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B. Earle Roberts papers

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B. Earle Roberts papers

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B. Earle Roberts papers, 1968-1983 (bulk 1972-1973)

May 4 Collection, Boxes 134 and 135

Finding Aid

Prepared by Katy L. Watts, December 19, 2005; Updated August 2012; December 2016
1 record storage box and 1 oversized box, 1.33 cubic foot, 12th floor

Biographical Note: Throughout the 1970's and early 1980's, B. Earle Roberts, a professor of Criminal Justice Studies, served on a number of committees related to May 4 and events that occurred after the incident. Roberts served as a trustee in the Kent Students Medical Fund to create monies to aid injured students, participated in Kent Community for Non-Violent Change, and was a member of the Committee for Non-Violence which established peace marshals on Kent campus. Roberts' prominent role was serving as the chair of the Campus Security Advisory Committee (CSAC) to provide direction for improving the university's security and police department. After the issues of May 4 subsided, Roberts served as a chair of the Presidential Commission on Values and Ethics in the Curriculum and created ethics guidelines to ease the tension between religious and professional groups in the student scene.

Scope and Content: This collection contains materials from 1968-1983, documenting incidents that led up to May 4 and events that occurred in the campus community after the shootings. Correspondence, minutes, reports, newsclippings, flyers, and programs cover events such as the 1968 Black United Students (BUS) walkout, the May 4th shootings, the Ron Mohr incident, and the 1978 May Fourth Memorial Service dealing with the aftermath of the Tent City Protest the previous year. Other committees in the collection are the Kent Students Medical Fund, the Kent Community for Non-Violent Change, the Committee for Non-Violence, and the Presidential Commission on Values and Ethics in the Curriculum. Notable documents are a letter to Roberts from the Oakland Civil Service Board confirming the police department's recruitment visit and flyers from a student Marxist group (The Joe Hill Collective), which evolved from Students for a Democratic Society (SDS). Also, a series of cassette tapes contain recorded sessions of CSAC meetings in 1972.

Restrictions on Access: Some information included in this collection is restricted due to the presence of information protected by privacy laws. This information has been redacted where present on documents in the collection. Un-redacted originals, in all cases, have been retained by Special Collections and Archives.

May 4 Collection - Box 134
Folder -- Contents

  1. BUS Campus Walkout: Flyers Relating to BUS and SDS Student Walkout, November 1968
  2. BUS Campus Walkout: Student Groups and University Statements Relating to BUS and SDS Oakland Student Walkout, November 1968
  3. BUS Campus Walkout: Newsclippings, November 1968
  4. BUS Campus Walkout: Letter to Earle Roberts from the Oakland, California Office of Civil Service Board Police Recruiter Visit, October 24, 1968
  5. BUS Campus Walkout: Interdepartmental Correspondence, November 1968
  6. Statement of Resistance, by Chuck Noell, March 4, 1969
  7. Kent State Shootings: Memorial Service Program for Slain Kent State Students at the York Avenue Presbyterian Church in Washington D.C., May 8, 1970
  8. Kent State Shootings: Memorial Speech for Slain Kent Students by Unknown Speaker, 1970
  9. Kent State Shootings: Statement by M. J. Lunine, Dean of KSU Honors College in Pittsburgh After Allison Krause's Funeral, undated
  10. Kent State Shootings: Announcement Inviting KSU Parents and Students to United Christian Fellowship House to Discuss May 4 Issues, undated
  11. Kent State Shootings: List of Organizations Created to Maintain Campus Order, 1970
  12. Kent State Shootings: Interdepartmental Correspondence, May 12 and October 19, 1970
  13. Kent State Shootings: Letter to KSU Parents from President Robert White, November 1968
  14. Kent State Shootings: Flyers and Announcements by the Joe Hill Collective for the May Fourth United Front, 1970?
  15. Kent State Shootings: Kent State University Staff Bulletin, May 1970
  16. Kent State Shootings: For Your Information: Internal Communications Newsletters, May-August 1970
  17. Kent State Shootings: Official Bulletin Newsletters, May, June, and August 1970
  18. Kent State Shootings: The Phoenix, Newsletter, September 28, 1970
  19. Kent State Shootings: Kent State University In Exile Newsletter, undated
  20. Kent State Shootings: KSU Position Paper, October 14, 1970
  21. Kent State Shootings: Letter to University Community from President Robert White, May 29, 1971
  22. Board of Trustees Minutes, February 12, 1972
  23. Correspondence Concerning Faculty and May 4, 1978, March-May 1978
  24. Drafts and Notes Concerning Faculty Action about May 4, 1978, undated
  25. Personal Typed Narrative of Earle Roberts Addressing Feelings about 1978 May 4 Services, October 5, 1978
  26. Meeting Attendance Sheets for May 4, 1978 Faculty Response, undated
  27. Kent Students Medical Fund: Committee Member Lists, 1970
  28. Kent Students Medical Fund: Articles of Incorporation, May 26, 1970
  29. Kent Students Medical Fund: Committee Report, May-June 22, 1970
  30. Kent Students Medical Fund: Minutes, May 1970
  31. Kent Students Medical Fund: Correspondence, [various dates]
  32. Kent Students Medical Fund: Information Bulletin, 1970
  33. Kent Community for Non-Violent Change: Sub-Committee Lists, undated
  34. Kent Community for Non-Violent Change: Curriculum Committee Report, undated
  35. Committee for Non-Violence: Objectives and Chronology, 1970
  36. Committee for Non-Violence: Narrative about Formation of Committee by Earle Roberts, undated
  37. Committee for Non-Violence: Member Contact List, undated
  38. Committee for Non-Violence: Coordinating Committee List for Peace Marshals, undated
  39. Committee for Non-Violence: Concerned People for Marshals for Peace, Phone List, undated
  40. Committee for Non-Violence: Minutes, June 3, 1970
  41. Committee for Non-Violence: Correspondence, July 1, 1970
  42. Committee for Non-Violence: Sub-Committee Correspondence, 1970
  43. Committee for Non-Violence: Proposals to Committee, undated
  44. Committee for Non-Violence: Training Committee Report, July 21, 1970
  45. Committee for Non-Violence: A Proposed Faculty Marshals Program, undated
  46. Committee for Non-Violence: Marshals Training Handbook, undated
  47. Committee for Non-Violence: Training for Demonstrations and The Marshal: New Problems, New Approaches by Charles C. Walker, undated
  48. Committee for Non-Violence: Notes, undated
  49. Commission on Campus Security: Report of the Commission on Campus Security, June 1970
  50. CSAC: Proposal and Description of CSAC, [various dates]
  51. CSAC: Member Lists, [various dates]
  52. CSAC: Minutes, March-November 1972
  53. CSAC: Correspondence, December 1971-August 1972
  54. CSAC: Correspondence, September 1972-January 1973
  55. CSAC: Rough Draft Written to The Kent Stater, December 6, 1972
  56. CSAC: Press Releases Relating to CSAC, [various dates]
  57. CSAC: Proposed Policies and Official Policies Related to Campus Security, [various dates]
  58. CSAC: Written Statement by Committee Member Mike White, undated
  59. CSAC: Memorandum about Law Enforcement on Campus, February 4, 1972
  60. CSAC: Preliminary Draft of a Report to the Select Committee to Investigate Campus Disturbances, January 21, 1971
  61. CSAC: Report, Campus Police - An Experimental Course by Bob Peabody, undated
  62. CSAC: Report, The Campus Police at Kent State: A Survey of Opinion, August 1972
  63. CSAC: Report, Campus Security Policies and Operations, November 17, 1972
  64. CSAC: Report with Recommendations, June 12, 1972
  65. CSAC: Ron Mohr Incident, undated
  66. CSAC: Report, Subcommittee on Ideal Models for Campus Security, undated
  67. CSAC: Sub-Committee Reports, [various dates]
  68. CSAC: KSU Police Hierarchical Grid, June 1972
  69. CSAC: Questionnaire for Campus Police Study, Spring 1972
  70. CSAC: Staff Comments to Operations Subcommittee, undated
  71. CSAC: Tally Sheets of Reported Offenses to KSU Campus Police, January-May 1972
  72. CSAC: Panel Discussion Flyer on Campus Surveillance, October 19, 1972
  73. CSAC: Article, "Espionage at Kent State", The Nation, Vol. 216 No. 5
  74. CSAC: Academic articles related to campus security, [various dates]
  75. CSAC: Newsclippings, 1971
  76. CSAC: Newsclippings, March-April 1972
  77. CSAC: Newsclippings, May-December 1972
  78. CSAC: Committee Notes of Earle Roberts, [various dates]
  79. Presidential Commission on Ethics and Values in the Curriculum: Letter to Michael Schwartz, September 7, 1983
  80. Presidential Commission on Ethics and Values in the Curriculum: Report with Recommendations, [1983?]
  81. Classes: The Re-Institution of Law Enforcement Recruitment at Kent State University, Student Research Paper by Jim Levine, December 1, 1972
  82. Classes: A Comparison of Attitudes Towards the Campus Police: Spring 1970 - Fall 1971, Student Research Paper by Charles G. McCoy, December 8, 1971
  83. Cassette Tapes: CSAC Meetings, [various dates] Note: Materials are fragile and can not be played at this time.

May 4 Collections - Box 135: Oversized Materials
Folder -- Contents

  1. BUS Campus Walkout: The Daily Kent Stater, November 15, 1968
  2. BUS Campus Walkout: "Racist Recruit: Oakland Police in Kent" Newsletter by Students for a Democratic Society, November 12, 1968
  3. Kent State University FYI: Office of Internal Communications, September-November 1970
  4. Kent State University FYI: Office of Internal Communications, January-June 1971
  5. Rapport: The Publication for Parents of Kent State University Students, 1970-1971
  6. The Daily Kent Stater Articles on the 1978 May 4th Commemoration, April 11 and 18, 1978
  7. Article, "The Kent State Affair," The Plain Dealer, May 28, 1970
  8. Kent-Ravenna Record-Courier, August 4, 1970