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Robert Cook, Papers, 1956-1992


Prepared by Kevin Ferst, March 13, 2002
1 record storage box and 1 oversized box, 1.33 cubic feet, 11th floor

Biographical Note

Robert E. Cook was born in Kent, in 1920, and was a longtime resident of Ravenna. He received a law degree from the College of William and Mary in 1950. He served as Portage County prosecutor in 1952 and was re-elected in 1956. Three years later, he was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives where he served two terms. He returned to Portage County and served from 1963 to 1969 as Common Pleas Judge. In 1979, Cook received Kent State University's Distinguished Alumni Award.

Scope and Content

In 1984, Cook donated to Kent State University's Department of Special Collections his collection of photographs, newspaper clippings, and correspondence accumulated during his years as a U.S. Congressman. Of special interest are several photographs of Cook with John F. Kennedy, and letters signed by JFK, as well as one signed by Robert Kennedy.

Box 1

  1. Address by Hon. James Farley, Nov 20, 1957
  2. Clippings, 1956
  3. Clippings, Dec. 15, 1957
  4. Clippings, 1958-1959
  5. Clippings, 1960
  6. Clippings, 1960
  7. Clippings, 1960
  8. Clippings, 1961
  9. Clippings Presidental Inauguration, 1961
  10. Clippings before election, 1962
  11. Clippings after election, 1962
  12. Clippings, 1965
  13. Correspondence Henry J. Latham to Cook, Dec. 18, 1958
  14. Correspondence Harry Truman to Cook, Oct. 5, 1960
  15. Correspondence John F. Kennedy to Cook, Oct. 19, 1960
  16. Correspondence Robert Kennedy to Miss Amy Cook, 1961
  17. Correspondence J.F.K to Mrs. Cook, Sept. 1, 1961
  18. Correspondence Mrs. Eisenhower to Mrs. Cook, Sept. 1, 1961
  19. Correspondence Robert Jacoby to Cook, Feb. 26, 1962
  20. Headings for exhibition, [no date]
  21. Inauguration ceremonies program, January 20, 1961
  22. Inaugural souvenir, January 20, 1961
  23. Menus for House of Rep. and U.S. Senate restaurants, 1961
  24. Photo, Alfred Seary Jubilee, 1959
  25. Photo, Cook et al, 1959
  26. Photo, Cook et al, 1959
  27. Photo, Cook et al, 1959
  28. Photo, Harbor Inspection, 1959
  29. Photo, Harbor Inspection, 1959
  30. Photo, Home Builder's Assoc, 1959
  31. Photo, Kent State University, ROTC building, 1959
  32. Photo, Romanian Hall, Warren, Ohio, 1959
  33. Photo, U.S. Senator of Ohio, 1959
  34. Photo, KSU Semicentennial, 1960
  35. Photo, Breakfast at Congressional Hotel, 1961
  36. Photo, Cook and wife at White House, 1961
  37. Photo, Cook, and wife, et al, 1961
  38. Photo, Cook, et al, 1961
  39. Photo, Cook on board U.S.S. Independence, 1961
  40. Photo, Cook with Warren Girl Scout Troop, 1961
  41. Photo, Democratic Women group, 1961
  42. Photo, Lordstown Military Reservation, 1961
  43. Photo, Lordstown Military Reservation, 1961
  44. Photo, Mantua High School, Washington D.C., 1961
  45. Photo, White House, JFK, Cook, et al, 1961
  46. Photo, JFK and Marie Neal Martin at White House, 1962
  47. Photo, JFK, et al at White House, 1962
  48. Photo, Cook, [no date]
  49. Photo, Cook, [no date]
  50. Photo, Cook and other, [no date]
  51. Photo, Cook and other, [no date]
  52. Photo, Cook at Post Office, [no date]
  53. Photo, Cook et al, [no date]
  54. Photo, Cook et al, [no date]
  55. Photo, Cook et al, [no date]
  56. Photo, Cook et al, [no date]
  57. Photo, Cook et al, [no date]
  58. Photo, Cook et al, [no date]
  59. Photo, Cook et al, [no date]
  60. Photo, Cook et al, [no date]
  61. Photo, Cook et al, [no date]
  62. Photo, Cook, John Glenn, et al, [no date]
  63. Photo, Cook, wife, et al, [no date]
  64. Photo, Cook, wife, et al at Chamber of Commerce dinner, [no date]
  65. Photo, Cook, wife and others, campaign strategy, [no date]
  66. Photo, Cook with army, [no date]
  67. Photo, Cook with Boy Scout troop, [no date]
  68. Photo, Cook with Navy, [no date]
  69. Photo, Cook with Navy (in Paris?), [no date]
  70. Photo, Family photo, [no date]
  71. Photo, Family photo, [no date]
  72. Photo, JFK, Cook, [no date]
  73. Photo, JFK, Cook, et al, [no date]
  74. Photo, JFK, Cook, et al, [no date]
  75. Photo, JFK, Cook, et al, [no date]
  76. Photo, JFK, Cook, et al, [no date]
  77. Photo, JFK, Cook, et al, [no date]
  78. Photo, JFK, Johnson, and Cook, [no date]
  79. Photo, Mr. and Mrs. C. Brown and Mrs. Cook, [no date]
  80. Photo, Mr. and Mrs. Cook, [no date]
  81. Photo, Mrs. Cook and JFK, [no date]
  82. Photo, Mrs. Cook et al, [no date]
  83. Photo, Truman et al, [no date]
  84. Photo, Urban Renewal, [no date]
  85. Photo, Youngstown Steel, [no date]
  86. Photo, Youngstown Steel Groundbreaking, [no date]
  87. Protocol in the Nation's Capital, [no date]
  88. Telegram congratulations on winning election (including John Kennedy), 1958

Box 2: Oversized Materials

  1. The Capital magazine, 1956
  2. Clippings Life Magazine, Jan. 19, 1959
  3. Photo, Michael Di Salle, 1959