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University Libraries 2008 Fall Report: Collections

This report highlights current activity across University Libraries. This information is being shared in advance of the annual fall meeting with Chairs, Directors, and Departmental Library Representatives and will provide background for discussion at the meeting. 

Collection Budget Facts

  1. The per-capita library collection allocation is $121, the price of a single textbook!
  2. This year's library collection budget allocation was increased 5% to $4.4 million.
  3. Our actual inflation in serials costs was 6.24% from FY08 to FY09.
  4. This year, $1.4 million, one-third of the budget, will be spent for OhioLINK content.
  5. $2 million will be spent for Kent serials and databases.
  6. $1 million will be spent for Kent books and media.
  7. This is the first time ever that our allocation for books has reached $1 million!
  8. We continue to limit book budget carry-forward to a maximum of 10% of your initial allocation.
  9. The order deadline for books remains May 1.
  10. The unallocated reserve in the collection budget is at an all-time low of $173,495, down 54% from last year's $375,495.  This reserve covers new costs like inflation, new subscriptions, new funds, and new OhioLINK content expenses.

New Collections

  1. eBook Collections    Keep track of our ever-growing e-book collections.
  2. ARTstor   The libraries have subscribed to ARTstor for all 8 campuses.   "ARTstor is a digital library of nearly one million images in the areas of art, architecture, the humanities, and social sciences with a set of tools to view, present, and manage images for research and pedagogical purposes."  (From the ARTstor site.) 
  3. JSTOR   The libraries have susbcribed for all 8 campuses to all the remaining major JSTOR journal collections, including Arts & Sciences V, Arts & Sciences VI, Arts & Sciences Complement, and Life Sciences.  JSTOR "includes archives of over one thousand leading academic journals across the humanities, social sciences, and sciences, as well as select monographs and other materials valuable for academic work. The entire corpus is full-text searchable, offers search term highlighting, includes high-quality images, and is interlinked by millions of citations and references." (From the JSTOR site.)
  4. ebrary Nursing e-book collection   This is a collection of over 1,200 current, electronic books in nursing from a variety of publishers. Initial use requires the downloading of a small software file. Go to the ebrary homepage and click on the "Get ebrary Reader" button. 
  5. New Funds.   This year we started small new collection funds for American Sign Language, Chinese language, and Japanese language.  New programs or majors have been started in each of these areas.  Please let us know of new programs and majors in your department or college so that we can try to support them with new library collections.

Collection Projects

  1. Serials Review.    With your help, the main library on the Kent Campus is conducting a 4-year project to review all serial subscriptions with the goal of converting as many titles as possible to electronic versions only.  As part of this review, we are also looking for titles that can be cancelled, discarded, and/or moved to the storage facility.  You'll hear from your liaison librarian when it's time to review your department's titles.
  2. Cooperative Library Project for Nursing.    The libraries on all 8 campuses have begun a new cooperative collection development project to support nursing resources.  This page describes the details of the project.
  3. Classified Serials Weeding.     The main library on the Kent Campus has just begun a project to weed classified serials from the tower floors.  These include annuals, directories, and sets -- many of which are dated and superfluous and crowding our shelves.  You'll be hearing more about this project over the next two years.

Collection Resources

This page contains links to key resources on the library collection, including lists of Liaison Librarians and departmental Library Representatives, the New Library Materials service, the Active Library Serials service, and our Collection Development Guidelines.

A Tax Note to  Departmental Library Representatives

In years past, the library offered a token annual "Thank You" for faculty who serve in the role of departmental library representative.  This token took the form of a $100 credit toward charges for library services like printing and interlibrary loan.  We have been informed by university officials that, to continue this practice, we would have to report your $100 token as taxable income to you.  Considering the burdensome reporting process and the potential impact on your personal finances, we have decided to cease this practice.  Henceforth we will only be able to thank you for your service with a spoken "Thank You" and a hearty handshake!  Please accept our apologies for this change.

Collection Contacts

For more information about specific aspects of the library collection, contact the following librarians or ask your Liaison Librarian.



Kay Downey  ( ext. 25000) Collection Management Librarian.

Contact with questions on any general collection issues, special projects, statistics, or services. 


Melissa Spohn ( ext. 21682)  Head of Acquisitions and Serials.

Contact with questions on departmental funds, orders, serials, media, or the approval plan.


Tom Klingler ( ext. 21646) Assistant Dean for Systems and Technical Services.

Contact with questions about this page, the collection budget, our collection practices, or OhioLINK collections and services.