Mike Collura

Mike Collura

Job Responsibilities:

  • Oversees the configuration and management of Kent State Libraries’ ILS and specialty systems for services, including online reserves, interlibrary loan, discovery services, institutional repository, and digital collections
  • Lead administrator for the planning and execution of cooperative technology projects between UL and other University units including IT, OCDE, and others
  • Coordinates the creation and maintenance of locally-developed workflow applications
  • Oversees support of the libraries’ web sites by coordinating the management of local servers and applications and coordinating interconnections with the university’s content management system, third-party content management systems, and the library intranet
  • Coordinates all automation inventory, budget, specifications, deployment, and maintenance for all library areas including the library classrooms, public spaces, and staff desktops
  • Provides administrative oversight of UL Makerspaces
  • Provides administrative oversight of UL Statistical Consulting Services
  • Provides administrative oversight of UL Branch Libraries (Architecture, Fashion, Map, & Performing Arts)
  • Assists in the evaluation and selection of hardware and software systems for the library
  • Exercise fiscal oversight and planning, as required, for assigned areas and services
Job Title

Assistant Dean for Technology & Branch Libraries






University Library, Room 300D