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How to Import Library Modules and Quizzes into your Vista8 Course

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 Note: The Library Tour Quiz is not up to date and should not be used at this time.

  1. Getting Files from the Repository

  1. Go to course page in Vista8.
  2. Click on "Build" tab.
  3. Under "Designer Tools" on the left, select "File Manager."
  4. Click "Get Files."
  5. After the "Content Browser" window opens, select repository.
  6. Next select "Kent State University."
  7. Click on the "library" folder.
  8. Available library files will now display. The zip files are the assessments (quizzes).
  9. Select the zip files corresponding to the quizzes you wish to assign.
  10. The following identifies the quizzes: = Search Strategy quiz = Kentlink quiz = Research Database quiz = Evaluating Web Info quiz = Avoiding Plagiarism quiz = MLA style quiz = APA style quiz

  1. After selecting desired content, click the "OK" button.
  2. Next, you will be asked if you want to Subscribe to or copy the files. Please select "Subscribe" so that you can receive any updates automatically.
  3. The selected files will now appear in your file manager for this course.


  1. Create a Library Assignment Folder and Link to the Library Skill Modules

  1. Select "Course Content" on the left.
  2. Click on "Create Folder."
  3. Name your folder and click save. Possible names might be "Library Modules" or "Library" or "Library Assignments."
  4. Now click on the folder to enter it.
  5. Next click "Add Content Link."
  6. Select "Web Link" (NOTE: if you do not see the option "Web link" from this menu, click on "Manage Course", then on the "Tools" link. Under the category "Content Tools" check the box next to "Web link", then scroll to the bottom and click 'Save". Now return to step 6 above and continue.) )
  7. Now click on the "Create Web Link" box
  8. Create a title for t he link, such as  "Library Skill Modules"
  9. In the Description box you can type in specific descriptions for your assignment, such as which modules you want the students to complete.
  10. Under "Web Address (URL)" insert the following link:
  11. If you wish for this link to open in a new browser window, check the appropriate box.
  12. Click 'Save".  Your link to the skill modules is now in the Library folder


  1. Making the Library Quizzes Available to Students.

  1. Select "Manage Course" on the left under "Designer Tools."
  2. From the "Manage Course" menu select "Import."
  3. Make sure you are on "Class Files." You should see to the right a list of the files you recently brought in through the repository.
  4. Select the quizzes that you wish to assign (see list of zip files under step A.10 above) by clicking the appropriate check boxes.
  5. Click 'OK."
  6. Next you will see a message indicating that "Content Import in Progress."
  7. The message will eventually indicate (usually very quickly) that the import succeeded.
  8. After you see this message, click "Return."
  9. Now go to your Library folder and click on it.
  10. Select "Add Content Link."
  11. Select "Assessments" from the drop down menu that appears.(NOTE: if you do not see the option "Assessments" from this menu, click on "Manage Course", then on the "Tools" link. Under the category "Student Learning Activities" check the box next to "Assessments", then scroll to the bottom and click 'Save". Now return to step 9 above and continue.)
  12. You should see a list of available assessments which will include the ones you just imported. Select the quizzes that you wish to assign.
  13. Click "Add Selected."
  14. The quizzes you selected should now be available to students within your library folder.


  1. Creating the Library Module Assignment (Recommended)

  1. We recommend that you create a file that briefly explains which modules that you wish your students to complete that also points out that they need to pass the quiz to receive credit.
  2. They need to score 8 or better on the quiz to pass.
  3. They can take the quiz as many times as needed to pass.
  4. We also recommend that similar information appear on your syllabus to create continuity.


Help: For further assistance contact your subject  librarian or Ken Burhanna (, Tammy Voelker ( or Jamie Seeholzer (