) by Dr. Milton R. Konvits and Dr. Gail Kennedy
  32. Aesthetics Today (M112) edited by Morris Philipson
  33. Hellenistic Civilisation (M121) by W.W. Tarn
  34. Years of Conscience (M129) edited by Harvey Swados
  35. Essays on Fairth and Morals (M130) by William James
  36. History of Anarchism (M133) by George Woodcock
  37. New Poets of England and America (M135) edited by Donald Hall and Robert Pack
  38. Utilitariansim (M140) by John Stuart Mill (edited by M. Warnock).
  39. The Spanish Conquistadores (M146) by F. A. Kirkpatrick
  40. The European Mind (M152) by Paul Hazard
  41. Patterns in Comparative Religion(M155) by Mircea Eliande
  42. Shakespeare's Festive Comedy (M160) by C. L. Barber
  43. The Drama of Atheist Humanism (M165) by Henri du Lubac
  44. An Essay Concerning Human Understanding (M182) by John Locke
  45. Primitive Art (M185) by Paul Winegart
  46. Man's Most Dangerous Myth: The Fallacy of Race (M190) by Ashley Montague
  47. Africa's Search for Identity (M225) by Victor C. Ferkiss
  48. Beyond Theology: the Art of Godmanship (M237) by Alan Watts
  49. Annotated Mother Goose (M238)
  50. The Chrysanthemum and the Sword: patterns of Japanase culture (M242) by Ruth Benedict
  51. Abstraction and Empathy (M249) by Wilhelm Worringer
  52. Guide to Fossil Man (M253) by Michael Day
  53. The Difference of Man and the Difference It Makes (M261) by Mortimer J. Adler
  54. Intervention and Revolution (M269) by Richard Barnet
  55. The Biology of Ultimate Concern (M270) by Theodosius Dobzhansky
  56. From the Ashes (M272) by Budd Schulberg
  57. I, The Aboriginal (M281) by Douglas Lockwood
  58. Letters to Two Friends (M289) by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
  59. Wallace (M291) by Marshall Frady
  60. Our Brother's Keeper: The Indian in White America (M298) Cahn ed.
  61. The Annotated Alice (M306) by Martin Gardner
  62. Mysticism (M307) by Evelyn Underhill
  63. Frank Lloyd Wright: writings and buildings (M308) edited by Edgar Kaufmann, Jr. and Ben Raeburn
  64. Primitive Christianity (M309) by Rudolf Bultmann
  65. Existence and Faith (M310) by Rudolf Bultmann
  66. The Meaning of Paul for Today (M311) by C.H. Dodd
  67. The Lost Books of the Bible and the Forgotten Books of Eden (M312)
  68. The Adventures of Baron Munchausen (M330) by R.E. Raspe and others
  69. Marijuana: the new prohibition (M331) by John Kaplan
  70. The Conspiracy of the Young (M332) by Paul Lauter and Florence Howe
  71. The Conspiracy of the Young (M332) by Paul Lauter and Florence Howe article in The Paper, Nov. 4-18, 1970, pg. 10 and 15
  72. Varities of History (M333), revised by Fritz Stern
  73. Mug Shots: who's who in the new earth (M336) by Jay Acton, Alan Lemond, Parker Hodges
  74. Function of the Orgasm (M340); The Sexual Revolution (M338); The Impulsive Character (M387); The Mass Psychology of Fascism (M339) by Wilhelm Reich
  75. The Heroic Triad (M341) by Paul Horgan
  76. The Social Sources of Denominationalism (M343) by H. Richard Niebuhr
  77. Religion in the Making (M344) by Alfred North Whitehead
  78. Litergies of the Western Church (M345) selected and introduced by Bard Thompson
  79. A Short History of Christianity (M346) by Martin E. Marty
  80. The Collected Stories (M347) by Isaac Babel
  81. The Origins of Totalitarianism (M348) by Hannah Arendt
  82. The Meridian/Abrams Modern Painters Series: Tobey(M352); Vasarely (M354); Rauschenberg (M356); Albers (M353); Johns (M355); Rivers (M357)
  83. The Living New Testament (M359)
  84. A Practical manual of Screen Playwriting; for Theater and Television Films (M360) by Lewis Herman
  85. The Annotated 'Social Contract' (M369) by Jean-Jacques Roussear
  86. The Golden Bowl (M382) by Henry James, edited by John Halperin
  87. A Casebook on Anais Nin (M384) by Zeller
  88. My Life in Art (M64) by Constantin Stanislavski
  89. A Cherokee Tragedy (Unnumbered) by Thurman Wilkins
  90. The Great terror (Unnumbered) by Robert Conquest
  91. Man and the Biosphere (Unnumbered) by R. Dasmann
  92. Planet in Peril (Unnumbered) by R. Dasmann
  93. Views of History (Unnumbered) edited by Stanley Kelley, Jr.

Box 7
Folder -- Contents

Series 15 -- Subject Files

  1. Subject files: Agents, general
  2. Subject files: Agents: Henry Morrison
  3. Subject files: Agents: Marie Rodell
  4. Subject files: Agents: authors lists
  5. Subject files: Annotated series, Meridian
  6. Subject files: Book Manufacturers' Institute
  7. Subject files: Bruce Rogers Bible
  8. Subject files: Cahen Notching Machine
  9. Subject files: Colophons from Ben Zevin's files
  10. Subject files: Contracts and rights
  11. Subject files: Editorial candidates, Meridian
  12. Subject files: Encounter
  13. Subject files: Expense reports
  14. Subject files: Finances: budget
  15. Subject files: Financial records - accounts, Counts, A. Frank: 1927-1929
  16. Subject files: Financial records - accounts-statements, bankbooks: 1911-1913
  17. Subject files: Financial records - purchase of Britton Printing Co.: 1930
  18. Subject files: Financial records - receipts: 1916
  19. Subject files: Financial records - Saalfield Publishing Co.: 1912
  20. Subject files: Financial records - statements: 1923-1926
  21. Subject files: Fliers
  22. Subject files: Fliers: Spring 1971
  23. Subject files: Fliers: 1972
  24. Subject files: General: 1966
  25. Subject files: General: 1967
  26. Subject files: General: 1970-1975
  27. Subject files: Glynn, Georgia
  28. Subject files: Jackets
  29. Subject files: Legal records, contract, Holmes: 1919-1929
  30. Subject files: Legal records - opinion, FTC vs. Standard Education Society
  31. Subject files: Manuscripts
  32. Subject files: Memorandums, interoffice: 1969-1970
  33. Subject files: New World Dictionary, folder 1
  34. Subject files: New World Dictionary, folder 2
  35. Subject files: Newman, Joe
  36. Subject files: Plume
  37. Subject files: Production matters
  38. Subject files: Promotion - advertising
  39. Subject files: Proposals
  40. Subject files: Proposals: Insight books
  41. Subject files: Proposals: The Law of Love and the Law of Violence by Leo Tolstoy
  42. Subject files: Proposals: Pepys Diary
  43. Subject files: Proposals: Picking Up the Gun by Earl Anthony
  44. Subject files: Proposals: recorded dialog program
  45. Subject files: Proposals: The Time of Our Lives by Mortimer J. Adler
  46. Subject files: Proposals: Apocalypse calendar
  47. Subject files: Proposals, dead: Art in Needlepoint by Peter Stillman
  48. Subject files: Proposals, dead: The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath
  49. Subject files: Proposals, dead: Broadway by Brooks Atkinson
  50. Subject files: Proposals, dead: Edgar Cayce's Home Remedies compiled by Brett Bolton
  51. Subject files: Proposals, dead: The Eisenhower Administration by Herbert S. Parmet
  52. Subject files: Proposals, dead: How We Live by Penny and L. Rust Hills
  53. Subject files: Proposals, dead: Huac Hearings by Robert Vaughn
  54. Subject files: Proposals, dead: Ideas
  55. Subject files: Proposals, dead: Music Encyclopedia
  56. Subject files: Proposals, dead: Satire: a Critical Anthology
  57. Subject files: Proposals, dead: Science of Education and the Psychology of the Child by Jean Piaget
  58. Subject files: Proposals, dead: Churchill: a Study in Failure by Robert Rhodes James
  59. Subject files: Proposals, dead: Where We Belong: the Israeli Diary of a Young American Jew by Steve Felson, edited by Mel Ziegler
  60. Subject files: Proposals, dead: The Young Years (tentative) by Bruno Bettelheim
  61. Subject files: Proposals, dead: Your Stockbroker by Lewis Gordon, Jr.

Box 8
Folder -- Contents

  1. Subject files: Reprints
  2. Subject files: Republishing program
  3. Subject files: Republishing program: backlist
  4. Subject files: Reversion of titles
  5. Subject files: Rights, return of
  6. Subject files: Royalty statements
  7. Subject files: Sales, best sellers: 1968-1973
  8. Subject files: Sales, projection for 1968
  9. Subject files: Solicitations
  10. Subject files: Solicitations, Meridian
  11. Subject files: Style Sheets
  12. Subject files: Times projects
  13. Subject files: Tipping Machine

Series 16: Artwork

  1. Artwork: Ablissae
  2. Artwork: Abdomen
  3. Artwork: Alpaca
  4. Artwork: Anableps Tetraophthalmus
  5. Artwork: Anchoug
  6. Artwork: Angel fish
  7. Artwork: Anise
  8. Artwork: Ant Bear
  9. Artwork: Antiparallels
  10. Artwork: Apse
  11. Artwork: Apteryx
  12. Artwork: Argonauta Argo
  13. Artwork: Argus Pheasant
  14. Artwork: Artesian Well
  15. Artwork: Aswail
  16. Artwork: Baboon (Mandrill)
  17. Artwork: Baloeniceps Rex
  18. Artwork: Balsam Tree Cone
  19. Artwork: Banyan Tree
  20. Artwork: Baptistery
  21. Artwork: Bicycle
  22. Artwork: Bison
  23. Artwork: Blast Furnace
  24. Artwork: Bolanius Tintinnabulim
  25. Artwork: Bombardone
  26. Artwork: Boss
  27. Artwork: Bower Bird
  28. Artwork: Bridge
  29. Artwork: Broccoli
  30. Artwork: Bungalow
  31. Artwork: Byssus
  32. Artwork: Camera (Lucida)
  33. Artwork: Camera (Obscura)
  34. Artwork: Candelabra
  35. Artwork: Capstan
  36. Artwork: Catacombs
  37. Artwork: Catamaran
  38. Artwork: Chevet
  39. Artwork: Chow
  40. Artwork: Christ of the Andes
  41. Artwork: Clipper ship
  42. Artwork: Clouds - Cirrus
  43. Artwork: Clouds - Cumulus
  44. Artwork: Clouds - Nimbus
  45. Artwork: Clouds - Stratus
  46. Artwork: Combine
  47. Artwork: Comet
  48. Artwork: Compact
  49. Artwork: Condor (California)
  50. Artwork: Confessional
  51. Artwork: Confucius
  52. Artwork: Coolidge Tube
  53. Artwork: Coracle
  54. Artwork: Crater
  55. Artwork: Crawl
  56. Artwork: Crown
  57. Artwork: Crown (Charlemagne)
  58. Artwork: Crowned Crane
  59. Artwork: Crow's Nest
  60. Artwork: Cuckoo
  61. Artwork: Curie, Madame

Box 9
Folder -- Contents

  1. Artwork: Dagabo, Ceylonese
  2. Artwork: Dahabiyeh
  3. Artwork: Dandy Dinmont
  4. Artwork: Dane, Great
  5. Artwork: Dhow
  6. Artwork: Diapering
  7. Artwork: Discharger
  8. Artwork: Dock (Floating)
  9. Artwork: Dodo
  10. Artwork: Dokhma
  11. Artwork: Dripolater
  12. Artwork: Droshky
  13. Artwork: Dry Cell
  14. Artwork: Duck (Mallard)
  15. Artwork: Eagle, Golden
  16. Artwork: Eclipse
  17. Artwork: Electric Machine
  18. Artwork: Electric Motor
  19. Artwork: Electroscope
  20. Artwork: Engine Turning
  21. Artwork: Evergreen
  22. Artwork: Forge
  23. Artwork: Fountain (Ornamental)
  24. Artwork: Fulcrum
  25. Artwork: Galiot
  26. Artwork: Gallinule, Purple
  27. Artwork: Genealogical Tree
  28. Artwork: Geyser
  29. Artwork: Gin Machine
  30. Artwork: Glass, Lalique
  31. Artwork: Glider
  32. Artwork: Grand Piano, Baby
  33. Artwork: Graver
  34. Artwork: Greyhound
  35. Artwork: Groined Roof
  36. Artwork: Grosbeak, Rose-Breasted
  37. Artwork: Grotto
  38. Artwork: Guillotine
  39. Artwork: Hammock, Salor's
  40. Artwork: Hockey Player
  41. Artwork: Hoe, Mechanical
  42. Artwork: Hornbill, Great Indian
  43. Artwork: Hummingbird
  44. Artwork: Hydro-electric Machine
  45. Artwork: Hydromonoplane
  46. Artwork: Hydroplane
  47. Artwork: Igloo
  48. Artwork: Incandescent Lamp
  49. Artwork: Kettle Drums
  50. Artwork: Kidney
  51. Artwork: Kiosk (Newspaper)
  52. Artwork: Knee Joint
  53. Artwork: Kneehole Desk
  54. Artwork: LaCrosse Player
  55. Artwork: Launce, Sand
  56. Artwork: Lens, Contact
  57. Artwork: Lie Detector
  58. Artwork: Lifeboat
  59. Artwork: Life Preserver
  60. Artwork: Lock (Canal)
  61. Artwork: Lyre Bird
  62. Artwork: Magic Lantern
  63. Artwork: Martin, Purple
  64. Artwork: Microphone
  65. Artwork: Microscope
  66. Artwork: Motion Picture Camera
  67. Artwork: Non-Rigid Airship
  68. Artwork: Oil Tanker
  69. Artwork: Owl, Barn
  70. Artwork: Owl, Great Horned
  71. Artwork: Parakeet
  72. Artwork: Pekingese
  73. Artwork: Penguin, King
  74. Artwork: Pentode
  75. Artwork: Percolator
  76. Artwork: Permanent Wave Machine
  77. Artwork: Petrel, Stormy
  78. Artwork: Pheasant, Golden
  79. Artwork: Pheasant, Silver
  80. Artwork: Pimento
  81. Artwork: Plastics
  82. Artwork: Pressure Cooker
  83. Artwork: Propeller, Screw
  84. Artwork: Pulkha
  85. Artwork: Radial Engine
  86. Artwork: Radio Amplifier
  87. Artwork: Raven
  88. Artwork: Reaper
  89. Artwork: Refectory Table
  90. Artwork: Reflector
  91. Artwork: Refrigeration
  92. Artwork: Rigid Airship
  93. Artwork: Relieving Tackle
  94. Artwork: Rotary Press
  95. Artwork: Rotor Ship
  96. Artwork: Rowlocks
  97. Artwork: Sakieh
  98. Artwork: Salamba
  99. Artwork: Schnauzer
  100. Artwork: Scissors Kick
  101. Artwork: Screen (Decorative)
  102. Artwork: Seaplane
  103. Artwork: Sedilia
  104. Artwork: Selenium Cell
  105. Artwork: Silhouette (G. Washington)
  106. Artwork: Skis
  107. Artwork: Sledge
  108. Artwork: Smear Culture
  109. Artwork: Snow Shoes
  110. Artwork: Sound Track
  111. Artwork: Soy Bean
  112. Artwork: Span (Wing)
  113. Artwork: Spirochetes
  114. Artwork: Spot, Baby
  115. Artwork: Steamroller
  116. Artwork: Streamline Train
  117. Artwork: Studio Apartment
  118. Artwork: Swan
  119. Artwork: Sweat Shirt
  120. Artwork: Telephone
  121. Artwork: Telephone (Dial)
  122. Artwork: Teletypewriter
  123. Artwork: Termite
  124. Artwork: Terrier, Wire-Haired
  125. Artwork: Tetrode
  126. Artwork: Trailer
  127. Artwork: Triode
  128. Artwork: Trogon Pavonius
  129. Artwork: Turkey, Wild
  130. Artwork: Twin-Motored Plane
  131. Artwork: Upstage
  132. Artwork: Vacuum Sweeper
  133. Artwork: Vampire Bat
  134. Artwork: Vielle (Hurdy-Gurdy)
  135. Artwork: Washing Machine
  136. Artwork: Waterspout
  137. Artwork: Wave, Damped
  138. Artwork: Wryneck
  139. Artwork: X-Ray

Box 10
Folder -- Contents

Series 17: Negative Microfilm (appears to be a portion of a dictionary)

  1. Reel 1: "A" Folio A-#1 thru #1904 Alert
  2. Reel 2: #1906 A/leu/rone thru #3903 aquinas
  3. Reel 3: #3904 aquitaine thru #856 Jylland
  4. Reel 4: #1 - "B" thru #1698 Berenice
  5. Reel 5: #1699 Beresford thru #3593 Box/ful
  6. Reel 6: #3594 Box/haul thru #5059 Bz
  7. Reel 7: #1 - "D" thru #1830 Dialect
  8. Reel 8: #1831 Dialectal thru #3723 Dresscoat
  9. Reel 9: #1 - "C" thru #2709 chock/a/block
  10. Reel 10: #2710 Chockfull thur #4984 conductive
  11. Reel 11: #4985 conductivity thru #7805 czestochowa
  12. Reel 12: #1 - "E" thur #1903 Etude