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Carl M. Moore papers

Special Collections and Archives

Carl M. Moore papers

Special Collections and Archives

Carl M. Moore papers

Carl M. Moore papers, 1968-1972

MAY 4 COLLECTION -- Boxes 72 and 72A

Finding Aid

Prepared by Nancy Scarcella, April 30, 1991; Updated December 2011; November 2016
1 record storage box and 1 half size record storage box, 1.5 cubic feet, 12th floor

Historical Note: Professor Carl M. Moore was an instructor in the School of Speech at Kent State University in May 1970.

After the events of May 4, 1970, James A. Michener came to Kent, Ohio with the intention of gathering information for a forthcoming book on the events which occurred prior to and on the day of May 4, 1970. Michener interviewed a substantial number of people, including Dr. Carl Moore, during his stay in Kent. In the Spring of 1971, Michener's book titled Kent State: What Happened and Why was published. Upon reading the book Moore discovered several discrepancies in the references made to him. Furthermore, he discovered that there were other individuals who also felt that Michener's references to them were incorrect.

Moore decided to seize this opportunity to provide the students in his argumentation class with an instructive experience in the use of evidence. In order to determine if Michener had taken liberties with the statements given to him by those interviewed, Moore's students identified all of the individuals quoted in Kent State: What Happened and Why. A questionnaire designed to identify Michener's research methods and verify his use of quotes was sent to approximately two hundred individuals quoted by Michener. Although only about half of the individuals to whom the questionnaires were sent responded, their responses indicated that in a number of instances Michener had indeed misquoted and distorted statements given to him during interviews.

At that point, Professor D. Ray Heisey, also an instructor in the School of Speech, was invited to join the project. The project provided the fodder for the Moore/Heisey report titled "Not a Great Deal of Error . . .?" This title was a sardonic twist on a statement made by Michener in an article in the May 15, 1971 Saturday Review; "Not a great deal of error has been found in my books." Although the report was never published, a review of it did appear in the January 16, 1972 New York Times. A copy of "Not a Great Deal of Error. . .?" is contained in the Jerry M. Lewis Papers , part of the May 4th collection.

The Moore/Heisey report did not go unnoticed by Michener. His rebuttal to "Not a Great Deal of Error...?" appeared in January, 1972. A copy of the rebuttal can be found in folder 111 of box 72.

Scope and Content: Box 72 contains survey responses and other materials related to the Moore/Heisey study. Box 72A contains miscellaneous correspondence, publications, flyers, and other documents from the period before and after May 4, 1970.

Acquisitions Note: Moore donated these papers to Special Collections and Archives on May 8, 1986. 

Restrictions on Access: Some information included in this collection is restricted due to the presence of information protected by privacy laws. This information has been redacted where present on documents in the collection. Un-redacted originals, in all cases, have been retained by Special Collections and Archives.


Series 1-- Moore/Heisey Survey
Series 2-- Other Papers (related to the events leading up to and after May 4, 1970)

May 4 Collection: Box 72
Folder -- Contents

Series 1--Moore/Heisey Survey

  1. Survey Response: Agte, Barbara
  2. Survey Response: Agte, Lloyd
  3. Survey Response: Alewitz, Mike
  4. Survey Response: Banks, James G.
  5. Survey Response: Benedict, Robert E.
  6. Survey Response: Bevilaqua, Ralph
  7. Survey Response: Buchholz, Carol J.
  8. Survey Response: Carroll, Charles W.
  9. Survey Response: Cramer, Mark I.
  10. Survey Response: Dante, Harris L.
  11. Survey Response: DiMarco, Alan A.
  12. Survey Response: Dyal, Robert A.
  13. Survey Response: Erickson, Carolyn
  14. Survey Response: Erickson, Edward O.
  15. Survey Response: Feldstein, Stuart
  16. Survey Response: Filo, John Paul
  17. Survey Response: Filomena, Tony
  18. Survey Response: Frank, Alan Glenn
  19. Survey Response: Frank, Glenn W.
  20. Survey Response: Franklin, Robert
  21. Survey Response: Fuller, Daniel
  22. Survey Response: Garg, Ramesh C.
  23. Survey Response: Greco, Susan G.
  24. Survey Response: Greene, Kenneth L.
  25. Survey Response: Gressard, Robert F.
  26. Survey Response: Haines, Jamie E.
  27. Survey Response: Hayes, John
  28. Survey Response: Herron, Michael D.
  29. Survey Response: Hesburgh, T.M.
  30. Survey Response: Holsey, Marvin
  31. Survey Response: Jacobs, William E.
  32. Survey Response: Kaufman, Edward E.
  33. Survey Response: Klinger, Terry G.
  34. Survey Response: Knox, Floyd Edmund
  35. Survey Response: Krause, Arthur S.
  36. Survey Response: Kruger, Glen
  37. Survey Response: Kukla, Myron J.
  38. Survey Response: Levine, Barry
  39. Survey Response: Lewis, Jerry M.
  40. Survey Response: Litwack, Lawrence
  41. Survey Response: Loperfido, Ernest J.
  42. Survey Response: Lumine, Myron J.
  43. Survey Response: McElroy, John M.
  44. Survey Response: Madonio, Charles A.
  45. Survey Response: Marovitz, Sanford E.
  46. Survey Response: Matson, Robert E.
  47. Survey Response: Mihalik, George R.
  48. Survey Response: Moir II, John A.
  49. Survey Response: Moore, Carl
  50. Survey Response: Morgan, Craig
  51. Survey Response: Mueller, Craig Scot.
  52. Survey Response: Haines/Mueller, Jamie
  53. Survey Response: Hayes/Mueller, John P.
  54. Survey Response: Miller/Mueller, Kent
  55. Survey Response: Pierson/Mueller, George
  56. Survey Response: Post/Mueller, Ben
  57. Survey Response: Myers, Joseph E.
  58. Survey Response: Nichols, Jr., James C.
  59. Survey Response: Orashen, Alan
  60. Survey Response: Paul, Stephen E.
  61. Survey Response: Pekarik, Jr., Eugene G.
  62. Survey Response: Perry, Murvin H.
  63. Survey Response: Persky, Jerry J.
  64. Survey Response: Peters, Donald
  65. Survey Response: Pierson, George W.
  66. Survey Response: Probius, Paul
  67. Survey Response: Ruffner, Harold
  68. Survey Response: Ruffner, Howard E.
  69. Survey Response: Runyan, Elizabeth
  70. Survey Response: Saalberg, Harvey
  71. Survey Response: Schreiber, Richard A.
  72. Survey Response: Schwartzmiller, D.L.
  73. Survey Response: Shannon, Joseph William
  74. Survey Response: Sharoff, Steven Alan
  75. Survey Response: Smith, Larry
  76. Survey Response: Stamps, Robert F.
  77. Survey Response: Thomas, Pam
  78. Survey Response: Thompson, Alan R.
  79. Survey Response: Tople, Paul D.
  80. Survey Response: Travaglianti, Gail S.
  81. Survey Response: Troshane, Elizabeth R.
  82. Survey Response: Van Bergen, Robert A.
  83. Survey Response: Warren, William J.
  84. Survey Response: Weekley, Michael S.
  85. Survey Response: Weidner, William E.
  86. Survey Response: Winnen, Peter D.
  87. Survey Response: White, Howard D.
  88. Survey Response: Wolin, Harri B.
  89. Survey Response: Zaynor, Wesley
  90. Survey Response: John [?]
  91. Notebook: Survey Notes
  92. Correspondence: With the exception of one item, all letters are requests for copies of the Moore/Heisey report
  93. Tape Transcript: List of individuals who gave taped interviews on the events of May 4th
  94. Tape Transcript: Barilla, John
  95. Tape Transcript: Bates, Brooks
  96. Tape Transcript: Birkner, Sheryl
  97. Tape Transcript: Chesler, Alan
  98. Tape Transcript: Cohen, Steven
  99. Tape Transcript: Cullum, Joe
  100. Tape Transcript: Dawson, James
  101. Tape Transcript: Dyal, Robert A.
  102. Tape Transcript: Froelich, Harold
  103. Tape Transcript: Maxwell, Thomas
  104. Tape Transcript: Miller, Gary B.
  105. Tape Transcript: Minard, James J.
  106. Tape Transcript: Swick, Robert
  107. Tape Transcript: Terhune, Sara
  108. Tape Transcript: Zimney, Walter
  109. Tape Transcript: No name on tape
  110. Tape Transcript: Anonymous
  111. Response by James Michener to Carl Moore
  112. Correspondence republication of article
  113. Notecards from the survey

 May 4 Collection: Box 72A
Folder -- Contents

Series 2-- Other Papers (related to the event leading up to and after May 4, 1970)

  1. Correspondence: Professor LeRoy Cowparthwaite,1969
  2. Correspondence: Murvin H. Perry, 1971
  3. Correspondence: Honorable Glenn A. Olds,1972
  4. Correspondence: Draft of a letter to the Daily Kent Stater. Author is unidentified, April 30, 1969
  5. Correspondence: The Office of the Vice President and Provost concerning class disruption, 1969
  6. Correspondence: American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), 1970
  7. Correspondence: Executive Committees of the Kent State Chapter of the American Association of University Professors (AAUP), 1969
  8. Correspondence: Executive Committee of the School of Art, May 11-12 1970
  9. Correspondence: Some rhetorical questions asked by those involved in the suspension of SDS at Kent State University, 1969
  10. Correspondence: Office of the President, 1969-1971
  11. Correspondence: Student Information Sheet, May 2, 1970; Correspondence from Robert E. Matson, V.P of Student Affairs, Statement on Campus Disruptions, 1969; Special Bulletin, 1969
  12. Correspondence: KSU Office of Student Conduct Program, undated
  13. Publications: Amended Substitute House Bill No. 1219. Addresses Campus Disorders,1970
  14. Publications: Congressional Record, August 1972
  15. Publications: For Your Information, March 16, 1969-June 1969
  16. Publications: The Case Abolishing ROTC. Members of the May 4th United Front, undated
  17. Publications: Some Student Voices at Kent, April 1969
  18. Publications: Newspaper clippings about Radical Students, 1969
  19. Publications:Official KSU Bulletin, 1970
  20. Publications: War Resister League, 1970
  21. Publications: Kent Strike Paper, 1970
  22. Publications: Project Earth and Environmental Calendar, 1970
  23. Publications: The Kent State University Summer News, July 3, 1969
  24. Flyers: Miscellaneous, Fall 1968-1970
  25. Flyers: Student Mobilization Committee (SMC), 1970
  26. Flyers: Kent Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), 1969
  27. Flyers: Youth International Party (Yippie), undated
  28. Flyers: Kent Young Socialist Alliance (YSA) Flyer,1970
  29. Papers: Various Flyers, Notes, Pamphlets and Receipts, 1969-1970
  30. Papers: Announcements, Membership forms, and Case Western Reserve Papers, 1969
  31. Papers: Black United Students (BUS) Statement, 1969
  32. Papers: Narrative of Student Occupation of Music and Speech Building, April 16, 1969
  33. Papers: Committee for Non Violence. Descriptive information about the committee, May 15, 1970
  34. Papers: Guides for a New Community in Kent, Ohio. Community Relations Committee, May 25, 1970
  35. Papers: Concerned Citizens of the KSU Community (CCC), 1969
  36. Papers: Statement of Concerned KSU Faculty, May, 1970
  37. Papers: Faculty Resolution, May 5, 1970
  38. Papers: Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes,1969
  39. Papers: Faculty Senate, 1970
  40. Papers: KSU Internal Communications, undated
  41. Papers: Kent Legal Defense Funds, 1970-1971
  42. Papers: Kent in Exile at Oberlin, 1970
  43. Papers: Records Policy KSU. Police Department, undated
  44. Papers: Notes of Michael Geltner from a talk given in Texas, April 14, 1971
  45. Papers: A Lesson in Democracy. Department of Sociology and Anthropology. Meeting presentation, undated
  46. Papers: Schedule for Memorial Service for September 28, 1970, 1970
  47. Papers: Report of Memorial Service Committee-- Sub Committee of May 1-4, 1971. Recognition Committee, 1971
  48. Papers: Organizational Trees of the Administration, undated
  49. Papers: Proposal for Reopening School, 1970?
  50. Papers: An informational leaflet from Student Government, Fall 1970
  51. Papers: Position Paper on Rockwell Library Parking for Construction. Craig Morgan, Student Body President, Summer 1970
  52. Papers: Rhetoric of Campus Revolt, Given by Phillip K. Thompkins. Central States Speech Convention, April 16,1969
  53. Papers: Lists of Groups Formed Concerning Crisis at KSU, 1969
  54. Papers: High Court of Kent State University, 1970-1971
  55. Papers: Decisions of the High Court of Kent State University, 1968-1970
  56. Papers: United States Court of Appeals and United States District Court Papers, 1970-1972
  57. Papers: United States District Court, 1970-1971