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Horace A. Page papers

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Horace A. Page papers

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Horace A. Page papers, 1970


Finding Aid
Prepared by John S. Skutnik, May 6, 1991. Updated by Penny White, December 2011. Updated September 2016
0.5 cubic feet (1 half-size record storage box), 12th floor

Biographical/Historical Note: Dr. Page was an instructor in the Psychology Department and Director of the department's clinical program in May 1970. Prior to the May 4th incident, Dr. Page gave a presentation on campus unrest to a Kent State University class studying contemporary issues. He gave a revised version of this speech, which incorporated comments on May 4th, to the Eastern Division of Managers who met in Alliance in June 1970. This speech and materials relevant to it are contained in Folders 1 through 5.

Following the May 4th incident, the Psychology Department faculty undertook to solve the problems that attended the closing of the University. A procedure for grading unfinished courses was implemented. Information relevant to this is arranged in Files 6 through 11. Students concerned with completing their courses for the Spring 1970 term sent letters to "Concerned Kent State Student" at a post office box in Ravenna, OH. Some of these letters were apparently forwarded to Dr. Page. These letters are arranged alphabetically by the student's last name in Folders 13 through 38.

Various groups were formed in response to the Kent State shootings. The University Faculty Senate passed a resolution deploring the incident which is contained in Folder 39. The University formed the Committee to Implement a Commitment to Non-Violence, consisting of faculty and students. Information on this group is contained in Folders 40 through 42. Another group was organized to study methods of commemorating May 4th and materials relating to it are contained in Folder 43. Folder 44 contains the minutes of the Academic Administrative Advisory Council and Folder 45 contains information on the Committee for Political Education, which was made up of KSU faculty and students as well as members of the city of Kent.

When the University opened in the Fall of 1970, the administration implemented a number of procedures to prevent further unrest on the campus. Information for this group is in Folders 46 through 48.

Scope and Content: Dr. Page also collected a number of documents that were produced or published after May 4, 1970. Each of these is retained in a separate folder. The items include an unsigned and undated eyewitness account by a national guardsman of the events leading to and concluding with the shootings and the June 1970 issue of Kent magazine. They are described more fully in the inventory folders numbered 49 through 53. In addition, there are several folders containing newspaper articles reporting on the May 4th incident. It is interesting in its reflection of day-to-day decision making at the University shortly after May 4th.

Acquisition Information: Dr. Horace A. Page donated his materials to the Kent State University Archives on October 31, 1986. Dr. Page has also kindly donated to the Kent State University Archives whatever property and literary rights that he possesses in this collection.

Restrictions on Access: Some information included in this collection is restricted due to the presence of information protected by privacy laws. This information has been redacted where present on documents in the collection. Un-redacted originals, in all cases, have been retained by Special Collections and Archives.

May 4 Collection Box 69
Folder -- Contents

  1. Student Unrest Speech, presented to Contemporary Issues class and Eastern Division Managers Alliance
  2. Student Unrest Speech materials, 1968
  3. Student Unrest Speech materials, 1969
  4. Student Unrest Speech materials, 1970
  5. Student Unrest Speech Materials, undated
  6. Reopening University, memo from Bruce Harkness, Dean of Arts and Sciences
  7. Reopening University, memo from Psychology Department Professors
  8. Memo to Seymour Baron and Horace Page, from Larry R. Killian, regarding May 4, 1970
  9. Memo from Donald Halter, Registrar regarding registration and grades, Spring 1970
  10. Psychology Department correspondence regarding Psych 483, Spring 1970
  11. Student response, regarding Psych 483, Spring 1970
  12. List of "People who phoned in"
  13. "Concerned Kent State Student" letters, unsigned
  14. "Concerned Kent State Student" letters, Donald E. Bradshaw Jr.
  15. "Concerned Kent State Student" letters, Christopher Block
  16. "Concerned Kent State Student" letters, Virginia Bookwalter
  17. "Concerned Kent State Student" letters, Nancy Boulter
  18. "Concerned Kent State Student" letters, Christine M. Dorko
  19. "Concerned Kent State Student" letters, Malcolm Fairweather and Kathe Goldenbaum
  20. "Concerned Kent State Student" letters, Beverly Galida
  21. "Concerned Kent State Student" letters, William R. Hanna
  22. "Concerned Kent State Student" letters, J.E.K
  23. "Concerned Kent State Student" letters, Jan Kronick
  24. "Concerned Kent State Student" letters, Jeffrey R. Liber
  25. "Concerned Kent State Student" letters, Paula Marx
  26. "Concerned Kent State Student" letters, Connie May
  27. "Concerned Kent State Student" letters, W.S. May
  28. "Concerned Kent State Student" letters, Diane Morrissey
  29. "Concerned Kent State Student" letters, Wayne A. Ollila
  30. "Concerned Kent State Student" letters, Julie Pontones
  31. "Concerned Kent State Student" letters, Gerald Scott
  32. "Concerned Kent State Student" letters, Randy Schieber
  33. "Concerned Kent State Student" letters, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Schwartz
  34. "Concerned Kent State Student" letters, Linda Schwartz
  35. "Concerned Kent State Student" letters, Frank Skala
  36. "Concerned Kent State Student" letters, Kathy and Shirley Whiteleather
  37. "Concerned Kent State Student" letters, Betty Windle
  38. "Concerned Kent State Student" letters, Michael Zembala
  39. Faculty Senate Resolution on Commitment to Non-Violence, May 5, 1970
  40. Commission on KSU Violence
  41. University Commission to Implement a Commitment to Non-Violence Minutes, September 2 and 4, 1970
  42. University Committee to Implement a Commitment to Non-Violence, Report by Charles Kegley, chairman
  43. Commission on Commemorative Recognition
  44. Academic Administrative Advisory Council Minutes, October 20, 1970
  45. Committee for Political Education, Fall 1970
  46. KSU Position Papers
  47. Third Party Service, Fall 1970
  48. "Think Week" schedule, Fall 1970
  49. Eyewitness account by National Guardsman, unsigned, undated
  50. KENT magazine vol.3 No.6, June 1970
  51. Correspondence from John D. Millett, Chancellor, Ohio Board of Regents to University President White, August 20, 1970
  52. Comments by Harold Kitner on a portion of the Portage County Grand Jury Report
  53. Correspondence from Executive Committee, College of Arts and Sciences to Professor Glenn Frank, Geology, October 27, 1970
  54. Kent Community "Statement of Intent," Record Courier, July 30, 1970
  55. News Clippings: Delaware, Wilmington, May 5, 1970 - May 6, 1970
  56. News Clippings: New York Post, May 7, 1970
  57. News Clippings: New York Times, May 5, 1970 - May 11, 1970
  58. News clippings: Ohio, Akron, May 5, 1970 - October 25, 1970
  59. News Clippings: Ohio, Bowling Green, October 5, 1970
  60. News Clippings: Ohio, Cleveland, May 8, 1970 - March 30, 1974
  61. News Clippings: Ohio, Kent, May 6, 1970 - March 30, 1974
  62. News Clippings: National Observer, May 11, 1970
  63. News Clippings: Pennsylvania, Bellefonte, May 7, 1970
  64. News Clippings: Pennsylvania, Harrisburg Evening News, undated
  65. News Clippings: Pennsylvania, Philadelphia Bulletin, May 5, 1970 - May 8, 1970
  66. News Clippings: Pennsylvania, Philadelphia Inquirer, May 25, 1970 - May 26, 1970
  67. News Clippings: Pennsylvania, Daily Collegian (University Park), May 6, 1970
  68. News Clippings: Unitarian Universalist News, May 15, 1970
  69. News Clippings: Editorials and Articles, undated