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William Armstrong, Papers

May 4 Collection -- Box 173


Prepared by Marsha Keith, June 27, 2000
1 slim document case, .16 cubic foot., 12th floor

Biographical Note

William Armstrong was the editor of the Daily Kent Stater for the spring quarter 1970.

Scope and Content

This May 4th Collection includes materials gathered by William Armstrong in his role as the Daily Kent Stater editor in 1970. The university shut down after the shooting on May 4th, therefore, these "letters to the editor" were never published. The collection includes photographs, correspondence, memos and poetry.

May 4 Collection -- Box 173

Folder -- Contents

Series 1 -- Photographs
  1. Photograph: Unidentified Guardsmen
  2. Photograph: Students Fleeing Teargas on Commons
  3. Photograph: Burning ROTC Building
  4. Photograph: Unidentified Guardsman
  5. Photograph: Students Running
  6. Photograph: Confiscated Materials
  7. Photograph: Unidentified Male Speaker
  8. Photograph: Unidentified "Male Speaker" with Others
Series 2 -- Correspondence
  1. Letter: Action Group West
  2. Memo: Asian Information Project, Yale Asia Studies Graduate Students
  3. Letter: Boes, Karen
  4. Letter: Carter, J.
  5. Letter and poem: Clever, Tish
  6. Memo: Coalition for Economic Dissent
  7. Letter: Davis, Rozanne
  8. Letter: Galbreath, Mike
  9. Letter: Haden, Stephanie
  10. Telegram: Hopper, J. Victor - President, Southern Colorado State College
  11. Letter: Lurye, Maxene
  12. Letter: Matthews, D.C.
  13. Poems: Morris, D.
  14. Memo: National Student Association
  15. Memo: National Student Association - Student Body Presidents List
  16. Letter: Ozeran, Berta and Burns, Pam
  17. Letter: Patterson, James
  18. Letter: Post, Hank
  19. Letter: Rothstein, Marilyn
  20. Letter: Schaefer, Richard
  21. Letter: Tishler, Carl
  22. Letter: Tokich, Philip
  23. Letter: Tuffyas, Beryl
  24. Memo: University of California
  25. Letter and memo: University of California, School of Law
  26. Newsletter: Washington Watch by Tristram Coffin
  27. Letter: Zimomra, Joanie
  28. Postcard: Unidentified
  29. Postcard: Unidentified
  30. Letter: Unidentified
  31. Letter: Unidentified