Ruby Churchill Parmelee, Papers, 1866-1931


Prepared by James W. Geary, November 24, 1975
Revised by E. Merle Watkins, April 17, 2003
1 half-size record storage box, 2 oversize folders, 1 CD box; .75 cubic feet, 11th floor
Old archives number: D. 7. 9. 1.

Scope and Content

In 1975, Ruby Churchill Parmelee of Ravenna, Ohio, donated this collection. The items in this group consist primarily of theater playbills (mostly 1920s), newpaper clippings, and other miscellaneous items, such as post cards and scrap books.

Box 1

  1. H.P. Crozier, The Death of President Lincoln, New York: John A. Gray & Green, printers, 1866, 32 pp.
  2. Listing of grammar and primary school staff and inspectors for New York City: 1875; used also as a scrapbook of newspaper clippings: [1888?].
  3. Leather notebook, possibly of A. Miller, containing a sketch, stamp collection and miscellaneous expenses: 1884-1887.
  4. New York City Business Directory [no date]; used also as a scrapbook of theatre playbills: 1890-1895.
  5. Scrapbook of newspaper clippings, especially on European events: [1890s].
  6. Too Much Johnson, Standard Theatre, New York, playbill: 1894-1895.
  7. Cleveland Orchestra, programs: December 16 and 30, 1923.
  8. Chicago Civic Opera Company, schedule: February 11-14, 1924; Lightnin', Metropolitan Theatre, Cleveland, playbill: 1924; and The Miracle, Public Auditorium, Cleveland, playbill: 1924-1925.
  9. B.F. Keith's 105th Street Theatre, Cleveland, programs: October, 1925; January, 1926; and one with no date.
  10. The Ohio Theatre, Cleveland, playbills: What Price Glory, June 13-19, 1926; The Jazz Singer, February 6-12, 1927; and The Jade God, December 15-21, 1929.
  11. The Play House, Cleveland, playbills: The Concert, December, 1926 and The Skin Game, 1927-1928.
  12. Colonial Theatre, Cleveland, playbills: The Great Gatsby, January, 1927 and Abie's Irish Rose, October, 1927.
  13. The Hanna Theatre, Cleveland, playbills: Straight Thru The Door, November 21-27, 1927; December, 1927; Follow Thru, December 18-23, 1928; September 1930; December 1930; and April, 1931.
  14. Alhambra Theatre, Cleveland, program: Aloma of the South Seas, February 19-26, 1928.
  15. Instructions for upholstering chairs from the Ohio State University Extension Service: September, 1935.
  16. Six miscellaneous items: Cabot Trail, Nova Scotia post card set, Buffalo, New York post card set, a leather post card, 1906.
  17. Three early nineteenth century sermons entitled "Subject and mode of baptism"; "Glorious Things are spoken of thee oh City of God"; and "Know ye not that They run in a race, run all, but one receiveth the prize, so run ye that ye may obtain."
  18. Lithographs depicting centennial naval and military parades which appeared as a supplement to Harper's Weekly: May 11, 1889 (shelved in 11th floor map case).
  19. Miscellaneous newspapers and periodicals, including an issue of the New York Sun: September 3, 1833; the Gainesville, Florida Cotton States: September 20, 1862; the Portage County Democrat: December 8, 1875; and the Judge, XVI: April 27, 1889 (shelved in 11th floor map case).

Box 2

  1. Miscellaneous postcards from Ohio, Washington DC, other sites in North America and international scenes.