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KSU Museum and School of Fashion administrative records

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KSU Museum and School of Fashion administrative records

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Special Collections and Archives

KSU Museum and School of Fashion administrative records

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KSU Museum and School of Fashion, Miscellaneous Administrative records, 1977-1990

Finding Aid

Prepared by Edith Serkownek, November 2, 2005
1 record storage box, 1 cubic foot, 11th floor

Historical Note

These administrative records were created by the KSU presidential offices of Brage Golding and Michael Schwartz and relate directly to the development of the Silverman-Rodgers Project, resulting in the creation of the KSU Museum and the Shannon Rodgers and Jerry Silverman School of Fashion Design and Merchandising (School of Fashion).

Shannon Rodgers, a successful clothing designer, and Jerry Silverman, a lawyer and businessman, met in 1946 while working for the clothing company, Martini Designed. In 1959 Silverman and Rodgers formed their own company, "Jerry Silverman Inc," with Shannon Rodgers acting as principal designer. In 1970 their successful company merged with Waranco, Inc. Privately, Shannon Rodgers became an important collector of art and historic costumes, and without heirs, Silverman and Rodgers began to consider the disposition of their estates.

Silverman and Rodgers' association with KSU began in the 1979 and in November of 1980 Silverman and Rodgers formally proposed that Kent State University "argree to establish a school or department of design disciplines" modeled after the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. In exchange, Silverman and Rodgers promised to earmark their important collection of art and costumes for donation to the school, and to make an initial monetary contribution for the development of the school. This offer was eventually accepted, laying the groundwork for the establishment of the KSU Museum and the School of Fashion. Collectively, the project was termed the "Silverman-Rodgers Project." Resulting KSU studies put the pricetag on the project at approximately $6 million and a massive fundraising campaign began in the early 1980s with Robert Broadbent of Higbee's, and William Arnold of Associated Dry Goods, serving as co-chairs.

KSU's Rockwell Hall, built in 1927 and added onto in the late-1950s, was selected to house the new museum and school. Jerry Silverman died on October 25, 1984 and a memorial service was held at KSU. The KSU Museum opened on September 27, 1985. The Shannon Rodgers and Jerry Silverman School of Fashion Design and Merchandising was dedicated April 20, 1990. Shannon Rodgers died on January 9, 1996.

These records document the proposal, planning and development of the museum and school through the administrative records of KSU presidents, Brage Golding and Michael Schwartz, both important activitsts for the project. With the acquisition of additional presidential administrative records relating to the KSU Museum and School of Fashion this collection may continue to grow.

Scope and Content

The collection is divided into four series. Series 1 encompasses the correspondence produced and received by the offices of President Brage Golding and President Michael Schwartz relating to the Silverman-Rodgers Project. As such it includes both general correspondence and inter-school correspondence and memorada. Series 1 is organized by date. Series 2 includes specific topical files related to the Silverman-Rodgers Project, the KSU Museum and the School of Fashion and includes reports, fundraising campaign information, special events, and planning documents. Series 2 is organized alphabetically by subject and within each folder by date. Series 3 includes newspaper clippings and periodical articles related to the Silverman-Rodgers Project, The KSU Museum and the School of Fashion. Series 3 is organized by date. Series 4, which is largely undated, includes blueprints of Rockwell Hall. Rockwell Hall was renovated during the 1980s to house the KSU Museum and the School of Design. Series 4 is oversized and housed separately from the main collection.

  1. Series 1: Correspondence
  2. Series 2: Subject Files
  3. Series 3: Newpaper Clippings and Articles
  4. Series 4: Blueprints

Box 1

Folder -- Contents


  1. Correspondence: 1980
  2. Correspondence: February 1981
  3. Correspondence: March 1981
  4. Correspondence: April 1981
  5. Correspondence: May 1981
  6. Correspondence: June 1981
  7. Correspondence: July 1981
  8. Correspondence: August 1981
  9. Correspondence: September 1981
  10. Correspondence: October 1981
  11. Correspondence: December 1981
  12. Correspondence: January 1982
  13. Correspondence: February 1982
  14. Correspondence: March 1982
  15. Correspondence: May 1982
  16. Correspondence: July 1982
  17. Correspondence: August 1982
  18. Correspondence: September 1982
  19. Correspondence: October 1982
  20. Correspondence: November 1982
  21. Correspondence: December 1982
  22. Correspondence: January 1983
  23. Correspondence: February 1983
  24. Correspondence: March 1983
  25. Correspondence: April 1983
  26. Correspondence: May 1983
  27. Correspondence: June 1983
  28. Correspondence: July 1983
  29. Correspondence: August 1983
  30. Correspondence: September 1983
  31. Correspondence: November 1983
  32. Correspondence: January 1984
  33. Correspondence: February 1984
  34. Correspondence: March 1984
  35. Correspondence: August 1984
  36. Correspondence: October 1984
  37. Correspondence: November 1984
  38. Correspondence: December 1984
  39. Correspondence: January 1985
  40. Correspondence: February 1985
  41. Correspondence: March 1985
  42. Correspondence: April 1985
  43. Correspondence: May 1985
  44. Correspondence: June 1985
  45. Correspondence: July 1985
  46. Correspondence: August 1985
  47. Correspondence: September 1985
  48. Correspondence: November 1985
  49. Correspondence: January 1986
  50. Correspondence: Februrary 1986
  51. Correspondence: April 1986
  52. Correspondence: (letter from Nancy Reagan, First Lady): June 1986
  53. Correspondence: July 1986
  54. Correspondence: August 1986
  55. Correspondence: October 1986
  56. Correspondence: November 1986
  57. Correspondence: January 1987
  58. Correspondence: April 1987
  59. Correspondence: July 1987
  60. Correspondence: October 1987
  61. Correspondence: November 1987
  62. Correspondence: 1988
  63. Correspondence: 1989
  64. Correspondence: 1990

Subject files

  1. Board of Trustees: correspondence and resolution: 1981-1982
  2. Higbee Company (Robert R. Broadbent Endowed Scholarship in Fashion Design): 1984-1986
  3. Jerry Silverman and Shannon Rodgers agreement signing ceremony:1981-1982
  4. Jerry Silverman and Shannon Rodgers: biographies: [no date]
  5. Jerry Silverman and Shannon Rodger: faculty appointment certificates: June 22, 1981
  6. Jerry Silverman and Shannon Rodgers: proposal and presentation to Dr. Brage Golding: November 21, 1980
  7. Jerry Silverman: memorial material and obituaries: October 1984
  8. KSU Museum Advisory Board: 1982-1983
  9. KSU Museum and School of Fashion Design, Christian Dior project of KSU professor, Stanley Garfinkel: 1986-1989
  10. KSU Museum: budget file: 1984-1986
  11. KSU Museum: Stella Blum, Director: 1981-1985
  12. KSU Museum: Stella Blum, Director newsclippings: 1982-1985
  13. KSU press releases: 1981-1991 and [no date]
  14. Nightingales and Dragons: The Robes of China: The Canton Art Institute and KSU joint exhibition: 1983-1984
  15. Rockwell Hall: Board of Trustees resolution, floor plans and project cost estimates: 1977, 1982 and [no date]
  16. School of Fashion: Bellissima (Dedication): correspondence (including letter from John Glenn, U.S. Senator), programs and publicity: 1990
  17. School of Fashion: budget: 1983-1984
  18. School of Fashion: curriculum and freshman course guide: 1984-1985
  19. School of Fashion: facilities' analysis: January 5, 1982
  20. School of Fashion: Gladys Toulis, Director: 1983-1985
  21. School of Fashion: organizational campaign chart: [no date]
  22. School of Fashion: Plan of Action for $6,000,000 Campaign for The School of Fashion Design and Merchandising draft: no date
  23. Silverman-Rodgers Project: A Gift to the Nation text copy and brochure: 1982
  24. Silverman-Rodgers Project: "A Gift to Treasure--A Responsibility to Share," A Tentative Plan of Campaign: November 1984
  25. Silverman-Rodgers Project: Awareness Meeting Plan for Leadership Recruitment: January 31, 1985
  26. Silverman-Rodgers Project: committe lists: [no date]
  27. Silverman-Rodgers Project: flow chart: October 1981
  28. Silverman-Rodgers Project: Planning Study for Kent State University: [no date]
  29. Silverman-Rodgers Project: Preliminary Financial Plan: January 4, 1982
  30. Silverman-Rodgers Project: Rationale for $5 Million S-R Campaign draft: December 31, 1981
  31. Silverman-Rodgers Project: Silverman-Rodgers Timetable--1982
  32. Special Faculty Senate Meeting: Dr. Golding's speech: April 19, 1982. Dr. Golding's staff/student convocation speech: May 20, 1981. Dr. Golding's press meeting speech: May 20, 1981. Correspondence: [no date]

Newspaper clippings and articles

  1. Newsclippings: May-June 1981
  2. Newsclippings: August-September 1981
  3. Newsclippings: November-December 1981
  4. Newsclippings: January-February 1982
  5. Newsclippings: March-April 1982
  6. Newsclippings: June-December 1982
  7. Newsclippings: January-June 1983
  8. Newsclippings: November-December 1983
  9. Newsclippings: January-May 1984
  10. Newsclippings: July-September 1984
  11. Newsclippings: 1985
  12. Newsclippings: 1986
  13. Newsclippings: 1990
  14. Newsclippings: [no date]

Blueprints [oversize files, shelved in 11th floor map case]

  1. Blueprint: KSU Office of Facilities Planning/Operations, "Brick Walkway for Rockwell Hall": January 4, 1982
  2. Blueprint: unidentified blueprint of Rockwell Hall and parking lot: [no date]
  3. Blueprint: "Basement Level Plan" [Rockwell Hall]: [no date]
  4. Blueprint: "First Level Plan" [Rockwell Hall]: [no date]
  5. Blueprint: "Second Level Plan" [Rockwell Hall]: [no date]
  6. Blueprint: "Third Level Plan" [Rockwell Hall]: [no date]