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Miscellaneous May 4 Poetry

Miscellaneous Poetry [related to May 4, 1970]


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Prepared by Nancy Birk, 6 May 1994; Updated April 2015
1 slim document case, .16 cubic feet. 12th floor

Scope and Content

This box contains a miscellany of donated copies of verse. Provenance has been indicated. Generally, the poetry has come from grade school, high school and university class assignments as well as individuals. Poems are arranged in order as they have been received.

Folder -- Contents

  1. Poem by Charles E. Ziavras, of Lowell, MA., with letter and vita, 1970
  2. Poem by M.J. Lunine, 1970
  3. Poem by Yevgeny Yevtushenko, Flowers and Bullets, 1970
  4. Poems by Beverly Gorsica Kauhl, 1971
  5. Poem by David Helwig, 1971
  6. Poem by Jim Lawless, 1971
  7. Poem by Ned Madden, 1973
  8. Poem by Mark Mothersbaugh, May 4, 1975
  9. Poem by Marian McDonald: June 2, 1976
  10. Poem by May Sarton, from Selected Poems of May Sarton, 1978
  11. Poem by Norma J. Sadler: Summer, 1978
  12. Poem by Daniel Thompson: May 4, 1980
  13. Poem by Marilyn Davis, Kent poet, with letter to Clara Jackson, 1984
  14. Poem by Diane Gallagher, 1990
  15. Poem by Hermon R. Card, 1994
  16. Poem by Ned Madden, 1995
  17. Poem by Thomas Harlan Birmingham, "Up the Consitution!" 1996
  18. Poem by John Haines, from Artful Dodge, 1999
  19. Poem read by Barry Levine (30th Annual Commemoration), "Who killed Allison? Why? What has she done?" 2000
  20. Poem by Gail Greenberg, 2000
  21. Poem by Wendy L. Johnson, 2000
  22. Poem by Marsha Keith, 2001
  23. Poem by Mike Zempter, 2001
  24. Poem by Ed Sanders, "1970", typescript of poem included in book America, A History of Verse, 2002
  25. Poem by Darlene Pittser, "The Cemetery On The Hill," 2005
  26. Poem by Bailey Lund-Goldstein, "May 4th," undated
  27. Poem by Dick Lourie, undated
  28. Poem by Jefferey Glenn Miller, "The War Without End," undated
  29. Poem by Marilyn Heck Headley, undated
  30. Poem by Michael Eisenhaur, "Outrage: A Four Hour Walk - A Forty Year Journey," undated
  31. Poem by Michael Zempter, "The Wind at Kent State," undated
  32. Poems by Bill Arthrell, Guilt Trip and Springtime, 2006
  33. Poetry compiled by Donald M. Hassler. Includes poetry about May 4 by Jacob Leed, Alex Gildzen, Richard Blevins and others, 1974
  34. Poetry from high school students participating in the Creative Connections Institute, 1994
  35. Poetry from the class of James Bresky, teacher at St Michael's School in Hannock, PA (1988); Mc Clain, Grant (age 13); Roper, Joseph (age 12); Tawfiq, Omar M. (age 13); Young, Walter (age 15), undated
  36. Poem by Robert R. Barnett, "The Other Side of Blanket Hill," 2000 (Includes an intorduction written in 2006)
  37. Poem by Jed Hickson, "On the fourth of May," 2010
  38. Poem by Ron Schreiber, "Death of an American bum," undated