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Staughton and Alice Lynd collection

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Staughton and Alice Lynd collection

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Staughton and Alice Lynd collection

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Staughton and Alice Lynd collection

Finding Aid

Prepared by Bob Arrighi, February 2001; Revised July 2009; Updated: May 2020; Last Updated: March 2024

Extent: 35 cubic feet (35 record storage boxes)
Physical Location: 11th floor

Biographical Note: Staughton Lynd's quest for a more humane world has propelled him through an array of diverse situations and introduced him to some of the most radical and active people in this country. Throughout his life, Staughton Lynd has remained steadfast in both his activism and his beliefs. He is a social democratic pacifist who believes strongly in local organizing. He continues to be a vital force in day-to-day activism.

Staughton Lynd (1929-2022) and Andrea Lynd were the children of renowned sociologists Robert and Helen Lynd. The elder Lynds authored the famous Middletown study of Muncie, Indiana in 1929. Staughton Lynd inherited both his father's strong scholarship ability and socialistic beliefs. Staughton Lynd's socialist views have endured over the decades, but he has avoided both the overly theoretical and undemocratic versions. These beliefs were the direct cause of his expulsion from his non-combatant position in the military during the McCarthy purges of the 1950s.

Lynd went on to earn a Ph.D. in history at Columbia University, then accepted a teaching position at Spelman College in Georgia. During the summer of 1964 he became the director of the Freedom Schools of Mississippi. Afterwards, Lynd accepted a position at Yale University, and, along with his wife Alice and three children, relocated to New England. It was there that he became an early vocal opponent to the war in Vietnam. These activities included speaking engagements, protest marches, and an infamous visit to Hanoi, which eventually cost him his position at Yale. As was the case throughout his life, he remained true to his beliefs and refused to follow as the anti-war activists and the New Left became more violent in the late 1960s.

The Lynd family moved again, this time to Chicago. After several years of struggling to make a living from community organization, Staughton Lynd enrolled in the University of Chicago law school in 1973. He and his wife Alice had conducted an oral history project of the working class. The revelations of this work, entitled Rank and File, spurred the Lynds toward law. There was nobody to assist the workers who were mired between the company's ill treatment and their union's failures. There was a definite role for an activist attorney to play.

The Lynds relocated to Youngstown, Ohio, in the heart of the Rust Belt. Staughton Lynd was an essential participant in the struggle of the late 1970s to keep the Youngstown steel mills open. Despite the eventual failure of these efforts, the Lynds continued organizing in the Youngstown area. Staughton Lynd was also extremely active as an attorney, taking on a wide variety of cases, including those of disabled and retired workers. In recent years, the Lynds also turned their attention to international issues, such as Nicaragua and the West Bank. Staughton Lynd died at the age of 92 on November 17, 2022, in Warren, Ohio.

Scope and Content: The Staughton Lynd collection consists of thirty-four boxes of materials. The collection reflects the entire life of Staughton Lynd, from the 1930s to the year 2000. The collection also encompasses Robert, Helen, and Andrea Lynd, as well as a other of writers and activists. The collection is divided into five series: Robert & Helen Lynd, Staughton Lynd Papers, Staughton Lynd Writing, Other Writers, and Periodicals. The Robert and Helen Lynd series contains early photographs of the Lynds as well as Helen's father, Staughton Merrell. It contains the writings, correspondence, audio recordings, and other related materials of both the Lynd parents. This series also includes a great deal of early correspondence from Andrea Lynd, Staughton's sister.

The Staughton and Alice Lynd papers series is comprised of photographs, correspondence, speeches, biographies, and related materials. It also consists of a large number of news clips, book reviews, and articles published by Alice and Staughton Lynd. The materials contained in this series are arranged chronologically by decade. They range from Lynd's own baby book, to letters written in the year 2000. The third series, Staughton and Alice Lynd publications, contains manuscripts, drafts, notes, and other materials concerning the Lynds' published works. These include Rank & File, Communal Rights, American Labor Radicalism, Solidarity Unionism, Liberation Theology for Quakers and others. There are also many drafts of The Fight Against Shutdowns. Finally are the actual publications, such as Intellectual Origins or American Radicalism, Class Conflict: Slavery & the United States Constitution, and numerous essays included in collections.

The fourth series, Publications by Other Writers, contains the publications, manuscripts, and other materials from a long list of Lynd contemporaries and friends. Greg Calvert, Jamie Kalven, Jim Atelson, Al Young, and Jeremy Brecher are just a few of the many authors included in this section. Topics include Marxism, history, labor, and the first amendment. There are a significant amount of materials by Brian Willson, Eric Leif Davin, and David Rabban. The final series, Periodicals, contains runs of Liberation (1957-77), Radical America (1967-82), In These Times (1976-79), and WIN (1967-82). Staughton Lynd contributed articles to these publications. Also included as various law reviews, labor publications, and history journals.

Statement of Arrangement: The Staughton and Alice Lynd collection is organized into the following series.

Series 1: Robert and Helen Lynd family papers
Series 2: Staughton and Alice Lynd papers
Series 3: Staughton and Alice Lynd publications
Series 4: Publications by Other Writers
Series 5: Periodicals

Acquisition Information: These materials were donated by Staughton Lynd in August 1998.

Series 1: Robert and Helen Lynd family papers

Box 1: Robert Lynd papers and Andrea Lynd letters
Folder -- Contents

  1. Robert Lynd Photographs: portrait, in the wilderness, with Helen Lynd
  2. Robert Lynd Biographical Material: biographies, bibliographies, etc.
  3. Robert Lynd Obituaries (1970)
  4. Pieces Written on Robert Lynd: includes works by Staughton Lynd, Margaret Nold, and S.M. Miller
  5. Memorial Service (1970): transcription of "Coming Together for Robert Lynd" speech & list of speakers
  6. Memorial Service (1971): Columbia Univ. Sociology Dept. Memorial Meeting speeches & speakers
  7. Correspondence: letters to young Staughton Lynd, Andrea Lynd in India, Harry Hawthorn, Dr. Mitchell (1944), etc.
  8. Correspondence with Maeve Beck: letters with Roger Beck's mother, Maeve (1952-1979)
  9. Early Publications: "Crude Oil Religion" in Harper's Magazine (1922)
    "The Place of the University in 1940" in Columbia University Quarterly (1939)
    "But Why Preach" in Harper's Magazine (1920)
    "You Can Do It Better Democratically": copy of pamphlet (c.1920s) with Staughton Lynd letter (1979)
  10. "Crude Oil: It's Human Cost": by Robert Lynd in Survey Graphic (November 1922)
  11. "Critique of Preaching from Standpoint of Modern Educational Method" by Robert Lynd (1922), S. Lynd letter (1980)
  12. Knowledge for What?: by Robert S. Lynd: Princeton University Press (Princeton, 1939)
  13. Journal of the History of Sociology : Fall-Winter 1979-80: includes
    "Done in Oil" by Robert Lynd, reports on Robert Lynd by Staughton Lynd and others, & Robert Lynd bibliography
  14. Middletown Papers (1979): "Inequality & Lifestyles in Middletown" by Caplow/Chadwick
    "The Lynds Revisited" by Richard Jensen, "Who Governed Middletown..." by Carrolyn Frank, "Measure of Social Change in Middletown" by Theodore Caplow
  15. Middletown Papers: "Division Street" by Eleanor Widmer (1945), "Middletown Fifty Years After" by Theodore Caplow, "Middletown" by John Dewey (1980), "Robert S. Lynd, John D. Rockefeller, and Middletown" by Charles Harvey, "Middletown III" by Dwight Hoover (1981), "Robert Lynd's Disenchantment" by F. van Holthoon (1995), and poem "Middletown: After Thirty Years" by Charity Runden
  16. Middletown Periodical Press: "Middletown Revisited": Newsweeek (1978)
    "Hanging Together in Muncie, IND": Update (1981) "How Average are Folks in Middletown, U.S.A." The Dial (1982) and various other stories
  17. Middletown News Clips: "35 Years Later, Middletown Remains in Transition"
    "Sociologists take fresh looks at Muncie 50 years later": Washington Post (1979)
    "Return to Middletown": Washington Post (1982) and various other news clips
  18. Researchers' Letters: various letter regarding research, citations, and permission (1979-1985)
    Staughton Lynd/Frederic van Holthoon correspondence regarding Middletown republication (1994)
  19. Letters Regarding Robert S. Lynd Prize: letters regarding establishment of Robert S. Lynd Prize and Professorship
  20. Andrea Lynd Photographs: numerous childhood pictures, including several with young Staughton Lynd; photos of Andrea Lynd sailing, sunning, and with daughter Margaret; Joe Nold photo with children
  21. Jennifer Nold Photographs: numerous baby photos of Andrea Lynd's daughter (c.1961); small photo album
  22. Andrea Lynd Development: Holter reports on Andrea Lynd's physical & psychological growth as a child (1930s)
    Helen Lynd letter regarding Andrea Lynd's early development (1952)
  23. Andrea Lynd Scholastic Reports: Ethical Culture Schools reports (1937-1943)
    Fieldston School reports (1947-1950)
    Sarah Lawrence College reports and degree (1953-1956)
  24. Andrea Lynd Early Letters: letters to parents and "Tee" as a child (1930s)
    Letters to family from school (1940s)
  25. Andrea Lynd Letters from Europe (1955-56): Letters to parents from tour of Europe
  26. Andrea Lynd Letters from Wien, Germany (1956): letters to parents while studying and working in Germany
  27. Andrea Lynd Letters from India (1957): letters during journey across Europe and Asia to India with Joe Nold
    Letters regarding establishing school in Dehradun, India
    Letters regarding marriage to Joe Nold
    Letters regarding long journey across Europe and Asia before returning to U.S.
  28. Marriage Announcements: announcement of Andrea Lynd & Joseph Nold (1957)
  29. Andrea Lynd Letters (1960s): letters to parents regarding birth of kids and married life
  30. Andrea Lynd Letters from Europe (1970): letters from extended family European vacation
  31. Andrea Lynd Letters (1990s): birthday greetings to Staughton Lynd (1992)
  32. Joe Nold Letters: letters to Lynds regarding marriage to Andrea and school in India (1957), misc. letters (1959-1963);
    letter to daughters Margaret & Jennifer elaborately describing visiting Helen Lynd in hospital after stroke (1982)
  33. Andrea Lynd Poetry & Writing: various childhood poems and writing
  34. Andrea Lynd Artwork (1939): various childhood drawings
  35. Andrea Lynd Artwork: various childhood drawings
  36. Andrea Lynd Artwork: various childhood drawings

Box 2: Helen Lynd papers
Folder -- Contents

  1. Edward Merrell Photographs: portrait of Edward Merrell (1886), photo of Merrell and young Helen Lynd
  2. Helen Lynd Photos: various portraits of Helen Lynd ranging from college to 1990s, and other photos
  3. Social Security Card
  4. Wellesley Class Lists: Class of 1919 lists of members (1965, 1971)
  5. Helen Lynd News Clips: "Helen Merrell Lynd Will Retire in June"
    "Helen Lynd on Middletown" (1982)
  6. Obituaries: various Helen Lynd obituaries (February 1982)
  7. Biographies: "Three Pioneers in Sociology of Emotion" by Thomas Scheff (1997)
  8. "Remembrances of Helen Lynd" Part I: Columbia University Oral History Project interview (1973)
  9. "Remembrances of Helen Lynd" Part II: Columbia University Oral History Project interview (1973)
  10. "Remembrances of Helen Lynd" Part III: Columbia University Oral History Project interview (1973)
  11. Helen Lynd Interview (1973): interview by Elfie Stack
  12. Bibliography of Helen Merrell Lynd (c.1970s)
  13. Early Merrell Letters (photocopies): letter from Helen Lynd's father (1904), Helen Lynd letter (1908), Adela letter from Europe (1925), and Helen Lynd letter to grandmother (1929); Also introductory letter from James Davis to Staughton Lynd (1993)
  14. Correspondence with Maeve Beck: letters with Roger Beck's mother, Maeve (1952-1979)
  15. Early Correspondence: letters to parents, Adela, etc. (1928-1936)
  16. Correspondence (1950s): various letters
  17. Misc. Correspondence: Various letters (1960s-1980s)
    Alice Lynd letter regarding their relationship (1981)
  18. Correspondence with Staughton Lynd: Various letters (c.1980)
  19. Lawrence Kelso Frank Letters: Bound collection of Larry Frank correspondence including Helen Lynd letter (1965)
  20. Alex Meiklejohn Memorial (1965): Memorial speech by Harry Kalven
  21. Harry Kalven/Al Meiklejohn Correspondence (1950s): letters concerning free speech, etc.
  22. Harry Kalven/Al Meiklejohn Correspondence (1960-1961): letters regarding papers & publications
  23. Harry Kalven/Al Meiklejohn Correspondence (1962-1964): letters regarding papers & publications
  24. Helen Lynd Speeches: Notes from "Shame-Guilt" speech (1945)
    "The Responsibility of Schools in a Time of Pressure (1951)
    "Processes of Discovery" (1963)
    Sarah Lawrence College Convocation (1964)
    "Some Questions Raised by Experiences of Shame" (1966)
    "Student Disturbances" (1969)
  25. Helen Lynd Speeches: "For Esther Raushenbush"
    University of California at Santa Cruz Commencement (1970)
    "Beyond Problem-Solving to Creativity" (1972)
    Memorial for Bert Loewenberg (1974)
    "Searching for Reality" (1975)
  26. Reviews of Helen Lynd Books: On Shame & Search for Identity (1958); Identity and Reality (1961)
  27. Reviews of Other Authors: various book reviews (1950s)
  28. "Song for Grandma": poem by Lee Lynd (1977)
  29. Memorial Service Materials (1982): "Impressions of Muriel Rukeyser" [last piece of Helen Lynd writing]
    Memorial speech by Andrea Lynd Nold and "Remembering Helen" speech by Lois Murphy
  30. Correspondence Regarding Death of Helen Lynd (1982): Various letters of sympathy to Staughton & Alice Lynd;
    thank you letters from Staughton Lynd
  31. Memorial Service Letters (1982): various letters regarding Memorial at Sarah Lawrence College
  32. Helen Lynd Fund Letters (1981-1982): letters that accompanied donations to aid Helen Lynd's medical bills, etc.
  33. Sarah Lawrence College Lists: lists of members of Class of 1931; Deceased Alumnae list; lists for Possibilities
  34. Sarah Lawrence College Colloquium: invitations and programs; Elfie Raymond/Staughton Lynd correspondence
  35. Sarah Lawrence (Fall 1989): featuring article "Classes for Teachers Proposed at Annual Lynd Colloquium"
  36. Sarah Lawrence (Summer 1985): featuring article "Lynd Colloquium Explores Friendship"
  37. Helen Lynd Papers: Content list and correspondence regarding Helen Lynd Papers at Sarah Lawrence College (1983)
  38. Researchers' Letters (1979-1983): correspondence w/Staughton Lynd regarding research projects concerning Helen Lynd
  39. Sarah Lawrence College: Convocation Program (1964) featuring Helen Lynd speech, Inaugural Address of Alice Ilchman (1981) and various other materials
  40. Sarah Lawrence Teaching Materials: Freshman Seminar Program (1963) and other materials
  41. Liberal News Clips: "Churchill Voices Concern Over Division of Europe (August 17, 1945)
    "Text of Translated First Broadcast to the Russians by State Dept." (February 18, 1947)
    "Education and the Fifth Amendment": Harvard Crimson (June 10, 1953)
  42. Liberal Teaching Notes: Helen Lynd notes for class; includes book reviews, notes, and articles:
    "Crisis in the Civil Liberties Union"
    "Are We Afraid of Freedom" by University of Chicago
    "Teaching Intellectual Freedom" by Alexander Meiklejohn
  43. Un-American Activities Report (1949): letter from Melvin Rader
    Report of Joint Fact-Finding Committee on Un-American Activities
    The Progressive: (April 1954)"McCarthy: A Documented Record"
  44. Philosophy Teaching Notes: Notes on Aquinas, Trinkaus, and course materials
  45. Marxist Teaching Notes: Social Philosophy (1955) course and 19th & 20th Century Thought course materials (1960)
  46. Keats Teaching Notes: Helen Lynd notes, etc. regarding Keats
    John Keats by Walter Bate (1963)
    John Keats by Robert Gittings (1968)
    The Letters of John Keats by Hyder Rollins (1958)
  47. Literature Teaching Notes: "William Blake: Various Arts of Love & Hate" by Aileen Ward
    "Evidence of the Imagination" by Donald Reiman
  48. Psychology Teaching Notes: Bibliography on Gestalt & Organismic Psychology
    "The Creative Process" by Charlotte Doyle (1975)
    "An Apology for Tradition" by W.T. Bush (1918)
    "Competence & the Psychosexual Stages of Development" by Robert White (1960) and other psychology articles
  49. Rudolph Arnheim: "Perceptual Analysis of a Rorschach Card (1953), "Gestalt Theory of Expression" (1949), "A Review of Proportion" (1955), "Accident and the Necessity of Art" (1957), "Visual Thinking in Education" (1979)
  50. Gregory Bateson: "Structure & Process in Social Relations" (1949), "Physical Thinking & Social Problems" (1946)
  51. Herbert Birch: various psychological articles (1945-1950)
  52. Dora Doss: "Some Aspects of Symbol Formation in Language"
  53. Dorothy Lee: "Primitive System of Values" (1940), "Religious Perspectives of College Teaching" and others
  54. Otto Rank: "Truth & Reality: Life History of the Human Will" (1936)
  55. David Riesman: various articles regarding Freud (1950)
  56. Peggy Farber: "Artists & Politics in the 1930s" (1974)
  57. Holy Bible: inscription: "Ms. E.T. Merrell, From First Congregational Church Lagnange, Illinois 1914"
  58. Holy Bible: inscription: "Helen Merrell Commencement June 19, 1914 from Father and Mother"

Box 3: Helen Lynd writings
Folder -- Contents

  1. Thesis Notebook: journal notebook with comments
  2. Misc. Publications: "The Nature of Historical Objectivity" (1950)
    "Realism and the Intellectual in a Time of Crisis" (1951)
    "Identifications and the Growth of Personal Identity" (1956)
    "In Memory of Esther Raushenbush" (1980)
    "Assumptions" chapter from Possiblities (1980)
  3. On Shame and the Search for Identity. Helen Merrell Lynd. Science Editions, Inc (New York: 1958)
  4. Toward Discovery: Helen Merrell Lynd. Sarah Lawrence College (Bronxville, NY: 1965)
  5. Journal Entries (c.1979): various Helen Lynd journal entries from Margaret's and Connecticut
  6. Misc. Helen Lynd Notes: various notes regarding publications and writings
  7. Notes for Book on Otto Rank: various notes, quotes, and outlines for book
  8. Otto Rank Book Manuscript: complete manuscript of book
  9. "The Freud Sonnets": collection of poems
  10. Various Poetry: Helen Lynd and other unknown poems
  11. Travel Guide: unpublished travel guide-type writings
  12. Possibilities Book: Helen Merrel Lynd: Ink Well Press (Youngstown, OH: 1983)
  13. Possibilities Notes: Helen Lynd handwritten notes
  14. Possibilities Distribution Lists: Sarah Lawrence class lists, etc. for distribution of the book
  15. Possibilities Publication Letters: Staughton Lynd correspondence w/ publishers, Esther Raushenbush, etc.
  16. Possibilities Printer Letters: Staughton Lynd correspondence with Ink Well Press and other printers
  17. Helen Lynd/Harold Taylor Correspondence: letters regarding Possibilities (1981-1983)
  18. Possibilities Appreciation Letters: letters of congratulations and requests for copies of book
  19. Possibilities Monograph: copies of final copy of the book by Helen Merrell Lynd
  20. Possibilities: unmarked manuscript
  21. Possibilities: edited manuscript
  22. Possibilities Chapter 1: "Beyond Problem Solving to Creativity" edited manuscript
  23. Possibilities Chapter I: "Beyond Problem Solving to Creativity" edited manuscript
  24. Possibilities Chapter I: "Beyond Problem Solving to Creativity" edited manuscript
  25. Possibilities Chapter I: "Beyond Problem Solving to Creativity" edited manuscript
  26. Possibilities Chapter II: "The Self in Discovery" edited manuscript
  27. Possibilities Chapter II: "The Self in Discovery" edited manuscript
  28. Possibilities Chapter III: "Aftersong" edited manuscript
  29. Possibilities Chapter III: "Aftersong" edited manuscript
  30. Letters Regarding Shame & Search for Identity (c.1989): Staughton Lynd/publisher correspondence
  31. Writings on Muriel Rukeyser: various articles, etc. regarding poet Muriel Rukeyser
    "Impressions of Muriel Rukeyser" by Helen Lynd
    "The Life of a Poet" Writer's Conference (1978)
    "Muriel Rukeyser: The Poet as Scientific Biographer" by Clive Bush
  32. Muriel Rukeyser Poems: "The Gates," "Song of Songs," and other poems
  33. Muriel Rukeyser Writing & News Clips: various articles
    "Muriel Rukeyser, Poet of Protest, Dies" article (1980)
    "The Other Side" by Muriel Rukeyser: Liberation (1967)
    "The Life of a Poet" by Muriel Rukeyser (1979)
    "We Came for the Games: People's Olympics, Barcelona, 1936" by Muriel Rukeyser: Esquire

Box 4: Sound Recordings
Folder -- Contents

  1. Robert Lynd Memorial Service: two 33 1/3 LPs from Robert Lynd Memorial Service
  2. Helen Lynd Memorial Service: cassette tape of Helen Lynd Memorial Service with note from Alice Ilchman
  3. Margaret Merrell Memorial Service (1995): cassette tape of Memorial Service with note from Cecily Merrell
  4. Helen Lynd and Robert Winner: unknown reel-to-reel recording
  5. Helen and Staughton Lynd: cassette tapes #2 and #3 from March 19, 1978
  6. Muriel Rukeyser: "Just Before the Gates" cassette tape (1975)

Series 2: Staughton and Alice Lynd papers

Box 5: Early Years
Folder -- Contents

  1. Early Photographs of Staughton Lynd: Portraits as teen, and photo of Lynd reading in class as schoolchild
  2. Alice Lynd Photographs: photo of Alice Niles singing in choir (1950)
  3. Baby Book (1929-39): The Modern Baby Book & Child Development Record: From Birth to Sixteen Years
    Includes very detailed mental, physical, and spiritual observations by Helen Lynd and childhood Staughton Lynd;
    Also includes snapshots, family history, and information regarding parents letters
  4. Record of Birth (November 22, 1929): Weekly record of Staughton Lynd's development
  5. Scholastic Development Reports (1932-1947): reports from teachers concerning Staughton Lynd's progress in class
    Ethical Culture Schools, Fieldston School, Harvard University, and Columbia University;
    also includes observations kept by Helen Lynd and psychologists
  6. Examinations: exam booklets from History classes at Harvard (c.1950)
  7. Artwork: various sketches, paintings, etc. by Staughton Lynd over the years
  8. "American Sagas" by Staughton Lynd: series of short biographies and sketches of lesser known American heroes
  9. Poetry: poems written by Staughton Lynd over the years
  10. "Personality and Revolution" by Leon Trotksky: hand-copied and typed versions of text
  11. "The Admirable Radical: Henry Thoreau": report edited by Staughton Lynd
  12. Notes & Papers: various Staughton Lynd class notes and early papers;
    includes "Thespis Ritual, Myth, & Drama in Ancient Near East," "Dionysus," and class schedules
  13. Childhood Papers: "Fuzzy, the Story of a Bear," "War," "Editorial"
  14. School Papers (c.1937-1943): "Religion of Dionysus in Ancient Greece," "High Points of My Summer," "Growing Up," "The Coal Strikes," and others.
  15. School Papers: "Modern Times & the Age of Absolutism," "Two Religious Revivals: Study of Ideology and Social Change," "Modern Philosophy & Anarchism," "A Political Analogue for he Market Mechanism," "The Proletariat as Congregation," "On the Use of Input-Output Analysis for Regional Planning" and other reports
  16. School Papers: "The Planning of Soviet Industrialization," "Administration of American WWII Planning," "Labor Radicalism and Capitalist Maturity," "The Religion of Dionysus in Ancient Greece," and other reports
  17. School Papers: "German Socialism (1890-1914)"
  18. School Papers: "The Tempest," "Love and Community," "Concord Bridge" play
  19. School Papers: "Polish 3-Year Reconstruction Plan (1946-1949)," "The Mature Mind," "Leviathan & Common Law," etc.
  20. School Papers: "Pilgrim's Progress," "The American Philosophical Tradition," "A Seventeenth Century 'Alderian'," "The J.P. in the Fourteenth Century," "Approach to the Political Thought of Milton," and other papers
  21. School Papers: "My Hamlet," "The Hebrew God," "A Student Report on Clubs," and other reports
  22. School Papers: "Beard, Jefferson, & the Tree of Liberty," "The Poor Law of 1597," "The Beginnings of Freedom," "The Chinese Revolution," "A Note on the Theory of Colonial Revolution," "Modern Science and Anarchism," "The Folklore of Pragmatism," "William Penn in 1682," and other reports
  23. Social Sciences Workshop Minutes (1952): "Impact of Science on the Intellectual & Spiritual Problems of Our Times"
  24. School Papers: "The Reform of Economics"
  25. School Papers: "Social Reform"
  26. "The Catholic Worker" (1957): pamphlet, Staughton Lynd letter to parents regarding it, etc.
  27. Papers for Liberation: Staughton Lynd articles (1957-1958): "Henry Demarest Lloyd," "Can Men Live as Brothers"
  28. Referenced Papers for School: "The Socialism of Free Men" by R.Vujovic, "Folklore & Anthropology" by William Bascom, "Linguistic Reflection of Wintu Thought" by D. Lee, "Inner Liberty in the Machine Age" by Peter Viereck, and various book reviews and news clips
  29. Army & Objector News Clips (1954): various New York Times news clips regarding objectors in military;
    "80 'Risks' Ousted by Armed Forces," "Dr. Oppenheimer Suspended by A.E.C." "Arms Plant Curbed on Security Ousters," "Tragic Finis Written to Fatal Shooting of GI Stockade Prisoner," "Navy Has Ousted 25," "Big Day for Private Snoop," "Kafka Might Have Written the Army's Loyalty Form," and others articles
  30. E.T. Merrell Letters (1929-1933): Letters to his daughter Helen Lynd and her baby Staughton
  31. Adela ? Letters (1932): daily letters to travelling Helen & Bob Lynd regarding her childcare of Staughton
  32. Childhood Letters: Staughton Lynd letters to parents (c.1930s), letters to his dad, Bob Lynd (1942)
  33. Letters to Helen Lynd (1943-1949): Staughton Lynd letters from school regarding family, classes, gifts, etc.
  34. Letters to Robert Lynd (1940s-1960s): letters from school regarding classes, Marxism, and bills, etc; letters from Georgia regarding employment, Alice Lynd, and the children
  35. Letters to Parents (1940s): letters from school including announcement of leaving Harvard, the Army; discussions of history, Marxism, and religion
  36. Misc. Letters (1947-1948): correspondence with friends
  37. Misc. Letters (1949): letters from Herb Margulies, Blanche, Lee Hosford, and other friends;
    letter from Mary re her love for another woman & confusion of relationship with Staughton Lynd & Christophe's writing
  38. Letters to Helen Lynd (1950s): letters from Georgia regarding married life, philosophy, and literature
  39. Letters to Parents (1950s): letters re Korean War draft resistance, classes at Columbia, literature, philosophy, etc.
  40. Letters to Andrea Lynd (c.1947-1955): letters regarding donation of Christmas gifts, possible visit to Georgia, & resolving of personal differences
  41. Pacifist Letters (1951-1953): letters to Prof. Struik, Selective Service Board; statement of Conscientious Objection
  42. Military Letters (1950-1954): letters regarding status of Conscientious Objector, possible "communist" sympathies, and "Undesirable Discharge" from the Army ; answers to military questionnaire

Box 6: 1960s
Folder -- Contents

  1. Staughton Lynd Portraits: various poses from photo session [possibly passport photos]
  2. Mississippi News Clips (1964): N.Y. Times letters to the editor, "Crusade in Mississippi": Ebony, "The Battle-scarred Youngsters" and "Incident in Hattiesburg": The Nation, "Mississippi: Allen's Army": Newsweek, and other articles
  3. Freedom School Publications: "Mississippi Summer Project," "Mississippi Subversion of the Right to Vote" pamphlets; The Student Voice (July 15, 1964), "The Freedom News" (July 8, 1964), The Reporter (May 21, 1964); "1964 Platform of the Mississippi Freedom School," list of Freedom School locations, memos, and other publications
  4. Mississippi Field Reports (1964): Chronology of contacts with agents of federal government, incidents reported to Jackson office, "Some Aspects of Black-White Problems as Seen by Field Staff," and other reports;
    Pam Chude, Pamela Parker, Roy DeBerry, and Kathryn Pierce reports of harassment
  5. Freedom School Poetry: "Freedom School Poetry" & untitled book of poetry; "House of Liberty" poem by Joyce Brown
  6. Letters to Alice Lynd (1964): letters from Staughton Lynd while separated during the Freedom Summer
  7. Alice Lynd Correspondence (1964): letter to Senator regarding Mardon Walker case;
    letters from Pam Chude, Kathy Pierce, and Pamela Parker regarding activities of Freedom Schools
  8. Letters to Parents (1960s): Staughton Lynd letters regarding PHD, children, & communal life in Georgia;
    Letters from journey to Hanoi: from Moscow,
  9. Pam Chude Letters (1964): letters to her parents re the stress of running Freedom Schools & internal race relations
  10. Miscellaneous Correspondence (1960s): letters to Yale History Dept (1962); letters from others re Vietnam speeches; unknown letter re applying anarchism to reform urban areas
  11. Correspondence with Children: letters from Barbara Lynd to parents during Freedom Summer (1964);
    letters to Barbara & Lee Lynd from journey to Hanoi (1965); letter to Lee Lynd(?) (1959)
  12. Letters to Alice Lynd (1966): Staughton Lynd letters while on journey to Hanoi
  13. Alice Lynd Correspondence (1966): letters to Helen Lynd, editors, government officials regarding Hanoi trip
  14. Letters from Others re Vietnam (1966): U.S. & international letters concerning Vietnam & Hanoi Trip
  15. Letters re BBC Program "24 Hours" (1966): letters of thanks for Staughton Lynd's appearance on anti-Vietnam program
  16. Letters-to-the-Editor by Staughton Lynd (1960s): letters re Vietnam, rallies, speeches, radicalism, etc.
  17. Letters-to-the-Editor by Others (1960s): letters concerning Staughton Lynd, Vietnam, & Peace Movement
  18. Danforth Application: cover letter for Danforth application for a teaching position
  19. Autobiographical Letter: Staughton Lynd speech or letter that details his leaving Harvard, military service, etc.
  20. Speeches with Dates(1963-69): Staughton Lynd talks on Vietnam & trip to Hanoi at Morris Brown College (1963), National Guardian Dinner (1964), Thomas Edison H.S. (1965), Berkeley Teach-In (1965), Washington Hilton (1966); speeches on radical historians, Yuli Daniel & Andei Sinyavski, etc.
  21. Speeches (c.1965-1969): "The Peace that Might Have Been," "Revolution & the Citizen's Moral Responsibility," "The Big Lie of the Peace Offensive," "Whither Draft Resistance," "On Black Power," "Decentralization: A Road to Power?" etc.
  22. Speeches (c.1965-1969): "On White Power," "Intellectuals, the University, and the Movement," "Academic Freedom & the First Amendment," "History, Si; History Writing, Maybe," and others on radicalism and Vietnam
  23. Interviews with Staughton Lynd (1960s): transcription of interview by Finn at Lynd home in New Haven, CT (1966)
    "On Free Schools & Other Weighty Topics" by Mel Rothenberg of NUC Newsletter (1968)
  24. Notebooks: notebook with various sections including "On Becoming an Historian;" notebook containing thoughts on Russian history, psychology, etc; it also included poetry written by Staughton Lynd
  25. Yale Insurance Program (1964): letter, brochure, and provisions of university insurance plan
  26. D.C. March Photographs (1965): various photos from the rally sent by Howard Slessinger
  27. Protest March on Capitol Building (1965): depositions of people arrested, Congressional Report, etc.
  28. Protest March Announcements (1965): announcements for various marches, meetings, and workshops
  29. Vietnam Committee Lists: lists of branches, members, speakers, etc. for various committees, etc.
  30. Japan Peace for Vietnam Committee (1966): Tokyo anti-war summit letters, invitation, report
  31. Quaker House Meeting (1966): report on meeting of Religious Society of Friends in Atlanta honoring Staughton Lynd
  32. Sarah Lawrence College Protests (1969): President Raushenbush statements regarding student demands; "[Nixon] Urges Colleges to Meet Disorder Firmly": N.Y. Times (April 30, 1969); "American, the War and the Young" by Dr. George Wald
  33. Chicago State College Case (1967): statements, letters, etc. from Staughton Lynd job discrimination case against CSC
  34. Published Articles (1960-1965): "The Relevance of Thorstein Veblen" (1960), "Jane Addams & the Radical Impulse" (1961), "Socialism, the Forbidden Word" (1963), "Seeds of Doubt: Questions about the [JFK] Assassination" (1963), "Rethinking Slavery and Reconstruction," "The New Radicals" (1965) and others
  35. Published Articles (1966): "The Big Lie of the American Peace Offensive," "The Compromise of 1787," "Report from North Viet Nam," "What is a Pacifist?" "For a Left New Year" and others
  36. Published Articles (1967): "Lynd on Draft Resistance," "Civil Disobedience in Wartime," "A Radical Speaks in Defense of S.N.C.C." "Academic Freedom: Your Story and Mine," "Jefferson & Radicalism," etc.
  37. Published Articles (1968): "So You Want a Revolution?" "Civil Disobedience and Nonviolent Obstruction," "Keeping Cool When the Heat is ON," "Fragmentary Radicalism," etc.
  38. Published Articles (1969): "Restructuring the University," "An Everdale Parent Speaks to a School Meeting," "Lynd on Resistance," "[French] Almost Making It," "Where To?" and others
  39. Liberation Articles: Staughton Lynd articles published in Liberation
    "Pasternak & Silone," "Two Against the Draft," "Beyond Moral Imperative," "Resistance: From Mood to Strategy," etc.
  40. National Guardian Articles: Staughton Lynd articles published in National Guardian: various "A Good Society" columns, "Lynd Bids Left Take Direct Action on Concrete Programs," "New Politics Versus a Movement in Revolt"
  41. Columbia University Forum: Fall 1967 issue with Staughton Lynd's "Academic Freedom"; Spring 1968 issue
  42. Viet Report Bulletin (1966): "Staughton Lynd in Hanoi...Peace is not Offensive"
  43. Published Articles by Others: "Socialism & Cold War: A Reply to Staughton Lynd" by David Horowitz, "The Impact of the Draft on the Legitimacy of the National State" by Kenneth Boulding, "Political Integrity & Its Critics" by Robert Pickus, "Theology & Civil Disobedience in 1840" by Edward Madden, "The Police" by Bob Cook
  44. Book Reviews (1960s): various book reviews by others
  45. Book Reviews by Staughton Lynd (1960s): reviews of Chomsky, Sarte, Mississippi books, the American way; Viet-Nam Witness By F. Praeger, Slums & Suburbs by Dr. Conant, Last Pullman Car film
  46. Book Reviews of Staughton Lynd Publications (1960s): reviews of Towards a New Past: Dissenting Essays in American History, The Dissenting Academy , The Other Side
  47. Book Reviews of Intellectual Origins of American Radicalism: various reviews of the Staughton Lynd book (1968-1969)
  48. Book Reviews of Class Conflict, Slaves and the U.S. Constitution: various reviews of Staughton Lynd book (1969)
  49. News Clips: Staughton Lynd (1961-1964): "Anti-Blockaders Plan New March" [photo of S.Lynd], "Lynd Bids Left Take Direct Action on Concrete Programs," "18 Clerics Back Draft Resisters" and others
  50. News Clips (1965): various newspaper clips regarding Vietnam War, resistance, protests, etc.
  51. News Clips (Summer 1965): various newspaper clips regarding Staughton Lynd & the March on Washington protest
  52. News Clips: Staughton Lynd (1965): "Controversial U.S. Vietnam Policy Debated at St. John's," "Text of Lynd's Speech at Berkeley Teach-In," "2 Profs Score Policy in Viet," "Dr. Lynd Poses Two Questions on U.S. Position" etc.
  53. News Clips (December 28, 1965): various newspaper clips & editorials regarding Staughton Lynd & his journey to Hanoi
  54. News Clips (December 29-31, 1965): various newspaper clips & editorials regarding Staughton Lynd & his journey to Hanoi
  55. News Clips (January 1-9, 1966): various newspaper clips & editorials regarding Staughton Lynd & his journey to Hanoi
  56. News Clips (January 10, 1966): various newspaper clips & editorials regarding Staughton Lynd's return from journey to Hanoi
  57. News Clips: Staughton Lynd (1966): "President of Yale Terms Lynd Visit 'Naïve'," "Lynd in Britain Hits Viet Policy," "U.S. to Lift Passports of Lynd & Two Others," "Official Confers with Prof. Lynd," "Lynd Says Senate Won't Hear Report," "Spokesman for the New Left," "Alumni Fume-In," and many others
  58. News Clips (c.1966): various undated newspaper clips & editorials regarding Staughton Lynd & his journey to Hanoi
  59. News Clips (1967): various newspaper clips regarding Staughton Lynd's denial of Chicago State appointment
  60. News Clips (1968): newspaper clips: "U.S. Will Give Up Passport Penalty," "Lynd Now Teacher in Movement," etc.
  61. News Clips (1969): newspaper clips re Staughton Lynd's nomination for Presidency of American Historical Society
  62. Notebook: Staughton Lynd notebook regarding SNCC and SDS meetings and events (1966-1969)
  63. Letters to Grandparents (1960s): Staughton Lynd letters regarding Christmas and family life
  64. Misc. Photographs: unknown photos of houses and people

Box 7: 1970s
Folder -- Contents

  1. Photographs: Staughton Lynd at D.C. Protest, U.S. Steel sit-in, and other photos
  2. Appointment Planners (1970-1972): annual planners with daily appointments & notes
  3. Appointment Planners (1973, 1975): annual planners with daily appointments & notes
  4. Memos: various phone messages and memos
  5. Letters to Helen Lynd (1970s): letters re "Union Maids," Lee Lynd, bird watching, life in Youngstown, poems, etc.
  6. Letters to George Schatzki (1976): correspondence with University of Texas law professor re Magnovox case
  7. Letters to Univ. of California (1976): correspondence re submission of articles for law journal publication
  8. Letters to WIN (1977): correspondence with editor Murray Rosenblinth about submission of labor articles
  9. Letters to Frank Marquart (1977): correspondence regarding Staughton's review of Marquart's book in WIN
  10. Letters to Bernie Moss (1979): correspondence re New American Movement;
    "Project to Establish Worker & Community Operation of Runaway & Idle Shops" report
  11. Letters to Alan Reitman (1979): correspondence re ACLU's interest in National Labor Relations Act
  12. Misc. Correspondence (1970s): Janet Stevens resignation from In These Times, letters regarding Staughton Lynd submissions & book reviews, ACLU Skokie Case, various letters of thanks for hospitality, etc.
  13. Letters-to-the-Editor by Staughton Lynd (1970s): letters regarding human rights abuses in Vietnam, Newsweek misquotes
  14. Speeches (1970s): "What the Productivity Clause Means to the Steelworker," "The First New Left and the Third"
  15. Comments on Aptheker Case (1975): comments by Staughton Lynd & Herbert Aptheker to Joint AHA-OAH Committee
  16. Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co. Case I (1970): U.S. Supreme Court ruling in union vs. PPG case
  17. Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co. Case II (1970): U.S. Supreme Court ruling in union vs. PPG case
  18. Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co. Case III (1970): U.S. Supreme Court ruling in union vs. PPG case
  19. Trading with the Enemy Act (1977): House Subcommittee hearings on reform legislation
  20. Trading with the Enemy Act (1977): House Subcommittee hearings on reform legislation
  21. National Lawyers Guild (1979): correspondence and "Funding Proposal for National Labor Center" report
  22. Kent State F.A.C.T.: Yale First Amendment Conservation Task Force materials regarding May 4th shootings
  23. National Labor Relations Board Pamphlet (1978): early draft of NLRB pamphlet on employment
  24. Union Constitutions: Utility Workers Union (1977), Communications Workers of America (1976), Ohio Edison Council
  25. D.C. Steel Protest Photos: various photos from protest march in Washington D.C.
  26. Misc. Labor Materials: Labor Law Reform fact sheet, etc.
  27. Labor Songs: lyrics to "Steeltown," "We Shall Overcome," "Union Maid," "Casey Jones-the Union Scab" and others
  28. Labor Class in Pittsburgh (1977): list of participants, schedules, agendas, letters, and materials used in class
  29. Labor Class at Ohio State (1977): Labor Education & Research Service info, course materials, agendas, letters, etc.
  30. Labor Class in San Francisco (1978): New School for Democratic Mgt. info, class materials, agendas, letters, etc.
  31. Published Articles (1970-1974): "A History of the Union Steelworkers Union," "Again-Don't Tread on Me," "Guerrilla History," "SNCC: Beginning of Ideology," "The United Labor Party: 1942-52," "No Supervision w/out Representation"
  32. Published Articles (1975-1976): "Right to Engage in Concerted Activity..." and "Do Radicals Make Good Neighbors"
  33. Published Articles (1977-1979): "How to Be Your Own Lawyer," "The Right to Protest Danger," "Trial by Jury at Work," "The Right to Know if Job Your Causes Cancer," "Worker/Community Ownership in Youngstown?"
  34. Misc. Published Articles (1970s): "Phase Two Strategy for the Left," "Abraham Yates' History of the Movement..."
  35. Book Reviews by Staughton Lynd (1970s): reviews of Marquart, Gould, Anastaplo, Cochran, Kairys
  36. Book Reviews by Others (1970s): Robert Cook review essay "A View from an I-Beam"
  37. Book Reviews of Rank and File: various reviews of the Alice & Staughton Lynd book (c.1975)
  38. Rank and File Sales: royalty statements, correspondence with Loren Hoekzema
  39. Rank and File Materials: addendum, Christine Ellis chapter; correspondence, notes, order forms, invoices, etc.
  40. Wittenberg History Journal (1975): "Existentialism, Radical Historianship, & Staughton Lynd" by John Glen
  41. News Clips: Staughton Lynd (1971-1977): "Lynd Wins Runoff Election," "Labor Lawyer was with Protesters," "Protesters are still here-but They're Much Quieter," "A Touch of Class," "Why the Campus is Cooler This Year," and others
  42. News Clips: Staughton Lynd (1978-1979): "Lynd: Back in Middle of Maelstrom," "Niles Attorney Works at Finding Jobs," "Lynd Repeats Belief J&L Should Modernize Mill," "Pariah," "Lynd's Quiet Labor" and others
  43. News Clips: Vietnam: Rolling Stone special Vietnam issue (1975)
  44. News Clips: Labor (1970s): various newspaper articles & editorials regarding non-Youngstown labor issues
  45. New Clips: Ohio Schools (1970s): OEA Press Report with various newspaper stories regarding Ohio education
  46. Staughton Lynd Papers at SHS of Wisconsin: correspondence with Sarah Cooper re donation & processing of Papers
  47. Staughton Lynd Papers at SHS of Wisconsin: Register, restrictions, introduction, bibliography, correspondence, etc.
  48. State Historical Society of Wisconsin: Social Action Collections guide
  49. State Historical Society of Wisconsin: guides to various collections at SHSW

Box 8: Youngstown
Folder -- Contents

  1. Letters: Staughton Lynd correspondence regarding Youngstown steel mills, lawsuits, billing, and related issues
  2. Letters-to-the-Editor (1979-1980): letters from various people regarding shutdowns, inflation, unions, etc.
  3. Misc. Youngstown Materials: map, postcards, fliers, cartoons, etc.
  4. U.S. Steel Protest Photos: various photos from worker occupation of U.S. Steel (1979-1980)
  5. Youngstown Photos: photos of Campbell Works, workers, lawyers, Hewlett loaders, Ed Mann, etc.
  6. Brier Hill Photos: photos of picket line and meetings at Brier Hill, Ed Mann (1978)
  7. Announcements (1979-1983): fliers and invitations to various union rallies, programs, symposiums, etc.
  8. Union Election Materials: fliers, pamphlets, cartoons, etc. regarding union officials election races
  9. Frank Trainor Election Materials: letters to Staughton Lynd and various publicity for Director of District 26 race
  10. Sample Registers (1971): sample industry register sheets for Youngstown area companies
  11. Misc. Lists: list of recipients of copies of Fight Against Shutdowns, legal clients, local members, etc.
  12. R.A.F.T. Lists: lists of Rank And File Team donors and members
  13. Court Cases (1970s): First Amended Complaint for Declaratory & Injunctive Relief, Request for Production, etc.
  14. Steel Firm Reports: Annual Report of Congressional Steel Caucus, Lykes-Youngstown Annual Report, and many others
  15. Misc. Union Materials: USWA Policy Resolutions, various press releases, Local 1462 Statement to Jones & Laughlin
  16. Archie Nelson Interview (1990): Bruce Nelson interview of African-American Union organizer, Archie Nelson
  17. Urban Bishop's Coalition: "Pastoral Message from the Coalition of Urban Bishops" (1982)
  18. Articles (1978-1979): "Does Youngstown Have a Prayer," "Steel Layoffs Signal Decline, War Danger," and others
  19. Articles (1980): "Ohio Steel Towns Becoming Ghost Towns," "Court to Rule on Youngstown Closings," and others
  20. Articles (1981): "Merger Writes Steel Giant's Final Chapter," "Black Monday: 5 Years Later" series, and others
  21. Articles (1982): "Big Steel's Puzzling Strategy," "Rust Bowl: Jobs Fade as Mills Decay," and many others
  22. News Clips (1977-1978): "Rep. Williams Plans Suit," "J&L Employees Picket for Chance to Work," "Steel Targets 3 Coalitionists," "Sees Lykes Moving to End Money Woes," "Calls on Industry to Stay in Area," and others
  23. News Clips (1979): "Accountability Bill Backed by Bishop," "5,000 Jobs Stolen," "Steel Mills to be Closed Made Profit," "U.S. Steel: USW Pact Shut Mills," "USW Dissidents Fail to Alter Ratification," and others
  24. News Clips (January 1980): "Steelworkers Occupy U.S. Steel Headquarters," "Mill Closings Suit Set for March 17," "Steelworkers Unlikely to get Federal Benefits," "500 Storm U.S. Steel Office," "Co-op to Buy Mills Probed," etc.
  25. News Clips (February 1980): "Steel Petitions taken to Capitol," "Temporary Order Keeps Steel Mills Open," "Retired Steelworkers Lose Pensions," "U.S. Steel Closing Begins March 10," "Probes U.S. Steel Refusal to Sell Mill," etc.
  26. News Clips (March 1980): "Valley is Exception in Anderson Plan," "US Steel Appeals Ruling," "J&L Denies Girard Unit will Close," "USS Fights Anti-Closing Decision," "Youngstown Mills Open," "USS Steel Decided Latest May not to Invest," "USS Plans Mill Renovation," "Judge Rules Mills Free to Shut Down," "US Steel Begins Shutdown," etc.
  27. News Clips (1980): "US Steel Closing 2 More Mills," "J&L Sells 2 Cold Metal Plants," and others
  28. News Clips (1981): "Barbero Dies; USW Leader," "Bishop Malone Undisturbed by Disputes," "Mann Defeats Naples"
  29. News Clips (1982-1983): "SA Runs Out of Cheese," "Jobless Rate Nears 20% Here," "Homeless Northerners Unable to Find Work in Sun Belt," "US Steel Discussing Import Plan," "Lynd Sees Possibility in Worker Ownership," and others
  30. News Clips: U.S. Steel Industry (c.1980): various newspaper articles regarding trends and events in U.S. steel industry
  31. News Clips: Foreign Steel Industry (c.1980): various newspaper articles regarding trends and events in foreign steel
  32. French Steel Mill Materials: Staughton Lynd correspondence and various articles re Longwy Mills shutdowns
  33. Cambridge Mellon University Publications: articles re Youngstown & steel industry collected by Tom Kerr
  34. Book Reviews: The Fight Against Shutdowns (1980-1983): various reviews of the Staughton Lynd monograph
  35. Book Reviews: The Fight Against Shutdowns (1980-1983): various reviews of the Staughton Lynd monograph

Box 9: Law School Notebooks

23 notebooks kept by Staughton Lynd with various undated notes and comments regarding various law topics

Box 10: 1980s
Folder -- Contents

  1. Letters to Harry Boyte (1984): Staughton Lynd correspondence regarding U.S. Green movement; newsletter
  2. Letters to J. Brecher & Tim Costello (1988): S. Lynd correspondence re SDS, Zeta, Nicaragua, publications, etc.
  3. Letters to Greg Calvert: Staughton Lynd correspondence re Marxism, Intellectual Origins..., the New Left, etc.
    Running argument over personal difference during SDS days; includes allegations of Lynd passive aggressiveness
  4. Letters to Pam Chude (1989): Staughton Lynd correspondence re Mississippi volunteers reunion
  5. Letters to John Cline (1984): Staughton Lynd correspondence re article for Texas Law Review
  6. Letters to Sarah Cooper (1980): S. Lynd correspondence re the storage of his papers at Wisconsin State Hist. Society
  7. Letters to Charles Crowe: Staughton Lynd correspondence with college student writing paper on Aptheker incident
  8. Letters to Eric Davin: Staughton Lynd correspondence re Davin book Radicals in Power, Ed Mann, unions, etc.
  9. Letters to Matt Finkin (1985): Staughton Lynd correspondence re Chicago Law School's Professor Epstein
  10. Letters to Peter Gabel (1985): Staughton Lynd correspondence re "Occupational Stress Groups" brochure
  11. Letters to Jamie Kalven: Staughton Lynd correspondence re Harry Kalven review by Lynd
  12. Letters to Karl Klaven (1985): Staughton Lynd correspondence re Finkin article, law school, and sit-downs
  13. Letters to Jules Lobel (1987): S. Lynd correspondence re Lynd article for inclusion in Univ. of Pittsburgh publication
  14. Letters to John Logue: Staughton Lynd correspondence re strike at Trumbell Memorial Hospital
  15. Letters to Ronald Mann: S. Lynd correspondence re publication of Lynd's "Communal Rights" in Texas Law Review
  16. Letters to Bruce Nelson (1989): Staughton Lynd correspondence re slanderous allegations in Dartmouth Review
  17. Letters to David Rabban: Staughton Lynd correspondence regarding reviews of publications
  18. Letters to Judy Selhorst (1985): Staughton Lynd correspondence re Warner Woodworth book Industrial Democracy
  19. Letters to Michael Sokolow (1984): Staughton Lynd correspondence re submission of "Communal Rights" piece
  20. Letters from Clyde Summers (1984): Staughton Lynd letter re trip to Japan; Comm. on Education & Labor report
  21. Letters to Jim Weinstein (1987): Staughton Lynd correspondence re Constitution article for In These Times
  22. Letters to Stan Weir (1982-85): Staughton Lynd correspondence re publication of Labor Law for Rank & File
  23. Letters to George White(1981): Staughton Lynd correspondence re publication of Simone Weil essay
  24. Letters to U.S. State Dept. (1988): Staughton Lynd letters re imprisonment of Curtis Williams in Liberia
  25. Letters re Labor Law for Rank & File: Staughton Lynd letters seeking a publisher, work on film "Union Maids," etc.
  26. Letters re Labor Law for Rank & File Rights: Staughton Lynd letters to contributors re second edition printing
  27. Letters re Fight Against Shutdowns Rights: Staughton Lynd letters to Youngstown Vindicator, Rev. R.P. Taylor, Arlene Denney and others regarding quotes and materials to be used in the book
  28. Letters re Fight Against Shutdowns: Staughton Lynd letters to Lee Lynd, etc. accompanying book; reviews and letters of congratulations from Jeremy Brecher, etc.
  29. Letters re Fight Against Shutdowns: Staughton Lynd letters to Stan Weir & Bob Miles about the contract, proofs, etc.
  30. Letters re Intellectual Origins of Radicalism (1980s): Staughton Lynd letters re Harvard reprint of book
  31. Letters re SNCC Reunion (1989): B. Nelson, B.Zellner letters; "Going to Mississippi," letter, poems by Pam Chude
  32. Letters to Editor: letter to Dartmouth Review re James McCuthcheon article on Vincent Harding (1989)
  33. Misc. Letters (1980s): correspondence re publication of articles & reviews, awards, etc.
  34. Speeches (1980s): At City Club (April 18, 1980), Yale Law Journal 90th Anniversary Banquet (April 24, 1981), speech re Ed Mann
  35. Interviews (1980s): interview by Elizabeth Pavlich (1980)
  36. SDS Reunion (1988): invitations, questionnaires, events schedule, biographies, letters, etc.
  37. Central America materials: various fliers & pamphlets regarding issues in Central America
  38. Court Rulings (1980s): various law-related materials and historical court rulings used by Staughton Lynd
  39. Charles Kerr Publishing: "A Centennial Note on Charles H. Kerr Publishing Co" by Susan Mernitz, "Socialist Publishing in Illinois" by Allen Ruff and other articles; fliers, postcards, and newsletters
  40. Labor Update : issues from 1980 and 1982
  41. Youngstown State Labor Class (1986): university requirements, contract, class rosters, grades, and other materials
  42. Misc. Labor Classes (1983): Buffalo Critical Legal Studies report by AL Katz, Law & Labor History by Atleson
  43. Labor School Financial Statements (1983): financial statements from Spring class
  44. Labor School Schedules: various fliers and announcements for labor classes & events in Mahoning Valley area
  45. Labor School Guides: "How to Organize a Union Meeting" and "Films for Labor" pamphlets and other materials
  46. Misc. Labor School Materials: articles, court rulings, fliers, statistics, etc. to be used in class
  47. Labor Class Supplement (1987): "Labor Law in Crisis" course pack compiled by Staughton Lynd
  48. Labor Class Supplement (1989): "Problems in Labor Law" course pack compiled by Staughton Lynd
  49. Center for Local Economic Strategies (1986): materials pertaining to CLES compiled by Jeremey Brecher
  50. Hilton Works Agreement (1985): Basic Agreement with Local 1005 pamphlet marked by Stan Weir
  51. Rev. Daniel Berrigan Case (1984): Opinion of the Court, "Prison Sentences Reinstated for 8 Anti-War Activists"
  52. Invitations & Announcements: S. Lynd speech at Norman Thomas Memorial, ACLU Dinner for Staughton Lynd (1986)
  53. Book Reviews by Staughton Lynd (1970s): reviews of Kaiser, Lewy, Barnet, Moody, Tullen, and others
  54. Review of Atelson Book (1984): galley proofs of S. Lynd review of Values & Assumptions in American Labor Law
  55. Review of Atelson Book (1984): early draft of S. Lynd review of Values & Assumptions in American Labor Law
  56. Review of Atelson Book: James Atelson letter; drafts of Lynd review of Values & Assumptions in Amer. Labor Law
  57. Book Reviews by Others (1980s): reviews of Guenter Lewy and various other labor books
  58. Published Articles (1980s): "The Case for Economic Rights," "Corporate Ruthlessness and Community Despair," "The Anti-War Movement Begins," "Big Steel's Irony," "Workers Can Be Choosers," and others
  59. Articles on Staughton Lynd (1980s): "What Happened to Activists of the '60s," "Still Committed to Rank & File," "Antiwar Activist of '60s Now a Workers' Lawyer," "A '60s Activist Fights a New Fight," "Refiring the Furnaces"
  60. Reports on Staughton Lynd: "A Rebel Historian: the Life of Staughton Lynd" by Laura Pincus (1988)
  61. News Clips: Staughton Lynd (1980s): "Ohio Steelworkers Lose Court Fight," "Steel Communities' Rights Being Violated Lawyer Says," "Update Steel Plants, Lawyer Tells Forum," and other articles
  62. News Clips: Lynd Family (1980s): "UW Tests a Bug for Our Times" [about Lee Lynd]
  63. News Clips: Steel Plant Occupations: various articles sent by Gerry Hunnius regarding steel plant sit-ins
  64. News Clips: San Pedro Strike (1982): various articles sent by Stan Weir regarding California cannery strike
  65. News Clips: U.S. Strikes (1980s): articles about Star-Kist, Weirton, and other strikes
  66. News Clips: Misc. Labor (1980s): "Detroit's Strange Bedfellows," "Workers who Write about Factory Life can be Riveting," "Unpaid Workers at Panama Ports Strike in Protest," "Rescuing the World Steel Industry," and other articles
  67. News Clips: Misc. Labor (1980s): "NLRB: AN Agency in Turmoil," "Organizing" newsletter by Burt Alpert, and others
  68. News Clips: First Amendment (1980s): "Yale's Liberalism Defended against Vice Presidential Allegations," "Ugly Ideas, and Democracy," "Accused by Anonymous Sources," and various Bjork hearing articles
  69. News Clips: Winooski 44 (1985): "Verdict Perverts Legal System," "Sit-In Witnesses Deplore Central Amer. Policy"
  70. News Clips: Misc. Articles (1980s): Abbie Hoffman obit, "Interview w/Barry Commoner," and others
  71. Periodical Articles (1980s): articles of Freedom Schools, "The Legacy of the 1960s for the Politics of the 1990s," "Looking Back: the Vietnam Years" New Journal special issue, The Objector special high school issue

Box 11: 1990s
Folder -- Contents

  1. Family Trees (1993): descendents of Jacob Merrell & Emily Browning; family trees for Lee, Barbara, Martha Lynd
    The McCollester Family History
  2. Bibliography of Staughton Lynd: brief bios, resume, and extensive bibliography
  3. Biographies: "Staughton Lynd: Historian, Attorney, Activist, Author" by Glenn Perusek
  4. Oral History: Youngstown State (1990): interview of Staughton Lynd: "Anti-War Movement at YSU During 1960s"
  5. Interviews (1990s): interview of Staughton Lynd by Natalie Harris (1994)
  6. Speeches (1990s): "Labor History, Oral History, and May 4" at Kent State (1999), "What is Socialism?" (1990), "Internationalization of Capital & Labor's Response" (1990), "What Is Socialism?" (1990)
  7. News Clips: S. Lynd (1990s): "Rally Remembers Labor Leader Executed in 1915," "Legal Duo Labors for Workers"
  8. News Clips: Cal Thomas Columns (1992): Opinion articles condemning 60s radicals and mentioning Staughton Lynd; "Left Must Face Day of Reckoning" and "Religious Left Sustained Communism"; letters-to-editor about the columns
  9. Correspondence with Cal Thomas: Staughton Lynd correspondence w/Thomas & others re criticism in Thomas columns
  10. Letters-to-Editor (1990s): Staughton Lynd letters-to-editor regarding Dave Dellinger, Cal Thomas, etc.
  11. Book Reviews by Staughton Lynd (1990s): reviews of Schwartz, Katz, Aptheker, Kunstler, Fraina, Yates, and others
  12. Book Review of The Union Makes Us Strong (1997): S. Lynd review, notes, correspondence re Dave Wellman book
  13. Book Reviews for Journal of American History (1992): S. Lynd reviews of Orren and Woodisiss books, notes, letters
  14. Movie Review: Staughton Lynd review of "Struggles in Steel" documentary; letters, notes, guide
  15. Book Reviews: Ranks and File: "Talkin' Bout My Generation" by John Boros (1991)
  16. Published Articles (1990s): "Rebuilding the Labor Movement from Below," "Our Solidarity is the Union"
  17. Lecture on Vietnam at YSU (1994): S. Lynd correspondence w/prof Bill Mullen; news clips from YSU 1960s unrest
  18. Youngstown Islamic Center Award (1997): program & award from Appreciation Dinner for Staughton Lynd
  19. SDS Reunion (1996): invitations, newsletters, bios of members, schedules, notes, etc.
  20. SNCC Reunion (1996): invitations, newsletters, bios of members, schedules, Planning Committee notes, etc.
  21. Articles: Mississippi (1990s): "We Shall Overcome, This Time with Algebra" and "Along the Freedom Trail"
  22. News Clips: Yale Labor Rally (1991): letter from John Wilhelm and various news clips from the rally
  23. Articles: E.P. Thompson (1993): "A Thoroughly English Dissident" and other memorial articles
  24. Andre Schiffrin Publishing: "Publishing Outside the Mainstream," The New Press pamphlet, letter to S. Lynd (1992)
  25. Dave Dellinger: reviews, letters, etc. regarding Dellinger autobiography From Yale to Jail
  26. Letters to Steve Early: Staughton Lynd correspondence re various labor issues, newsletters, & news clips
  27. Book Reviews by Steve Early: reviews of Kim Moody and Anthony Lukas
  28. News Clips sent by Steve Early: various articles on healthcare, labor issues, NYNEX strike, etc.
  29. Steve Early Published Articles: various pieces written on labor topics and the NYNEX strike
  30. News Clips: Labor (1990s): "Labor's Bad Boys," "New Populism or Business as Usual," and many other labor articles
  31. News Clips: Ed Mann (1992): many obituaries and memorial articles on the labor leader
  32. Ed Mann Memorial (1992): "In Memoriam--Ed Mann" speech, schedule, and many sympathy letters & cards
  33. Labor School: Ed Mann Labor School: class materials, notes, registration forms, fliers, and other school materials
  34. Labor School News Clips (1990s): newspaper advertisements for Ed Mann Labor School
  35. Labor Schools: Pittsburgh Center materials for seminar on E.P. Thompson, various letters, newsletters, fliers, etc.
  36. Labor School: Organizing Training Center: Publications Catalog, fliers, and various materials
  37. Labor School: Highland Research & Ed. Center: "A Very Popular Economic Education Sampler" course pack
  38. University of Pittsburgh: K. Leroy Irvis Fellowship Program application materials (1996)
  39. Keystone Job Corps Center: Activist Background Kit, letters, and notes
  40. Free Trade Union Institute: Staughton Lynd letters concerning his visit to Krakow, Poland (1995); FTUI Annual Report (1994), map of Krakow, various Solidarnou articles and newsletters
  41. Service Employees International Union: various questionnaires, forms, fliers
  42. UAW New Directions Education Fund (1992): platforms and issues regarding elections, fliers, letters, etc.
  43. Workers Solidarity Club (1992): meeting announcements, fliers, newsletters, etc. for Youngstown group
  44. New Party (1994-1995): articles, newsletters, fliers, and other materials relating to the new political party movement
  45. The Group: letters among members, Staughton Lynd's lists of topics, notes, agendas, etc. for the discussion group
  46. News Clips: Activism (1990s): new clips for The Group's discussion on progressivism, activism, etc.
  47. Human Rights Watch: membership letters to Staughton Lynd (1992); news clips of human rights abuses
  48. Prison Materials: "The Prison Moratorium Movement," "California's Rogue Elephant," and issues of The Call (1995)
  49. Fenastras materials: newsletters, notes, etc. for Salvadoran labor group; S.Lynd letters and visa application materials
  50. Envio Invoices (1996): invoices of Staughton Lynd subscription to Nicaraguan publication
  51. News Clips: Mississippi Church Burnings (1996): various news clips and Washington Quaker Workcamps newsletters
  52. News Clips: Erie, PA KKK Rally (1992): various news clips regarding planned Klan rally
  53. Middle East pamphlets: "Organizing Teach-Ins for Middle East Peace," "Israel & Palestine: 2 People 2 States"
  54. News Clips: Gulf War Protests: news clips on OSU rally, protestor camp in Iraq desert, vet protestors, etc.
  55. News Clips: Gulf War Immolations: news clips on self-immolation by protestors in San Francisco & Amherst, MA
  56. News Clips: Protestors (1990s): news clips of protestors of Concord munitions plant, Nicaragua, etc.
  57. News Clips: ELF Project (1996): "Dostoevsky's Unabomber," "ELF Protestor Sentenced to Year in Prison" and various news clips regarding Tom & Donna Hastings sabotage of Navy ELF Project
  58. ELF Protest newsletters: Nukewatch newsletters and letters; various other newsletters mentioning ELF
  59. ELF Protest: Laurentian Shield: pamphlets, newsletters, and other materials produced during the Hastings' house arrest
  60. Letters to Tom & Donna Hastings: Staughton Lynd correspondence to the couple during their imprisonment and trial
  61. ELF Protest Case (1995): U.S. District Court of Nebraska vs. Samuel Day, Jr. statement
  62. Non-Violence Class (1997): course description and Dennison University policies sent by Jim Cort
  63. Quaker Publications: Quaker Life issues (1995), "The Plough" pamphlet, Fortkamp Publishing Co. booklist
  64. Pendle Hill Publications: "Without Nightfall Upon the Spirit" by Mary Morrison, Annual Report (1994), etc.
  65. Quaker Materials: Jubilee Ministries pamphlets, Festival Center, Inc. Annual Report (1990), etc.
  66. Exuela Popular - The People's School: course schedules (1997), newsletter, and fliers for Cleveland, OH school
  67. Russell Means: interview by John Edgar Wideman in MM (1995)
  68. WPA Film Library: information package with description and list of films; request for interview w/S. Lynd (1995)
  69. Misc. Invoices: Staughton Lynd invoices for CU Press Book Services, Univ. of Illinois Press, etc.
  70. St. Vincent's Hospital: Annual Report (1990) for the New York hospital

Box 12: 1990s: Correspondence
Folder -- Contents

  1. Letters to Fran Ansley (1990): S. Lynd correspondence re labor issues; "Worker-to-Worker International Exchange"
  2. Letters re Herbert Aptheker (1996): S.Lynd correspondence w/Al Young & Herb Shapiro re the Aptheker - Yale Matter
  3. Letters to Sam Bahour(1996): S. Lynd correspondence re reference letter for Tel Aviv University & West Bank unrest
  4. Letters to Terry Birdwhistell (1992): S. Lynd correspondence re Oral History Assn. Meeting
  5. Letters to John Boros (1990): S. Lynd correspondence re about co-writing an article on PPG Local in Barberton, OH
  6. Letters to Jeremy Brecher (1990s): S. Lynd correspondence re Lynd's Solidarity Unionism and labor issues
  7. Letters to Paul Buhle (1992): S. Lynd letters re Buhle's review of Solidaryity Unionism & "A.J. Muste"
  8. Letters to Greg Calvert (1990): Staughton Lynd correspondence re Calvert's search for a publisher
  9. Letters to Greg Calvert (1994): Staughton Lynd correspondence re Calvert's stay in Nicaragua & orphaned children
  10. Letters to Pam Chude (1994): Staughton Lynd correspondence re 30th Anniversary of SNCC
  11. Letters to Judieth Clark (1996): Staughton Lynd correspondence re lawsuit against TV station WTLW
  12. Letters to Ron Daniels (1993): S. Lynd correspondence re letter of recommendation for Center for Constitution Rights
  13. Letters to Dena Davis (1997): S. Lynd correspondence re Lynd's interest in a Chair at Cleveland Marshall Law School
  14. Letters to Debra (1996-1997): Staughton Lynd correspondence re Lynd's Lynd's editing of her manuscript
  15. Letters to Roxanne Dunbar: S. Lynd correspondence re Gulf War, visit to San Francisco, dispute with Pam Chude
  16. Letters to Helen Garvey (1996-1997): Staughton Lynd correspondence re SDS film, reunion, etc.
  17. Letters to Linda Gutsell (1990): S. Lynd correspondence re Lynd's publication in W. Virginia Law Review
  18. Letters to David Hartley (1992): S. Lynd correspondence re Quaker United Nations Office activities, etc.
  19. Letters to Annie Higgins (1997): S. Lynd correspondence with distant cousin Higgins re family tree & Palestinian rights
  20. Letters to Herbert Hill: Staughton Lynd correspondence re debate with Nelson Lichtenstein & racism in labor
  21. Letters to Candice Hoke (1993): Staughton Lynd correspondence re dinner meeting to discuss Hoke's lawsuit
  22. Letters to Ingrid (1996): Staughton Lynd correspondence re misunderstanding between them re her husband's death
  23. Letters to George Katsiaficas (1990): Staughton Lynd correspondence re May 4th effect on Lordstown strike
  24. Letters to Peter Kellman (1997): S. Lynd letters re editing of Kellman's MS; "Industrial Relations in Transition"
  25. Letters to Ron Kent (1990): Staughton Lynd correspondence re International Labor History Assn. conference
  26. Letters to Mike Konopacki (1991): S. Lynd correspondence re Konopacki's labor cartoons for "Solidarity Unionism
  27. Letters to Viacheslav Kudin (1992): Staughton Lynd correspondence re Kudin's visits to U.S. in 1962 & 1992
  28. Letters to Jessie Lemich (1991): Staughton Lynd correspondence re publication of Lemich's "American History"
  29. Letters to Barbara Lynd: letter re buying of new home (1992); church bulletin from Barbara w/J.H. Newman piece
  30. Letter from Lee Lynd: birthday card (1993)
  31. Letters to Martha Lynd: Letter from Martha Lynd re Solidarity Unionism and her Forrest Service job (1992); postcards and notes from various locations in Western U.S.; birthday greetings from grandchildren
  32. Letters to Robert Mast (1994): Staughton Lynd correspondence re interview of Lynd; "Detroit Lives" materials
  33. Letters to Rebecca Mays (1995-1996): S. Lynd correspondence re publication of "Liberation Theology for Quakers"
  34. Letters to Martha Minnow (1992-1994): Staughton Lynd correspondence re publication in Harvard Law's "Law Stories"
  35. Letters from Jeremy Mott: Staughton Lynd correspondence re Quaker publications and other issues
  36. Letters to Joe Mulligan (1996): Staughton Lynd correspondence re with priest in Nicaragua
  37. Letters to Bruce Nelson (1995-1996): Staughton Lynd correspondence re racism in the labor movement
  38. Letters to Bruce Nelson (1991): Staughton Lynd correspondence re historical union racism & Solidarity Unionism
  39. Letters to Carl Oglesby (1996): Staughton Lynd correspondence re his SDS memoir "Ravens on the Wing," etc.
  40. Letters to Chris Phelps (1997): S. Lynd correspondence re Lynd's "History of...Society is History of Class Struggles"
  41. Letters to Jim Pope (1996): Staughton Lynd correspondence re possible co-authoring of labor book
  42. Letters to Margaret Randall (1995-1997): Staughton Lynd correspondence re Quaker history and trip to Cuba
  43. Letters to Dave Roediger (1990-1991): Staughton Lynd correspondence re publication of Solidarity Unionism
  44. Letters to Franklin & Penny Rosemount: Staughton Lynd correspondence re publication of Solidarity Unionism
  45. Letters from Bob Schindler: Staughton Lynd correspondence re a labor class and Lynd's typing skills
  46. Letters to Cornelius Thomas (1995): Staughton Lynd correspondence re letter of recommendation for Youngstown State
  47. Letters to Stan Weir (1996): Staughton Lynd correspondence re publication of Solidarity Unionism
  48. Letters to Stan Weir (1992): S. Lynd correspondence re publication of Solidarity Unionism & Labor Notes conference
  49. Letters to Howard Wellman (1996): Staughton Lynd correspondence re review of Wellman's "We Are All Leaders"
  50. Letters to Evelyn White (1995): Staughton Lynd correspondence re her work on Alice Walker biography
  51. Letters to Marilyn Williams (1997): Staughton Lynd correspondence re Williams' lawsuit
  52. Letters to Brian Wilson (1992): Staughton Lynd correspondence re publication of Wilson's memoirs
  53. Letters to Al Young (1993-1996): Staughton Lynd correspondence re radical historians and firing from Yale
  54. Letters to Marcia Young (1993): Staughton Lynd correspondence re Chico Friends Meeting
  55. Letters to Maurice Zeitlin (1995): Staughton Lynd correspondence re Zeitlin's editing of "Talking Union"
  56. Letters to Moriya Fumiaki (1995): S. Lynd correspondence re Japanese labor movement and Solidarity Unionism
  57. Letters re Contracts (1990s): Staughton Lynd correspondence re "New Radicals" and Rank & File publication
  58. Letters re Liberation Theology for Quakers: letters from Martha Lynd and others complimenting the books
  59. Letters re Conference on Rank & File Unionism (1997): S. Lynd correspondence w/S. Arnonowitz, C. Winslow, etc.
  60. Letters re Employment (1990s): Staughton Lynd correspondence re employment programs & services
  61. Letters re Quakers (1990s): Staughton Lynd correspondence re Tim Drake, George Watson, Hannah Johnson
  62. Misc. Letters (1990-1993): Staughton Lynd correspondence with Karl Klare, Kim Scipes, Terry Anderson, and others
  63. Misc. Letters (1993-1996): Staughton Lynd correspondence with Natalie Harris, Paul Whitehead, Jim Atelson, and others
  64. Misc. Letters (1997): Staughton Lynd correspondence with Steve Wechsler, Jeff Ditz, Tom Scheff, David Hartley, etc.

Box 13: 1990s: Labor Law
Folder -- Contents

  1. Midwest Labor & Employment Conference (1996): Reference Manual from 33rd annual conference
  2. Pennsylvania Bar Exam: materials from S.Lynd's bar exam; references, transcripts, Ohio & Illinois law licenses
  3. Glenda Boyd case (1991): letters and Appeal in suit against Ameridial, Inc.
  4. Brix Maritime Co. case (1992): Tankerman Supplemental Agreements between Brix Maritime & Inlandboatmen's Union
  5. Buick GM Youngstown case (1997): Intl. Assn. Of Machinists & Aerospace Workers unfair labor lawsuit
  6. Peter Camarata Case: suit against Teamsters in Michigan and related materials
  7. Sandi Cullinan case (1996): National Labor Relations Board lawsuit against Manor West, Inc. of Youngstown
  8. Easco Corp. expansion case (1995): Ohio Enterprise Zone Program, letters, applications, etc.
  9. Electromation, Inc. case (1991): National Labor Relations Board lawsuit against Easco in Detroit, MI
  10. Foss Maritime Co. case (1993): Agreement with Inlandboatmen's Union, letters, press releases, newsletters, etc.
  11. General Motors case (1995): Occupational Disease Panel report regarding Niagara Falls plant
  12. G.F. Corporation case (1990): transcripts of proceedings of bankruptcy case in Youngstown, OH
  13. Health Guard case (1994): agreement with Drs. J&V Ventresco, Inc.; news clips, letters, Union materials, etc.
  14. Hillside Hospital case (1997): agreement with Ohio Nurses Assn., Unfair Labor Practice Charge form, etc.
  15. Francis Lavigne case (1992): Lavigne v. Ontario Public Services Union lawsuit and appeal
  16. LTV case (1984): Report of Employee Benefit Plan, transcripts from hearing with AFL-CIO
  17. Modern Builders Supply case (1992): MBS Solidarity collective bargaining lawsuit; letters, memos, election materials
  18. Ohio State Constitution petition: petition to amend the constitution to restore General Assistance funds
  19. Pittsburgh Plate Glass case: Oil, Chemical, Atomic Workers Intl. Union collective bargaining lawsuit
  20. Marrieta Reed case (1997): letters regarding workmen's compensation lawsuit Lordstown GM plant
  21. Sawhill Tubular case (1990): letters, filings, and other materials regarding age discrimination lawsuit
  22. United Auto Workers case: various materials re occupational safety lawsuit; Local Agreements, By-Laws pamphlets
  23. Union Carbide case (1993): contract with Teamsters Local 377, wage increase charts, union proposal notes
  24. Arnold Welber case (1991): appeal of worker's compensation case against U.S. Postal Service
  25. Misc. Labor Law Research Materials: various bills, laws, notes, precedents, and other materials
  26. Misc. Statutes & Regulations: various laws, conference reports, and other materials
  27. Misc. Historical Cases: various court decisions used for background research

Box 14: Sound Recordings
Folder -- Contents

  1. Christmas 1941: three 45 LPs of Staughton & Andrea Lynd singing "Away in the Manger" and "Here We Come A-Wasseling"; recorded December 25, 1941 in New York City
  2. Christmas 1945: 45 LP of Andrea & Staughton Lynd
  3. Freedom School recordings: two reel-to-reel tapes of Freedom School Convention (August 1964); includes Bob Moses discussion and several plays
  4. Slessinger Debate: reel-to-reel tape of Staughton Lynd/Howard Slessinger debate (1965); includes Slessinger letter
  5. Vietnam Debates: reel-to-reel tapes of Staughton Lynd/Jay Steibel debate (1965) and at Woosley Hall (1966)
  6. Staughton Lynd Speech: reel-to-reel tapes of Staughton Lynd speech (August 1965)
  7. Staughton Lynd Interview (1965): reel-to-reel interview by Joanne Grant on Assembly of Unrepresented Peoples
  8. Herb Aptheker: reel-to-reel tapes of Herbert Aptheker with A.J. Muste and with Tom Hayden (c.1965)
  9. WIN tapes: two cassette tapes marked "WIN" (Workshop in Nonviolence)
  10. J&L Meeting: three cassettes from J&L meeting (c.1978)
    Scope and Contents: Appears to be a recording of a national sales meeting regarding the merger of J & L and Continental Emsco, circa 1978.
    Alternate Form Available: These tapes have been digitally captured.
  11. Gerald 3/23/81: two cassette tapes
  12. Chuck 12/40/80: six cassette tapes
  13. Specialty Wire 7/21/86: two cassette tapes
  14. Ed Mann tapes: four cassettes titled "Betty and Ed" (1989)
    Scope and Content: Informal interviews with Betty and Ed Mann at their home (?)
    Alternate Form Available: These tapes have been digitally captured.
  15. Eric Davin & Anita Alverio: "Homestead: We're Not Dead Yet": two cassette tapes

Series 3: Staughton and Alice Lynd publications

Box 15: Labor
Folder -- Contents

  1. Rank and File (1973): complete manuscript with minor editorial remarks
  2. Rank and File : correspondence and edited manuscript regarding republication in 1981
  3. Labor Law for the Rank & Filer (1978): completely revised manuscript
  4. Labor Law for the Rank & Filer (1978): completely revised manuscript
  5. Labor Law for the Rank & Filer (1978): manuscript with editorial marks
  6. Labor Law for the Rank & Filer (1978): completely revised manuscript and edited manuscript
  7. American Labor Radicalism : manuscript with many revisions and other materials
  8. American Labor Radicalism : Chapter I: The Possibility of Radicalism
  9. American Labor Radicalism : Chapter II: CIO
  10. American Labor Radicalism : Chapter III: Stirrings
  11. American Labor Radicalism : Chapter IV: Prophecies
  12. "From Protest to Economic Democracy" (1989): final manuscript and edited article for Building Bridges magazine
  13. "From Protest to Economic Democracy": S.Lynd correspondence with editor regarding changes and edited manuscript
  14. Labor in Era of Multinationalism (1991): complete manuscript with revisions
  15. Labor in Era of Multinationalism : complete manuscript with many revisions
  16. Labor in Era of Multinationalism citations: various articles, reports, etc. cited by Staughton Lynd
  17. Labor in Era of Multinationalism : materials regarding publication in West Virginia Law Review
  18. Labor in Era of Multinationalism : Response by C. Greer, "A Contrasting View of the Effect of Foreign Competition"
  19. Solidarity Unionism (1991): finished manuscript with Mike Konopacki illustrations
  20. Solidarity Unionism: edited and unedited manuscripts
  21. Solidarity Unionism: edited manuscript with letter from Charles Kerr
  22. Solidarity Unionism: galley proofs of manuscript
  23. Solidarity Unionism: Staughton Lynd notebook with notes and materials for the book
  24. "Solidarity" Chapter in Minow Book: review of notes for the chapter regarding loss of retirement benefits
  25. "Solidarity" Chapter in Minow Book: various notes, articles, and reports quoted by Staughton Lynd in chapter
  26. We Are All We've Got (1996): gallery proofs
  27. We Are All We've Got: edited manuscript
  28. We Are All We've Got: edited manuscript
  29. We Are All We've Got: edited manuscript
  30. "Reindustrialization from Below" (1985): draft for a Commonwork Pamphlet
  31. "Self-Activity and Sisterhood" (1996): manuscript for submission to Radical America and related letters
  32. Misc. Articles: "Workers' Control in a Time of Diminished Workers' Rights," "The Constitution and American Workers," "What Productivity Means to the Steelworker," "Labor Law Questions & Answers," "Crowd, Rank and File..." "To The Memorial Day Massacre"
  33. Misc. Notes: various citations written on business cards

Box 16: Various
Folder -- Contents

  1. Misc. Early Pieces: "Martin Luther & the Anabaptists," "Open Letter to the Next President," "Both Sides of the Equation," "Satyagraha in the Slums," "Power & Morality," "Southern Negro Students," and others
  2. "The Revolution & the Common Man" (1962): Part I of Staughton Lynd's thesis for Columbia Doctorate of Philosophy
  3. "The Revolution & the Common Man" (1962): Part II of Staughton Lynd's thesis for Columbia Doctorate of Philosophy
  4. Class Conflict: Slavery & American Revolution: edited Preface
  5. "The First New Left...and the Third" (1975): to be presented at MIT lecture honoring Simone Weil
  6. "Investment Decisions & Quid Pro Quo Myth" (1979): edited manuscript and letter to editor of CWRU Law Review
  7. "Investment Decisions & Quid Pro Quo Myth" (1979): edited manuscript and galley proofs
  8. "Thesis & Antithesis": edited manuscript and galley proofs
  9. Various Pieces: "Peculiar Culture of Politics," "Overcoming Barriers of Race & Class," "Independent Unionism in CA"
  10. Law Journal Pieces: "Company Constitutionalism?" "Right to Engage in Concerted Activity after Union Recognition"
  11. "First Amendment in the Workplace": Staughton Lynd rough draft with many corrections; comments by Bernard Metzer
  12. "In My Opinion: Constitutional Encounters" (1987): article in Ohio Lawyer, letter from editor
  13. Communal Rights (1984): edited galley proofs
  14. Communal Rights (1984): edited galley proofs
  15. Communal Rights (1984): edited versions of manuscript
  16. Communal Rights (1984): edited versions of manuscript
  17. "From Civil Rights to Vietnam": manuscript and schedule for Teach-In on the Crisis with Iraq (1998)
  18. "The Bulldog Whitewashed": edited manuscripts regarding the Herb Aptheker affair at Yale; AHA report
  19. Employee Speech in the Private & Public Workplace : Part I of final manuscript
  20. Employee Speech in the Private & Public Workplace : Part II of final manuscript
  21. Employee Speech in the Private & Public Workplace : Part III of final manuscript
  22. Employee Speech in the Private & Public Workplace : edited version of manuscript
  23. Employee Speech in the Private & Public Workplace : edited version of manuscript
  24. Employee Speech in the Private & Public Workplace : notes and citations used by Staughton Lynd
  25. "In Memoriam: E.P. Thompson" (1994): edited version of manuscript to appear in Georgetown Law Review
  26. "In Memoriam: E.P. Thompson" (1994): edited version of manuscript to appear in Georgetown Law Review
  27. "A.J. Muste": unedited copy of article on the early 20th Century leader of peace movement
  28. "Father & Son" (1993): essay about Robert Lynd for Social Policy; handwritten draft, galley proofs, letters, etc.
  29. Liberation Theology for Quakers (1996): finished copy of manuscript published by Pendle Hill
  30. Liberation Theology for Quakers : unedited version of the manuscript
  31. Liberation Theology for Quakers : unedited version of the manuscript
  32. Liberation Theology for Quakers : unedited version of the manuscript; letter to Brian Corbin
  33. Liberation Theology for Quakers : heavily edited version of the manuscript, notes, etc.
  34. Liberation Theology for Quakers : unedited version of the manuscript
  35. Liberation Theology for Quakers : unedited version of the manuscript
  36. Liberation Theology for Quakers : unedited version of the manuscript
  37. Unknown Manuscript: Introduction and Chapters One & Two of unknown labor history manuscript
  38. Unknown Manuscript: Chapters Three and Four of unknown labor history manuscript
  39. Unknown Manuscript: Chapters Five and Six of unknown labor history manuscript

Box 17: Youngstown
Folder -- Contents

  1. "Youngstown, Ohio: Rebuilding the Labor Movement from Below" manuscript
  2. "Why Don't We Buy the Mill?" manuscript
  3. "Options for Reindustrialization: Brownfield & Greenfield" (1981): manuscript and correspondence
  4. Misc. Youngstown articles: "Worker/Community Ownership in Youngstown," "What Happened in Youngstown"
  5. The Fight Against Shutdowns (1982): finished draft of the Introduction
  6. The Fight Against Shutdowns: finished draft of Part 1: "The Ecumenical Coalition's Campaign..."
  7. The Fight Against Shutdowns: finished draft of Part 2: "The Struggle for Briar Hill"
  8. The Fight Against Shutdowns: finished draft of Part 3: "The Battle for U.S. Steel's Youngstown Works"
  9. The Fight Against Shutdowns: finished draft of Part 4: "Some Conclusions from What Happened in Youngstown"
  10. The Fight Against Shutdowns: complete unedited draft with letter from Staughton Lynd
  11. The Fight Against Shutdowns: complete draft edited by Edward Weisheimer
  12. The Fight Against Shutdowns (1982): Chapters 1-3 galley proofs
  13. The Fight Against Shutdowns (1982): Chapter 4 galley proofs
  14. The Fight Against Shutdowns (1982): Chapter 4 galley proofs
  15. The Fight Against Shutdowns (1982): Part I of edited draft of the manuscript; letter to Ed Mann & others
  16. The Fight Against Shutdowns (1982): Part II of edited draft of the manuscript
  17. The Fight Against Shutdowns (1982): Part I of edited draft of the manuscript
  18. The Fight Against Shutdowns (1982): Part II of edited draft of the manuscript
  19. The Fight Against Shutdowns: edited draft of the manuscript
  20. The Fight Against Shutdowns: edited draft of the manuscript; letter from editor
  21. The Fight Against Shutdowns: edited drafts of the manuscript; Stan Weir letters regarding his corrections
  22. The Fight Against Shutdowns: "pages at issue" from edited draft
  23. The Fight Against Shutdowns: edited draft of the manuscript
  24. The Fight Against Shutdowns: draft of the manuscript with lines numbered
  25. The Fight Against Shutdowns: edited draft of the Introduction; handwritten notes
  26. The Fight Against Shutdowns: photos, cartoons, and notes used in the book

Box 18: Monographs

Class Conflict: Slavery & the United States Constitution, ed. Staughton Lynd: The Bobbs-Merrill Co. (1966)
Nonviolence in America, ed. Staughton Lynd: The Bobbs-Merrill Co. (1967)
Reconstruction, ed. Staughton Lynd: Harper & Row (New York: 1967)
Intellectual Origins of American Radicalism, Staughton Lynd: Latimer Trend & Co. (London: 1969)
Intellectual Origins of American Radicalism, Staughton Lynd: Wildwood House (London: 1973)
Intellectual Origins of American Radicalism, Staughton Lynd: Harvard University Press (Cambridge, MASS: 1982)
The New Left, ed. Staughton Lynd: Extending Horizons Books (Boston: 1969)
Who Needs the Negro?, Sidney Willhelm w/Foreward by Staughton Lynd: Schenkman Publishing Co. (Cambridge: 1970)
The Resistance, Staughton Lynd and Michael Ferber: Beacon Press (Boston: 1971)
Strategy & Program, Staughton Lynd and Gar Alperovitz: Beacon Press (Boston: 1973)
Labor Law for the Rank & Filer: Revised Edition, Staughton Lynd: Singlejack Books (San Pedro, CA: 1982)

Box 19: Essays in Collections

"How the Cold War Began" by Staughton Lynd in:
    Problems in European Civilization, ed. Norman Graebner: D.C. Heath & Co. (Boston: 1963)
"The Abolitionist Critique of the U.S. Constitution" by Staughton Lynd in:
    The Antislavery Vanguard, ed. Martin Duberman: Princeton University Press (Princeton, NJ: 1965)
"Historical Past and Existential Present" by Staughton Lynd in:
    The Dissenting Academy, ed. Theodore Roszak: Vintage Books (New York: 1967)
    The Dissenting Academy, ed. Theodore Roszak: Chatto & Windus (London: 1969)
"Beyond Beard" by Staughton Lynd in:
    Towards a New Past, ed. Barton Bernstein: Vintage Books (New York: 1967)
    Towards a New Past, ed. Barton Bernstein: Chatto & Windus (London: 1970)
"The New Left" by Staughton Lynd in:
    The American Political System, ed. Brown & Wahlke: Dorsery Press (Homewood, IL: 1967)
"Historical Past and Existential Present" by Staughton Lynd in:
    Fame & the Founding Fathers, ed. Edmund Willis: Moravian College (Bethlehem, PA: 1967)
"Freedom Now: Intellectual Origins of American Radicalism" by Staughton Lynd in:
    Dissent, ed. Alfred Young: Northern Illinois University Press (Dekalb, IL: 1968)
"The New Left" by Staughton Lynd in:
    The Annals of American Academy of Political & Social Science, ed. R.Lambert:(Philadelphia: 1969)
"The Responsibility of Radical Intellectuals" by Staughton Lynd in:
    Where It's At: Radical Perspectives in SOciology, ed. Deutsch & Howard: Harper & ROw (New York: 1970)
"Historical Past and Existential Present" by Staughton Lynd in:
    The Dimensions of History, ed. Thomas Guinsburg: Rand McNally (Chicago: 1971)
"Academic Freedom & the First Amendment" by Staughton Lynd in:
    The University Crisis Reader, ed. I.Wallerstein & P.Starr: Vintage Books (New York: 1971)
"The Origins of the New Left" by Staughton Lynd in:
    Seasons of Rebellion, ed. J. Boskin & R. Rosenstone: Holt, Rhinheart & Winston (New York: 1972)
"Intellectuals, the University, and the Movement" by Staughton Lynd in:
    Power to the People, ed. William Slate: Tower Publications (New York: 1972)
"The Tenant Rising at Livingston Manor, May 1777" by Staughton Lynd in:
    Narratives of the Revolution in New York: New York Historical Society (New York: 1975)
"The American Revolution as a Precedent" by Staughton Lynd in:
    The American Revolution: A Heritage of Change: Ass. of James Ford Bell Library (1975).

Series 4: Publications by Other Writers

Box 20: Marxism & Socialism
Folder -- Contents

  1. Richard Abel: "A Socialist Approach to Risk" in Maryland Law Review (1982)
  2. Anarchos (1969): "Listen, Marxist!" pamphlet, Anarchos pamphlet
  3. Bob Anderson: "Abraham Lincoln was a Communist"
  4. Elaine Bernard: "Recipe for Anarchy," "Politics of Canada's Health Care System," articles on New Democratic Party
  5. Norman Birnbaum: "What can we Learn from the Movements of 1968," "Beyond the Disappointments of the Epoch"
  6. Victoria Bonnell: "Revolutionary Politics & the Organized Labor Movement"; letters to Staughton Lynd (1976)
  7. Jeremy Brecher: "If All People Banded Together," "Building Bridges," "Labor & the Left," "Socialism is What You..."
  8. David Brody: "The Uses of Power I: Industrial Battleground" from Workers in Industrial America
  9. Craig Brownlie: "Marxism and Critical Legal Theory: Why Groucho?"
  10. Paul Buhle: "The Legacy of the Workers Party: 1940-49" (1985)
  11. Gregory Calvert: Chapters 1-2 of Democracy from the Heart
  12. Gregory Calvert: Chapters 3-5 of Democracy from the Heart
  13. Gregory Calvert: Chapters 6-8 of Democracy from the Heart
  14. Gregory Calvert: Chapters 9-11 of Democracy from the Heart
  15. Kipp Dawson: "Women Miners & the UMWA: 1973-83" in Occasional Papers July 1992; letter to Staughton Lynd
  16. Andrew Dinkelaker: "The New Frontier in Democratic Theory and Practice" (1997)
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Box 21: History
Folder -- Contents

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  11. Christine Ellis: edited sections of manuscript (c.1970)
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  14. Christine Ellis: "How I Became Katie," "My Lameness," "Native Americans" and other sections of manuscript
  15. Christine Ellis: "A Few Notes on 'Personnel,'" and other sections of the manuscript (1953)
  16. Christine Ellis: various sections of the manuscript (1953)
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  44. Union Maids Film: transcript; "Solidarity" and "Guide to Study and Discussion of the Film" pamphlets

Box 22: Labor A-L
Folder -- Contents

  1. Stanley Aronowitz: "The Future of Trade Unionism," "G.E.'s Military Complex," "Which Side Are You On"
  2. James Atleson: "Collective Bargaining, Management Control and the NLRA"
  3. Paul Booth: "Theses on Contemporary U.S. Labor Unionism"; list of New Directions in Labor communications
  4. John Boros: sections of thesis including "Origins of Allied Chemical and Alkali Workers of America" (1991)
  5. Jeremy Brecher:
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  10. Jeremy Brecher: "Lessons of the Sit-Down Strikes"
  11. Jeremy Brecher: Book Reviews: Brecher reviews of books
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  13. Paul Buhle: "The Gompers Tradition of Business Unionism"
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  16. Ray Dellinger: "Activism & Jackson," "Hope In Bad Times," "Cries for Justice"
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  41. John Kruzeski: Weirton Employee Stock Annihilation Plan

Box 23: Labor M-Z
Folder -- Contents

  1. Eric Leif: "Forgotten Legacy: United Rubber Workers and Akron Labor Party Movement"
  2. John LaPreur: edited drafts of "Fleetwood Wildcat"
  3. Howard Lesnick: "Supreme Court and Labor Law in 50th Year of NLRA," "Legal Education's Concern with Justice"
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  9. John McDermott: "The Modern Capitalist Labor System" and untitled manuscript
  10. Herb Mills: "The San Francisco Waterfront" parts 1 & 2 pamphlets(1978)
  11. Bruce Nelson: "Triumph & Tragedy of Walter Reuther," "Class, Race, Democracy in the CIO," and other articles
  12. Bruce Nelson: "Triumph and Travail of Left-Led Union," "Logic & Limits of Solidarity," and other articles
  13. Bruce Nelson: "Race Relations in the Mill," "Building a Union of Steel in Youngstown," and other Youngstown articles
  14. Glenn Perusek: thesis "The Internal Politics of the United Automobile Workers, 1967-85" (1988)
  15. James Gray Pope: "Constitutional Insurgency as Jurisgenesis"
  16. Charles Owen Rice: Fight With a Heart: Pittsburgh Labor Priest
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  23. Cornelius Thomas: chapter 8 of dissertation, "Black Workers at the Point of Production"
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  25. Heather Ann Thompson: thesis "Detroit: Wildcat 1973"
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  32. Laffeet [?]: unknown edited manuscript regarding GM Plant
  33. National Paper Strike in Jay, Maine: "Pain on Their Faces" by J.Hinshaw, Interview w/Arthur Raymond by P.Kellman
  34. "Perceptions of Fisher Body": edited manuscript by unknown author
  35. Misc. Labor Articles by David Cook, Walter Adams, Bob Chitester, David Gordon, Paul Hays, Sumner Rosen, etc.

Box 24: Other Topics
Folder -- Contents

  1. Kathryn Abrams: "Hearing the Call of Stories" (1991)
  2. Andrew Fraser: "The Legal Theory We Need to Know"
  3. Karl Klare: "Professor Finkin and the Myopia of Mainstream Labor Law Scholarship" (1985)
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  17. "Political Strikes, Labor Law, and Democratic Rights": manuscript by unknown author
  18. Michael Goldfield: "The Color of Politics" (1996)
  19. Michael Goldfield: "Race and the CIO" (1993), "Race and the Reuther Legacy" (1997)
  20. Bruce Nelson: "Regardless of Creed, Color, Nationality," "Class & Race in the U.S." " Class & Race in Crescent City"
  21. Misc. Law Articles: by Alan Hunt, James Inverarity, William Chambliss, Nancy Anderson
  22. 1st Amendment News Clips: clips and letters regarding S. Lynd's support right to march by Illinois Nazis (1978)
  23. 1st Amendment News Clips: clips and letters regarding James Traficant's remarks on Phil Donahue show
  24. Unknown 1st Amendment Article: edited manuscript of unknown manuscript
  25. Jane Adams: "Political Action is my Spiritual Foundation" speech (1989)
  26. Charles McCollester: "Tri-State Conference on Steel..."
  27. The Megiddo Project: poems and materials from conference (1989)
  28. Margaret Randall: "Forgetting Remembered"
  29. Michael Ferber: "Blake and the Two Swords," "Blake's Idea of Brotherhood," "The Making of Blake"
  30. Raymond: "A Homage of Sorts: Goethe"
  31. Penelope Yungblut: "Penelope's Story"
  32. Poetry: "Winter Solstice" by Jane Adams, "Road Not Taken," "Haiku for John" by B. McCloskey, "Remembering the Sabbath," "First Impressions" by Gary Galbreath
  33. Misc. Vietnam Articles: "Vietnam 1977: Is It Any of Our Business," "Life in the New Vietnam"
  34. Terry Anderson: "The GI Movement and the Response from the Brass" (1990)
  35. Mary Hershberger: "Introduction" to her book and correspondence with Staughton Lynd
  36. Ed Jahn: "Be a Part-Time Activist" (1993)
  37. Carl Oglesby: chapters 1-8 of Ravens on the Wing (1995)
  38. Carl Oglesby: chapters 9-17 of Ravens on the Wing (1995)
  39. Mary Susannah Robbins: submissions for her Vietnam book by David Harris, Jane Bond Moore, Bruce Franklin, Noam Chomsky, Michael Ferber, Carl Oglesby
  40. Mary Susannah Robbins: submissions for her Vietnam book by Jeff Jones, Eugenia Kaledin, Joan Baez, James Fallows, George Swiers, Tod Ensign, David Cortright, Jerold Starr, Arlene Ash, Dave Dellinger, Jane Collins, Max Watts
  41. Mary Susannah Robbins: correspondence and other materials regarding her Vietnam book
  42. The Manuscript of Pandemonium: Stories from Hell
  43. Chuck Fager: "Fleecing the Faithful," "The Trial of Priscilla Deters," "Friends Keeping the Peace"
  44. Vincent Harding: "Toward a Darkly Radiant Vision of America's Truth"
  45. Chapters from Unknown Book: "Theory of Autobiography," "Jung," "Darwin," "Newton," etc.
  46. Misc. Articles: Carlos Mejia Godoy interview, "Leon Trotsky: My Life," "The Historical Jesus," and other articles
  47. "Standing in the Shadows": two floppy disks containing chapters by unknown author

Box 25: Brian Willson
Folder -- Contents

  1. Biographies: "Summary of My Activism," "Living the Truth: Brian Willson's Story," "The Power Within," and others
  2. Childhood Materials: "Baseball Cards," 8th Grade Valedictory Address (1955), various sketches, etc.
  3. Photograph Materials: photocopies from Concord train protest, visit to Nicaragua; list of photo descriptions
  4. Statements: Int'l. Symposium on Democracy and Revolution (1989), from hospital bed (1987), various re Nicaragua
  5. "A Record of Resistance by Military Personnel...": collection of news clips and timelines collected by Willson
  6. Images of Human Blockades: news clips and stories regarding human blockades collected by Brian Willson
  7. Brian Willson News Clips: "Back in Action," "Turmoil Haunts Vets Center," " Agent Orange Protest" and others
  8. Institute for Non-Violence: various newsletters, letters, press releases, etc. re protests by veterans
  9. Vietnam Veterans Center: Analysis of ERA Veterans in Mass. (1983), letter regarding "Rambo," newsletters, etc.
  10. "A Personal Journey of Radical Transformation": article by Brian Willson about his accident (1992)
  11. IRS Letters: correspondence regarding Brian Willson's tax resistance (1985-1987)
  12. Misc. Letters: letter to parents re fast for life and criticisms by Dr. McBirnie (1986)
  13. Nicaragua Letters: letters to President Reagan, Senator Kerry, Daniel Ortega (1986)
  14. Third World Legs Letters: Brian Willson & Staughton Lynd correspondence with publishers; resume
  15. Pendle Hill Publishers: Publications Catalogue 1995-96, "The Ministry of Presence," "Stories from Kenya"
  16. "The Korean Wall" (1990): by Brian Willson
  17. Crime & Punishment (1977): letters, articles, writings re prisons; "Discriminatory System," "Hope for a New Order"
  18. Environment: opposition pieces re Chautauqua landfill (1977), "Agrarian Politics in Upstate New York," and others
  19. Spirituality: "Revolution of Consciousness," "Frente and Commmunity," "Male Spirituality," and other pieces
  20. Peace: "Dehumanization and Extinction..." "Peace Education-Counterin Militarism," "Making War Obsolete" etc.
  21. Institute for Practice of Nonviolence: newsletters from the group mainly regarding El Salvador (1989-90)
  22. Fast for Life: "Fasting for Nonviolent Revolution," "Fast for Life," etc.; "Rudman Likens Fasting Vets to Terrorists"
  23. Concord Tape: transcript of 9/1/87 Fisher recording of witnesses to the accident outside the Concord Naval Station
  24. Concord Writings: "A Personal Journey of Radical Transformation," "Significance of Nuremberg Actions" etc
  25. Concord News Clips: "Peace Group Sets Arms Blockade," "Train that Maimed Pacifist was under Orders not to Stop"
  26. Concord Hearings (1987): "Perspective of the People Invoking the Nuremberg Principles at CNWS" report
  27. FBI: "Could the U.S. Government Possibly Consider Me, or You, A Threat?" drafts; "Cost of Fired FBI Agent's..."
  28. Nicaragua News Clips: "[Willson] Sees Ambush Site," "U.S. Vets Stage Peace Walk in Contra Zone"; copy of medal
  29. Nicaragua: "Can the U.S. Purchase Nicaragua Elections," "Their Terrorism Pales Next to Our Terrorism" and others
  30. El Salvador: "Salvadoran Military Has Civilians in Its Sights"; news clips of Willson visit, and other materials
  31. South America: "Invasion of the New World"; lists of U.S. intervention and Monroe Doct., report on visit to Cuba, etc.
  32. Operation Desert Storm: "From Armageddon to Babylon," "Post-Gulf Massacre Reflections" and others
  33. Desert Storm News Clips: "Euphoric Mood of War Sickens Veteran," "Refusing to Fight for Imperialism," other clips
  34. Vietnam Veterans: "Personal Tribute to Norman Morrison," "New Citizen Soldier," "Moral Distress & Moral Disease"
  35. Third World Legs: drafts of Foreword by Staughton Lynd
  36. Third World Legs: outline and dedication
  37. Third World Legs: manuscript by Brian Willson
  38. Photographs: photo of Willson on burro in El Salvador (1988), and at Veterans Fast for Life in D.C. (1986)

Box 26: Eric Leif Davin and David Rabban
Folder -- Contents

  1. Eric Leif Davin: first section of Radicals in Power: Experience of American Left in Office
  2. Eric Leif Davin: second section of Radicals in Power: Experience of American Left in Office
  3. Eric Leif Davin: third section of Radicals in Power: Experience of American Left in Office
  4. Eric Leif Davin: fourth section of Radicals in Power: Experience of American Left in Office
  5. Eric Leif Davin: fifth section of Radicals in Power: Experience of American Left in Office
  6. Eric Leif Davin & Staughton Lynd (1979): drafts of "Picket Line & Ballot Box: Local Labor Parties in the 1930s"
  7. "Picket Line & Ballot Box" Responses: various comments and editorials regarding the book
  8. Eric Leif Davin: "Words: Property of the People," "Forgotten Legacy," "The Era of the Common Child"
  9. Eric Leif Davin: The Littlest New Deal: SWOC Takes Power in Steeltown manuscript
  10. Eric Leif Davin: News Clips: copies of 1930s labor news clips sent to Staughton Lynd
  11. David Rabban: part one of The Emergence of Modern First Amendment Doctrine (1983)
  12. David Rabban: part two of The Emergence of Modern First Amendment Doctrine (1983)
  13. David Rabban: part three of The Emergence of Modern First Amendment Doctrine (1983)
  14. David Rabban: part four of The Emergence of Modern First Amendment Doctrine (1983)
  15. David Rabban: first part of The First Amendment in Its Forgotten Years (1987)
  16. David Rabban: second part of The First Amendment in Its Forgotten Years (1987)
  17. David Rabban: "The Ahistorical Historian: Leonard Levy on Freedom of Express in Early American History" (1985)
  18. David Rabban: "The First Amendment in Its Forgotten Years"; correspondence with Staughton Lynd
  19. David Rabban: first part of The Limits of Constitutional Power: Foreign Policy & International Law
  20. David Rabban: second part of The Limits of Constitutional Power: Foreign Policy & International Law
  21. David Rabban: third part of The Limits of Constitutional Power: Foreign Policy & International Law
  22. David Rabban: "The IWW Free Speech Fights & Popular Conceptions of Free Expression Before World War I"
  23. David Rabban: "Free Speech in Progressive Social Thought," "Radical Assumptions about American Labor Law," "Has the NLRA Hurt Labor?" "The Free Speech League..." "A Functional Analysis of 'Individual'..."

Box 27: Books by Other Authors

Aptheker, Herbert. Anti-Racism in U.S. History. Greenwood Press (New York: 1992)
Boyte, Harry C. Community Is Possible. Harper & Row (New York: 1974).
Brecher, Jeremy and Tim Costello. Global Village or Global Pillage. South End Publishers (Boston: 1994).
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Curle, Adam. Tools for Transformation. Hawthorn Press (New York: 1990).
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    -- features interview with and inscription to Staughton Lynd
Forman, James. The Political Thought of James Forman. Black Star Publishing (Detroit: 1970).
Glick, Brian. War at Home: Covert Action Against U.S. Activists. South Bend Press (Boston: 1989).
In Re Alger Hiss. Ed. Edith Tiger. Hill and Wang (New York: 1979).
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    --includes letter from author to Staughton Lynd
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    --includes correspondence with Staughton Lynd
O'Connor, Elizabeth. Servant Leaders, Servant Structures . Servant Leadership School (Washington DC: 1991)
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Wills, Garry. Inventing America: Jefferson's Declaration of Independence. Vintage Books (New York: 1978).

Series 5: Periodicals

Box 28: Liberation: 1957-1977
Folder -- Contents

  1. 1957-58: October - November 1957, June 1958 issues; "Henry Demarest Lloyd" by Staughton Lynd
  2. 1965: May - December issues; "Nonviolence in Vietnam" by Staughton Lynd
  3. 1966: January - December issues; "The Substance of Victory," "Aptheker at Fifty," "War Crimes in Vietnam," etc.
  4. 1967: January - August; "Definition of Revolution," "Decentralization: Road to Power," "Bicameralism from Below"
  5. 1968: January - December issues: "The Tribunal: A Dissent," "Letter from Jail" by Staughton Lynd
  6. 1969: January - December issues: "Intellectuals & Resistance," "History of a Student Action," "The Movement: A New Beginning," "Radicals & White Racism" "Guerrilla History in Gary" by S. Lynd
  7. 1970: February - December issues; "Letter to the Movement," "Testimony I Would Have Given" by Staughton Lynd
  8. 1971: Spring - December issues; "Prospects for the New Left," "People's Control over the Economy" by S. Lynd
  9. 1972: January - October issues; "'Response' to Do We Need a National Organization" by Staughton Lynd
  10. 1973: January - December issues; "A Chapter from History: United Labor Party, 1946-52" by Staughton Lynd
  11. 1974: January - October issues
  12. 1975: March - September issues
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Box 29: Radical America: 1967-1982
Folder -- Contents

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  15. 1992: January - June issues

Box 30: In These Times: November 1976 - May 1978
Folder -- Contents

  1. November 1976 issues
  2. December 1976 issues
  3. January 1977 issues
  4. February 1977 issues
  5. March 1977 issues
  6. April 1977 issues
  7. May 1977 issues
  8. June 1977 issues
  9. July 1977 issues
  10. August 1977 issues
  11. September 1977 issues
  12. October 1977 issues
  13. November 1977 issues
  14. December 1977 issues
  15. January 1978 issues
  16. February 1978 issues
  17. March 1978 issues
  18. April 1978 issues
  19. May 1978 issues

Box 31: In These Times: June 1978 - October 1979
Folder -- Contents

  1. June 1978 issues
  2. July 1978 issues
  3. August 1978 issues
  4. September 1978 issues
  5. October 1978 issues
  6. November 1978 issues
  7. December 1978 issues
  8. January 1979 issues
  9. February 1979 issues
  10. March 1979 issues
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  17. October 1979 issues
  18. 1980s issues: February 1980, March 1983, December 1984, September 1987
  19. 1990s issues: 20th Anniversary Issue (11/92), April 1993

Box 32: WIN: 1967-1982
Folder -- Contents

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  21. 1982: April 15, 1992 issue

Box 33: History Journals
Folder -- Contents

  1. Dissent: 1962-1964 issues; "Socialism: the Forbidden Word," "Southern Negro Students" by Staughton Lynd
  2. Studies on the Left: 1965-1966 issues
  3. Radical History Review: 1976-1977 issues
  4. Radical History Review: 1978 issues
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  6. The American Historical Review: December 1973
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  20. Sociology Journals: The Small Town in America, Etudes En Sociologie du Travail (1983)
  21. Nebraska Symposium on Motivation (1960)

Box 34: Labor Publications
Folder -- Contents

  1. Labor Today: May, September, November issues (1969); May, July issues (1970)
  2. Black Workers' Congress Pubs (1971): Point of Production, Inner-City Voice, Radical America
  3. Grassroots: March, April, May issues (1974)
  4. Misc. Publications (1973-1974): "Production Problems" pamphlet; Voice of the Rank & File newsletter; "A General Theory of the Collective Bargaining Agreement" by David Feller
  5. Misc. Publications (1976-1979): "The Fight for Union Democracy in Steel" by Andy Rose; Green Mountain Quarterly; Against the Grain newsletter, From the Horse's Mouth newsletter; Youngstown Times
  6. Political Crisis in San Francisco: pamphlet by Lawrence Swain (1978)
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  11. Speaking Out (1982): March, April, October issues
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  20. Impact (1993): May - November issues
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  23. Impact (1996): various issues
  24. Impact (1997): January - December issues
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  27. Impact (2000): January - April issues

Box 35: Law Reviews
Folder -- Contents

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