George Jason Streator, Papers, 1880-1924

Finding Aid

Prepared by Barbara Bass, November 18, 2002
1 record storage box, 1 cubic foot, 11th floor

Biographical Note

George Jason Streator (1846-1925), a nurseryman, amateur naturalist, and relative of poet Hart Crane, lived much of his life in Garrettsville, Ohio. For additional information on Streator, see articles by Ralph W. Dexter in Sterkiana, nos. 5 and 12, and in The Biologist (December 1961). See also Vivian Pemberton's Kent State University Master's Thesis on Hart Crane, Chapter 3.

Scope and Content

This collection consists of 43 diaries kept by Streator, dating from 1880-88, 1894-1902, 1905-1916, and 1920-24. In these diaries, he describes the natural history of his home region and records his observations made on several trips in the United States. The collection also contains a photograph of Streator, and five photographs taken by his son Sidney V. Streator. Also included is one letter from Streator to malacologist Victor Sterki and miscellaneous articles about Streator. The collection was donated to Kent State University by Streator's granddaughter, Francelia Streator Crawford.

Box 1

Folder -- Contents
  1. Diary: 1880-1881
  2. Diary: 1882-1884
  3. Diary: 1885-1886
  4. Diary: 1887-1888
  5. Diary: 1894-1896
  6. Diary: 1897-1899
  7. Diary: 1900-1902
  8. Diary: 1905-1907
  9. Diary: 1908-1910
  10. Diary: 1911-1913
  11. Diary: 1914-1916
  12. Diary: 1920-1922
  13. Diary: 1923-1924
  14. Photographs:
    • portrait of George J. Streator, [no date]
    • 5 photos of old growth forests and a mill taken by Sidney V. Streator while working as photographer for American Lumberman Magazine, 1911 [images of old growth California redwood, Douglas-fir, and longleaf yellow pine, and a water-wheel saw mill]
  15. Letter: George J. Streator to V[ictor] Sterki. [autograph letter, signed] 1p., August 29, 1887.
  16. Miscellaneous articles on Streator