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Jerry M. Lewis papers

Special Collections and Archives

Jerry M. Lewis papers

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Finding Aid for the Jerry M. Lewis papers

May 4 Collection -- Boxes 19, 19A, 20, 20A, 20B, 20C, 20D, 20E, 20F

Author: John R. Brunswick, March 28, 1991. Updated by Penny White, June 2013. Updated November 2016

Descriptive Rules: DACS

Origination: Lewis, Jerry M. (Jerry Middleton), 1937-

Inclusive Dates: 1968-2011

Bulk Dates: 1968-1972

Extent: 6.4 cubic feet (6 record storage boxes, 1 oversized flat record storage box and 2 oversize folders)

Physical Location: 12th floor; Oversized materials are filed in the map cases.

Language of Materials: English

Abstract Jerry Lewis was professor of sociology from 1966 to 1996, and witnessed the events of May 4, 1970. This collection, dating from 1968 to 2002, contains primarily correspondence, scholarly works, periodicals, newsclippings, student papers, and Lewis' personal documents, some of which relate to May 4.

Biography: Jerry M. Lewis (1937- ), professor emeritus of sociology, was a sociology professor at Kent State University from 1966 to 1996. He obtained his bachelor's degree from Cornell College, his master's degree from Boston University, and his doctoral degree from the University of Illinois in 1970. Lewis was a witness to the shootings of May 4, 1970, and he has since been involved in researching, memorializing, and lecturing about this tragic event. He has been interviewed numerous times by the local and national media about the shootings. A resident of Kent, Lewis was appointed to the Kent city council in January 1991.

Scope and Content: This collection contains the papers of Jerry M. Lewis relating to campus unrest in general, and the events of May 4, 1970 in particular. Lewis has been a member of the Kent State University faculty since 1966, and he has been active in researching and commemorating the events of May 4, 1970.

Statement of Arrangement: The Jerry M. Lewis papers are into the following series:

  • Series 1: Subject Files
  • Series 2: Scholarly Works
  • Series 3: Clippings
  • Series 4: Personal Papers
  • Series 5: Artifacts

Preferred Citation: Jerry M. Lewis papers. May 4 Collection. Department of Special Collections and Archives. Kent State University Libraries and Media Services.

Acquisition Information: Jerry Lewis donated these materials to the Department of Special Collections in 1980, 1990, and 2002.

Restrictions on Access: Some information included in this collection is restricted due to the presence of information protected by privacy laws. This information has been redacted where present on documents in the collection. Un-redacted originals, in all cases, have been retained by Special Collections and Archives.

Box 19

Series 1: Subject Files

Folder -- Contents

  1. Adams, Rev. John P. News release (August 27, 1971); working papers for crisis Procedures Model Building Session (Columbus, Ohio, October 11, 1971); correspondenceto the editor of the Washington Post (August 27, 1971), from Paul Lowinger (September 8, 1971), to Jerry Lewis (August 8, 1972). Draft of the article (August 1972) that appeared as "Kent State Justice and Morality," Cleveland State Law Review, 22, 1 (Winter, 1973): 26-48.
  2. Adams, Rev. John P. "Report of a Dialogue Concerning Christian Social Involvement" (March 29, 1978); newsclippings; correspondence, 1977-1995
  3. Administration, White, President Robert: letter to parents (July 21, 1970), to the University community (March 29, 1971), position statement (July 15, 1971).
  4. Administration, correspondence with students, faculty, and parents, May 13, 1970-September 23, 1980
  5. Administration, FYI ("For Your Information"), April 23, 1970, August 9, 1970; January 4, May 10, June 1, 1971; miscellaneous clippings
  6. Administration, Official Bulletin, (no. 1-6), May 11, 1970-June 19, 1970
  7. Administration, Position Paper October, 1970; May 1-4 Memorial Observance
  8. Administration, Registrar, letters to all faculty regarding "grading procedures," "registration amendments and grade reporting," May 21, 1970
  9. Administration, Information Packet, Fall 1970, Contents: Commission on Commemorative recognition flyer,Commission on KSU Violence flyer, Faculty Associates Program flyer, Faculty Code of Professional Ethics, Faculty Senate resolution on commitment to nonviolence (May 14, 1970), Honors and Experimental College flyer, Information Concerning "Third Party Service" (flyer), photocopy of letter from John Millett to Robert White (August 20, 1970), Numbers to Note (campus phone numbers, Political Education Program flyer, issues of Position Paper, A Statement of Intent (flyer of townspeople, originally published in the Record-Courier, July 30, 1970), Think Week flyers, university Commission to Implement a Commitment to Non-Violence flyer, fall 1970
  10. Administration, Campus Security, reports, 1972
  11. Ahern, James F., Remarks at KSU, May 3, 1971
  12. The Alternative, v. 1, ed. 1, October 5, 1970, published by the KSU chapter of the Young Americans for Freedom
  13. Armband, used by the Committee for Nonviolence Marshalls, 1971
  14. Armband, used by Peace Marshalls, 1974 or 1975 (?)
  15. Armband, mid-1970s?
  16. Arnoff, Melvin, memo to "Interested Faculty" regarding seminars on "Constructive Change," April 1, 1971
  17. Berggren, Håkan, address at Carleton University Convocation, June 17, 1995
  18. Bills, Scott L. "Legacies of Protest: Kent State University After May 4, 1970," 1995
  19. Black United Students (BUS), walkout, clippings, 1968
  20. Black United Students (BUS), flyers, 1968
  21. Black United Students (BUS), letter from Lewis to E. Wenninger regarding Lewis action in response to the walkout, November 20, 1968
  22. Black United Students (BUS), notes, 1968
  23. Black United Students (BUS), typed notes, 1968
  24. Black United Students (BUS), President's "Bulletin," November 18, 1968-November 25, 1968
  25. Black United Students (BUS), Sociology and Anthropology Resolution, November 18, 1968
  26. Boston Massacre: Press kit for television movie featuring actors (including Lewis) who experienced historic episodes of civil unrest. March 26, 1971
  27. "A Brief Presentation of Demographic Information on the Freshman Classes of 1967 and 1968," Winter, 1970
  28. Candlelight Service Candle Holder, undated
  29. Center for Peaceful Change, pamphlets, correspondence, Program Excellence proposal, undated
  30. Chronological Summary of May 4th Cases, 1970-1979
  31. Commemorative Efforts and Ceremonies, various correspondence, schedules, and materials related to commemorating the events of May 4, 1970
  32. Commemorations, Twentieth Anniversary, agendas, schedules, and brochures for May 4, 1990
  33. Commemorations, Twentieth Anniversary, correspondence relating to May 4, 1990, 1989-1990
  34. Commemorations, May 4 Twentieth Anniversary Commission, correspondence and other materials, 1989-1990
  35. Commemorations, Twentieth anniversary, news releases, 1990
  36. Commemorations, Twentieth anniversary, platform party, 1990
  37. Commemorations, Twentieth anniversary, poetry and art for May 4, 1990, correspondence, flyers, and a poem
  38. Commemorations, Twentieth anniversary, Student Organizing Committee for the Jackson State and Kent State Commemorative Conference, correspondence and agenda, 1990
  39. Commemorations, Twenty-fifth anniversary, 1995
  40. Commemorations, Thirtieth anniversary: programs, flyers, and press releases, 2000
  41. Commemorations, Thirtieth anniversary, teacher and faculty resources, 2000
  42. Commemorations, Thirtieth anniversary, subcommittee meeting minutes and agendas, December 15, 1998-May 15, 2000
  43. Commemorations, Thirtieth anniversary, subcommittee progress reports, proposals, and correspondence, 2000
  44. Commemorations, Thirtieth anniversary, symposium programs and flyers, 2000
  45. Commemorations, Thirtieth anniversary, symposium schedules, proposals, correspondence, and miscellaneous materials, August 15, 1999-May 8, 2000
  46. Commemorations, Thirtieth anniversary, symposium subcommittee minutes and agendas, 2000
  47. Committee for Nonviolence, flyer: post-May 4, August 25, 1999-April 19, 2000
  48. Committee for Truth and Justice,"Report of the Kent State Grand Jury,"
  49. Concerned Citizens of the KSU Community (CCC), subject file, AAUP, flyers (April 21, 1969), "Report of the Special Committee of Inquiry," September 1969
  50. Concerned Citizens of the KSU Community (CCC), clippings, April 15, 1969-May 25, 1969
  51. Concerned Citizens of the KSU Community (CCC), flyers, 1969
  52. Concerned Citizens of the KSU Community (CCC), membership lists, undated
  53. Concerned Citizens of the KSU Community (CCC), "Investigation of SDS, Part 2 (KSU), Hearings Before the Committee on Internal Security, House of representatives, 91st Congress, First Session, June 24 and 25, 1969." Washington: USGPO, 1969 [see index of organizations for references to the CCC]
  54. Concerned Citizens of the KSU Community (CCC), miscellaneous items, including FYI (April 18, 21,1969), Faculty SenateStudent Government Commission correspondence, April 16, 1969 - May 7, 1969
  55. Concerned Citizens of the KSU Community (CCC), miscellaneous notes, undated
  56. Concerned Citizens of the KSU Community (CCC), SDS flyers and publications (Includes "Who Rules Kent?"), undated
  57. Concerned Citizens of the KSU Community (CCC), correspondence: Wenninger, Eugene, April 17, 1969-May 24, 1969
  58. Congressional Record 7/31/70, S12,499 (reprint of letter to Sen J.W. Fulbright from Concerned Graduates of the U.S. Military, Naval, and Air Force Academies, 6/27/70; 7/21/71, S11716 (remarks of Sen. George McGovern; reprint of letter from Arthur Krause published in the Washington Post, 7/10/71; reprint of letter to McGovern from Lt. Gen. Robert Taber); 7/22/71, E8143 (remarks of Rep. William S. Moorehead, reprint of Peter Davies' "An Appeal for Justice," 6/21/71). Reprint of N.Y. Times review of Davies' The Truth About Kent State (September 6, 1973)
  59. Court of Appeals of Ohio, Krause v. State of Ohio, 1971
  60. Court of Common Pleas, Portage County. Kane v. White (May 7, 1970), orders and instructions "regulating the proceedings of the Special Grand Jury" (September 5, 1970)

Box 19A

Series 1: Subject Files

Folder -- Contents

  1. Davies, Peter, correspondence to Helen Carringer (July 15, 1971) from Carol Underwood (October 1, 1971)
  2. "A Discussion of the 1968 Freshman Class in the Areas of High School Grades, College Grades, and ACT Scores," Spring 1969
  3. Engdahl, David, correspondence, September 9, 1971-September 10, 1971
  4. Faculty, American Association of University Professors (AAUP), KSU chapter correspondence (May 4, 1979, August 30,1970); "Summer Bulletin," number 6 (September 1, 1970); "Newsletter" (October 30, 1970). National Office -- correspondence (May 18, 1972 Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Krause, President Nixon),resolution on KSU and Jackson State tragedies (May 6, 1972), August 7, 1970-May 18, 1972
  5. Faculty, Bhargava, TN, letter to faculty, graduate appointees and staff of the College of Arts and Sciences summarizing responses to his inquiry on matters of concern in the University Community, June 25, 1970
  6. Faculty, Harkness, Bruce (Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences), correspondence to chairmen, to colleagues: May 1970
  7. Faculty, "The Impact of May 4, 1970," faculty response, undated
  8. Faculty, Korllos, Thomas (sociology professor), letter to VP and Provost Louis Harris containing "some ideas regarding the university," June 11, 1970 and articles, January 1970
  9. Faculty, Lough, Tom (sociology professor), letter to Sociology and Anthropology Faculty and Teaching Assistants pegarding "September 14 Guidelines for Faculty in Event of Class Disruption," September 1970; Letter to Jon Krosnick, November 19, 1975
  10. Faculty, Mullin, Gail E. (Dean of the College of Business Administration), open letter regarding statement approved by the faculty of the college on May 19, 1970
  11. Faculty, Rudwick, Elliot (sociology professor), letter to students, May 13, 1970
  12. Faculty, Schlemmer, Paul, memo to Lewis, March 30, 1971, and President White's explanation of the Hyde Park concept attached, undated
  13. Faculty, Sim, Frank, memo to sociology faculty and others: April 7, 1970, regarding "sociologists as observers for the Washington march, etc., Saturday, May 9, 1970"
  14. Faculty, Sociology and Anthropology, Department of, Resolution, May 12, 1972
  15. Faculty, Stuart, James (Chairman of the Voice Department), letter to faculty and families, May 19, 1970, regarding the performance of Cherubini's Requiem Mass
  16. Faculty, Wenninger, Eugene, Statement to Subcommittee to Ohio Legislative Committee on Campus Unrest, January 21, 1971
  17. Faculty Senate, Chronology of Senate Actions, June 7, 1971
  18. Faculty Senate, minutes, May 1970-October 1970
  19. Faculty Senate, Resolution on the Grand Jury Report: "An Analysis of the Ohio Special Grand JuryReport," by D. Ray Heisey, Kenneth Calkins, and Daniel Jones, January 25, 1971
  20. Faculty Senate, Policy Statement on Faculty Senate Observers, November 6, 1972
  21. Federal Grand Jury news clippings, 1973 - 1974
  22. Films, Letter to the Next Generation, newsclips, correspondence, press pack, etc., May 1990-June 1990
  23. Films, newsclips, showtimes, etc. about various documentaries, September 23, 1980-July 18, 1990
  24. Films, The Passionate Plea: Twenty Five Years to Heal: The Glenn Frank Story, pitch and budget, 1995
  25. Films, Reflections in Stone, screen treatment
  26. Flyers, miscellaneous, KSU
  27. Flyers, etc., non-KSU (Case Western Reserve University, University of Connecticut, Jackson State, North Carolina State, Pennsylvania State)
  28. FOI ("For Our Information"), April 27, 1971
  29. Frank, Glenn, remarks, May 4, 1971
  30. Gitlin, Todd, address, May 3, 1995
  31. Gordon, Bill, "Kent State University's Petition to the White House: Ten Months of Deceit," August 9, 1972
  32. Gym Annex, legal proceedings, copies of court actions and news releases, 1977
  33. Gym Annex, survey, August 1977
  34. Halberstam, David, news clippings, autograph and program, 1975-2000
  35. Janosko, Linda, "A Day in May," 1995
  36. Kaplan, Lawrence S., address, "The Kent Heritage," August 27, 1977
  37. Keane, Paul, clippings and correspondence, November 21, 1971-February 19, 1973
  38. Kennedy, Senator Edward, news release regarding Presidential Commissions, June 22, 1971
  39. "The Kent Four" (sculpture), description and newsclipping, undated
  40. Kent State Due Process of Law Fund, correspondence, March 9, 1978-March 1, 1979
  41. Kent State F.A.C.T. First Amendment Conservation Task Force, October 1977-March 1978
  42. Kent State May 4th Forum, agenda, January 30, 1972
  43. Kent State University Reference Booklet, 1969-1970
  44. Kent Strike Paper, (no. 4), May 22, 1970
  45. Kent Student Medical Fund, pamphlet, September 9, 1970
  46. Kent 25 Plus (1.1) newsletter, November 4, 1970

Box 20

Series 1: Subject Files

Folder -- Contents

  1. Kitner, Harold (Dean for Faculty Counsel),"Comments on a Portion of the Portage County Special Grand Jury Report," November 6, 1970
  2. KSU in Exile, Oberlin, information sheet, "Oberlin Proposals," May 21, 1970
  3. Lewis, Jerry, address, "The May 4th Rituals," May 4, 1982
  4. Lough, Thomas S., "A Lesson in Democracy" (lecture on the molotov cocktail)
  5. Mardian, Robert C. (Assistant Attorney General, U.S.), address"The Government's Intelligence Function: A Right or an Obligation?," November 17, 1971
  6. May Day Coalition, flyers,1971
  7. May 4 Ad Hoc Strike Committee, flyers, 1976
  8. May 4 Faculty Forum, correspondence, reports, agendas, and other materials, 1990
  9. May 4 Oral History Project, correspondence and questions, December 8, 1972-June 21, 1973
  10. May 4 Reading Room Advisory Committee, memos and notes, October 21, 1999-October 26, 1999
  11. May 4 Task Force, flyers and correspondence, May 4, 1976-May 4, 1990
  12. McGovern, Senator George, news release regarding his call "for a federal Grand Jury investigation of the Kent State killings," October 15, 1971
  13. Memorial, May 4 Memorial Service Committee, report 1971, news release regarding final plans, April 23, 1973
  14. Memorial, KSU Memorial Marker Committee, correspondence, press releases, 1977-1978
  15. Memorial, preservation of May 4th shooting site, statements, news releases, and other materials relating to preservation of shooting site, July 14, 1977-1989
  16. Memorial, suggestions to build a memorial, May 5, 1982-January 4, 1983
  17. Memorial, "The May Fourth Site" brochures, 1980
  18. Memorial, May 4th Memorial Committee, correspondence, April 26, 1983-December 10, 1984
  19. Memorial, May 4th Memorial Committee, meetings, 1984
  20. Memorial, May 4th Memorial Committee, reports, May 12, 1983-January 28, 1985
  21. Memorial Competition Press Conference, April 4, 1986
  22. Memorial Design Competition, news releases, brochures, and a list of winners, 1985-1989
  23. Memorial, photographs related to the Memorial Design Competition, 1986
  24. Memorial, United Faculty Professional Association Statement urging completion of memorial, undated
  25. Memorial, Bruno Ast Statement, undated
  26. Memorial, campus maps showing the memorial site, undated
  27. Memorial, groundbreaking ceremony, brochures and flyers, January 25, 1989
  28. Memorial, news clippings related to the Memorial, November 19, 1982-April 30, 1990
  29. Merryman, Molly, address, May 4, 1999
  30. National Council of Churches of Christ in the U.S.A., letter requesting funds "to secure due process of law in regard to the Kent State killings," October 26, 1971; "A Resolution on Due Process in Respect to the Kent State Killings," September 10, 1971
  31. National Register of Historic Places, nomination form, 1976; appeal to the Secretary of the U.S. Department of the Interior, 1978
  32. "Never Forget Kent State" transcription, undated
  33. "Northeast Ohio Peace and Justice Calendar," May 1976
  34. Official National Lampoon Bicentennial Calendar, given to Professor Lewis by a student, picture for May is antique coin bank with guardsman shooting students (shelved in 12th floor map case)
  35. Ohio Council of Churches. Resolution of the General Board "Regarding Justice and the Kent State Tragedy," November 15, 1971
  36. Payne, J. Gregory, address, "A Tribute to Glenn Frank: Just the Facts," May 4, 1994
  37. Peoples Coalition for Peace and Justice, flyers and posters, 1971
  38. Phoenix, vol. 1, no. 5, January 9, 1971
  39. Pipman, Bruce, note to Jerry Lewis with article attached, November 13, 1971
  40. Posters, "Flowers are better than bullets", "The Vietnam war is not something to be won or lost," and flip-chart page announcing Lewis as speaker on "The Social Effects of the Vietnam War in America," undated (shelved in 12th floor mapcase)
  41. Radicalization on Campus, OSU, reports, memos, statements, 1970-1971
  42. Revolutionary Student Brigade, flyers, 1975 (?)
  43. ROTC on campus, attitudes, pamphlet by the May 4th United Front, undated
  44. Scheuer, Mrs. Martin, letter from Dana Stewart (Maj. Gen. The Adjutant General) July 15, 1971; copy of letter from Stephen M. Young to Dana Stewart, August 16, 1971
  45. Scranton Report, application from Lewis to study the impact of the FBI file in the Scranton Report, October 1988
  46. Scranton, William G., letter to Scranton from Lewis regarding "faculty members as third force peace keepers;" Davies' The Truth About Kent State (September 6, 1973), (August 27, 1970)
  47. "Song in Sorrow" newsclips about symphonic tribute to May 4, June 2000-July 2000
  48. Soroka, Nancy (director of Student Activities), memo to interested parties, April 27, 1973, regarding "Special Events Scheduled for the Week of April 29, 1973"
  49. Stanton, William,"...Reports from Washington," June 1970
  50. Strike Paper, no. 7, May 9, 1970
  51. Student attitudes-- changing with time, correspondence and clippings, 1979-1982
  52. Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), flyers, undated
  53. Student government, flyers, 1970-1971
  54. "Student Interest in May 4th, 1970," by Lewis, May 5, 1976
  55. Student Mobilization Committee, flyer, October 1970-December 1970
  56. Stump City, Kent 25 special victory issue, undated
  57. Suljak, Nedjelko D. Campus Disorder and Cultural Counter-Revolution: A Bibliography, 1970
  58. Teach-In, flyers and clippings regarding the Teach-In on Laos, February 1971
  59. Tent City and the May 4th Coalition, correspondence, flyers, and other related materials, 1973-June 1977
  60. Tent City and the May 4th Coalition, correspondence, flyers, and other related materials, July 1977-August 1977
  61. Tent City and the May 4th Coalition, correspondence, flyers, and other related materials, September 1977-April 1978
  62. U.S. District Court, Northern District of Ohio, eastern Division, Adamek. et al. v. Brown et al, undated
  63. U.S. District Court, Northern District of Ohio, summary by Dr. Thomas R. Hensley, summarizing his research, 1978
  64. U.S. District Court, Southern District of N.Y. Pyror v. Peter Davies et al. Includes a marginal note from Davies to Lewis, November 17, 1971
  65. U.S. Senate, "Report of Proceedings: Hearing Held Before the Subcommittee on Administrative Practice and Procedures of the Committee on the Judiciary; Presidential Commissions," June 22, 1971; Statements of William Scranton, James Ahern, Joseph Rhodes, and Matthew Byrne, undated
  66. Vietnam Veterans and May 4, 1990, correspondence, 1990
  67. Wenninger, Eugene P., Report: "Response to Crisis: The University Commission to Implement a Commitment to Nonviolence," January 1972
  68. Young Socialist Alliance, flyer, undated
  69. Yippies (Kent Youth International Party, flyers, 1970-1971
  70. Notes and miscellaneous items, May 7, 1970-March 14, 1990

Box 20A

Series 2: Scholarly Works

Folder -- Contents

  1. Lewis, Jerry M., "The Controversies of May 4," undated
  2. Lewis, Jerry M., unnamed article, Cowles Magazine, 1990
  3. Lewis, Jerry M., "Faculty Response to the Vietnam Era and Kent State;" Three articles: unknown source, undated; unknown source, 1995, and Stow Sentry, 1995
  4. Lewis, Jerry M., "Kent State: Lessons Learned," Crowd Management, 1.4 (April 1994-June 1994), 4-19, includes drafts and papers for the article, October 1994-June 1995
  5. Lewis, Jerry M., "May 4, 1970: A First Person Account" for American History Illustrated, 1990, includes correspondence and support materials, January 16, 1990-May 15, 2002
  6. Lewis, Jerry M., "The Quest for a Federal Grand Jury," Iicludes notes and drafts, 1974
  7. Lewis, Jerry M., support materials for "The Quest for a Federal Grand Jury," December 1970-May 4, 1976
  8. Lewis, Jerry M., support materials for "The Quest for a Federal Grand Jury," 1969-May 4, 1975
  9. Lewis, Jerry M., support materials for "The Quest for a Federal Grand Jury," 1970-September 17, 1977
  10. Lewis, Jerry M., "Review Essay: The Telling of Kent State," undated
  11. Lewis, Jerry M., Teaching Materials, "A Manual for Teaching May 4," 2010
  12. Lewis, Jerry M., papers for "Kent State: The Nonviolent Response," papers by various authors, 1970-1973
  13. Adamek, Raymond J. and Jerry M. Lewis, "Social Control Violence and Radicalization: Behavorial Data," Social Problems 22.5 (June 1975), 663-674
  14. Lewis, Jerry M. and Raymond J. Adamek, "Anti-R.O.T.C. Sit In: A Sociological Analysis," Sociological Quarterly, 15.4 (Fall 1974), 542-547
  15. Lewis, Jerry M. and Thomas R. Hensley, "The May 4 Shootings at Kent State University: The Search for Historical Accuracy," OCSS Review, Summer 1998, 9-21
  16. Lewis, Jerry M. and Thomas R. Hensley, "Teaching a Course on May 4th," undated; Social Problems, 12.5 (June 1975), 663-674
  17. Frank, Glenn W., Thomas R. Hensley and Jerry M. Lewis, "May 4th and Its Aftermath," undated
  18. Gregory, Stanford W. and Jerry M. Lewis, "Norms into Forms: The Memorialization of May 4, 1970, at Kent State University," Includes outline, 1986
  19. Gregory, Stanford W. and Jerry M. Lewis, "Symbols of Collective Memory: The Social Process of Memorializing May 4, 1970 at Kent State University," Symbolic Interaction, 11.2, 213-233, October 1986-1988
  20. Jacoubovitch, M.-Daniel and Jerry M. Lewis, "Inter-Medium Agenda-Setting and the 'Agenda-Setting Function' of the Mass Media," [n.d.]
  21. Lewis, Jerry M., review of Wischmann manuscript, January 24, 1990
  22. Best, James J., Thomas R. Hensley, and Marlyn G. Heller, "Attitude Change and the Judicial Process: An Analysis of the 1975 Kent State Civil Trial Using Cognitive Consistency Theory," 1978
  23. Crocker, James W., "A Rhetoric of Encounter: A Content Analysis and Comparative Study of Selective Sources at Kent State University During the Quarter Following the May 4th Confrontation," abstract of dissertation, 1974
  24. Edmondson, Jay, "Thirteen Seconds on May 4," 1990
  25. Engdahl, David, draft of "Soldiers, Riots, and Revolutions; The Law and History of Military Troops in Civil Disorders," July 1, 1971; Appeared in revised form in the Iowa Law Review, 57.1, October 1971
  26. Frazier, Susan, "Justification and Responsibility," 1978
  27. Hensley, Thomas R., "The 1979 May 4th Federal Civil Trial," undated
  28. Hensley, Thomas R., "Kent State: The Violation of Citizens' Rights," undated
  29. Hiner, Nora, "Peace Marshalls," 1978
  30. Lough, Thomas S., Urban Disarmament, Kent, Ohio: Kent State University, November 1969
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  36. Salladay, Susan C., "Peace Marshalling," 1978
  37. Sharp, Gene, "Perpetual Dissent or Fundamental Change?" 1977
  38. Student (anon.), "Smelser v. Lewis, 1974," undated
  39. Viezer, Timothy W., "A Study of the May 4th Coalition Using Smelser's Theory of Collective Behavior," 1982
  40. Wirth, Dick,"The Victim Within," an original screenplay, 1978
  41. Bibliographies, Resources, 1976-1984
  42. Book Reviews, Drama Reviews, 1971-1983

Box 20B

Series 3: Clippings

Folder -- Contents

  1. Acorn, no. 6, May 1971, includes an "Open Letter from: Tom Miller of the Kent 25," p. 8
  2. Akron Beacon Journal, May 1, 1970-May 18, 1970
  3. Akron Beacon Journal, May 19, 1970-November 11, 1970
  4. Akron Beacon Journal, January 6, 1971-December 8, 1971
  5. Akron Beacon Journal, January 6, 1972-December 27, 1975
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  12. Cleveland Plain Dealer, May 5, 1970-March 22, 2001
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  37. Articles of unknown origin, April 18, 1970-1995
  38. Cartoons, 1970

Box 20C

Series 4 -- Personal Papers

Folder -- Contents

  1. Class materials
  2. Correspondence, media/press, 1990-1991
  3. Correspondence, media/press, 2000
  4. Correspondence, miscellaneous, January 19, 1977-February 2, 2002
  5. Media/press appearances and confirmations, October 17, 1987-2000
  6. Student Papers, KSU, Collective Behavior class, Spring 1970
  7. Student papers, College of Lake County, May 2000
  8. Student papers, Perry High School, April 2000
  9. Student papers, miscellaneous # 1, December 16, 1983-May 8, 1987
  10. Student papers, 1970-2011
  11. Diary on 25th Anniversary, 1995
  12. Opera Flies, 1994
  13. Unsolicited materials (from Peter Catania), 1995
  14. May 4-related poetry, 1971-1995
  15. Inauguration program, Carol Cartwright to Jerry M. Lewis, 1991

Series 5 -- Artifacts


Box 20D
1. Framed Magazine Photo, undated

Box 20E
2.  Protest Button Collection

Box 20F
3. The Facilitator Award. Presented to the May 4, 1970 Kent State University Faculty Marshals represented by Jerry Lewis, 2008