Leila Shaw, Autograph Collection, 1910-11


Prepared by Barbara Bass, September 18, 2002
1 document case, .33 cubic feet, 11th floor

Scope and Content

The Leila Shaw Collection contains autographs of performers from the 1910-11 theatrical season in Cleveland. They were removed from a scrapbook which also included programs. The programs have been added to the Playbill Collection.

Autographs of Margaret Anglin, Roy Atwell, Blanche Bates, Marie Bates, David Belasco, George L. Bickel, Harry Watson, Holbrook Blinn, Edmund Breese, Donald Brian, William Jennings Bryan, Billie Burke, Richard Carle, Charles Cartwright, Fay Courtney, and others are included. They are arranged alphabetically by the performer's name.

Box 1

Folder -- Contents
  1. Autograph: Anglin, Margaret
  2. Autograph: Atwell, Roy
  3. Autograph: Bates, Blanche
  4. Autograph: Bates, Marie
  5. Autograph: Belasco, David
  6. Autograph: Bickel, George; Watson, Harry
  7. Autograph: Blinn, Holbrook
  8. Autograph: Breese, Edmund
  9. Autograph: Brian, Donald
  10. Autograph: Bryan, William Jennings
  11. Autograph: Burke, Billie
  12. Autograph: Carle, Richard
  13. Autograph: Cartwright, Charles
  14. Autograph: Courteney, Fay
  15. Autograph: Dandy, Jess
  16. Autograph: Dresser, Louise
  17. Autograph: Eltinge, Julian
  18. Autograph: Farnum, Dustin
  19. Autograph: Faversham, William
  20. Autograph: Genee, Adeline
  21. Autograph: Glaser, Lulu
  22. Autograph: Glaser, Vaughan
  23. Autograph: Glendinning, Ernest
  24. Autograph: Held, Anna
  25. Autograph: Hitchcock, Raymond
  26. Autograph: Hopwood, Avery
  27. Autograph: Hyams, John
  28. Autograph: Hyams, Leila McIntyre
  29. Autograph: Irwin, May
  30. Autograph: Keane, Doris
  31. Autograph: King, Mazie
  32. Autograph: Lean, Cecil
  33. Autograph: McRae, Bruce
  34. Autograph: Magrane, Thais
  35. Autograph: Mann, Louis
  36. Autograph: Mantell, Robert Bruce
  37. Autograph: Marshall, Tully
  38. Autograph: Melrose, Wilson
  39. Autograph: Montell, Eleanore
  40. Autograph: Montgromery, Dave
  41. Autograph: Mordkin, Milail
  42. Autograph: Nash, Mary
  43. Autograph: Olcott, Chauncey
  44. Autograph: O'Neill, Nance
  45. Autograph: Opp, Julie
  46. Autograph: Post, Guy Bates
  47. Autograph: Ritchie, Adele
  48. Autograph: Rockwell, Florence
  49. Autograph: Ross, Charles, J.
  50. Autograph: Russell, Marie Booth
  51. Autograph: St. Denis, Ruth
  52. Autograph: Schumann-Heink, Ernestine
  53. Autograph: Schumann-Heink, Henry
  54. Autograph: Scott, Cyril
  55. Autograph: Sherwood, Phyllis
  56. Autograph: Starr, Frances
  57. Autograph: Taylor, Billee
  58. Autograph: Thurston, Howard
  59. Autograph: Warwick, Robert
  60. Autograph: Weldin, Marshall, P.
  61. Autograph: Weston, Lucy
  62. Autograph: Williams, Robert
  63. Autograph: Wise, Thomas A.
  64. Miscellaneous Manuscripts
  65. Clippings

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