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Linda Lyke, Papers, 1970

Linda Lyke, Papers, 1970

May 4 Collection -- Box 61

Finding Aid

Prepared by Scott L. Bills, 27 August 1980; Prepared for the Web by Erica Lilly, February 1997
1 slim document case, .16 cubic foot, 12th floor

Scope and Content

Through J. Gregory Payne, Linda Lyke donated these materials to the Kent State University Archives on May 5, 1980.

Linda Lyke was a faculty member in the School of Art in 1970 and assembled the correspondence in this collection as part of a display by student government for the fall quarter 1970. Although many letters and telegrams were received by various offices of the University in the days following the shootings of May 4, this particular correspondence was routed to the student government. Ms. Lyke in turn mounted the items on seven posterboards. After the materials had been viewed during the fall quarter of 1970, she retained the correspondence for ten years, unsure of the appropriate repository. Through the efforts of Dr. J. Gregory Payne, the materials were returned to Kent State University. Linda Lyke is currently Professor of Art at Occidental College in Los Angeles.

After the materials arrived in the University Archives, they were removed from the posterboards and placed in seven folders. In order to observe provenance, a chart was made for each board, showing the original order of the documents. The charts can be found as the first item in each folder. Since many of the mounted documents retained adhesive, sheets of acid-free paper were placed between each item within the folders. Photocopies have been included for the newspaper clippings.

Used in conjunction with similar materials appearing in other parts of the May 4th Collection, this correspondence will be useful in measuring the public reaction to the events at Kent State in May 1970. Such correspondence demonstrates that the upheaval in Northeastern Ohio achieved worldwide attention and inspired commentary from all elements of the political spectrum

Linda Lyke has kindly donated to the Kent State University Archives whatever property and literary rights she possesses in these materials.

May 4 Collection -- Box 61

Folder -- Contents

  1. Correspondence: May 1970
  2. Correspondence and telegrams: May 1970
  3. Correspondence: May 1970
  4. Correspondence: May 1970.
  5. Correspondence: May 1970 NOTE: Includes a press clipping from Pacific Stars and Stripes with marginal comments sent by a serviceman
  6. Telegrams: May 1970
  7. Correspondence: May 1970