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Brotherhood of Painters, Decorators, and Paperhangers of America, Painters Local 476 records

Special Collections and Archives

Brotherhood of Painters, Decorators, and Paperhangers of America, Painters Local 476 records

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Special Collections and Archives

Brotherhood of Painters, Decorators, and Paperhangers of America, Painters Local 476 records

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Brotherhood of Painters, Decorators, and Paperhangers of America, Painters Local 476, Records, 1917-1973

Finding Aid

Prepared by Vanessa L. Long, May 24, 1979; Prepared for the Web by Justin B. Keiser, July 25, 2000
2 boxes, 1 cubic foot, 11th floor

Historical Note

Through the efforts of Alphonso J. DeVico, Business Representative of Painters Local 476, and Roger Meade, Director of the Ohio Labor History Project, the records of the Brotherhood of Painters, Decorators, and Paperhangers of America, painters Local 476, were donated to the Kent State University Archives. Mr. Meade delivered the materials on April 25, 1979.

Painters Local 476 of Youngstown, Ohio, is affiliated with the American Federation of labor and the Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO). Locally, it is a union member of the Youngstown and Mahoning County Building Construction and Trades Council. The Glaziers Local 847 is also a union member of this Council. Mr. DeVico is Business Representative for both locals.

Scope and Content

Through correspondence, report forms, labor agreements and minutes, the material in this collection provides a broad overview of labor organizations in eastern Ohio. Records from Locals 476 and 847 can be studied together to understand the everyday issues of labor unions.

The material has been arranged first according to type and then chronologically within each category. Furthermore, correspondence folders of Locals 476 and 847 are separated within this collection. Apprenticeship forms and standards are also in respective union files. A major portion of the collection is devoted to Painters Local 476 and to a lesser extent Local 847.

The concern for the welfare of its members is evident in Local 476's general correspondence. Thank you notes from members testify to this. Support of charities is also strong. A copy of a letter of thanks from Jerry Lewis on behalf of Muscular Dystrophy is found in folder seventeen. The original is filed in the Archives autograph file. The correspndence, both general and special, includes some letters starting in 1954, but the majority covers the period 1967 to 1970. The letters from May 1, to July 10, 1967, and from May 1, to May 17, 1970, are especially helpful in seeing the problems incurred during strikes. Summonses to appear before the Union for strikebreaking, and letters to other unions explaining the situation, are quite interesting. A chart in folder thirty-two shows the status of negotiations and settlements in the Youngstown area in July, 1964. This is quite a comprehensive record of wages and fringe benefits offered for this time period. Information concerning apprenticeships within the Painters Local can be found in folders twenty-four and twenty-seven. Folder twenty-four contains letters from the Ohio Painters' Joint Apprentice Committee while folder twenty-seven contains applications, entrance examinations, and minutes of the Committee's meetings. The four bound copies of minute books contain lists of officers in the back of each copy, and they provide some insight into how a local union operates. In folder thirty, which can be found in the horizontal file (hf), are contracts from other locals.

The Glaziers Local 847's records contain general correspondence from June, 1961 through October, 1970. As for materials deserving special note, a separate correspondence file contains information on the boundary dispute between Locals 847 and 751. Central Administrative Agency Monthly Reports from January through august, 1967, gives a listing of the membership during that time period. Last, the Ironworkers agreement of 1961 provides information on what duties a Glazier may engage in.

Overall, the materials in this collection encompass a wide range of interests relating to labor unions. They also can be used, in conjunction withother materials, in providing information on the local history of Youngstown.

The Union has agreed to dedicate both literary and property rights to Special Collections and Archives.

Box 1
Folder -- Contents

Local 476

  1. Minutes: July, 1917-June, 1920
  2. Minutes: September, 1946-February, 1953
  3. Minutes: February, 1953-January, 1958
  4. Minutes: October, 1961-March, 1973

Box 2
Folder -- Contents

  1. Correspondence, general: July, 1958-April, 1965
  2. Correspondence, general: January-June, 1967
  3. Correspondence, general: July-December, 1967
  4. Correspondence, general: January-May, 1968
  5. Correspondence, general: June-December, 1968
  6. Correspondence, general: January-May, 1969
  7. Correspondence, general: June-December, 1969
  8. Correspondence, general: January-May, 1970
  9. Correspondence, general: June-December, 1970
  10. Correspondence, miscellaneous and cards: January-December, 1967
  11. Correspondence, miscellaneous and cards: January-December, 1968
  12. Correspondence, miscellaneous and cards: January-December, 1969
  13. Correspondence, subject, to International: January-November, 1967
  14. Correspondence, subject, to International: January-December, 1968
  15. Correspondence, subject, to International: February-December, 1969
  16. Correspondence, subject, from International: January-September, 1967
  17. Correspondence, subject, from International: January-December, 1968
  18. Correspondence, subject, from International: June-December, 1969
  19. Correspondence, subject, from International: January-May, 1970
  20. Correspondence, subject, from other Labor unions: January-September, 1967
  21. Correspondence, subject, miscellaneous International Tank Agreements: December, 1965-October, 1966
  22. Correspondence, subject, miscellaneous items pertaining to K. Kessler Company: October, 1964-July, 1965
  23. Correspondence, subject, miscellaneous items pertaining to Mitchell Paint Supply: June, 1965
  24. Correspondence, subject, Ohio Painters' Joint Apprentice Committee: February, 1967-April, 1970
  25. Correspondence, subject, Plextone: March, 1954-April, 1957
  26. Correspondence, subject, Youngstown Metropolitan Housing Authority: October, 1961-May, 1970
  27. Youngstown Metropolitan Housing Authority, miscellaneous materials
  28. Apprenticeships, various forms and minutes
  29. Booklet, agreements, Locals 66, 165 and 603
  30. Contracts, miscellaneous, Locals 24, 160, 165, 222, 437, 508 and 1066 (hf)
  31. Miscellaneous legal items
  32. Monthly Statement: September 11, 1972
  33. Status of Negotiations and Settlements: July, 1964
  34. Advertisements, miscellaneous
  35. Glass-flake Epoxy Coating, literature
  36. Pamphlet, Velvetex

    Local 847

  37. Correspondence, general: June, 1961-October, 1970
  38. Correspondence, subject, boundary dispute with Local 751: August, 1962-June, 1966
  39. Central Administrative Agency Reports: January-August, 1967
  40. Iron workers, agreement (including telegrams)
  41. Penn-Ohio Glass, agreements: 1963-1967
  42. Apprenticeships, Standards for Glaziers
  43. Documents, National Labor Relations Board: 1965-1966