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Linda Williams: Oral History

Linda Williams -- Tape 2:B:1

Recorded by Sandra Perlman Halem, May 1, 1990
Transcribed by Lisa Whalen

My name is Linda Williams. My address is [restricted to protect privacy]. My present age is forty six. I'm giving my opinion today because I feel that the other side of the coin should be heard. I was in Robinson Memorial Hospital on May 4th, 1970. My husband was not permitted to visit me because they closed the hospital. This thing not only spilled from Kent, but it spilled into other cities, and Portage County. I was involved because my mother worked in the emergency room the day they brought the students in. And they spit on the doctors; I had friends and relations in the National Guard. I don't feel that the National Guard should have been on campus, but I don't feel the students should have done what they done that day. They shouldn't have done what they done all weekend. Because they rioted Kent city, they burned, they pillaged, and they weren't the saints that the media is trying to make them out.

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