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Special Collections Publications

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Special Collections Publications

Libraries and Media Services records. Department of Special Collections and Archives Publications

Finding Aid

Prepared by Cara Gilgenbach, April 12, 2002; Last updated April 2019

Inclusive Dates: 1968-2019
Extent: 4.5 cubic feet (3 record storage boxes, 2 half-size record storage box, 1 flat oversize box, and 2 large poster folders)
Physical Location: 11th floor

Scope and Content

This collection contains publications produced by the Department of Special Collections and Archives, part of Kent State University's Libraries and Media Services. Publications include books, periodicals, occasional papers, exhibition catalogs, poems, and other miscellaneous items dating from 1968 through the present. Publications are arranged in series, listed below, and in chronological order within each series. Some publications are available for purchase through the department. Contact specialcollections@kent.edu for details. 

Arrangement: The collection is organized into the following series.

Box 1: Exhibition Catalogs, Flyers, and Hand-lists
Folder -- Contents

  1. American Literature: An Exhibition Celebrating the Addition of the 500,000th Volume to the Kent State University Libraries, 1968
  2. The B. George Ulizio Collection of English & American Literature: An Exhibition on the Occasion of the Dedication of the Kent State University Library, 1971
  3. Paul Leicester Ford and Albion Winegar Tourgee: An Exhibition of Their Books from the Personal Collections of Paul Z. DuBois and Dean H. Keller, 1972
  4. Sources of Science and Technology: An Exhibit of One Hundred and one Books and Documents Showing the Development of Physical Science, Mathematics and Technology in the West, 1972
  5. Nathaniel Hawthorne: The College Experience. An Exhibition form the Collection of C. E. Frazer Clark, Jr., 1974
  6. The One Millionth Volume: An Exhibition to Celebrate the Addition of the One Millionth Volume to the Kent State University Libraries, 1974
  7. The Feiss Collection: An Exhibition of Books from the Library of Paul L. Feiss in the Kent State University Libraries, 1975
  8. Signatures of the Presidents of the United States, 1975.
  9. Children's Books, 1976
  10. English Literature, 1729-1929, 1977
  11. Rockwell Kent: An Exhibition of Books Written and Illustrated by Rockwell Kent from the Library of Harry Kamens, 1977
  12. William Carlos Williams: An Exhibition, 1979
  13. Father's Day: An Exhibition of Books by Fathers & Children, 1979
  14. Display from the Mariana Collection: 163rd Commemoration of the Birth of Baha 'U' Llah, 1980
  15. Across the Gulfs Between the Worlds: Ohio's Contribution to Science Fiction & Fantasy, 1981
  16. The Photographer's Art: An Exhibition of Prints & Books on Photography, 1981
  17. In the Wind of Wonder: An Exhibition of Selections from the Papers of James Broughton, 1981
  18. Arkham House/Mycroft & Moran: An Exhibition of Limited Edition Books Published by the Foremost Publisher of Fantasy and Macabre Fiction in This, or Any, Generation, 1983
  19. The Open Theater: A 20th Annivarsary Exhibition Drawn from the Company's Archives and the Papers of Joseph Chaikin, Jean-Claude van Itallie and Marianne de Pury-Thompson, 1983
  20. 1966-1983: An Exhibition of 100 Significant Books Acquired by the Kent State University during Hyman W. Kritzer's Tenure as Director of University Libraries, 1966-1983, 1983
  21. Charles Brockden Brown's "Edgar Huntly": The Making of a Critical Edition, 1984
  22. Tennessee Williams, 1911-1983: An Exhibition of the Work of America's Greatest Playwright, 1984
  23. "Black Mountain Review": A 30th Anniversary Exhibit, 1984
  24. Masters of 19th Century British Color Printing: 58 books from the personal collection of Professor Charles S. Felver of California State University, Chico, [1985]
  25. Charles Clinch Bubb and the Clerk's Press, 1986
  26. Stephen R. Donaldson: An Exhibition, 1985
  27. The Spirit Between the Lines: An Exhibition of Translations, 1987
  28. High Spots from the Collections of Matthew J. Bruccoli in the Kent State University Libraries: An Exhibition, 1988
  29. A Gallery of Sinister Perspectives: An Exhibition of Highlights form the Borowitz True Crime Collection, 1990
  30. Ten Plays, An Opera and a Movie: Moments from the Career of Robert Lewis: An Exhibition Selected from His Papers, 1991
  31. The Art of P. Craig Russell, 1992
  32. van Itallie Hurrah: The Life & Work of an American Playwright, 1992
  33. Maggie & Mudge & May: The Books and Manuscripts of Cynthia Rylant, 1993
  34. An Exhibition of the Arthur Machen Collection of Albert I. and Helen O. Borowitz: A Handlist, 1994
  35. "Let all the number of stars give light...": Selections from the Performing Arts Collection of A. J. Flogge. Introduction by Robert Anderson., 1994
  36. Bookbindings, Examples from Kent's Collection, An Exhibit: Spring Semester 1996. "Three hundred copies of this catalogue have been produced, one hundred and twenty-five of which have been bound in marbled paper wrappers which were created by Jan Sobota," 1996
  37. Blood & Ink: An Exhibition of Highlights from the Borowitz True Crime Collection, 2002
  38. Mysteries of the East End: Jack the Ripper in Print and Popular Culture, Selections from the Borowitz Crime Collection, 2005
  39. Incunabula in the Kent State University Libraries: A guide to holdings with historical annotations regarding the works, authors, and printers from the infancy of printing, 2006
  40. Dimensions of Wonderland: From Alice's Adventures Under Ground to Beyond the Moon, 2007
  41. Musical Mysteries. Items from the Borowitz Collection. Fall 2010
  42. The Nature of Natural Science: An exhibition of books and archives in Special Collections. 2011
  43. A Doorway to the Work of W.S. Merwin, U.S. Poet Laureate, 2010-11, 2011
  44. Meet me at the Library: 100 Years of Libraries at Kent State, 2012
  45. Bibliomysteries: Bound by Crime, 2012
  46. Publishers' Canvassing Books in Special Collections and Archives, Kent State University, 2012
  47. From Crime to Culture: The 25th Anniversary of the Borowitz Collection, 2013
  48. Poets Laureate: Highlights from Special Collections and Archives, 2013
  49. Coming of Age at Kent 1967-71: A pictorial of black student life (photographs of Lafayette Tolliver), 2014
  50. The Kent State Shootings & Their Aftermath: Through the Media's Lens, 2014
  51. Ted Kooser: Everday Extraordinary, 2014
  52. Poets Laureate: Highlights from Special Collections and Archives, 2015
  53. Code Makers vs. Code Breakers: Cryptography in history, literature, and popular culture, 2016
  54. Albert J. Flogge: Selections from Recent Donations, 2016
  55. Charles Simic: On the Verge of Understanding, 2016

Box 1A: Exhibition Catalogs, Flyers, and Hand-lists
Folder -- Contents

  1. 50 Years of Special Collections at Kent State, 2017-2019
  2. Herman Melville and Walt Whitman: an exhibit to mark the bicentennial of the birth of two great American authors, 2019
  3. 1969: Selections from Special Collections & Archives, 2019

Box 2: Occasional Papers

First Series

  1. Wright, Richard. Letters to Joe C. Brown. Edited with an Introduction by Thomas Knipp. Preface by Hyman W. Kritzer. First series, no. 1, 1968.
  2. Katz, Joseph. Rare Books and Very Special Collections. Preface by Dean H. Keller. First series, no. 2, 1969.
  3. Bennett, Josiah Q. The Cataloguing Requirements of the Book Division of a Rare Book Library. Introduction by Hyman W. Kritzer. First series, no. 3, 1969. Second printing, revised and corrected, 1972.
  4. Bruccoli, Matthew J. Mere Collectors' Items. Introductory Remarks by Robert I. White, Introduction by Hyman W. Kritzer. First series, no. 4, 1969.
  5. Apseloff, Stanford S. James T. Ferrell: A Visit to Chicago. Introduction by James T. Ferrell. First series, no. 5, 1969.
  6. Six Poems/Seven Prints. Alex Gildzen, editor. First series, no. 6, 1971.
    Poems by:
    • John Ashbery
    • James Bartolino
    • Gwendolyn Brooks
    • Denise Levertov
    • Steven Osterlund
    • Gary Snyder
    Prints by:
    • Grace Hartigan
    • Alex Katz
    • Otto Piene
    • Fairfield Porter
    • Harve Quaytman
    • Mary Ann Begland Sacco
    • Robert Smithson
  7. Commager, Henry Steele. The University and the Community of Learning. First series, no. 7, 1979.
  8. Grossinger, Richard. Grossinger's: Two Sections from The Book of the Cranberry Islands. First series, no. 8, 1972. Cover drawing by Ira Joel Haber.
  9. A Festschrift for Djuna Barnes on Her 80th Birthday. First series, no. 9, 1972.

Second Series

  1. Commager, Henry Steele. Individualism, Virtue and the Common Wealth. Introduction by Don L. Tolliver. Second series, no.1, 1985.
  2. Donaldson, Stephen R. Epic Fantasy in the Modern World: A Few Observations. Cover by P. Craig Russell. Second series, no. 2, 1986.
  3. van Itallie, Jean-Claude. Calcutta. Cover drawing by Owen Fabricant. Second series, no. 3, 1987.
  4. Miller, Alicia Metcalf. Library Genes & Other Considerations: A Remembrance of Keyes DeWitt Metcalf. Wood engravings by Eric May. Second series, no. 4, 1989.
  5. Chester, Alfred. Divertissement De Coin De Rue. Introduction by Edward Field. Second series, no. 5, 1990.
  6. Borowitz, Albert. Eternal Suspect: The Tragedy of Alexander Sukhovo-Kobylin. Second series, no. 6, 1990.
  7. Taggart, John. Prompted. Poems by John Taggart. Drawings by Bradford Graves. Second series, no. 7, 1991.
  8. Van Dyke, Henry. Fuji. Second series, no. 8, 1993.

Third Series

  1. Machen, Arthur. "...a little causerie about things in general ...": Arthur Machen's Notes in Montegomery Evans' Set of The Caerlton Edition of the Works of Arthur Machen. Introduction by Donald M. Hassler. Third series, no. 1, 1994.
  2. Stoneburner, Tony. Ralph Hodgson and the Kenyon Connexion: A Reconstructed Letter with a Prelude, Two Interludes and a Postlude. Introduction by Jack Matthews. Third series, no 2, 1994.
  3. Butterick, George F. "Charles Olson and the Development of a New American Poetics," From a Previously Unpublished Essay by George F. Butterick. Edited by Richard Blevins. Third series, no. 3, 1996.
  4. Borowitz, Albert. Which the Justice Which the Thief? The Life and Influence of Eugène-François Vidocq. Third series, no. 4, 1997.
  5. Lynd, Staughton. Labor History, Oral History, and May 4. Third series, no. 5, 1998.
  6. Marovitz, Sanford E. Humanizing the Ideal: Melville and the Greeks. Third series, no. [6], 2001.
  7. Jensen, Pamela. Some Thoughts on the Value of a Liberal Education. Third series, no. 7, 2004. Introduction by Mark Weber. [Text of a speech given by Jensen at the 2003 Friends of the KSU Libraries dinner.]

Fourth Series

  1. Allen, W. B. Radicals and Librarians: Finding Inspiration in Black History. Fourth series, no. 1, 2005. Foreword by Mark Weber. [Text of speech delivered by William B. Allen in a Black History Month lecture, February 22, 2005.]
  2. Balch, Stephen.Why We Should Study the Constitution and Its Architects. Fourth series, no. 2, 2007. Introduction by Mark W. Weber. [Text of speech delivered by Stephen Balch, a Constitution Day lecture delivered at Kent State University September 23, 2006.]

Box 3: Periodicals

  1. The Serif: Kent State University Library Quarterly, Vol. 1, April 1964-Vol. 11, Winter 1975. (Note to staff: shelved in periodicals room - 1214)
  2. Friends of the Kent State University Libraries, Newsletter, Vol. 1, No. 1, Spring 1973-2005
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Box 4 + Flat Oversize Box: Books, Keepsakes, Miscellaneous, Poems and Broadsides


  1. Duncan, Robert. Medieval Scenes, 1950 and 1959. With a Preface by the author and an Afterword by Robert Bertholf. 1978.
  2. Bowman, George A. The Importance of Quality Education and Good Teaching: Selected Addresses by George A. Bowman, President of Kent State University, November 18, 1944-July 1, 1963. Foreword by Phillip R. Shriver. 1979.
  3. Fuldheim, Dorothy. The House I Live In. Friends of the Kent State University Libraries Publication Number One. 1980.
  4. Izant, Grace Goulder. Some Early Ohio Libraries. Friends of the Kent State University Libraries Publication Number Two. 1981.


  1. Snyder, Gary. Manzanita, A Keepsake of the Dedication of the Kent State University Library 9/10 April 1971. 1971. [OVERSIZE BOX]
  2. Mark Twain to General Grant. Department of Special Collections Keepsake. 1973.
  3. Hart Crane to Charles Harris. February 20, 1926. Department of Special Collections Keepsake on the Occasion of the Dedication of a Monument to Hart Crane at Garrettsville, Ohio, November 20, 1978. 1978.
  4. Casale, Ottavio M. An Unpublished Thoreau Letter. Friends of the Kent State University Libraries Keepsake. 1979.
  5. Map of the Western Reserve and the Firelands. 1833. Friends of the Kent State University Libraries Keepsake. [no date].


  1. Seasonal Greetings. Music from The Polycronicon. December 1972.
  2. Seasonal Greetings. Nativity from the Humanae Salutis Monumenta of Aarias Montanus. December 1973.
  3. One Millionth Volume Celebration. Invitations, 1974.
  4. Membership Brochure. Friends of the Kent State University Libraries, 1978.
  5. Membership Brochure. Friends of the Kent State University Libraries, 1991.
  6. Special Collections Handbook, 1978.
  7. Special Collections Handbook Cover, 1978.
  8. Bookmarks. 1981 (set of 5: Nuremberg Chronicle woodcuts (3 different images); initial letter "K" from the Kelmscott Chaucer, 1896; image from the Polycronicon, 1495).
  9. Doug Moore, University Photographer, 14 September-20 November 1987. [exhibition announcement], 1987.
  10. Postcards. (Set of 5 campus scenes: Prof. C. S. Van Deusen in front of Kent Hall; Bookstore across from campus next to the Brady; Blackbird Lake; procession from the "tabernacle"; Reading Room in the Library when it was in the Administration Building), [no date]
  11. "Melville's World: A Pictorial Chronology/Melville's Mind: An Artistic Commentary." [exhibition announcement and invitation], [no date]
  12. Memorial Booklet: Hyman W. Kritzer, Director of Libraries & Media Services, 1966-1983.
  13. Bookmarks. Undated. (set of 4; each featuring an image of material from Special Collections and Archives)


  1. Corman, Cid. "Dark Morning. . . ." 400 copies. December 1975.
  2. Matthews, Jack. "The Landowner Contemplates His Land." 500 copies. November 1976.
  3. van Itallie, Jean-Claude. "In That Early Time." Published in an edition of 200 copies to celebrate the conferral by KSU of an Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters Degree upon Jean-Claude van Itallie. August 27, 1977.
  4. Broughton, James. "Packing Up for Paradise." 600 copies. December 1977.
  5. Blevins, Richard. "The Death of O." 350 copies. 1978.
  6. Perreault, John. "Alone in Barcelona." 400 copies. 1979.
  7. Bronk, William. "Sizes." 500 copies. 1980.
  8. Anderson, Maggie. "Pine Cone Boogie." Winter Poetry Broadside No. 1. 1990. 1,500 copies.
  9. Chaikin, Joseph. "Character." Published in an edition of 50 copies to mark the awarding of a Doctor of Humane Letters degree to Joseph Chaikin by Kent State University, December 15, 1990. [OVERSIZE BOX]
  10. Beckett, Tom. "Poetry...." 1991.
  11. Harshman, Marc. "January Sixth." Winter Poetry Broadside No. 2. 1991.
  12. Blevins, Richard. "American Larch." Winter Poetry Broadside No. 3. 1992. 1,000 copies
  13. Gildzen, Alex. "Bon Pasco." Winter Poetry Broadside No. 4. 1993. 1,000 copies.
  14. Zimmer, Paul J. "The Philosophy of Ears." Winter Poetry Broadside No. 5. 1994. 1,000 copies.
  15. Jama, Stephen. "each sounding's its answer," a tribute to the four students killed on the Kent State University campus, May 4, 1970. Spring 1995. 100 copies printed on Gutenberg Laid; 26 lettered copies printed on Roma Tiziano at The Type High Press. Signed by the author. [OVERSIZE BOX]
  16. Harshman, Marc. "Gloria/Lake Erie." December 5, 1995. 100 copies.
  17. Cole, Michael. "Ancient Sound." Winter Poetry Broadside No. 6. 1995. 1,000 copies.
  18. Nurkse, Dennis. "Black River." Winter Poetry Broadside No. 7. 1996. 1,000 copies.
  19. Prosen, Rosemary. "Capriccio." Winter Poetry Broadside No. 8. 1997. 700 copies. Artwork by Eric May. Some copies signed by the author. [OVERSIZE BOX]
  20. Mills, Lloyd. "Seasonings." [Winter Poetry Broadside No. 9.] 1998. 500 copies.
  21. Davis, Kathe. "My Son Makes My Mother's Potato Soup in Prague." Winter Poetry Broadside No. 10. 2000. 700 copies. Linocut by Eric May. [OVERSIZE BOX]
  22. Metras, Gary. "The Apple in Room 203." "Published in an edition of 300 for 'A Celebration of Small Press Publishing' March 7th and 8th, 2001, Kent State University. Design and Printing by Eric May at the Type High Press, School of Art, Visual Communication Design." [OVERSIZE BOX]
  23. Orlowsky, Dzvinia. "A Handful of Bees." "Published in an edition of 300 for 'A Celebration of Small Press Publishing' March 7th and 8th, 2001, Kent State University. Design and Printing by Eric May at the Type High Press, School of Art, Visual Communication Design." [OVERSIZE BOX]
  24. Hassler, Donald M. "One Salty Lesson." Winter Poetry Broadside No. 11. 2001. 1,000 copies.
  25. Hassler, David. "Reaching to a Sky of Soba." Winter Poetry Broadside No. 12. 2002. Illustration by Hannah Middleton. [OVERSIZE BOX]
  26. "Ivy Green." Winter Poetry Broadside No. 13. 2003. [Reproduction of a Victorian-era street ballad from the Borowitz Collection]


  1. "Excerpt from a letter written by Maria Kent to her son William." Winter Broadside No. 1. January 2004.

Oversize Folder 1: Posters

  1. 25th Anniversary Celebration Events, 1993
  2. "Sources of Science and Technolog" [exhibition announcement], 1973.

Oversize Folder 2: POSTERS

  1. "A Gallery of Sinister Perspectives: Highlights from: the Borowitz True Crime Collection." Exhibition announcement, 1990.
  2. "A Gallery of Sinister Perspectives: Highlights from: The Borowitz True Crime Collection." Exhibition announcement signed by Jonathan Goodman, Albert Borowitz, and James Ellroy, 1990.