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Virginia Lee Heidloff-Reichard papers

Special Collections and Archives

Virginia Lee Heidloff-Reichard papers

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Special Collections and Archives

Virginia Lee Heidloff-Reichard papers

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Repository: Kent State University Libraries. Special Collections and Archives.
Title: Virginia Lee Heidloff-Reichard papers
Inclusive Date(s): 1978-1994
Bulk Date(s): 1978-1979
Author: Finding aid prepared by Stephen Krason, April 2013
Creation: Finding aid encoded by Stephen Krason using the OhioLINK EAD Application in 2013
Origination: Heidloff-Reichard, Virginia Lee, 1946-2002
Extent: 1 cubic feet (1 record storage box)
Physical Location: 12th floor (May 4 Collection, Box 22)
Finding Aid Identifier: OhKeUSC0148
Abstract: This collection contains items created and saved by Virginia Lee Heidloff-Reichard, a defense attorney at Krause et al. vs. Rhodes et al., Civil Action No. C 70-544, District Court of the United States, Northern District of Ohio, Eastern Division (commonly referred to as the "Civil Trial"). Various materials relating to this event and its aftermath are featured, including handwritten notes, correspondence, news clippings, briefs, and court exhibits.
2019 - Updated by Cara Gilgenbach
Language(s): The records are in English

Biography of Virginia Lee Heidloff-Reichard

Virginia Lee Heidloff-Reichard was born February 7, 1946. She attended Northwestern University and later earned a law degree from Cleveland State University School of Law in 1977. Heidloff-Reichard eventually became a partner with the Cleveland law firm Gallagher, Sharp, Fulton, Norman, and Mollison, now known as Gallagher Sharp. She was with the firm when it became part of the team representing the defendants during the Krause vs. Rhodes May 4 Civil Trial in 1978-1979. Throughout her career Heidloff-Reichard was active in the Northeast Ohio legal community, and at one point served as the president of the Cleveland Bar of Defense Trial Attorneys. A resident of Lakewood, Ohio, for most of her life, she died there in 2002.

Scope and Content

The Virginia Lee Heidloff-Reichard papers contain a variety of items related to the Krause vs. Rhodes May 4 Civil Trial in 1978-1979. These include notes, statements, exhibits, news clippings, briefs, and correspondence. Much of this material provides examples of the work done and approach taken by the defense team preceding and during the trial. The bulk of the resources are from late 1978 and early 1979, although a number of items dealing with the aftermath of the case are also included.

Statement of Arrangement

The collection is comprised of series based on the type of material (such as correspondence or notes). The series are ordered alphabetically with the exception of the exhibits, which are at the end. Within each series, dated items are arranged first chronologically, followed by undated items alphabetically (excluding large exhibits/artifacts, which are located last). The Virginia Lee Heidloff-Reichard papers have been organized in the following series:
Series 1: Briefs
Series 2: Correspondence
Series 3: Newspaper and Magazine Articles
Series 4: Notes, Lists, and Agendas
Series 5: Statements
Series 6: Exhibits

Preferred Citation

Virginia Lee Heidloff-Reichard papers. Kent State University Libraries. Special Collections and Archives.

Acquisition Information

Special Collections and Archives acquired this collection from Scott Reichard, Virginia's son.

Subject Headings
The following subjects are found in this collection:

Heidloff-Reichard, Virginia Lee, 1946-2002 -- Archives
Rhodes, James A. (James Allen), 1909-2001 -- Trials, litigation, etc.
Kent State Shootings, Kent, Ohio, 1970 -- Trials, litigation, etc.
Trials -- Ohio -- Cleveland
Krause, Arthur, Plaintiff
Rhodes, James A. (James Allen), 1909-2001, Defendant
Defense (Civil procedure)
Material Types:
Briefs (legal documents)
Clippings (Books, newspapers, etc.)
Evidence, Real
Legal documents

Detailed Description of the Collection

Series 1: Briefs, circa 1978-1981
Box 22 / Folder 1
Brief of respondent in opposition, October, 1981
Box 22 / Folder 2
Brief for respondents in opposition to petition for Writ of Certiorari, October, 1981
Box 22 / Folder 3
Petition for Writ of Certiorari, October, 1981
Box 22 / Folder 4
Appellants' reply brief, undated
Box 22 / Folder 5
Brief for appellants, undated
Box 22 / Folder 6
Brief of appellants, undated
Box 22 / Folder 7
Brief of appellee Attorney General of Ohio, undated
Box 22 / Folder 8
Brief of defendants-appellees, undated
Box 22 / Folder 9
Reply brief of plaintiffs-appellants, undated
Box 22 / Folder 10
Supplemental brief for defendant-appellee Dr. Robert I. White, undated

Series 2: Correspondence, 1978-1979
Box 22 / Folder 11
Sanford Jay Rosen to William K. Thomas, November 13, 1978
Box 22 / Folder 12
Letters to Charles Brown concerning trial appearances, November 20-21, 1978
Box 22 / Folder 13
General Del Corso to Virginia Heidloff-Reichard, January 19, 1979

Series 3: Newspaper and Magazine Articles, 1978-1994
Box 22 / Folder 14
Newspaper and magazine articles, September-December 1978
Box 22 / Folder 15
Newspaper and magazine articles, January 4-5, 1979
Box 22 / Folder 16
Newspaper and magazine articles, January 6-31, 1979
Box 22 / Folder 17
Newspaper and magazine articles, February 1979-1994
Box 22 / Folder 18
Newspaper and magazine articles, undated

Series 4: Notes, Lists, and Agendas, 1978-1979
Box 22 / Folder 19
Notes, November 1978
Box 22 / Folder 20
Notes, December 1-14, 1978
Box 22 / Folder 21
Notes, December 19-26, 1978
Box 22 / Folder 22
Notes, January 1979
Box 22 / Folder 23
Contact information (witnesses, etc.), 1978
Box 22 / Folder 24
Lists of defendant's exhibits, 1978
Box 22 / Folder 25
Notes on exhibits and evidence, 1978
Box 22 / Folder 26
Order taxing costs, 1979
Box 22 / Folder 27
List of Grand Jury members, undated
Box 22 / Folder 28
Lists of witnesses, statements, and transcripts, undated
Box 22 / Folder 29
To do lists and agendas, undated

Series 5: Statements, 1979
Box 22 / Folder 30
Statement by wounded students and parents of killed students, January 4, 1979
Box 22 / Folder 31
Mutual release of all claims draft, undated
Box 22 / Folder 32
Settlement and dismissal order, undated

Series 6: Exhibits, 1978
Box 22 / Folder 33
Index card concerning Captain James R. Snyder's .22 caliber Beretta serial 96122 3 1/2" barrel, 1978
Box 22 / Folder 34
Copies of photographs (with trial identification numbers), undated
Box 22 / Folder 35
Defense exhibit AD-125 (original photograph), undated
Box 22 / Folder 36
Demonstrative May 4 site map (plaintiff's exhibit 54004), undated
Physical Location: Filed in oversized map case.
Box 22 / Folder 37
Exhibit labels, undated
Box 22 / Folder 38
Maps, undated
Box 22 / Folder 39
Plaintiff's exhibit 41057 (cardboard disc on string), undated
Box 22 / Folder 40
Special report: The Kent State tragedy (photocopy, defense exhibit HB), undated
Box 22 / Folder 41
.50 caliber machine gun cartridge (defense exhibit ND), undated
Box 22 / Folder 42
Bullets and small objects, undated
Box 22 / Folder 43
Rocks (defense exhibits MX-1 and ML-3), undated