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Edna Rickey Oswalt papers (faculty-Special Education)

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Edna Rickey Oswalt papers (faculty-Special Education)

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Edna Rickey Oswalt papers (faculty-Special Education)

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Edna Rickey Oswalt papers

Finding Aid

Prepared for the Web by Barbara Bass, March 26, 1997
9 record storage boxes, 9 cubic feet


This collection is housed in a climate-controlled environment off site and requires at least up to three weeks for retrieval. Please call or email the department with requests for this material prior to planning your visit.

Biographical Note

Edna Rickey Oswalt was born in Albany, Ohio, near Athens, on April 22, 1897.

She graduated in 1917 with a bachelor of arts degree in English and foreign languages from Ohio University. She taught for a few years at her parents' request at Beverly and Jackson, Ohio, high schools. She earned a doctorate in psychology in 1924.

She did thyroid injection experiments on rats to experiment on the intelligence of rats which upset the Animal Protective League. After a year's worth of visits from a woman who worked at the league and seeing the humane way Dr. Oswalt treated the rats, she was satisfied and quit going.

Oswalt also worked at the Bureau of Juvenile Research as house mother for 80 boys. She then worked at Columbus Normal School helping to train teachers for exceptional students in the Columbus school system. In Kalamazoo, Michigan, Oswalt taught and supervised a psychological-educational clinic. She started a clinic and experimental work with exceptional children at Kent State and was made head of the Department of Special Education in 1947. In 1943, she married Dr. Glen Oswalt. She was a faculty member at Kent State University until 1959, at age 62, when she left to teach psychology at Westminster College in New Wilmington, PA.

Scope and Content

This collection contains Oswalt's professional papers including correspondence, class files, research materials, and publications, as well as a small group of personal material including biographical information.

Box 1


  1. Biographical information
  2. Pi Lambda Theta Journal and Newsletter
  3. Westminister College Faculty 1962 -1963, Alumni Magazines and Graduate Program
  4. Citation presented at the faculty social farewell, 1965
  5. Speeches - drafts for two presentations
  6. Publications of Oswalt - index on the front of the folder
  7. Misc. professional writings
  8. Draft of professional writings on mental retardation
  9. Draft of professional writings on the Morrow-Oswalt story pictures project
  10. Report on a survey on low intelligence
  11. Correspondence, 1952 - 1959
  12. Correspondence, July 1, 1960 - June 30, 1960
  13. Correspondence, July 1, 1961 - June 30, 1962
  14. Correspondence, July 1, 1962 - June 30, 1963
  15. Correspondence, July 1, 1964 - June 30, 1965
  16. Correspondence, General Bookbinding Co.
  17. Correspondence, Miscellaneous
  18. Tax forms and mining interest of John Oswalt
  19. Kent State University Semicentennial program, 1960
  20. Articles, manuscript, and picture of Adlai Stevenson
  21. Miscellaneous
  22. Three boxes containing Minnesota Spatial Relations Blocks Boards A and B, and Boards C and D.

Box 2


  1. Class materials for various education classes, including chapter outlines and reprints.
  2. Class materials for education classes - gifted, including papers and reprints.
  3. Class materials for education classes - gifted, including papers and reprints
  4. Class materials about mental retardations, including reprints, pamphlets, and clippings
  5. Class materials for statistics, including study manual, instructor's manual and key, and assignments
  6. Class teaching notes on marriage
  7. Class materials inventory, March 1962
  8. Course outlines and syllabi for various undergraduate courses
  9. Course outlines and syllabi for various graduate courses
  10. Course discussion and true-false questions for textbook used in psychology of adolescence
  11. Class papers for various courses on the gifted
  12. Special education materials including booklets and reprints
  13. Exams for various undergraduate courses.
  14. Exams for various graduate courses
  15. Miscellaneous exams
  16. Techniques for Teaching Spelling booklet: 1958
  17. Experiments in General Psychology Workbook (Roach): c1965
  18. Lab Outlines for Experimental Psychology Workbook (Bilodeau): 1962
  19. Manual of Psychological Experiments (Boring, et al): 1937
  20. Physiological Psychology Questions and Answer Book (Kimble): c1963
  21. Elementary Statistical Methods for Educational Measurement (Bartz): 1958
  22. Workbook in Statistical Analysis (Edwards): c1958
  23. Workbook in Educational Measurements and Evaluation : c1954
  24. Workbook in Measurement and Evaluation for the Elementary School Teacher: c1955
  25. Kent State University. Department of Special Education Report of Program of Demonstration Research Class, First Summer Session 1958.
  26. Kent State University. Department of Special Education Report of Conference of Education of Gifted Children, November 14, 1952
  27. Teacher's Guidance Handbook - Identifying Students With Special Needs, 1956
  28. Teacher's Guidance Handbook - Identifying Students Who Need Help, 1955
  29. The Pursuit of Excellence; Education and the Future of America; Rockefeller Report, 1958
  30. Nurturing Classroom Creativity, 1960
  31. Do It Yourself Series - How to Avoid Having Creative Children at Home and School.
  32. Clippings dealing with education.
  33. University of Utah; Research Conference on the Identification of Creative Scientific Talent: 1957.
  34. Draft - Some Musts in Teaching Intellectually Gifted Children, 1951.
  35. Realistic Guidance in Occupational Educations, 1949,
  36. Philosophy of Educational Education, 1948.
  37. Report - K.W. Barrett Training School, including partial report and statistics.
  38. A Project for Enrichment; Demonstration Research Class, 1956.
  39. Movie script - "Our School Day" - research Demonstration class, 1956.
  40. Award plaque given to Oswalt in Appreciation, Psi Chi, May 1965.

Box 3


  1. Association for Higher Education. College and University Bulletin: v. 12, no. 2, Oct. 15, 1959
  2. Ohio Association for Gifted Children. Membership list
  3. Association of Educators of Gifted Children; president's letters, newsletters, correspondence, and financial reports: 1960-61
  4. International Council for Exceptional Children - Elementary School Programs for Gifted Pupils: 1958, 1960
  5. International Council for Exceptional Children - Hunter College Chapter, publication: Fall 1951
  6. National Association for Gifted Children: correspondence and Twelfth Annual Meeting program: 1961, 1965
  7. American Association for Gifted Children: order form and reprints
  8. Chicago Council for Exceptional Children: publication, June 1960
  9. American Psychological Association. Newsletter: Fall 1959 and reprints
  10. Kent Area Guidance Council: proposal for twelfth year testing program: March 1959
  11. The Guidepost - American Personnel and Guidance Association: January 1960
  12. Ohio Psychological Association: membership card and the Ohio Psychologist: March 1960
  13. Pennsylvania Department of Public Instruction, Publication Guide to Planning for Able Pupils: 1962
  14. Pennsylvania Association for the Study and Education of the Mentally Gifted, Newsletter, Feb. 1965
  15. Columbia Teachers College, Record: April 1960
  16. Family Life:December 1959, March 1960, April 1960
  17. Kent State University Bulletin -" Mentally Superior Children": April 1950
  18. Kent State University Bulletin - "Method and Materials for Enrichment in Fourth and Fifth Grades": February 1955
  19. Kent State University Bulletin - "Teaching Extremely Retarded Children": January 1955
  20. The Association for the Gifted - Gifted Children Newsletter: March 1964
  21. Committee on Children and Youth in School - A Report on the Status of the Gifted in Ohio: correspondence
  22. Report of Family Histories of Demonstration - Research Class: 1954-1958
  23. Kent State University Education News: Winter 1965
  24. Exceptional Children Education: September 1961, February 1962
  25. Publications on education, misc.
  26. The High School Journal: May 1965
  27. The Journal of Teacher Education: September 1963 and reprint
  28. Educational Research Bulletin, Ohio State University: October 1945
  29. Parapsychology Bulletin- Duke University: August 1961, May 1963, May 1964
  30. Nebraska Test of Learning Aptitude: 1955
  31. Studying and Learning - Papers in Psychology: 1954
  32. Report of activities of the Regional Council for International Education: May 1964-March 1965
  33. Survey - results and responses
  34. Report Review Committee - Western Regional Special Education Study
  35. Betts International Reading Conference: 1961
  36. Report - "Identification and Evaluation of Methods for Teaching Severely Mentally Retarded (Trainable) Children": February 15, 1957-December 15, 1958
  37. Report - "Major Work Classes in the Cleveland Public Schools": February 23, 1949
  38. Report - "Current Trends in the Education of the Gifted," by Helen Erskine Roberts, Oct. 25, 1954
  39. Report - "A Survey of Literature and Research Concerning the Education of the Gifted Child with Implications for School Practice," Dec. 12, 1951
  40. "Methods of Educating the Gifted Child and the Program Provided in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, May 1954."
  41. Booklet - Institute for Personality and Ability Testing, March 1, 1951"
  42. Paper - "Practices in Meeting Needs of Slow-Learning Students at the High School Level
  43. Publications by Raymond S. Treon - The Authority to Exclude Pupils from School Because of Physical or Mental Defects, A Study of Postponed Admission Practices as Followed by Supervisors in Montour and Columbia Counties
  44. Test Service Bulletin, Dec. 1959
  45. Publications on Exceptional Children and Youth - Federal Security Agency.
  46. Articles on anxiety
  47. The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential - Geographical Directory, April 1966
  48. Public Affairs pamphlets, nos. 118-141, 1949-1954
  49. Public Affairs pamphlets, nos. 149-216, 1949-1955
  50. Psychological Monographs, v. 58, no. 1; v. 59, no. 2; v. 67, no.2; v. 73, no. 17; 1945, 1953, 1959
  51. U.S. Dept. of HEW booklets - Teachers of Children Who Are Hard of Hearing, 1959
  52. A Visual Motor Gestalt Test and Its Clinical Use, by L. Bender, 1938
  53. Articles on children
  54. Articles on children
  55. Awards and memberships
  56. Kent State University Certificate of Appreciation, May 27, 1959
  57. Certificates: Pi Lambda Theta, American Board of Examiners in Professional Psychology, National Education Association, State of Ohio, Ohio Federation of the International Council for Exceptional Children, Doctor of Philosophy degree from Ohio State University (shelved in mapcase)

Box 4


  1. Superior and Talented Student Project - Building a Program for Superior and Talented High School Students, 1963
  2. A survey of the education of gifted children, Nov. 1955
  3. Promoting Maximal Reading Growth Among Able Learners, no. 81, December 1954
  4. Education of the Gifted, Educational Policies Commission, June 1950
  5. One in a Thousand - A Comparative Study of Moderately and Highly Gifted Elementary School Children, 1963
  6. As If the Chart Were Given - A Demonstration Project for Gifted County Elementary School Children, 1963
  7. What Research Says to the Teacher - The Gifted Child in the Elementary School, 1959
  8. The Role of the Parent in the Education and Training of the Mentally Superior Child, 1951, 1957
  9. Your Gifted Child, Child Bureau publication, 1958
  10. A Heart to Heart Talk on the Gifted, booklet and loose printed papers
  11. "Understanding the Child" - The Gifted Child, April 1951
  12. Education of the Gifted - Educational Policies Commission, 1950
  13. "Teachers' Problems with Exceptional Children" - The Gifted Child, 1940
  14. Curriculum Adjustment for Gifted Children, 1946
  15. The Social Education of the Academically Talented, National Council for the Social Studies, 1958
  16. The Journal of Teacher Education- "The Gifted Child", September 1954
  17. The Gifted Child Magazine, vol. 1, no. 5 and vol. 2, no. 1
  18. The Journal of Exceptional Children, correspondence and financial records
  19. "Presentations on the Gifted", 2 different copies
  20. Speakers on "the Gifted" compiled by the Speakers Bureau Committee, National Vocational Guidance Association. Section on the Gifted
  21. Various programs from conferences on the gifted
  22. Planning for the gifted: conference
  23. Report of Committee on the Gifted Child - Lorain High School, Lorain, Ohio
  24. The Governor's School of North Carolina: correspondence and curriculum
  25. Bibliographies on the gifted
  26. Bibliographies and references on the gifted
  27. Articles on the Gifted
  28. Articles on the Gifted
  29. Articles on the Gifted
  30. Articles on the Gifted
  31. Articles on the Gifted
  32. Materials from Notebook #1 on the gifted: booklets and reprints
  33. Materials from Notebook #1 on the gifted: booklets and reprints
  34. Materials from Notebook #2 on the gifted: booklets and reprints
  35. Gifted children: misc. pamphlets, booklets, reprints, articles and clippings
  36. Gifted children: misc. booklets and reprints
  37. Mental retardation: American Association on Mental Deficiency
  38. Booklets published by the National Committee for Mental Hygiene by Nora Stirling
  39. TC Series in Special Education: "Terminology and Concepts in Mental Retardation," 1964
  40. "Motive,": published by the Ohio Dept. of Mental Hygiene and Correction, Nov.-Dec. 1959
  41. Report: "An Investigation of Factors Involved in the Educational Placement of Mentally Retarded Children," Ohio State University
  42. Workshop - "Education of Slow Learning Children, " Kent State University Dept. of Special Education, 1952; program, paper and bibliography

Box 5


  1. Rorschach Test Answer Book, score sheet, hand-scoring stencil, test manual, inkblots, and Harrower Multiple Choice Test for use with Rorschach cards
  2. Rorschach Method of Personality Diagnosis: individual record blanks
  3. Rorschach Inkblot Test inkblots (psychodiagnostic plates) and manual
  4. Rorschach Inkblot Test inkblots (psychodiagnostic plates)
  5. Michigan Picture Test: general instructions, manual, rating scales, order blanks, and pictures
  6. Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test: manual and series of plates
  7. Full Range Picture Vocabulary Test: instructions, iq tables, answer sheets form A and B, scoring key form A and plates
  8. Mill Hill Vocabulary Scale: guide to use, progressive matrices, and various record forms
  9. Morrow-Oswalt Story Pictures: the original sketches
  10. Morrow-Oswalt Story Pictures: directions, picture, and subject classification
  11. Morrow-Oswalt Story Pictures: pictures
  12. The Illinois Test of Psycholinguistic Abilities: record form for the experimental edition
  13. Pinter-Paterson Performance Test Short Scale: manual and record blanks, picture completion test and score
  14. The Measurement of Intelligence, by L.M. Terman, and Condensed Guide for the Stanford Revision of the Binet-Sinon Tests, by L.M. Terman
  15. Stanford-Binet IQ Test Observation Sheet, record booklet for form L (two editions) and form M
  16. Printed card material for revised Stanford-Binet tests (2 copies) form L and M
  17. Printed card material for the Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale: form L-M, large and small sets
  18. Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale test manual for the third revision: form L-M, 1960
  19. Record booklet for Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale: form L-M
  20. Stanford-Binet Intelligence: scale analysis sheet form L-M, and observation sheet form L-M
  21. Printed card material for revised Stanford-Binet tests: form L
  22. Printed card material for revised Stanford-Binet tests: form L and vocabulary card
  23. Stanford Achievement Test: various battery, key and directions for scoring, and pupil record
  24. Otis Quick-Scoring Mental Ability Tests Manual of Directions: various tests, and scoring stencil
  25. Davis-Eells Test of General Intelligence (Davis-Eells Games): directions for administering and scoring, test booklets, class record, and scoring key
  26. Kuhlmann-Anderson Intelligence Test Handbook: various tests, record sheets, and iq calculator
  27. Kuhlmann-Anderson Intelligence Tests Manual
  28. Columbia Mental Maturity Scale Manual: record blanks, and scores scale
  29. California Short-Form Test of Mental Maturity Manual: record sheets, scoring key, and "Summary of Investigations Number Three"
  30. Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children: maze test
  31. Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children: record forms
  32. Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale: supplementary sheet sample, test form, word list, and object assembly layout shield
  33. Wechsler-Bellevue Intelligence Test record forms
  34. Wechsler-Bellevue Scale record forms

Box 6


  1. Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal instrument, manual, and answer sheet [blank], 1964 revision
  2. The Rotter Incomplete Sentences Blank College Form: Manual
  3. Memory-for-Designs Test for Perceptual and Motor Skills Manual: norms and scoring examples, and plates
  4. A-B-C Vision Test for Ocular Dominance: V-Scope, cards and directions
  5. Developmental Test of Visual Perception Test: booklets and form board
  6. Children's Apperception Test: pictures
  7. Thematic Apperception Test: pictures
  8. Bender Motor Gestalt Test: instructions and cards
  9. Lincoln-Oseretsky Motor Development Scale: manual and record booklet
  10. Minnesota Paper Form Board Test: manual, answer sheet, booklets, practice problems, and scoring stencil
  11. Doman-Delacato Development Profile Records: Adaptation Form
  12. California Test of Personality: manual, various tests, answer sheet, scoring key and class record sheet
  13. Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory Test: booklet and scoring stencils
  14. Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory Test: manuals and scoring stencils
  15. Personality Inventory Test: booklets and scoring devices
  16. Mooney Problem Check List: manual and test booklets
  17. Survey of Interpersonal Values: manual, research briefs, answer form, scoring stencil, and norms
  18. California Psychological Inventory: test booklet
  19. How Well Do You Know Yourself: manual, test, and scoring stencil
  20. How Well Do You Know Your Interests: manual, tests, scoring stencil, and guidance supplement
  21. Personal data sheet and psychological examination
  22. Hand Test: manual, cards, and summary sheets
  23. Proverb Test: manual, answer pad, test booklets, and self-interpreting profile
  24. SRA Reading Records: manual, answer pad, test booklets, and self-interpreting profile
  25. Examining for Aphasia Test: booklets
  26. College Inventory of Academic Adjustment: test booklet
  27. Vineland Social Maturity Tests
  28. Thurstone Temperament Schedule Test: booklet
  29. Creativity Tests
  30. Concept Mastery Test: form
  31. Art Judgement Test: manual, pictures, scoring key, and record sheet
  32. Stanford Hypnotic Susceptibility Scale: scoring blanks and interrogatory blank
  33. Drake Musical Aptitude Test Manual: information and answer forms. The record has been removed
  34. Szondi-Test: pictures and answer forms A and B
  35. Structured Doll Play Test: manual, general manual, and picture plates
  36. Structured Doll Play Test: invoice, record form and tally sheets
  37. Structured Doll Play Test: play objects and human figures
  38. Vocational Interest Black for Men and for Women: test booklets and recording sheets

Box 7

  • Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence (WPPSI) test manual, block design, picture completion, animal house, and geometric design
  • Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS): test manual, picture arrangement test record form, block design, picture completion, object assembly, and samples (2 complete kits)

Box 8

  • Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale Form L-M Test: including test manual, large printed card material, form board, small printed card material, and play material.
  • Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC): including test manual, various object assembly tests, block design, arithmetic problems, and cards
  • Cubical Counting Blocks: various colors
  • Blocks: red and uncolored
  • W-B material: picture arrangement (completion)
  • W-B material: block design - blocks
  • W-B material: hand test
  • W-B material: face test

Box 9

  • Complete Test Material for Form L of the Revised Stanford-Binet Scales, answer forms, cardboard human figure, and misc. toys
  • Lincoln-Osteretsky Motor Development Scale. Wood, rope, scissors, pencils, figures, spool and string, boxes, papers, tacks, and inventory of materials


  • Columbia Mental Maturity Scale: manual and test boards (cased) [SHELVED ON 11th FLOOR; SEE LOCATION GUIDE]