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James Huebner, Papers, 1977



Prepared by Scott L. Bills, November 17, 1980

1 slim document case, .16 cubic feet, 12th floor.

James Huebner donated his materials to the Kent State University Archives on July 28, 1980.

Mr. Huebner began work as a student on the main campus of Kent State in 1975. Two years later, he became an active participant in the May 4th Coalition. As a member, he sought to prevent construction of a new gymnasium annex in the center of campus. In addition to being a resident of Tent City, he served as chairperson of many of the mass meetings of Coalition members which took place during the last few weeks before the arrests of July 12, 1977.

The Huebner papers contain a number of pieces of political ephemera from this period of controversy. Many newspaper clippings were donated with the collection; however, only a few have been retained. Lists of many such articles appearing in the local press are contained in folders 60 and 61, Container 58, in the Timothy Wayne Viezer papers. pertinent issues of the Daily Kent Stater, Record-Courier, and Akron Beacon Journal are available on microfilm in the Microfilm Center of the KSU Library. Those newspaper clippings that have been retained are arranged chronologically. Leaflets and flyers are listed alphabetically according to the organization which issued them. One item, not linked to any specific group, has been listed as "source unidentified."

The Huebner papers contain political ephemera which does not appear in other parts of the May 4th Collection. Folder three contains leaflets and flyers from the early period of May 4th Coalition activities as well as items from later in the summer of 1977. Folder eleven contains a comprehensive group of Coalition press releases from May through August. Folder twelve contains a copy of the short-lived Tent City publication, The Tree City Sprout, dated May 13, 1977. Researchers should note the Coalition press release of July 8 which outlines its concept of the "May 4th site." Folder fourteen contains two reports by the "Tactics Committee" of the May 4th Coalition. These reports, when used in conjunction with other pertinent materials, show the problems that the Coalition experienced following the loss of its organizing base on Blanket Hill in July 1977.

Mr. Huebner has kindly donated to the Kent State University Archives whatever property and literary rights that he possesses in these materials.

Folder -- Contents

1 -- Correspondence, General: January 15, 1977-December 1, 1977 Bumper Sticker, "Remember Kent State Move the Gym"

2 -- Leaflets/Flyers, Blanket Hill Council: 1977; Leaflets/Flyers, Kent State University, source unidentified

3 -- Leaflets/Flyers, May 4th Coalition: 1977

4 -- Leaflets/Flyers, May 4th Task Force: 1977

5 -- Leaflets/Flyers, Portage County Committee for Free Speech and Free Assembly: 1977

6 -- Leaflets/Flyers, Revolutionary Student Brigade: 1977; Leaflets/Flyers, Spartacus Youth League: 1977

7 -- Leaflets/Flyers, Student Government: 1977

8 -- Leaflets/Flyers, source unidentified: undated; Leaflets/Flyers, Young Socialists Alliance; Playbills, Kent State: A Requiem

9 -- Press Release, Newsletter, Kent State F.A.C.T.: 1977

10 -- Press Release, Kent State University News Service: July 8, 1977

11 -- Press Release, May 4th Coalition: May 31, 1977-August 17, 1977

12 -- Newspaper, The Tree City Sprout: May 13, 1977

13 -- Press Clippings, miscellaneous: July-August, 1977

14 -- Committee Reports, May 4th Coalition: July 19, 1977

15 -- Prepared Statement, Faculty Coordinating Committee: July 20, 1977. Note: This folder includes a list of faculty committed to a "moral presence" to avoid confrontation at the gym annex site.

16 -- Miscellaneous, handwritten note by Jerry Carr: undated

17 -- Poster, May 4th Coalition: 1977