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Edgar L. McCormick papers

Special Collections and Archives

Edgar L. McCormick papers

Special Collections and Archives

Edgar L. McCormick papers

Edgar L. McCormick papers, 1932-1979

Finding Aid

Prepared by Barbara Bass, March 1997
1 record storage box, 1 document case, 1.33 cubic feet, 11th floor

Biographical Note

Edgar McCormick was born in Wadsworth and moved to Brimfield, Ohio, when he was four years old with his family when they purchased a farm. A graduate of Kent State University in 1936, he earned his doctorate from the University of Michigan in 1950. He taught English at Kent State University from 1954 to 1979 and served as Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. He was also the coordinator of the American Studies program.

A poet and historian, McCormick has written many books on both subjects. One of his books, They Also Served, includes his own life experiences while he served in the Air Corps during World War II, from 1942-1945. Another book, Working to Make It Happen, is the history of the Brimfield Memorial House Association. McCormick has been the volunteer curator and director since it began in 1963. His other writings include books of poetry: Home Place and Other Poems, Creatures Here Below, and After Equinox. Other books include Brimfield and Its People and Determined Lives.

Scope and Content

Dr. McCormick's papers include minutes of meetings of the English Department and the College of Arts and Sciences. Two publications included are "Kent Writers Club" and "Spectra." "Kent Writers Club" is full of poetry and short articles written by faculty and others. "Spectra" contains poetry written by McCormick and his Freshman Honors Colloquium.

Box 1

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  2. American Association of University Professors: Committee "W" correspondence, 1973-1974.
  3. American Association of University Professors; correspondence, 1970-1973.
  4. American Association of University Professors: membership list, January 1973.
  5. American Association of University Professors: miscellaneous reports (includes: "Report on the Effectiveness of Senate and Administrative Policies at Kent State University," n.d.; "Second Report on Collective Bargaining," January, 1973.
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  12. Arts and Sciences: clippings.
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  16. Arts and Sciences: Dean, correspondence, 1959-1973
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  19. Arts and Sciences: Faculty Senate, Charter
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  22. Arts and Sciences: Forgiveness Policy for Veterans
  23. Arts and Sciences: Dean Bruce Harkness, miscellaneous items.
  24. Arts and Sciences: miscellaneous items.
  25. Arts and Sciences: "Notes and Notices," October 22, 1971, June 5, 1973 (also see A.&S. "Quarterly Bulletin").
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  36. English Dept.: Correspondence, 1955-1959
  37. English Dept.: Correspondence, 1960-1963
  38. English Dept.: Correspondence, 1964-1968
  39. English Dept.: Correspondence, 1969-1975
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  42. Englsih Dept.: Grievance procedure, May 16, 1964
  43. English Dept.: Lectures; speaker lists, 1963-1964.
  44. English Dept.: Meeting minutes (scattered, 1964-1969);
  45. English Dept.: Miscellaneous
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  57. Hassler, Donald M., "The Irrational, the Golden Age, and the Christian"
  58. Institutional Planning Committee, miscellaneous items
  59. Liason Committee: minutes & memos, 1966-1969

Box 2

  1. May 4: "Interim Report of the Select Committee to Investigate Campus Disturbances"; The Militant, v. 34, no. 18, May 15, 1970
  2. MFL Placement test; evaluation
  3. Ohio-Indiana American Studies Association, correspondence, 1974
  4. Olds, President Glenn A., 1971-1975
  5. Olds, President Glenn A., letter to the university community re. long range planning, Sept. 18, 1972
  6. Poetry and correspondence by Maurice Baum, 1980
  7. Policy statements: Dept. of English and University, 1952?, 1965
  8. Position statement, July 15, 1971
  9. Remedial English, news clippings, 1959
  10. Retirement monies
  11. SDS Constitution
  12. SDS disturbance: news clippings, 1969
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  23. Publications: Spectra ( Publication of Edgar McCormick and his Freshman Honors Colloquium), 1978-1979
  24. Scrapbook: Maurice Baum's columns from the Akron Times Press, 1936-37