Porthouse Theatre, Records, 1969-2013

Finding Aid

Prepared by Virginia Dressler, July 17, 2006. Updated October 2013.
1 record storage box, 1 cubic foot, 11th floor

Historical Note

Porthouse Theatre is located on the grounds of Blossom Music Center in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. It was built on 37 acres adjacent to the Blossom Music Center Pavilion in 1971, and has since grown to about 127 acres. In 1970, Mr. and Mrs. Cyril Porthouse presented a challenge gift for the site to Kent State to build a theatre. The theatre seats more than 500 people, with an adjoining pavilion behind that includes a concession and dining area. Theatrical productions range from the standards and classics to more contemporary works, as well as some popular musicals and operas. Porthouse Theatre Company acts as a training ground for aspiring actors, designers, technicians, and stage managers in professional theatre productions.

KSU alumni who have performed at Porthouse include Alice Ripley, who opened on Broadway with Glenn Close in Sunset Boulevard, and Dennis Deal, a New York director, composer and television writer. Porthouse Theatre Company also premiered The Girlhood of Shakespeare's Heroines by Ohio playwright Don Nigro.

Scope and Content

The collection is comprised of season programs as well as programs for individual productions. Also included are assorted photographs, correspondence, and some stage/set designs. The oversized folder contains several blueprints from the 1995 production of I'm Not Rappaport.

Box 1

Folder -- Contents

  1. Blueprints of Site, 1970
  2. Building Specifications, 1970-1971
  3. Bulletins, School of Theatre, 1969-1997
  4. Civic Design Certificate, [no date]
  5. Clippings, [various dates]
  6. Contract Deed, Summary of Construction Costs, 1970-1971
  7. Correspondence, from C. Brent DeVore to John A. Flower, July 27, 1970
  8. Correspondence, from C. Brent DeVore to Ronald W. Roskens, February 8, 1972
  9. Correspondence, from R.E. Dunn to Robert C. Toll, March 1, 1971
  10. Correspondence, from Richard Dunn to C. Brent DeVore, August 13, 1971
  11. Correspondence, from John A. Flower to C.R. Porthouse and Peter Reed, March 17, 1972
  12. Correspondence, from E. Keith Haag to Robert Toll, February 27, 1969
  13. Correspondence, from Robert C. Toll to John H. Kerr, February 25, 1971
  14. Correspondence, from Robert C. Toll to Thomas Williams, February 16, 1971
  15. Correspondence, from Robert C. Toll to Richard E. Dunn, February 8, 1971
  16. Correspondence, from Gordon Weir to Noah J. Boyett, September 17, 1970
  17. Correspondence, from Gordon Weir to Ronald M. Arnsby, January 19, 1971
  18. Correspondence, from Gordon Weir on Building Maintenance, Lighting and Security, Spring 1971
  19. Correspondence, from Gordon Weir to Regis Fisher, March 5, 1971
  20. Correspondence, General Letter to Patrons, 1971
  21. Dedication Invitations, July 7, 1971
  22. List of Participants in Porthouse Program, 1969-1993
  23. Mission Statement and Related Papers, [no date]
  24. Photographs, [no date]
  25. Programs (Season), 1970's
  26. Programs (Season), 1980's
  27. Programs (Season), 1990's
  28. Programs (Individual Productions), 1970's
  29. Programs (Individual Productions), 1980's
  30. Programs (Individual Productions), 2012-2013
  31. Programs (Individual Productions), [no date]
  32. Schedules, Pamphlets, 1969-1998
  33. Schedules, Pamphlets, 2006-2007
  34. Schedules, Pamphlets, 2010-2013
  35. Schedule of Plays, 1969-1988
  36. Blueprint Stage Plans, I'm Not Rappaport, April 16, 1995. OVERSIZED