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Music, Theatre, and Dance Collection Development Guidelines

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Music, Theatre, and Dance Collection Development Guidelines

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Performing Arts Library

Music, Theatre, and Dance Collection Development Guidelines

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Library staff helping students at Performing Arts Library desk.General Department Information

The Hugh A. Glauser School of Music provides excellent music instruction for students who wish to pursue music as a career and for those who wish to enrich their lives through music study and performance. At Kent State, there are numerous opportunities for the study and creation of music. The proximity of the campus to culturally rich Northeast Ohio facilitates access to many more musical activities, experiences, and opportunities.

The School of Theatre and Dance prepares students for careers in the performing arts as artists, scholars, and educators. The life-centered nature of theatre and dance reflects and communicates cultural values and identities intrinsic to human existence. The school’s vibrant production season develops students’ artistic expression and technique.

Degrees Offered


Bachelor of Music (Performance, Music Composition, Music Education)
Master of Arts (Ethnomusicology, Music Theory, Music Composition)
Master of Music (Conducting, Music Education, Performance)
Doctor of Philosophy (Music Education, Music Theory-Composition) 


Bachelor of Arts (Theatre Studies)
Bachelor of Fine Arts (Musical Theatre, Theatre Design/Technology)
Master of Fine Arts (Design/Technology, Acting)


Bachelor of Fine Arts (Dance Performance, Dance Education)

Departmental Areas of Concentration

[Research areas listed only; applied/studio areas not included]:

  • Ethnomusicology: African, Asian, and Latin-American music
  • Music Theory: history of music theory, 20th-century music, music theory pedagogy
  • Music Education: music perception, philosophy of music education

Special Programs

Kent/Blossom Music

Kent/Blossom Music is an annual music festival operated by Kent State University in cooperation with The Cleveland Orchestra and Blossom Music Center. Nationally selected student participants engage in professional artistic collaboration under the guidance of renowned master artists including members of The Cleveland Orchestra.

Porthouse Theatre

Porthouse Theatre and Academies offer performance and production training in a professional summer company. Students work to create a production season alongside equity actors and professional guest directors, designers and technologists at the Porthouse Theatre Company. Professional performances are realized at the Porthouse Theatre on the grounds of Blossom Music Center in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.

Scope of Coverage

  • Language - For books and periodicals, emphasis is placed on English-language materials (including translations into English), while sources published in other languages, such as German and French, are selectively acquired. For scores, sound recordings, and video recordings, musical works in their original language are preferred.
  • Date of Publication - New publications are chiefly collected, but earlier publications are regularly selected to fill gaps in the existing collection.  
  • Geographical Range - There are no restrictions.
  • Chronological Span - There are no restrictions.
  • Society or Publisher Emphasis - Most materials published by scholarly professional organizations are acquired, and reference titles by university and academic presses are thoroughly collected. 
  • Multiple Copies - Multiple copies of materials are purchased under special circumstances only.
  • Popular Music - Sound recordings and video recordings of Western and non-Western popular music (including jazz) are collected selectively; likewise, books about popular music are collected selectively.

Types of Materials

  • Books - Scholarly publications are emphasized.
  • Music scores - Standing orders and selected titles, with strengths in chamber and vocal music and selected new composers. 
  • Sound recordings - Standard compact disc are added; LP records are neither purchased nor accepted as gifts.
  • Video recordings - DVDs are selectively acquired and upon request. VHS tapes are only added when this format is the only format option available.
  • Theses and dissertations - Acquired selectively and upon request. 
  • Monographic series - Scholarly reference editions of scores (a.k.a. "monuments," M2s and M3s) are acquired through standing orders.
  • Serials - Many journals are available in both print and electronic format and can be found through Journal Finder.
  • Electronic Resources - Acquired selectively based on content and include both online databases (including audio streaming and reference materials) and electronic journals.