Department of Political Science records

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Department of Political Science records

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The Special Collections & Archives reading room is closed, and all in-person (physical, face-to-face) services are suspended at this time. We are here to help! Please contact us to discuss how we can best serve you during this time.

Special Collections and Archives

Department of Political Science records

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Kent State University. Department of Political Science records


Prepared by Eric Linderman, December 29, 1997
1.25 cubic feet, 11th floor

Scope and Contents

This collection contains the files of Frank Klink and Arlene Lawson of the the K.S.U. Department of Political Science. The records were donated to the Department of Special Collections and Archives in June, 1996. The records retain their original alphabetical grouping by the last name of the faculty or staff member. Materials are kept in three boxes, the second of which is restricted.

Box 1 contains records which reflect professors' research, involvement with international programs, and their courses and lectures. These records contain syllabi, correspondence, ephemera, and article drafts. The contents in clude personal and departmental correspondence; article drafts; syllabi; ephemera and reprints.

Box 2 contains records which discuss salaries, tenure, promotions, hiring and resignations. This box contains correspondence, resumes (including data forms, resumes, and vitae); and evaluation forms. Access to Box 2 is restricted.

Box 3 contains the plaintiffs' verified complaint in the case of Adamek et al. vs. Brown et al. This case concerns the indictment of Thomas Lough by a Special Grand Jury, which convened in September, 1970 in Portage Coun ty. It discusses a report of the Special Grand Jury concerning the roles of protesters, K.S.U. faculty, K.S.U. administration, and National Guardsmen in the events on May 4, 1970. Plaintiffs include 32 K.S.U. faculty members. Defendants include Paul W. Brown, Attorney General; Robert L. Balyeat, Seabury H. Ford, and Perry G. Dickenson, Special Counsel for the Attorney General; and Robert W. Hastings, member and foreman of the Special Grand Jury.

Box 1: Records and papers: Research, Teaching
Folder -- Contents

  1. Bredlinger, Nancy (1 folder)
    Syllabi; American Government, International Relations, Comparative Politics; 1989.

  2. Butler, Violet (1 folder)
    Personal correspondence: with Lou Harris; 1968.

  3. Chancey, Martin (1 folder)
    Correspondence: illness, research: 1966-75.

  4. Colton, Ken (1 folder): obituaries; 1995.

    Deeb, Marius (3 folders)
  5. Correspondence: lectures, seminars; 1978.
  6. Typescript: "The Socio-Economic Role of the Local Foreign Minorities in Modern Egypt." 23p.; [n.d.]
  7. Typescript: "Bank Misr and the Emergence of the Local Bourgeoisie in Egypt." 33p. [n.d].

    Elim, Raga (5 folders)
  8. Correspondence: International programs, class scheduling; 1973-4.
  9. Typescript: "Summary Report on Deliberations, Findings and Recommendations of the First Vienna Seminar held at The University of Vienna, July 24-28, 1972"; includes seminar program.
  10. Programs and guides; international programs; 1972.

  11. Huyse, Lucien (1 folder): Correspondence: course scheduling; 1976-78.

    Mustafa, Husain (7 folders)
  1. Correspondence: Research, lectures, curriculum; 1963-81.
  2. Typescript: "Identifying Peer Leadership in Small Work Groups"; 1974; 11p.
  3. Typescript: "Factor Analytical Approach to Job Satisfaction"; 1974; 13p.
  4. Typescript: "Partisan Politics and Legislative-Gubernatorial Competition in Budgeting"; 1979; 11p.
  5. Typescript: "Modeling, Rationality and Social Policy: An Approach to Interdisciplinary Enrichment"; 1980; 20p.
  6. Agenda and memorandum: IPC Recommendation #12; 1973.
  7. Misc. article reprints

    Peterson, Bernice (1 folder)
  8. Personal correspondence; with Paul Kitchen and Thomas Ungs; 1969.

    Thompson, Rosolu John Bankole (3 folders)
  9. Syllabi: Fall and spring semesters, 1988.
    Courses: Constitutional Law: Civil Liberties; Critical issues in Criminal Justice; Comparative Law.
  10. Copies of diplomas.
  11. Misc: news clippings and personal notes; [n.d.]

    Wilhelm, Donald, Jr. (3 folders)
  12. Correspondence: International study, curriculum, research; 1967-9.
  13. Typescript: "Political Science, the Other Sciences, and Relevance." 16p.; 1970.
  14. Misc. newspaper clippings; 1969.

    Van Dorn, Harold A. (1 folder)
  15. Personal correspondence with Lou K. Harris; 1966-8.

RESTRICED Records: Salary and Employee Evaluations

    Ballard, John (2 folders): Resumes, correspondence.
  1. Resumes and personal data forms; [n.d].
  2. Correspondence: appointment, salary; 1969-70.

    Baughman, James (3 folders)
  3. Resumes and personal data forms; 1969.
  4. Correspondence; appointment, union matters; 1971-3.
  5. Employee evaluations; 1969-71.

    Billow, Patricia (2 folders)
  6. Resume; [n.d.]
  7. Correspondence: recommendations, appointment; 1981.

    Bredlinger, Nancy (2 folders)
  8. Resumes: 1987, 1989.
  9. Correspondence: recommendations, appointment, salary, curriculum, resignation; 1987-90.

    Butler, Violet (2 folders)
  10. Personal data forms; [n.d.]
  11. Correspondence; salary, duties, resignation, personal letters; 1967-9.

    Chancey, Martin (3 folders)
  12. Resumes: 1970-71.
  13. Correspondence: appointment, recommendations, tenure, retirement; 1967-75.
  14. Personal data form; with letters of recommendation; 1966.

  1. Cook, Robert (1 folder)
    Personal data form; letters of recommendation; 1966.

  2. Curfman, Georgia (1 folder)
    Employee evalutation: with correspondence; 1974-5.

  3. Deeb, Marius (1 folder)
    Correspondence: evaluation; 1977-8.

    Dettman, Paul (2 folders)
  4. Vitae; [n.d.]
  5. Correspondence; appointments, salary, course scheduling; 1975.

    Dowling, Amy (2 folders)
  6. Correspondence: employment, pay, evaluation; 1988.
  7. Position descriptions and employee evaluation: 1988.

    Elim, Raga (2 folders)
  8. Resume and personal data form: 1972.
  9. Correspondence: Appointment, tenure; 1972-74.

  10. Figurski, Jerry (1 folder)
    Correspondence: tenure, course scheduling, resignation; 1973-4.

    Getz, Pamela (2 folders)
  1. Correspondence: Job classification; 1971-3.
  2. Employee evaluations: 1971-4.

    Homer, Cynthia (3 folders)
  3. Correspondence: salary, job classification, illnesses; 1975-8.
  4. Employee evaluations: 1976-7.
  5. Position descriptions: 1978.

    Kearns, Virginia (3 folders)
  6. Employment Application; 1967.
  7. Correspondence; job classification; 1970-1.
  8. Employee evaluation; 1971.

  9. Maenpaa, Pamela (1 folder)
    Employee evaluataion; 1968.

    Mustafa, Husain (2 folders)
  10. Resumes; [196-?]
  11. Correspondence; appointment, salary, promotions; 1973-81.

  12. Nottingham, Michele (1 folder)
    Employee evaluations; 1969-70.

    Pace, Denny (2 folders)
  1. Personal data form; 1969
  2. Correspondence; promotion; 1969-70.

    Patterson, Beeman C.(2 folders)
  3. Personal data form; 1969.
  4. Letters of recommendation; 1969-70.

    Peterson, Bernice (3 folders)
  5. Correspondence: job classification, resignation; 1969-70.
  6. Employee evaluations: 1967-70.
  7. Position descriptions: 1969.

    Rae, Janet D. (4 folders)
  8. Employment application: 1974.
  9. Correspondence: job classification; 1977-80.
  10. Employee evaluations: 1976-80.
  11. Position descriptions: 1975.

    Rae, Linda L. (3 folders)
  12. Correspondence: job classification, resignation; 1970-1.
  13. Employee evaluations: 1968-71.
  14. Postion descriptions: 1970.

  15. Rawson, David P. (1 folder)
    Resume: with correspondence on appointment; 1982.

  1. Thompson, Rosolu John Bankole (1 folder)
    Curriculum vitae: [198-?] Correspondence: appointment, salary, evaluation; 1987-9.

    Van dorn, Harold A. (2 folders)
  2. Personal Data forms: [196-?].
  3. Correspondence: appointments, salary, personal letters; 1966-9.

    Warner, Charles (2 folders)
  4. Resume: 1982.
  5. Correspondence: recommendations, appointment; 1982-3.

  6. Welsh, Diane E. (1 folder)
    Employee evaluations: 1971-3.

  7. Wiedner, Paul (1 folder)
    Personal data forms: 1964.

    Wilhelm, Donald, Jr.(2 folders)
  8. Resumes and personal data forms; [n.d.].
  9. Correspondence: appointment, tenure; 1967-70.

Box 3: Adamek et al. vs. Brown et al.; Complaint (1 folder)

Typescript (photocopy): 22p.; [197-?].