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Journalism Web Resources

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Industry Resources

Provides top ten lists and brief reports related to advertisers, marketing, publishing, media, and web sites.

A nonprofit organization that represents the newspaper industry, provides resources for newspaper writers and publishers

A comprehensive course on television production provided by Ron Whittaker

A Web site offering an interactive look at the history of presidential broadcast debates

Professional Resources

Offers many resources for journalists and individuals studying journalism.

A membership organization for daily newspaper editors.

Resources for business and financial journalists plus tutorials and online seminars.

An industry-supported educational forum aimed at exposing undergraduates to professional media issues and career possibilities.

Web site for this venerable publication. Updated daily. Offers news and services for journalists.

The Committee to Protect Journalism Web site gives information on the promotion of press freedom around the world.

Provides a comprehensive list of blogs written or produced by journalists.

Report by Freedom House of the extent of press freedom across the world.

Free Press is a nonprofit, public interest organization that advocates free expression, decentralized ownership, and enhanced federal stewardship of the U.S. news and mass media.

This organization produces news stories and analyses; works with media agencies to heighten awareness of under-reported news stories from around the world; and works to link international institutions, policy-makers, donors, and individual readers to promote communication and development for a better world.

A comprehensive resource for reporters who write about science, medicine, business trends, and the economy. Also offers a database of press releases.

Web site for the Poynter Institute, covers a broad range of important issues to news journalists.

This site offers access to books, articles, speeches, essays, and curriculum plans.

The Society of Professional Journalists supports the work of its members through many activities, including professional development, free speech advocacy, and the promulgation of ethical standards for journalism.

Guiding principles for journalists.

Web site created by Sree Sreenivasa, tech reporter for NBC and a professor at Columbia, with monthly updates on new Internet resources for journalists.

Statistical Assessment Service site geared toward journalists. Aims to bring quality and reliability to the reporting of statistics.