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William C. Barrett, Papers, 1970

May 4 Collection -- Box 40

Finding Aid

Prepared by Scott L. Bills, July 31, 1980. Updated by Penny White, June 2013.
1 cubic foot (1 record storage box and 1 oversize folder)

Physical Location: 12th floor

Scope and Content

William Barrett donated his papers to the Kent State University Archives in two installments: September 25, 1975 and March 30, 1979. Barrett was editor of the alumni magazine, Kent, in 1970. As editor, he and Donald Shook, Director of Alumni Relations, were the recipients of many emotional letters from alumni through the summer months of 1970. Barrett coordinated the project which culminated in a special summer issue of Kent. This issue contained an extensive chronology of events from May 1-June 22, 1970. A number of subject files, listed in the previous inventory, remain a basic part of Mr. Barrett's papers. These files are arranged alphabetically and contain correspondence, speeches, and other items of interest. Newsletters and press clippings are ordered chronologically within their separate folders. Correspondence is also arranged chronologically within each folder.

Of special note are the transparencies listed at the end of the inventory. Barrett used these as part of his presentation at the District V meeting of the American Alumni Council in December, 1970. They were made from photographs taken on May 4th. A partial paste-up of the June 1970 issue of Kent has been placed in the map case. Barrett's papers illustrate the range of the alumni response to the events of May 4, 1970. Folders three through seven contain pertinent correspondence, including extensive replies by Donald Shook. Interesting materials appear in other subject files such as press releases from the KSU News Service. There are also photocopies of legal documents pertaining to the closing of Kent State following the shootings. Speeches made by William Barrett, Robert I. White, John Flower, and Ronald Roskens in the days after the shootings are contained in folders fifteen through eighteen. Press clippings in folders twenty-four and twenty-five provide an example of editorial response to the shootings from a number of newspapers. The collection also contain many photographs, some of which do not appear in other parts of the May 4th Collection, such as contact sheets from the June 13, 1970 commencement.

Barrett kindly donated to the Kent State University Archives whatever property and literary rights that he possesses in these materials.

May 4 Collection -- Box 40

Folder -- Contents
  1. Alumni list. NOTE: This list represents those alumni who corresponded with the University regarding the events of May 4, 1970
  2. Telegram: May 5, 1970
  3. Subject file, alumni correspondence: May 3-May 8, 1970
  4. Subject file, alumni correspondence: May 9-June 18, 1970
  5. Subject file, alumni correspondence: June 19-30, 1970
  6. Subject file, alumni correspondence: July 1-31, 1970
  7. Subject file, alumni correspondence: August 5-October 14, 1970
  8. Subject file, chronologies, May events: 1970
  9. Subject file, commentary, KSU News Service activities: May 1970. NOTE: This commentary was written by Jim Bruss, Director of the News Service
  10. Subject file, Kent magazine. NOTE: This folder contains materials prepared for use in the June 1970 issue of Kent. (Partial paste-up of the issue is shelved in 12th floor map case)
  11. Subject file, Ohio General Assembly, "Interim Report of the Select Committee to Investigate Campus Disturbances": October 5, 1970
  12. Subject file, press releases, KSU News Service: May 19-June 18, 1970. NOTE: Includes partial list of the "Kent 25" and the transcript of an interview of Robert White by Jerry Hayes
  13. Subject file, Portage Court of Common Pleas. NOTE: Includes photocopy of Petition for Injunction filed May 4, 1970; photocopy of Injunction, May 4, 1970; and photocopy of Special Grand Jury Report, filed October 15, 1970
  14. Subject file, Scranton Commission (President's Commission on Campus Unrest), Special Report, "The Kent State Tragedy": October, 1970
  15. Subject file, speeches, William Barrett, District V meeting of the American Alumni Council: December 1970
  16. Subject file, speeches, commencement program: June 13, 1970. NOTE: Also includes a transcript of Dr. White's oral report to the Board of Trustees on October 29, 1970
  17. Subject file, speeches, John A. Flower: June 1970
  18. Subject file, speeches, Ronald W. Roskens: May 13, 1970. This speech was delivered to a joint meeting of the Ohio Society and Kent State University alumni, Washington D.C.
  19. Newsletter, Bill Stanton Reports from Washington: June 1970
  20. Newsletter, Kent State University, Academic Information: May 28, 1970
  21. Newsletters, Kent State University, For Your Information: May 3-June 14, 1970
  22. Newsletters, Kent State University, Official Bulletin: May 11-June 3, 1970; June 19-23, 1970
  23. Newsletters, miscellaneous: 1970
  24. Press clippings: May 3-11, 1970
  25. Press clippings: May 14-June 22, 1970; Nov. 2, 1970. NOTE: Includes "Reporting the Kent State Incident," a booklet by the American Newspaper Publishers Association Foundation
  26. Magazine articles, miscellaneous: 1970
  27. Miscellaneous notes: 1970
  28. Photo assignment: June 27, 1970
  29. Photographs: May 1970
  30. Photographs: May 1970
  31. Photographs and contact sheets: June 13, 1970 commencement.NOTE: Includes photographs from the spring of 1970 and a contact sheet containing pictures of the "Victory Bell" on the KSU commons and the sculpture beside Taylor Hall
  32. Transparencies
  33. Transparencies
  34. Transparencies