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Crime Subject Files collection

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Crime Subject Files collection

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Borowitz Crime Subject Files

Finding Aid

Prepared by Cara Gilgenbach, May 9, 2002; Updated February 2014; March 2018

Inclusive Dates: 1940-2015
Extent: 6.33 cubic foot (1 record storage box, 10 half-size record storage boxes + 1 document case)
Physical Location: 11th floor

Scope and Content: This collection contains subject files on various prominent murder cases and other crimes. Files, most of which date from the 1990s, contain articles, clippings, essays, and other secondary sources. Most files contain only a couple of items. Two exceptions are the O. J. Simpson murder case for which there is a large group of files and the "Little Gregory" case which also contains several files. See the inventory below for more details.

Accruals: Material will be added to this collection on a continual basis.

Arrangement: Files are arranged alphabetically by subject.

Language of the Material: Most materials are in English, but please note that some items are written in languages other than English.

Box 1
Folder -- Contents

  1. Abortion violence against [clinics and doctors]
  2. Accidental death
  3. AIDS
  4. "Aldine Folio Murders" [short story by Lawrence G. Blochman, 1940]
  5. American Psycho [book by Bret Easton Ellis]
  6. Anastasia [supposed Russian royal family member, survived assassination]
  7. Andrews, Theresa [Ravenna, Ohio, murdered September, 2000 from the Cleveland Plain Dealer]
  8. Andrews, Theresa [Ravenna, Ohio, murdered September, 2000 from the Kent Record-Courier]
  9. Andrews, Theresa [Ravenna, Ohio, murdered September, 2000 from the Akron Beacon Journal]
  10. Antiquities trade
  11. Arbuckle, Roscoe "Fatty"
  12. Archaeological sites, looting of
  13. Armored truck robberies [Brink's, etc.]
  14. Arson, United States
  15. Art and historical exhibitions/auctions
  16. Art theft and fraud
  17. Arvin, Newton [American critic arrested for possession of pornography, 1960]
  18. Assassination
  19. Atlanta, Georgia [child murders, 1981]
  20. Attorneys
  21. Austen, Jane
  22. Author [articles about more than one]
  23. Baader-Meinhoff [German terrorist gang]
  24. Bakhtiar, (Dr.) Chapour [murdered by I. R. I. agents, 1991]
  25. Bank of Credit and Commerce International (B. C. C. I.), fraud case
  26. Basson, Wouter [accused Afrikaner serial killer]
  27. Battleship Iowa explosion
  28. Belgian crimes
  29. Bembenek, Lawrencia [convicted murderer of husband's ex-wife, claims she is innocent]
  30. Berkowitz, David [Son of Sam]
  31. Bierenbaum, Bob [doctor accused of killing his wife]
  32. Bilancia, Donanto "The Dandy" [Italian serial killer, 1999]
  33. Billionaire Boys Club
  34. "Billy the Kid" [William Bonney]
  35. Bird, Tom and Lorna Anderson [lovers, killed Anderson's husband]
  36. Bloch, Felix [accused Soviet spy]
  37. Blunt, Anthony [spy]
  38. Boesky, Ivan and Dennis Levine [complaints and orders]
  39. Boggs, (Dr.) Richard Pryde [doctor involved in insurance fraud and murder, 1988]
  40. Bolles, Don [murdered reporter]
  41. Bonnie and Clyde
  42. Book reviews-Fiction
  43. Book reviews-Earl of Lucan

Box 2
Folder -- Contents

  1. Book reviews-History [pre-twentieth century people and subjects]
  2. Book reviews-Holocaust
  3. Book reviews-Miscellaneous
  4. Book reviews-Non-fiction [twentieth century to present people and subjects]
  5. Book reviews-Spies
  6. Borden, Lizzie
  7. Bouman, Ray and Billy Kirkpatrick [bank robbers]
  8. Boutboul murder case
  9. Brando, Christian
  10. Brawley, Tawana [defamation lawsuit, New York, 1998]
  11. Buetner-Janusch, John [N.Y.U. Professor, poisoned candy]
  12. Bulger, James [2 year-old, abducted and killed by 10 year old neighbor, 1993]
  13. Bull, Gerald V. [physicist]
  14. Bundy, Ted [serial killer]
  15. Buono, Angelo [Hillside Strangler]
  16. Burbach, Christelle [murdered French toddler, 1989]
  17. Bush, George [sex scandal with "Jennifer"]
  18. Capital punishment
  19. Car theft
  20. Celebrity-related crimes [perpetrators and victims]
  21. Central Park jogger case
  22. Chagnon, Napoleon [controversial anthropologist]
  23. Chamberlain, Lindy [accused of murdering her baby, portrayed by Meryl Streep in Evil Angels]
  24. Chambers, Robert
  25. Chanal, Pierre [murder case]
  26. Chang, Penny [Shaker Heights High School student, murdered, March, 1999]
  27. Chappaquiddick [Ted Kennedy-Mary Jo Kopechne auto accident]
  28. Chikatilo, Andrei "Citizen Ch" [Russian serial killer, 1992]
  29. Chekhov, Anton
  30. Child murders, France
  31. Children accused of killing their parents [matricide, patricide]
  32. Cianci, Buddy [Mayor of Providence, R. I.]
  33. Civil rights related crimes and murder, United States
  34. Clark, Hadden [serial killer, Cape Cod]
  35. Clinton, Bill-Monica Lewinsky Scandal
  36. Clinton, Bill-Paula Jones Case
  37. Clubs, all-male
  38. Columbia, cocaine cartels
  39. Columbine High School [shootings in Littleton, Colorado, April, 1999]
  40. Combs, Sean "Puffy" [acquitted of shooting charges, March, 2001]
  41. Conscientious objectors
  42. Copeland, David [accused nail bomber, London, 1999]
  43. Cornwell, Ronnie [con man, father of novelist John La Carré]
  44. The Cotton Club murder [murder of Ray Radin]
  45. Crafts, Richard [wood-chipper murderer]
  46. Crime and court officers [lawyers, judges, etc.]
  47. Crime [general, also covers more than one case, person, or location]
  48. Crime, Great Britain
  49. Crime, international
  50. Crime memorabilia and relics
  51. Crime [miscellaneous]
  52. Crime and pop culture
  53. Crime and punishment

Box 3
Folder -- Contents

  1. Crime and Punishment issue, The New Yorker, February 24 and March 3, 1997
  2. Crime and scandals, the media coverage of and how they become celebrities
  3. Crime solving and technical breakthroughs [arson, DNA, science technology, witness recall]
  4. Criminal offenders as authors
  5. Crippen, (Dr.) Hawley
  6. Cuba
  7. Cunanan, Andrew [murderer of Gianni Versace]
  8. Dahmer, Jeffrey [serial killer, Wisconsin, 1992]
  9. Dando, Jill ["Crime Watch" telecaster, murdered London, April, 1999]
  10. Dartmouth college
  11. DeLorean, John [auto maker, charged, then acquitted of cocaine trafficking, 1984]
  12. Demjanjuk, John [accused of being "Ivan the Terrible," a concentration camp guard]
  13. De Salvo, Albert Henry [Boston strangler]
  14. Devi, Phoolan
  15. Dietz, (Dr.) Park Elliott [medical criminologist]
  16. Dillinger, John
  17. Dostoyevsky, Fydor [includes Idiot Dostoevskogo i uogolovnaya khronika ego by V. S. Dorovatovskaya-Liubimova]
  18. Dotson, Gary [wrongly accused of rape, 1979]
  19. Douglas, William [Tufts professor, murdered Robin Benedict]
  20. Doyle, Arthur Conan, Sir
  21. Dreyfus, (Capt.) Alfred [French soldier wrongfully convicted of espionage, 1894]
  22. Drug abuse
  23. Dubuisson, Pauline
  24. DuPont, John [murdered Dave W. Schultz, Pennsylvania, January, 1996]
  25. Durst, Robert A. [accused of murdering wife and elderly neighbor, acquitted of neighbor's murder 2003]
  26. Einhorn, Ira [convicted of murdering girlfriend, fled to France]
  27. EL AL bomb plot, 1986
  28. El Salvador [El Mozote massacre, 1981]
  29. Euthanasia and assisted suicide [cases and organizations]
  30. Explosions
  31. Family feuds
  32. Ferguson, Colin [Long Island Railroad gunman,1993]
  33. Ferri, Gian Luigi [shot employees at Petit and Martin law firm, 1993]
  34. Ferraro, Salvatore and Giovanni Scattone [two students at Rome's Institute of Jurisprudence accused of having murdered Marta Russo to support their theory of the perfect crime]
  35. Field, Robyn [Berea, Ohio teen, murdered 1986]
  36. Film reviews influenced or based on true crime and related information
  37. Fingerprint evidence, judicial challenge to
  38. Fisher, Amy [shot Mary JO Buttafuoco]
  39. Folklore
  40. Forgeries, rare documents
  41. Fort Bragg killings, 2002
  42. Fossey, Dian [murdered 1985, film Gorillas in the Mist based on her life]
  43. Frank, Leo [case and musical "Parade"]
  44. Frankel, Martin R. [insurance swindler, 1999]
  45. Fraud

Box 4
Folder -- Contents

  1. [French police] La Prefecture de Police
  2. French Revolution Bicentennial-1989 [French magazine articles]
  3. French Revolution Bicentennial-1989 [magazine articles and local events]
  4. French Revolution Bicentennial-1989 [newspaper clippings]
  5. French Revolution Bicentennial-1989 [Pierpoint Morgan Library Exhibition]
  6. Fugitives
  7. Gangs of New York film by Martin Scorsese
  8. Garris, John [murdered Metropolitan opera singer]
  9. Genetics and crime
  10. Genovese, Kitty
  11. Georges, Guy [suspected serial killer, Paris, France]
  12. Gerardi, (Bishop) Juan [Guatemalan murder victim]
  13. Giuliani, Rudolph
  14. Goetz, Bernhard ["subway vigilante"]
  15. Gordon, Gordon, Lord [swindler who bested Jay Gould]
  16. Gotti, John
  17. Gotti, John, Jr.
  18. Grant, Gina [juvenile killer refused admission by Harvard College]
  19. Grave desecration
  20. Grave robbing
  21. Green Parrot Murder
  22. Green River killer [Gary Ridgeway, plead guilty, 2003]
  23. Gross, (Dr.) Elliot M. [former Chief Medical Examiner of New York City, accused of having mishandled several cases]
  24. Guise, Duc de [assassination of]
  25. Halder, Biswanath [accused Case Western Reserve University gunman, 2003]
  26. Hampton, David [posed as Sidney Poitier's son]
  27. Hansen, Duncan [University of Chicago high school mate of Albert Borowitz, acquitted in 1960 Chicago murder of divorced wife, Susan]
  28. Hanssen, Robert [spy, January, 2001]
  29. Happy Land Social Club fire, 1990
  30. Harding, Warren G.
  31. Harris, Jean [murdered Dr. Herman Tarnower]
  32. Hart, Gary and Donna Rice affair
  33. Hartzell, Oscar [American swindler]
  34. Harvard University
  35. Hearst, Patty
  36. Heath, William [the second "Paul Pry", English artist, painted the watercolor Dick Turpin, part of the Borowitz true crime collection]
  37. Hebborn Eric [art forger]
  38. Heisenberg, Werner and Niels Bohr [Atomic bomb mystery]
  39. Helmsley, Leona and Harry
  40. Henderson, Donald Winslow [Canadian murderer/fugitive]
  41. Henry V [Agincourt war atrocities]
  42. Highsmith, Patricia [author of The Talented Mr. Ripley]
  43. Hill, Joe [a.k.a. Joseph Hillstrom]
  44. Hinckley, John, Jr. [shot President Ronald Reagan, 1982]
  45. Hiss, Alger
  46. Hitler diaries hoax
  47. Hoaxes, scams and swindlers
  48. Hogue, James [Princeton impostor]
  49. Holloway, Wanda Webb [arranged to murder cheerleading rival of her daughter, 1991]

Box 5
Folder -- Contents

  1. Holmes, Sherlock
  2. Hubrecht, Louis [New York City, landlord murderer]
  3. Humboldt Murders [rural Nebraska, 1993, murderers: Thomas Nissen and John Lotter, subject of feature film Boys Don't Cry and documentary The Brandon Teena Story]
  4. Hutchinson, R. C. [pseudonym of Ray Coryton, Elephant and Castle, novel]
  5. Immigration
  6. In Cold Blood [murders by Dick Hickock and Perry Smith, Kansas, 1959, book by Truman Capote is based on this murder case]
  7. International Association of Crime Writers
  8. Iran-Contra affair
  9. Irish Republican Army [IRA]
  10. Irving, Clifford [faked his 'authorized' biography of Howard Hughes, 1971]
  11. Izzi, Eugene [author, died mysteriously]
  12. Jackson, Mike Wayne [murdered his parole officer and 2 others September 22, 1986, before killing himself]
  13. Jails and prisons
  14. James, Jesse
  15. Jascalevich, (Dr.) Mario [a.k.a. Dr. X, accused of murdering patients, was acquitted]
  16. Jenkins, John H. [murdered historic document dealer]
  17. Jenkins, Steven [murdered two bankers foreclosing on his family's farm, 1983]
  18. Jenny Jones show murder trial, 1999
  19. Jesus
  20. JFK [book and film reviews other than Oliver Stone's]
  21. JFK [motion picture, directed by Oliver Stone]
  22. JFK, and the Mob
  23. JFK, assassination
  24. Johnson, (Dr.) Samuel [exposer of fakes and frauds]
  25. Joyce, James [Ulysses]
  26. Judd, Winnie Ruth [trunk murderess]
  27. Judicial errors
  28. Kaichen, Pamela [soccer mom bandit, 2003]
  29. Kelly, Ned [Australian bushranger]
  30. Kennedy, Robert [items related to his murder in 1969]
  31. Kidnapping, United States
  32. Kimberlin, Brett Coleman
  33. Kimes, Sante and Kenneth [mother and son, con artists and murderers]
  34. King, Martin Luther (Jr.), assassination
  35. King, Rodney
  36. Kipp, Craig [charged with killing mother, charges dropped]
  37. Knoblespiess, Roger [French poet, arrested for armed robbery]
  38. Knoller, Marjorie [dog-bite murderer]
  39. Konigsberg, Harold [mob hitman]
  40. Korean war
  41. Koresh, David [Branch Davidian shootout, Texas, 1993]
  42. Landru, Henri [French serial killer]
  43. Legal ethics
  44. Leopold-Loeb murder case
  45. Levy, Chandra
  46. Lewis, James W. [plotted to extort money in the Tylenol poisonings, 1982]
  47. Libel cases
  48. Lincoln, Abraham, assassination
  49. Lindbergh Kidnapping
  50. Little "Celine" Murder [1988]
  51. Liu, Henry [Chinese-American journalist, murdered by Bamboo Union gangleader Chen Chi-Li]
  52. Long Island [crime and murder cases]
  53. Louis XVI
  54. Louis XVII [DNA test, 2000]
  55. Lundgren, Jeffrey [cult leader, murderer]
  56. Lyttkens, Yngve and Alice [Swedish writers]
  57. MacDonald, Jeffrey R. [Green Beret who murdered family, miniseries Fatal Vision based on the crime]
  58. Mafia, Sicily
  59. Mafia, United States
  60. Mafia, United States [Irish]

Box 6
Folder -- Contents

  1. Manson, Charles
  2. Marchal, Ghislaine [murdered, 1991]
  3. Mass murderers, United States, 20th century
  4. Masters, Alan
  5. Mata Hari
  6. Maxwell, Robert
  7. Mc Collum, Ruby
  8. Mc Guiness, Joe [controversial writer and related litigation]
  9. Mercenaries
  10. Medical professionals who murder [nurses, doctors, etc.]
  11. Meling, Joseph [murdered wife by cyanide in her Sudafed, Washington, 1993]
  12. Menendez, Lyle and Eric [murdered parents, 1989]
  13. Mengele, Josef
  14. Mihaljevic, Amy [unsolved murder 10 year-old girl, 1989]
  15. Miller, Richard W. [ex-FBI agent, Soviet spy]
  16. Mintik, Helen [violinist, murdered at the Metropolitan Opera by Craig Crimmons, 1980]
  17. Missing persons
  18. Molly Macguires [Irish-American miners]
  19. Monroe, Marilyn
  20. Moody, Walter LeRoy [mail bomber]
  21. Moors murderers [Myra Henley and Ian Brady]
  22. Morgan, Kate [mysterious death on beach of Del Coronado Hotel, San Diego, 1892]
  23. Morris, Earl [film maker]
  24. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus
  25. Murder cases, Alaska
  26. Murder cases, California
  27. Murder cases, Connecticut
  28. Murder cases, Florida
  29. Murder cases, Georgia
  30. Murder cases, New Jersey
  31. Murder cases, New York state
  32. Murder cases, Ohio
  33. Murder cases, Pennsylvania
  34. Murder cases, Texas
  35. Murder cases, United States, 20th century
  36. Murder for hire, murder plots
  37. Murder for insurance
  38. Murder, Great Britain
  39. Murder, international
  40. Murder and society
  41. Murder sites
  42. Museums, related to crime
  43. Musorgsky, Modest
  44. Myerson, Bess [former Miss America, tried and acquitted for bribery and conspiracy, 1988]
  45. Mysteries
  46. Mystery Writers Annual, 1984 Edgar Allan Poe Awards Dinner, program

Box 7
Folder -- Contents

  1. Nazi regime, Germany
  2. Nepal Royal Murders, [June, 2001]
  3. Neo-Nazis [groups and crimes]
  4. Neulander, (Rabbi) Fred J. [murdered wife 1994; tried 2001]
  5. New Sweden, Maine [poisoning case, 2003]
  6. New York City, crime
  7. New York City Police Department
  8. Obituaries
  9. Oedipus
  10. Ohio crimes
  11. Oklahoma City Bombing [April, 1995]
  12. Old West outlaws, United States
  13. Opera and murder mysteries
  14. Opera and theater reviews
  15. Palme, Olof [assassination of]
  16. Pan Am flight 103 [exploded over Lockerbee, Scotland, 1988]
  17. Papin, Christine and Lea [inspired by "The Maids"]
  18. Papon, Maurice [tried for complicity in Vichy crimes against humanity]
  19. Parental violence and youth sports
  20. Paris Student Uprising [May, 1968]
  21. Parker-Hulme Murder [Hulme is now know as Anne Perry, crime writer]
  22. Parole
  23. Pelton, Ronald [convicted for spying for the Soviets, 1986]
  24. Peterson, Laci [murdered by husband Scott, 2003]
  25. Philby, Kim [Soviet spy]
  26. Pirates
  27. The "Pizza Connection" [mafia smuggling heroin]
  28. Poe, Edgar Allen
  29. Poisonings
  30. Police detectives, female
  31. Police and race relations [articles and cases]
  32. Police shootings
  33. Pollard, Jonathan [U.S. spy for Israel]
  34. Pope John Paul II [assassination attempt, 1981]
  35. Popes
  36. Popieluszko, Jerzy [pro-solidarity Polish priest murdered, 1984]
  37. Porter, Phil [murdered, Shaker Heights, Ohio, 1985]
  38. Postal worker shootings
  39. Posthumous pardons
  40. Potts, Beverly [possible break in case as reported in, 2015]
  41. Powers, Katherine Ann [antiwar radical, evaded capture for more than 20 years]
  42. Prisons
  43. Prison riots
  44. Profeta, Michele [accused serial killer, "The Monster of Padua"]
  45. Proust, Marcel
  46. Prozac as a defense
  47. Psychological studies related to crime [false and recovered memory, multiple personalities, etc.]
  48. Qaddafi, Muammar [leader of Libya]
  49. Racism and related crimes, United States
  50. Rader, Dennis L. [BTK Serial Killer]
  51. Radio reviews
  52. Ramirez, Richard [The Nightstalker]
  53. Rampage killers [series of four articles in the New York Times]
  54. Ramsey, JonBenet [murdered six-year-old, Boulder, Colorado, December, 1996]
  55. Redgrave, Vanessa [breach of contract suit against the Boston Symphony Orchestra]

Box 8
Folder -- Contents

  1. Reid, Charles J. Jr. [review essay of The London Hanged: Crime and civil society in the 18th century]
  2. Reilly, Peter [convicted of killing mother, 1973, conviction overturned, 1976]
  3. Religion and violence [World Trade bombing 1993; Waco,Texas; Bosnia]
  4. Religious cults
  5. Retrying court cases
  6. Rey, Florence [convicted in Paris for her role in "Bonnie & Clyde" style murders, 1998]
  7. Richard III
  8. Rifkin, Joel [serial killer]
  9. Ridgway, Gary Leon [suspected "Green River" killer]
  10. Riner, Olivia [Swiss au pair acquitted of murder]
  11. Roberts, David [convicted of arson, rape, and murder]
  12. Robinson, Davis Ashton [oilman acquitted of son-in-law's murder]
  13. Rogers, John [Rowfant Club member, murder victim, February 2002]
  14. Rosenberg, Ethel and Julius
  15. Rosenberg, Pierre [Louvre art scandal, 1988]
  16. Ross, Alex ["True Crime"]
  17. Ross, Leonard [committed suicide]
  18. Rothstein, Arthur [NYC underworld financier]
  19. Roughead, William [the 'Henry James' of crime]
  20. Rudolph, Eric [suspected Olympic Park bomber]
  21. Rushdie, Salman
  22. Safra, Edmond [billionaire murdered by his nurse, 1999]
  23. Salamander letter [forged document related to the founding of the Mormon church and the related murders]
  24. Sardou, Victorien [theory that Sardou's La Tosca was based on an actual incident in French history]
  25. Savage, Richard
  26. Scarpa, Gregory, Sr. [Colombo Family Mafioso on FBI payroll]
  27. School shootings [elementary, high schools and colleges]
  28. Schreuder, Frances [plotted murder of father, her son committed, Utah, subject of books Nutcracker and At Mother's Request]
  29. Self-defense
  30. Sereny, Gitta [author of The Case of Mary Bell ]
  31. Serial killers, United States, 20th century
  32. Shabazz, Qubilah [daughter of Malcolm X, accused of trying to murder Louis Farrakhan]
  33. Sheppard, Sam
  34. Shipman, (Dr.) Harold E. [doctor accused of serial killings in England]
  35. Ships [H. M. S. Bounty, Morro Castle] and Shipwrecks
  36. Shroud of Turin
  37. Simenon, Georges [author, created Inspector Maigret]
  38. Simpson, O. J., Murder case (1 cubic foot box)
  39. Skakel, Michael [Martha Moxley murder, Connecticut, 1975]
  40. Smart, Pam [teacher who seduced students to kill her husband]
  41. Smith, Susan [murdered her two sons, South Carolina, October, 1994]

Box 9
Folder -- Contents

  1. Smith, William Kennedy [rape case, Florida, April, 1991]
  2. Snipers
  3. Socrates
  4. 'Son of Sam' Law
  5. Soviet Union [pre-1989]
  6. Speck, Richard
  7. Spies
  8. Sports [fixed games]
  9. State police, New Jersey
  10. Steinberg, Joel [murdered Lisa Steinberg, his adopted daughter]
  11. Stewart, Martha [insider trading]
  12. Strange cases
  13. Stuart, Charles [murdered pregnant wife, reported they had been attacked by a black man,1989]
  14. Subliminal messages
  15. Suicide
  16. Suicide bombers
  17. Suspicious deaths
  18. Swango, Michael [physician accused of serial killings]
  19. Tadesse, Sinedu [murdered her Harvard roommate, Trang Ho, 1995]
  20. Tanay, Emilie [murdered by Jean-Marc Deperois, 1994]
  21. Tampering, food and drugs
  22. Tawell, John [English murderer, (b.1784-d.1845)]
  23. Taylor, William Desmond [Hollywood director, murder unsolved, 1922]
  24. Taylor, Zachary [12th president, body exhumed to determine if he was murdered]
  25. Tax cases
  26. Television reviews
  27. Terrorism and terrorists [attacks, individuals, and groups]
  28. Terrorist attacks, September 11, 2001 [New York City, Washington D.C., Pennsylvania]
  29. Theft [items, body parts, etc.]
  30. Thomas, Clarence-Anita Hill Scandal
  31. 'Three strikes' law
  32. Till, Emmett Louis [racially motivated murder, 1955]
  33. Time, Inc., v. Hill
  34. Tissier, Patrick [French murderer]
  35. Tocnaye, Alain de le [attempted to assassinate Charles de Gaulle, 1962; inspired the book and film The Day of the Jackal]
  36. Torres, Emanuel [suspected in killing of Caroline Isenberg]
  37. True crime, bibliography
  38. Tucker, Forrest [bank robber]
  39. Tylenol poisonings [1980s]
  40. Tyson, Mike
  41. Unabomber [Ted Kaczynski]
  42. Van de Portaele, Ingrid and Muriel Sanchez [young cousins murdered by Christain van Geloven, 1991]
  43. Vatican Swiss Guard Murder-Suicide (1998)

Box 10
Folder -- Contents

  1. Vel' D'Hiv' [Paris stadium where Jews were rounded up for deportation in 1942]
  2. Vietnam war
  3. Villemin, Gregory "Little Gregory" Murder [France] (1 document case)
  4. Von Bülow, Claus [convicted, then acquitted of attempted murder of his wife "Sunny"]
  5. Wachtler, Sol
  6. Walker, John, Michael and Arthur [father and 2 sons spied for Soviets, sentenced 1986]
  7. Wallenberg, Raoul [Swedish diplomat, arrested by Soviets after saving Jews from the Nazis]
  8. Warmus, Carolyn [murdered lover's wife, Betty Jeanne Solomon]
  9. Watkins, "Fast Eddie" [Ohio bank robber]
  10. Weber, Simone [murderer 1991]
  11. Weiner, Earle and Dorma
  12. Welch, Bernard C. [career criminal, murderer]
  13. White collar crime
  14. White, Stanford, [murdered by Harry Thaw, husband of Evelyn Nesbitt, White's lover]
  15. Westerfield, David A. [trial for the murder of Danielle Van Dam]
  16. Whitworth, Jerry A. [spied for Soviets, convicted 1986]
  17. Wilde, Oscar
  18. Williams, Vanessa [Miss America was disqualified after nude photos surfaced]
  19. Witchcraft
  20. Women who murder [studies, physiology, general information]
  21. World Trade Center bombing, 1993
  22. World War II [massacres, murders]
  23. Woodward, Ann and Billy [case inspired Truman Capote's Answered Prayers and Dominick Dunne's The Two Mrs. Grenvilles]
  24. Woodward, Louise [nanny accused of killing employers child, Massachusetts, February, 1997]
  25. Worthington, Christa [murder victim]
  26. Wournos, Aileen [serial killer]
  27. Wrongly convicted or accused
  28. Wyatt-Brown, Bertram [author of Southern Honor]
  29. Yahweh, Yahweh Ben [accused cult leader, encouraged disciples to kill, Florida, 1992]
  30. Yakuza [Japanese Mafia]
  31. Yates, Andrea [drowned her five children, Texas, June, 2001]
  32. Young, Kevin [acquitted of murdering Lisa Pruett, 1993]