Robert Swierenga, Papers


Prepared by Nancy Birk, 7 October 1996

1 document case, .33 cubic ft., 11th floor

Scope and Content

Upon his retirement from Kent State University in 1996, Robert Swierenga, Professor of History, felt that some of his student seminar papers ought to be kept in the Archives for use by other researchers. Many of the papers in this collection are concerned with topics related to Ohio history. They have been placed in alphabetical order by student name.

  1. Barker, Donald: Carl Shurz and the German Vote in the Ohio Gubernatorial Election of 1875"
  2. Blaine, Craig: "Desertion and Substitution Among Blacks in the Union Army: Ohioans As a Test Case"
  3. Blaine, Craig: "Forgotten Men: Ohioans in the Regular Army During the Civil War"
  4. Featheringham, R. John: An Analysis of Coxey's Army Through Publications of 1894"
  5. Keefer, Bradley S.: "To Our Good Neighbor: A Newspaper War of Words and Politics, Canton, Ohio, 1861-1863"
  6. Liedel, Leslie: "Nineteenth-Century Women Religious and the Tenure of Church Property in the Cleveland Diocese"
  7. McElroy, Richard L.: A Study of William Dennison, Jr., and an Assessment of His Ohio Governorship During the First Year of the Civil War"
  8. Megery, Michael E.: "The Bond of Labor: The Legal Framework of Ohio Apprenticeship Law, 1806-1843"
  9. Merdic, Peter Robert: The Torrens System of Land Title Registration in Ohio"
  10. Molzan, Donna J.: The Farmers' Awakening: Agriculture in Ohio's Miami Valley, 1800-1870"
  11. Raby, Roy S.: "Kansas Relief from Ohio: Republican Attention Becomes Diverted During the Secession Crisis"
  12. Rudjak, Joseph S., Jr.: A Presentation of the Parish Committee Notes of Sacred Heard of Jesus, Polish National Catholic Church, Youngstown, Ohio, June, 1926--June, 1931"
  13. Schroder, Alan M.: Economic Factos in the Distribution of the Ohio Sheep Industry, 1850-1860"
  14. Schroder, Alan M.: "To Give, Grant, Bargain, Sell, and Convey: Mortgage Lending in Rootstown Township, Portage County, Ohio, 1840-1879"
  15. Taylor, Robert M., Jr.: Roman Catholic Parish Finances in Cleveland, Ohio, 1890-1899"
  16. Queenan, Thomas J.: Ohio Black Problems, 1890-1900"

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