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Cryptography manuscripts

Special Collections and Archives

Cryptography manuscripts

Special Collections and Archives

Cryptography manuscripts

Cryptography manuscripts, 1915-1961

Finding Aid

Prepared by Cara Gilgenbach, May 22, 2002; Last Updated: March 2022
1 document case, 1 oversized folder, .33 cubic feet, 11th floor

Scope and Content

This collection contains miscellaneous manuscripts related to the subject of cryptography. Most items are letters. The collection, which dates from 1915-1961, is arranged chronologically. The collection also includes some American Cryptogram Association (ACA) photographs. These items are part of the Library of the ACA (George C. Lamb Collection) on deposit in the Department of Special Collections and Archives.  

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Box 1
Folder -- Contents

  1. 1915: Correspondence of Parker Hitt and Samuel Reber [SEE ALSO item 4 below]
    -- 1915, Sept. 25. Hitt, Parker. To Colonel [Samuel] Reber. [typed letter, copy], 1p.
    -- 1915, Sept. 30. Reber, Samuel. To Captain [Parker] Hitt. [typed letter, copy], 1p.
  2. 1931, Sept. Yardley, Herbert Osborn. To William E. Betts. [typed letter, signed], 1p.
  3. 1931, Dec. 24. Yardley, Herbert Osborn. To William E. Betts. [typed letter, signed], 1p.
    Accompanied by: Article "Cryptograms and Their Solutions" by Herbert O. Yardley as published in the Saturday Evening Post, Nov. 21, 1931, and two unidentified photographs.
  4. 1938: Correspondence of Parker Hitt
    -- 1938, July 14. "Phertikrat" [Hitt, Parker]. To "The Members of my Friendly Group" [typed letter, signed], 1p.
    -- 1938, Sept. 16. "Phertikrat" [Hitt, Parker]. To "Members of my Friendly Group" [typed letter, signed], 1p.
  5. [1938]. Gaines, Helen Fouché. Elementary Cryptanalysis: A study of ciphers and their solution... Sponsored by The American Cryptogram Association. [typed document, carbon]. 305p.
  6. 1938. Sacco, Luigi. Manual of Cryptography. [typed document]. 277p. [translation by Helen F. Gaines of Sacco's Manual di Crittografia, Rome, 1936, 2nd ed.].
  7. 1940, Jan. 15. Piccola, [Gaines, Helen Fouché]. To Ayemache. [typed letter, signed], 1p.
  8. 1961, June 18. Peck, Andrew S. To B Natural [typed letter, signed] 3p.
    Accompanied by: "Francis Bacon Equals William Shakespeare" by Andrew S. Peck. [typescript], 12p., 1961.
  9. Undated. Givierge, General M. Course in Cryptography; Translated from the French of General M. Givierge by Amsco and Piccola. [typescript], 242 p.

Oversized Folder

  1. Photograph: ACA and National Puzzlers League, Joint Annual Convention Banquet, Hotel Cleveland, Cleveland, Ohio, September 3, 1939
  2. Photograph: National Puzzlers League of America 114 Semi-Annual and ACA 8th Annual Convention, Parker House, Boston, September 1, 1940
  3. Photograph: ACA 14th Annual Convention, Hotel New Yorker, New York City, August 31, 1946
  4. Photograph: ACA 15th Annual Convention, Knickerbocker Hotel, Chicago, August 30, 1947
  5. Photograph: ACA and National Puzzlers League, Annual Dinner, Hotel New Yorker, New York City, September 4, 1948 (Please note: for unknown reasons, this photograph is cut in half.)
  6. Photograph: ACA Banquet, unknown location, undated
  7. Photograph: Lamb George C. tinted photograph, undated