Stereoscopic Photographs collection

Finding Aid

Prepared by Eric Linderman, March 1997
4.5 cubic feet

Scope and Content

Comprising this collection are various groupings of card stereographs. These are dual photographic images mounted on cards, to be viewed with a hand-held style stereoscope. The images are photographed from slightly different points of view, providing the appearence of a three dimensional image when it is viewed through the lenses of the device.

Stereographs were an especially popular Victorian parlor entertainment. The first card stereographs were introduced in the 1850's, and were used primarily for educational purposes, emphasizing geography and history. Stereographs from around the turn of the century, however, began to incorporate humorous and dramatic themes.

This collection groups pictures from different producers and of differing content. Among the more educational cards are those that depict natural geography, such as Yosemite and Niagara Falls, as well as world cities, sculptures and architecture. A variety of genre scenes depict family life and comedy scenes, some of which are hand colored. Notable in this collection are cards that illustrate local history, especially that of Kent, Cleveland, and Toledo.

Box 1 -- Stereograph cards

Folder -- Contents

  1. [Niagara and Genesee Rivers]: 2 cards
  2. "Winter Views of Niagara": 3 cards
  3. Geo. Barker Niagara Falls N.Y. [Niagara Falls, genre scenes]: 9 cards
  4. Upton: "Niagara Falls", "Pilot Rock", "Board Sluice", "Chippewa Wedding", "Fort Snelling": 7 cards
  5. John P Soule [Niagara Falls] and "White Mountain Scenery": 2 cards
  6. unlabled [Niagara Falls]: 2 cards
  7. "Group Series": 3 cards
  8. "Group Series": 2 cards
  9. "Groups" [genre scenes]: 21 cards
  10. [Farm and Family], handcolored: 10 cards
  11. [genre scenes and one still life]: 14 cards.
  12. "Comic and Groups": 4 cards
  13. Kilburn Brothers [comedies, animals, plants]: 9 cards
  14. The Wide, Wide World by W.M. Chase [comedy]: 6 cards
  15. J.I.L Roberts & Co. Publishers,"Where's that Rat?" "Battle of Gettysburg": 2 cards.
  16. Rogers Groups, "The Sharp Shooters"; 1 card
  17. F.G. Weller [comedies][handcolored]: 5 cards
  18. James Cremer's Stereoscopic Emporium, [flowers, comedies, plants, architecture]: 11 cards
  19. unlabled genre: 1 card
  20. "World Series"-[Japan and Hawaii]: 3 cards
  21. "Views of Palestine": 6 cards
  22. "European and American Views": 6 cards
  23. "European Views" [landscape and architecture]: 28 cards
  24. [Rome and Venice]: 3cards
  25. "American Views" [landscape and architecture]: 11 cards
  26. "American Scenery": 5 cards
  27. American Scenery "New york City","War Views", "Washington", "Misc.": 4 cards
  28. Photographic Views:[nature scenes, California]: 3 cards
  29. Webster Albee, "Yellowstone National Park" 21 cards
  30. Views of the National Park, Mackinac Island, Michigan [SINGLE PICTURE]: 1 card
  31. "Scenery of Philadelphia Central Railroad": 3 cards
  32. SINGLE PICTURES Washington D.C.: 2 pictures
  33. H.D. Ward, "N. Adams and Vacinity","Hoosac Tunnel": 2 cards
  34. Anthony's Instantaneous Views, "Broadway from Barnum's Museum": 1 card
  35. London Stereoscopic and Photographic Company-"Central Park": 6 cards
  36. Joseph L. Bates "Ruins of the Great Fire in Boston": 1 card
  37. J.F. Jarvis [pictures of Washington D.C.-SINGLE PICTURES]: 4 cards
  38. Centennial Photographic Co., Philad'a International Exhibition 1876: 5 cards
  39. Alex Henderson, Montreal, "Cape Trinity": 2 cards
  40. J.G. Parks, photographer, [views of Montreal and Quebec]: 5 cards
  41. "Notman Montrael"-" French Cathedral","Cape Eternity","Ottawa and Kingston Canal": 3 cards
  42. "Stereo Views": 1 card
  43. S. R. Stoddard "Fort William Henry Hotel": 1 card
  44. "Monteagle House": 1 card
  45. Ellipse Vies Co., Akron, O., "Tampa Bay Hotel Porch": 1 card
  46. G.W. Wilson "Faskelly House": 1 card
  47. North and Oswald's Toledo Views: 8 cards
  48. W.C. North, Cleveland, O. [architecture]: 4 cards
  49. Sweeny "Group w: Lakeview House Little Mountain": 1 card
  50. James Wark, Kent, OH [railroad accident]: 1 card
  51. W. A. Faze [landscape]: 2 cards
  52. Griffith and Griffith, [city and nature]: 5 cards
  53. North and Oswald's [architecture and still life][DOUBLE AND SINGLE PICTURES]; 7 cards
  54. Bierstadt Bros., photographers, "The Moon Near last Quarter": 1 card
  55. unlabled landscape and architecture: 7 cards
  56. unlabled sculpture: 1 card

Box 2 -- Stereoscopes

Folder -- Contents

  1. Six Holmes-Bates style hand-held stereoscopes
  2. One wooden desktop model