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May 4-related T-Shirts

Special Collections and Archives

May 4-related T-Shirts

Special Collections and Archives

May 4-related T-Shirts

May 4-Related T-Shirts collection

May 4 Collection -- Boxes 115 and 115A

Finding Aid

Prepared by Nancy Birk, 22 August 1995; Last Update: May 2024

Inclusive Dates: 1970-2024
Bulk Dates: 1990-2009
Extent: 2 cubic feet (2 record storage boxes)
Physical Location: 12th floor

Scope and Content: This collection includes various t-shirts that somehow relate to the Kent State shootings, particularly annual commemorations of May 4. Many of the t-shirts were created and sold by the May 4th Task Force during annual commemorations.

Acquisitions Information: Many of the t-shirts in this collection were purchased from and donated by the May 4th Task Force.

Related Materials: Researchers interested in materials associated with the Task Force and annual commemorations should also consult the following collections:

May 4 Collection - Box 115
Folder -- Contents

  1. "Kent Police State University," white t-shirt with red lettering. Undated (but likely from early 1970s)
    Historical Note: This shirt belonged to Leslie Martin's mother who reportedly acquired the shirt in the aftermath of the Kent State shootings. Date of shirt is uncertain.
    Scope and Content: Accompanied by an article by Leslie Martin, written in 2010, reflecting on Martin's memories of May 4 and connections she sees to current political situations in America.
    Acquisitions Note: Donated by Leslie Martin.
  2. “Long live the spirit of Kent and Jackson State,” red t-shirt. Undated (but likely from 1970s)
  3. “Long live the spirit of Kent and Jackson State,” white t-shirt. Undated
  4. "We Care Kent Stay United," white t-shirt, 1971
    Scope and Content: Accompanied by a April 27th, 1971 Daily Kent Stater article, describing the shirts, which were dedicated to keeping the university open.
    Acquisitions Note: Donated by Anne Kaiser.
  5. “Remember Kent State,” green t-shirt. 1981
  6. “Kent State/Jackson State 20 Year Retrospective, March 30-31, 1990,” white t-shirt. 1990
  7. “Jackson State + Kent State Commemorative Conference,” aqua t-shirt. 1990
  8. “Why do We Remember? Kent State 22nd Commemoration, May 4, 1970-1992,” white t-shirt. 1992
  9. “Justice? How can peace stand up against guns? Kent State, 24th Commemoration, May 4. 1970-1994,” white t-shirt. 1994
  10. “25 Year Retrospective of Kent State and Jackson State. Emerson College Division of Communication Studies,” white t-shirt. 1995
  11. “In the Footsteps of History We March with Them, 1970-1995, Kent State 25th Commemoration,” white t-shirt. 1995
  12. “26th Annual Commemoration May 4, 1970-1996,” white t-shirt. 1996  
  13. “Casualties of War, Kent State, 27th Commemoration, May 4, 1970-1997,” white t-shirt. 1997
  14. “28th Annual Kent State Commemoration, 1970-1998, Unification of the Generations,” white t-shirt. 1998
  15. “Sisters in the Struggle: 29th Annual Commemoration, May 4, 1970-1999,” white t-shirt. 1999

May 4 Collection - Box 115A
Folder -- Contents

  1. “1970-2000 Kent State Vietnam… Never Again! [peace sign] Learn It Live It Teach It,” white t-shirt. 2000
  2. "Dance Alloy," green t-shirt. 2000
  3. “The Cost of Freedom: Kent State May 4, 1970-2001, 31st Annual May 4th Commemoration,” white t-shirt. 2001
  4. “32nd Annual May 4th Commemoration, Unnecessary, Inexcusable, Unwarranted, Unforgettable, Kent State, May 4, 1970-2002,” black t-shirt. 2002
  5. “Remembering the Victims of Kent State & Jackson State, 1970-2003.” May 4 Task Force 33rd Annual Commemoration, white t-shirt. 2003
  6. “Patriots Act! 1776-1970-2004, 34th Annual Kent State Commemoration,” white t-shirt. 2004
  7. “Tell me father, did they aim? May 4, 1970; May 4 2005; 35th Year”; May 4 Task Force 35th Annual Commemoration, black t-shirt. 2005
  8. “Where does it all end? 38th Annual Commemoration,” black t-shirt. 2008
  9. “Remembering the past, shaping the future,” white t-shirt. 2009
  10. "The Power of Our Voices, May 4, 1970-2023," black, long sleeve t-shirt. 2023
  11. "The Power of Our Voices, May 4, 1970-2024," white, long sleeve t-shirt. 2024
  12. "May 4th Task Force 1975-2024," blue t-shirt. 2024