University Libraries Workshops

University Libraries Workshops

We are pleased to offer workshops covering a variety of research-related topics. Descriptions of our latest workshops are listed below. 

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  • Introduction to APA Citation Style (September 18, October 10, and November 8)
    This workshop will introduce participants to the general rules for citing materials and writing papers using APA style. Hands-on activities will provide practice in writing citations and formatting. Computers are provided, however feel free to bring your laptop. 
  • Avoiding Plagiarism & Citation Basics (October 1, October 18, and November 27)
    This session will help demystify the idea of plagiarism. Participants will be introduced to the Kent State University policy on plagiarism, learn writing strategies (including basic citation rules) to help them avoid plagiarizing, and resources for help.
  • Managing Your Research: Zotero, Mendeley, & EndNote (September 20 and October 16)
     Zotero, Mendeley, and Endnote are tools used to gather, organize, and analyze information resources for your research. Create a database of articles/references, cite resources as you write, work with/annotate pdfs, collaborate with others, and more. This session introduces you to these three possibilities. 
  • Finding Articles with Databases & Google Scholar (September 24 and October 22)
    Learn search techniques that will help you maximize your use of library research databases and search engines such as Google Scholar. These techniques will help you hone in to find the best information resources for your needs.
  • Copyright Basics (September 24 and October 9)
    Concepts important to higher education will be covered in this workshop, including Fair Use, the Public Domain, Creative Commons licensing, and Open Access. Common scenarios will be presented, along with choices for practical solutions. There will be some time for Q&A, so bring your questions.
  • How to do a Literature Review (September 25 and November 14)
    Literature reviews are completed for many purposes: papers, articles, grants, theses, dissertations, etc. This session will explain and show steps and resources for developing, managing, and completing a traditional literature review.
  • The OhioLINK ETD Center (September 26 and November 13)
    This workshop will cover the procedural aspects of submission of theses and dissertations to the OhioLINK ETD Center. We will create a sample student account in the ETD and demonstrate options within the system. There will be some time for Q&A, so bring your questions.
  • Introduction to LaTeX (November 8 and November 14)
    "LaTeX (pronounced “lay-tek” or “lah-tek”) is a document preparation system for high-quality typesetting. It is not a word processor. It a freely downloadable multi-platform program for creating scientific and technical documents, and is the standard for professionals in STEM. Its purpose is to make it easy to write elegant technical documents. To do this, LaTeX simplifies the process of creating such components as mathematical formulae, tables, and bibliographies. Almost all formatting and document structure is automatic, allowing the user to focus on content creation. At the same time, LaTeX allows fine-grained control over each aspect of a document. Anyone can learn, and expert coding skills are not required. However, the better that you are at writing code, the easier you will understand LaTeX."
  • Getting Started with Systematic Reviews (October 2 and November 28) 
    Systematic reviews (SR) gather, analyze, and synthesize prior research on topics. Different types of systematic review provide background for papers, articles, grants, theses, dissertations, etc. Systematic reviews may also stand on their own. This session introduces types of SR, sources, and steps.
  • Software for  Systematic Review (November 15) 
    Systematic reviews require rigorous identification and use of information resources which are discovered using library databases and other methods. This session looks at software that supports systematic review methods and activities.
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