Saalfield Publishing Company, Publications, 1899-1976

Finding Aid

Prepared by Mary Blosser and Carlyn Bassham, October 1994; Prepared for the Web by Cara Gilgenbach, 1998 and Colleen Moyer, 2001
171 record storage boxes + oversize, 175 cubic feet, 11th floor

The library and archives of the Saalfield Publishing Company of Akron, Ohio, were purchased by Kent State University in April, 1977. The Saalfield Company published children's books and other products from 1899 to 1977 and was, at one time, one of the largest publishers of children's materials in the world.

This inventory is limited to a group of cloth books, picture puzzles, paper dolls, and a variety of activity books. (There is a separate inventory for original artwork from the collection.) The cloth items include children's books, banners, and promotional materials. Among the activity books are coloring books, follow-the-dot books, pasting and sticker books, wet-a-brush, rub-a-pencil, and stencil books, and sewing cards. Of special interest are a number of Shirley Temple items including authorized editions of paper dolls (including one 32" tall), coloring books, sewing cards, and other activity books.

Materials are arranged first by type of publication (muslin books, coloring books, paper dolls, etc.), and then by publisher's number without regard to date of publication. The categories themselves were suggested by the Saalfield Company's own publisher's catalogs and by the order in which the collection was received.

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Category Box Numbers
Muslin Books & Items 1-3
Cloth-like Books & Boxed Sets 4-4B
Linen and Linentext Books 5
Shaped Books 5A
Tinted Cloth Books & Real Cloth Books 6-7
Picture Puzzles 7A-36H
Follow-the-Dots Books & Boxed Sets 37-42
Sticker/Pasting without Paste Books & Sets 43-49
Activity Books & Boxed Sets 50-54
Scrapbooks 55-56
Paint Books 57-61
Wet-a-Brush Books & Boxed Sets 62-66
Drawing Books 67
Trace and Color Books 68-72
Rub-a-Pencil Books & Boxed Sets 73-76
Stencil Books & Boxed Sets 77-79
Push-Out Books 80A-80B
Sewing Card Books & Oversize 81
Plastic Books & Panorama Books 82
Paper Dolls 83-103
Coloring Books & Boxed Sets 104-163
Shirley Temple 164-164G