Apple Family papers, 1848-1969

Finding Aid

Prepared by James W. Geary, November 28, 1975; Revised by Joy Winstead, May 5, 2003; Updated November 2004
1 document case, 1 slim document case, .5 cubic foot, 11th floor
Old archives number: D. 7. 8. and D. 7. 8. 3.

Scope and Content

Although much of the material in this collection consists of books and photographs of the Kent area during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, several other items concern the Apple Family, particularly James C. Apple and his service in World War I. Genealogies of the Apple and McCane family are included in this collection. Further information concerning the Apple family can be found in the Woodard Family Papers .

Special Collections and Archives received this collection on September 5 and October 27, 1975, through the generosity of an anonymous donor. The donor has given literary rights as well as property rights to Kent State University. Please note that books received with this collection have been separated from the collection and are on KentLINK. In November 2004 a small addition to the collection was made by Mrs. Mary Jane Simcox of Excelsior, Minnesota. This material, found in box 2, is comprised of items relating to Professor Marie Hyde Apple.

Box 1


  1. Correspondence, January 12, 1873-December 16, 1878
  2. Correspondence, April 5, 1907-April 16, 1960
  3. Miscellaneous items related to James G. Apple's military service
  4. World War I journal and address book of James G. Apple
  5. Drawings and verses of James G. Apple relating to safety at the Ravenna Arsenal.
  6. Documents [James G. Apple's Free Mason papers 1918, no date; marriage licenses1848, 1877; Marie Hyde's teaching contract, 1916]
  7. McCane (McCain) Family genealogy
  8. Tributes to David Apple and Joseph H. Apple
  9. List of members of the Presbyterian Church, Edinboro, Pennsylvania: [1870?]
  10. Two tickets, possibly used for street cars, [1912?]
  11. Miscellaneous newspaper clippings related to the Apple family, 1885, 1924, 1929, 1946, 1960, 1966, 1968, [no date]
  12. Photocopy of land grant to Azro Hyde, dated April 15, 1856, with secretarial signature of President Franklin Pierce.
  13. Original copy of land grant to Azro Hyde, dated April 15, 1856, with secretarial signature of President Franklin Pierce (shelved in 11th floor map case)
  14. Photocopy of a letter which described the effects of a cyclone (shelved in 11th floor map case) (missing as of May 5, 2003)
  15. James G. Apple's certificate for wound received in World War I (shelved in 11th floor map case)
  16. Photographs of Andrew and Elizabeth Gilmore Apple, [1850s?]
  17. Photographs of David and Martha Perry Apple, and Pharney Perry
  18. Photographs of James G. Apple [one in soldier's uniform]
  19. Photograph of the Hyde Family
  20. Two photographs of Erie Railroad employees, [with lists of names, 1890s?]
  21. Photograph of first grade class at South School, [with names on back, includes Grace Apple], 1891
  22. Photograph of the first grade class at South School, [with list of names, includes Jas. Apple and copy negative and print, 1977], 1895
  23. Photograph of the first grade class at South School, [with list of names, includes Ada Apple], 1896
  24. Photograph of the Portage County Gun Club which appeared in the Kent Courier Souvenir Supplement [included is a list of names], April 21, 1899
  25. Photograph of the seventh grade class at Depeyster School, [with list of names, includes Ada Apple], 1903
  26. Photograph of Kent telephone operators [with names on back, includes Grace Apple], 1904
  27. Photograph of the Kent High School football team [with names on back, includes Paul Davey, no date]
  28. Miscellaneous photographs of Kent, Ohio area
  29. Four color photographs of postcards [two of Kent State University and two of Standing Rock], color photograph of Apple Hall.
  30. Two unidentified photographs
  31. Miscellaneous negatives
  32. Eleven postcards, mostly of the Kent area and including four on the 1913 flood
  33. Apple Family genealogy
  34. Artifacts: medals which include miscellaneous pins, lapel buttons, a World War I Victory medal and American Legion medal
  35. Artifact: James G. Apple's Purple Heart medal [in original numbered box, World War I]

Box 2


  1. Artifact: [Honorary society pin?], 1949 [date engraved on back of pin]
  2. Artifact: Nameplate: "Marie Hyde Apple Hall, Kent State University, Dedicated November 22, 1969"
  3. Artifact: Class pin: "LaCrosse Wisconsin, '14" [1914]
  4. Commencement program: State Normal School, La Crosse, Wisconsin, June 10, 191[4?] [Marie Hyde's graduation]
  5. Correspondence: Marie Apple to President George A. Bowman, March 17, 1953
  6. Correspondence: Marie Apple to President Robert I. White, April 19, 1969; [no date]
  7. Marriage certificate and keepsake booklet of James G. Apple and Marie E. Hyde, September 13, 1924
  8. Photographs: Dedication of Apple Hall, [1969]
  9. Photographs: Marie Hyde Apple
  10. Photographs: Marie Hyde Apple family members
  11. Remarks: "Made at the presentation of Arville O. DeWeese, Marie Apple and George Alltman of Honorary Awards, HPE [Health and Physical Education?], May 17, 1966"
  12. Telegram: to Miss Marie E. Hyde from H. A. Brown, July 5, 1918 [offers Hyde position at KSU Normal School]
  13. Telegram: to Marie E. Hyde from H. A. Brown, October 23, 1918 [offers Hyde head physical education department position at KSU Normal School]
  14. Telegram: to James Apple from "The Williamsons," September 12, 1924
  15. Telegram: to Mr. and Mrs. James G. Apple from "Jane and Dolly," September 13, 1924